🔥🔥 This movie is awesome. 1:47 💙💓🔥 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🔥

  2. Unordinary Studios

    Unordinary Studios일 전

    Has anyone else watched this trailer at least 20 times? And keeps watching it even after you saw the movie? Nope just me?

  3. Hollywood Info

    Hollywood Info일 전

    i like it

  4. themissingmile

    themissingmile일 전

    I’d been real busy and missed this film in cinemas. Then after the Oscars, I started to wonder if Pitt really deserved his win so i just watched it. Phenomenal performance. So natural, so precise. He was Cliff Booth periodt. The violence was thrilling and absolutely satisfying. I love Tarantino for always giving us a happy ending. I didn’t expect the ending to move me as much as it did. Those scene where Tate was so excited about her new film and had a quiet celebration with herself in the theatre. She had her entire life ahead of her. It was a poignant moment to give her that life.

  5. Sorenkair

    Sorenkair2 일 전

    1:47 that was cut from the movie?

  6. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen일 전

    It was cut down but Manson still pulls up in the Twinkie truck. The deleted scene is on the DVD and KOreporter.

  7. Gaz Davies

    Gaz Davies2 일 전

    Acting was brilliant, side view concept brilliant, love QTs films but after 2hrs 40mins I just wondered why 🤣 that said I’d defo recommend it and will no doubt watch it again at some point

  8. Kane SC

    Kane SC2 일 전


  9. Chinnawat Parnudomluck

    Chinnawat Parnudomluck3 일 전

    ถึงพี่จะไม่ใหญ่ แต่ พี่ไม่หยุดนะ , ยิงอาจไม่แม่นแต่กระสุนเยอะ หมายถึง ความพยายามน่ะ แฮ่ะๆๆๆ

  10. Rob McCarthy

    Rob McCarthy3 일 전

    It was a dam good movie! These people no what there doing!

  11. GregJoshuaW

    GregJoshuaW3 일 전

    Quenton is obsessed with Nazi murder. Kinda weird really.

  12. GregJoshuaW

    GregJoshuaW2 일 전

    @Eli Kronen "Eli" Ok.

  13. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen2 일 전

    @GregJoshuaW. I don't care about these actors personal lives. How does that have anything to do with your original statement?

  14. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen2 일 전

    @GregJoshuaW. No. You're wrong. Most of his movies don't have Nazi references. You're logic doesn't make sense. I think you're the one obsessed with Nazis.

  15. GregJoshuaW

    GregJoshuaW2 일 전

    And FTR, this film sucked hard. Only thing that made it possible to watch was a bunch of great actors in one flick. Course, those great actors may be great at pretending to be something they aren't, but they aren't great people.

  16. GregJoshuaW

    GregJoshuaW2 일 전

    @Eli Kronen You derpin out on me here? Did I say he was obsessed making movies about Nazis? No. I said he's obsessed with violence against Nazis - Nazi murder. He makes references to Nazis in almost all his films unless it's a period before WW2 when he's making everyone believe wai peepo bad unless they are Khazars. LMAO! His crap is so transparent I can't believe people don't see through it. Enjoy your programming and fake movie history.

  17. californiajamfanclub

    californiajamfanclub3 일 전

    To bad everyone in this movie is a has-been.

  18. pustel

    pustel3 일 전

    The movie had atmosphere... no homosexuals... no headaches... just peaceful happy hippys... like in a movie.

  19. 8BIT

    8BIT11 시간 전

    @pustel I don't think any of them are transgender

  20. 8BIT

    8BIT11 시간 전

    @pustel "The movie had atmosphere... no homosexuals... no headaches"

  21. pustel

    pustel일 전

    @8BIT There are LGBT in this film. All of them are T's

  22. 8BIT

    8BIT일 전

    @pustel So why are you denying that there are any LGBTQ people in this film?

  23. pustel

    pustel일 전

    @8BIT No. A-sexual. They have little to no sexual desire.

  24. Adam Mada

    Adam Mada4 일 전

    Be nice if they had some known actors/actresses in this.

  25. 8BIT

    8BIT3 일 전

    Hmm. Seems like you haven't watched your movies enough my friend.

  26. Tom Cooper

    Tom Cooper4 일 전

    Spoiler IRL....the Manson gang kills the fuq outta everyone. If these clowns woulda been there, they would be dead too.

  27. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen3 일 전

    Spoiler? News from 1969 doesn't qualify.

  28. s sv

    s sv4 일 전

    3 раза начинал смотреть - уснул " но прикольно!

  29. caddis666

    caddis6664 일 전

    The level of detail in this movie is pretty amazing, it made me feel like I was back in 1969.

  30. Darrell James

    Darrell James5 일 전

    Son: "So pop, what inspired you to become a stuntman of all things?" Me: "Well, once...."

