Once Upon A Deadpool | Official Trailer


  1. jivan nesh

    jivan nesh시간 전

    i can see this movie

  2. Dragold

    Dragold시간 전

    Mam I really want to kill fox Good but you need to wait in line

  3. Sicario brother

    Sicario brother2 시간 전

    It’s a waste to watch this movie, I thought this was this it’s own Deadpool but it’s just a re take and him telling the story

  4. kot07111

    kot071114 시간 전

    I'm glad they made a pg-13 version. I don't see why it needs to be rated R in the first place. Movies aren't good because of foul language or blood and Gore. Just look at the predator movies. Movies are good because of story and action

  5. Md Taj

    Md Taj5 시간 전


  6. Md Taj

    Md Taj5 시간 전


  7. Jeff Caloway

    Jeff Caloway5 시간 전

    Yeah because being PG-13 is the requirement in order to join the MCU and the Avengers. I get it now

  8. Jonah Reed

    Jonah Reed6 시간 전

    I saw this last weekend and it is so good!


    REAL LIFE WWE8 시간 전

    Is it Deadpool 3

  10. ST bro

    ST bro11 시간 전

    Did you see that? koreporter.com/block-UChw9XVFsELKwQq1XLmKCfJg

  11. Unicorn Bunny

    Unicorn Bunny11 시간 전

    In Australia, PG-13 either means PG or M.

  12. nining meutia

    nining meutia13 시간 전

    Can i watch this? Oh by the way i'm 11 years old. Soooo can i still watch this?

  13. Robin 2k5

    Robin 2k513 시간 전

    Me engañaron

  14. OB1

    OB113 시간 전

    This Once Upon a Deadpool sanitized Deadpool/Deadpool 2 version is NOT a good way to introduce Deadpool to the PG13 kiddie universe. If you want to bring Deadpool to the kids, bring him to the #Spiderman #Spiderverse sequels! Also on future Spiderverse sequence with Deadpool, MAKE GWENPOOL HAPPEN!

  15. Lil Blue

    Lil Blue13 시간 전

    Its so bad, they cut all the good stuff out

  16. Ashley Oakhem

    Ashley Oakhem14 시간 전


  17. saurabh singh

    saurabh singh14 시간 전

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  18. Two Notorious

    Two Notorious16 시간 전

    Check my channal its very cool😎👍🏼

  19. Charity Seedorf

    Charity Seedorf16 시간 전

    Why did he tell Fred you where nicer when you where a kid. But I hop the amazing deadpool is in avengers end game.

  20. Slavic Commando

    Slavic Commando17 시간 전

    My city’s movie theater doesn’t have that movie

  21. Alzoubi Nabil

    Alzoubi Nabil19 시간 전

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  22. Go Dolla Productions

    Go Dolla Productions21 시간 전

    Is it just me? koreporter.com/v/비디오-W283g_dVFoY.html

  23. Александр Черноглазов

    Александр Черноглазов22 시간 전

    бамбарбино куругундос)))

  24. NKyoko

    NKyoko23 시간 전

    deadpool pg13? yo what?

  25. Edward X

    Edward X일 전

    Based on Weekend Box Office website, this movie didn't do so well...*cough cough* money grab! Only 3.9 million in its 1st week

  26. Eunice Belarma

    Eunice Belarma일 전


  27. Eunice Belarma

    Eunice Belarma일 전


  28. Bella Blondon

    Bella Blondon일 전

    It’s nice how the funds for this movie go to cancer research. Not to mention Wade Wilson has cancer in the movies so it kinda makes sense. Super sweet!

  29. Gordon Hu

    Gordon Hu일 전

    Oh my god, this pg Deadpool is actually them secretly making it so Deadpool can be in Avengers 4.

  30. Danish

    Danish일 전

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  31. Wow Games

    Wow Games일 전

    I would of preferred a new movie. Instead of watching an edited version of deadpool 2. With added commentary. I would like a refund >_

  32. Jay Shan

    Jay Shan일 전

    Terrible don't watch it's a recap of the 2nd literally

  33. Dislike my video challenge

    Dislike my video challenge22 시간 전

    The trailer tricked us ☹️

  34. PandaBear Gaming

    PandaBear Gaming일 전


  35. Luis Torres

    Luis Torres일 전

    I really want to see this no Joke and please put the Juggernaut in it

  36. joão soares

    joão soares일 전

    omg, even when deadpool goes pg-13 it is still awsome XD

  37. Mario Rea-Garcia

    Mario Rea-Garcia일 전

    I bought tickets to this thinking it was a new Deadpool movie. It's just a PG-13 Deadpool 2. What a waste of money.

  38. Mario Rea-Garcia

    Mario Rea-Garcia일 전

    I bought tickets to this thinking it was a new Deadpool movie. It's just a PG-13 Deadpool 2. What a waste of money.

  39. Stephen Willock

    Stephen Willock일 전

    I Love It....

  40. Yowatsapp 05

    Yowatsapp 05일 전

    The funny thing is 5 years old nowadays watch R rated movies and no one even pays attention to the PG 13 movies XD

  41. magie de la galaxie

    magie de la galaxie일 전

    Isn't the dude in the bed the kid from "Princess Bride"

  42. Subder Henge

    Subder Henge일 전

    I didn't know this was actual movie until I saw the poster at my movie theater.

  43. Dee Tomm

    Dee Tomm일 전

    Is no one gonna talk about that Beatles reference?

  44. Wanthanai Kansomg

    Wanthanai Kansomg일 전


  45. Two Left Feet

    Two Left Feet일 전

    How many innuendos will be in this movie? Let me know here ⬇️

  46. IAMPEDRO 101

    IAMPEDRO 101일 전

    And they ducked it up...