  31. Gary Rouyea

    Gary Rouyea5 일 전

    Congratulations on the baby Q!!!

  32. Gary Rouyea

    Gary Rouyea5 일 전

    Any fans of REPULSION or THE TENANT?

  33. Enigma

    Enigma5 일 전

    1:50 That's Charles Manson. Probably a Cut Scene.

  34. 8BIT

    8BIT3 일 전

    No, it was in the movie

  35. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen5 일 전

    No. That's Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth.

  36. Vir Quisque Vir

    Vir Quisque Vir5 일 전

    Angel - It's a Once Upon a Time fairytale with a "happy" ending, a wistful what would have been, what could have been, what should have been... The hippy movement was an idealism towards a better, more caring, mind expended humanity that never came to full fruition largely thanks to Manson's dark deeds and those of his deluded followers... It all could have gone brighter and better, so it's "sad" also... It is also an exquisite late '60's timepiece, the costumes and cars and wars...

  37. MEME BOI

    MEME BOI6 일 전

    I don't like the fact how they portrayed the character of bruce lee. I mean they portrayed it so negative. Bruce lee was not at all like this....

  38. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen4 일 전

    @MEME BOI. Look up Gene LeBell.

  39. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen4 일 전

    @MEME BOI. Yes you can. Brad Pitt's character was based on Gene LeBell. A stuntman and Judo champion who worked on the set of the Green Hornet and bested Lee in a sparring match. So it actually happened. Not with a car but that doesn't matter.

  40. MEME BOI

    MEME BOI4 일 전

    @Eli Kronen and everything is reversed in this movie. In real life, the mansion hippies killed a bunch of people but in movie, they get seriously wrecked....

  41. MEME BOI

    MEME BOI4 일 전

    @Eli Kronen and this is actually a parody of a reversed incident that happened when an crew man was not cooperating with him and he showed him his place. In real incident, Bruce was at the place of brad Pitt..... It is shown wrong, maybe tarantino don't like Bruce Lee....

  42. MEME BOI

    MEME BOI4 일 전

    @Eli Kronen but how brad Pitt throws Bruce into that car was really disappointing, you can't present a legend like that......

  43. Samual

    Samual6 일 전

    Rewatching this trailer. Remember the day it came out, I was psyched. Still am

  44. doomlist darkness

    doomlist darkness6 일 전

    wierdest vido on youtube i ever seen and i am a nazi look at my channal proof it

  45. Santiago A

    Santiago A6 일 전

    Literally: Driving, The movie.

  46. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen5 일 전

    No. That's Speed.

  47. Chinnawat Parnudomluck

    Chinnawat Parnudomluck6 일 전

    เอิ่มมม ลูกเพ่เคยแสดงหนัง เล่นเป็นใครนะครับ เจ็ก ดอสั้น กับ แหม่มรูบี้ ใช่ไหมฮะะะ

  48. kübra baştan

    kübra baştan7 일 전

    Muhammed Ali fought for his name , but they still call him “Cassius Clay” in the movie. I remember his yelling “what’s my name?!” :) RIP the greatest..

  49. Tyler Goad

    Tyler Goad7 일 전

    Solid movie. I gotta admit “ Spoiler” I was waiting hardcore for the Manson murders buy them getting murdered by Pitt and Leo was 1000X better.

  50. M Hall

    M Hall7 일 전

    It’s like Tyler Durbin busted loose again

  51. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen5 일 전

    Who's that?

  52. dieautos1

    dieautos17 일 전

    Arnie, the best movie ever and the first of or from LDC

  53. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen5 일 전

    @dieautos1. No. That's not his alias. Nor is it a movie. It's a name of a character he played in a movie. The movie was called, What's Eating Gilbert Grape? And it wasn't DiCaprio's first movie.

  54. dieautos1

    dieautos17 일 전

    @Eli Kronen so, what? Leo Di Caprio alias Arnie

  55. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen7 일 전


  56. Liliane Beeckman

    Liliane Beeckman7 일 전

    Tja, buiten de weergave back in time.... tja.

  57. Laura Hill

    Laura Hill7 일 전

    Stupid movie & yes I knew about the Manson murders before I saw movie


    ROCKERZ7 일 전

    "He will do some devil shit"

  59. Maddy T

    Maddy T8 일 전

    Who else rewatches the trailer right after they watch the movie because the trailer itself is a masterpiece just like the movie? Like it gives ya goosebumps? Just me? Okay 😂

  60. Cal calli

    Cal calli9 일 전

    Greatest fucking movie ever made and I luv the beautiful pit bull awesome job Quentin

  61. norwalk

    norwalk9 일 전

    It's like Tarantino has enough fan boys that will validate him no matter what he does that he feels he doesn't have to put in effort to make a good movie anymore. What was the point of this movie?

  62. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen7 일 전

    The fact he spent over 10 years on the script and spent countless hours on research has nothing to do with fanboys and certainly did require a lot of effort. So you might not have seen the point of this movie but he definitely put in effort.

  63. Sakib Hossain

    Sakib Hossain7 일 전


  64. അതുൽ ഭരതൻ [Athul]

    അതുൽ ഭരതൻ [Athul]8 일 전

    Just American politics wrapped with some garbages. I see nothing else.

  65. Every Thing Is Here

    Every Thing Is Here9 일 전


  66. Harsh Singh

    Harsh Singh9 일 전

    Very good movie


    KESELER9 일 전

    I wanna to make the end scene of this movie to my girlfriend's father

  68. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen9 일 전


  69. Rizky Arifin

    Rizky Arifin10 일 전

    2:02 In A Movie, They DELETE IT.

  70. Rik Zak

    Rik Zak10 일 전

    Great commentary. Tarantino's best.

  71. guardianigor

    guardianigor10 일 전

    Ovo je sranje na kvadrat !

  72. Cuba G

    Cuba G10 일 전

    Bruh what in the actual fuq was that scene near the end. Seen nothing more legendary than that

  73. clearview aquariums

    clearview aquariums10 일 전


  74. Demantha Perera

    Demantha Perera10 일 전

    I like this movie so much

  75. Tejofi

    Tejofi10 일 전

    Say what you want but this movie was brilliant. I am saying that as a non Tarantino fan.

  76. nayan kumar soni

    nayan kumar soni10 일 전

    Worst movie ever seen....

  77. Trigger Warning

    Trigger Warning10 일 전

    Idk man....its not a terrible movie but I dont really get all the hype behind it.

  78. TM JRD

    TM JRD11 일 전

    Will probably never watch this movie. Still picture What's Eating Gilbert Grape every time I see the Leo.

  79. TM JRD

    TM JRD7 일 전

    @Eli Kronen yes a Leo coma thank god! 😆

  80. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen7 일 전

    Were you in a coma for 25 years?

  81. R. B.

    R. B.11 일 전

    You can't even watch a movie trailer without an ad. Isn't a movie trailer an ad?

  82. Generation Noise

    Generation Noise11 일 전

    making movies about making movies...how fucking original

  83. Marilyn

    Marilyn11 일 전

    3 hours for a movie is too long, slightly boring, and the ending was not what I was expecting. Knowing how Sharon passed away in real life made the ending of this movie very confusing. Like some twilight zone movie, but I would have preferred an ending closer to the truth. I feel like I wasted 3 hours of my time.

  84. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen7 일 전

    @Marilyn. Where can I see the three hour version of this movie? The theatrical release was only two and a half hours long. I'd like to see the three hour version.

  85. Stu Pid

    Stu Pid11 일 전

    Just a piss poor movie. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ! Leonardo is a idiot just like in real life.

  86. Matt Sharpe

    Matt Sharpe11 일 전

    TRUMP 2020

  87. tippimail1

    tippimail111 일 전

    Watched it the second time and i had to reevaluate my opinion of this.Great movie,with a really bad ending.The little girl,Julia Butters who played Trudy Frazier on Lancer,was worth the price of the DVD rental alone

  88. Zufed

    Zufed11 일 전

    “No that’s my stunt double Cliff Booth”

  89. Alicia Gouzie

    Alicia Gouzie11 일 전

    What A Movie! 👏👏 Quentin Tarantino has such a fantastic eye for detail! I am very thankful for this! The dirty barefeet (60s,70's, feel) the old glass door sound as the door closes, the flicking when scenes change, things like that are needed in movies today! No more CGI in films please. Well done All, Well done👏👏✌❤

  90. kelly jones

    kelly jones11 일 전

    Brad Pitt was amazing

  91. Chosen.music A.yTM

    Chosen.music A.yTM11 일 전

    Baddest film İ have ever seen ‼️‼️

  92. Untrepid One

    Untrepid One12 일 전

    I guess Tarantino doesn't like Bruce Lee.

  93. അതുൽ ഭരതൻ [Athul]

    അതുൽ ഭരതൻ [Athul]8 일 전

    It was American politics. Tarantino used Bruce Lee to make fun of China just like using Nazi's to make fun of Germany. Just politics.

  94. Untrepid One

    Untrepid One9 일 전

    @Max Stevens it's not a joke to humiliate Bruce or anyone else that can't be around to stick up for themselves and I suppose tanrantino told you himself he loves Bruce? What else would he say anyway? He doesn't need lawsuit from Bruce relatives. 😅 That said, Bruce was just an actor and a dancer. Not a martial artist.

  95. Max Stevens

    Max Stevens9 일 전

    Tarantino loves Bruce Lee, you clearly don’t know how to take a joke