  47. Fardnomious Windenthorpeson III Amber Lamps

    Fardnomious Windenthorpeson III Amber Lamps일 전

    Holy moley

  48. Andrian Rîpa

    Andrian Rîpa일 전

    What did the librarian say to the student? Read more

  49. Deadpool

    Deadpool2 일 전

    Ahem, just to clarify, cable will not be in this one. Its PG-13.

  50. Michelle Straley

    Michelle Straley2 일 전

    This trailer is trying to trick all of you into a Christmas movie but deadpool 2 is in the movie

  51. parul pathak

    parul pathak2 일 전

    koreporter.com/v/비디오-eYsQs4C-0gE.html Suuport pls❣️

  52. Nathan Gamer

    Nathan Gamer2 일 전

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  53. Aroonavo Dey

    Aroonavo Dey2 일 전

    0:11 lol

  54. 545i Machado

    545i Machado2 일 전

    We are marvel.

  55. Lealand Green

    Lealand Green2 일 전

    Ya know, maybe this clean pg 13 re cut of Deadpool might be good( even though it's just Deadpool 2 all over again)

  56. Ninja

    Ninja2 일 전

    With great powers comes great responsibles - Stan Lee

  57. Ciaran McGuire

    Ciaran McGuire2 일 전

    wonder how long that PG-13 rating will actually stick

  58. Thot Slayer

    Thot Slayer2 일 전

    Don't watch it, it's basically the pg13 version of Deadpool 2 Wich makes no sense since Deadpool 2 is already on digital and blueray

  59. Tiger10 Minecraft

    Tiger10 Minecraft2 일 전

    Lol once upon a Deadpool

  60. Raihan Sinaga

    Raihan Sinaga2 일 전

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  61. Brea Mods

    Brea Mods2 일 전

    when movies start doing DLC

  62. CcatLlover

    CcatLlover2 일 전

    Saw the movie yesterday

  63. NPC #49616392

    NPC #496163922 일 전

    That Princess Bride reference, though.

  64. Cian Torio

    Cian Torio2 일 전

    How long is this movie

  65. JonkoSlunko

    JonkoSlunko2 일 전

    Meanwhile, in the multiverse....

  66. oh boi

    oh boi2 일 전

    So its the same movie we already paid for?

  67. Coley Durham

    Coley Durham2 일 전

    Such a greedy, corporate move to release the same movie but in pg 13. Whats more sad is the fact all the braindead fans are gomna waych and praise it just cause its deadpool

  68. Illuminating Jewels

    Illuminating Jewels2 일 전


  69. khalid lakrati

    khalid lakrati2 일 전

    N Oki m

  70. retrogamerfan

    retrogamerfan2 일 전

    I saw both versions and the pg13 one was a lot funnier

  71. Thanos

    Thanos2 일 전

    deadpool isn't that funny anymore....his antics seem so forced

  72. Surya Abimanyu

    Surya Abimanyu3 일 전


  73. Brentwood mirelladiaz

    Brentwood mirelladiaz3 일 전

    Deadpool is so much better. rated R

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    Viral Web3 일 전

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  76. Trevor Hanson

    Trevor Hanson3 일 전

    Hey so I have a challenge for you Ryan: make it PG

  77. Imnotyt

    Imnotyt3 일 전

    Deadpool 4: *PG*

  78. Eclipse Knight

    Eclipse Knight3 일 전

    I went to the movies thinking it was a new Deadpool movie and we were watching it and realized it was a repeat

  79. Wylie28

    Wylie283 일 전

    It's literally advertised as a PG13 VERSION OF DEADPOOL 2

  80. Katie

    Katie3 일 전

    I just got home from the movie theater it was so funny

  81. Whale Cat

    Whale Cat3 일 전


  82. Der Spion der mich wiegte

    Der Spion der mich wiegte3 일 전

    Oh nice, finally a PG 13 Deatpool Movie! ..oh wait.

  83. Oliver Mitchell

    Oliver Mitchell3 일 전

    Hey everyone. Proceeds from this film will go to Cancer Research "Fudge Cancer". I'm going to the theater to see it and that's cool for Ryan to push that. Can't wait for a real part 3. www.inverse.com/article/51057-once-upon-a-deadpool-charity-real-movie-pg-13

  84. Ahmed Ayoub

    Ahmed Ayoub3 일 전

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  85. Charlie W

    Charlie W3 일 전

    Anyone know if it will get a DVD release?

  86. CASARO Lanota

    CASARO Lanota3 일 전

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  87. Agent Other

    Agent Other3 일 전

    I think PG-13 just means a lot of bleeps

  88. Tiro Guys

    Tiro Guys3 일 전

    So it's gonna be for kids or joking about "for kids"?

  89. TheFearlessForce Breakless

    TheFearlessForce Breakless3 일 전

    I think we found deadpools weakness

  90. kazu kazu

    kazu kazu3 일 전

    Soooooooo why is it not shown in so many other countries...? Is this some american-special bs

  91. Shawn G

    Shawn G4 일 전

    Marvel movies licensed by Fox ARE better.

  92. Marlee Ebbert

    Marlee Ebbert4 일 전

    I wanna see this XD

  93. Satya Narayan Sunani

    Satya Narayan Sunani4 일 전

    I'm so excited and waiting

  94. speedy goat

    speedy goat3 일 전

    When's it out? Says dec 12 and i can't seem to see it in any of the theaters

  95. VGG Brayden

    VGG Brayden4 일 전

    It's gonna throw in an F bomb because come on, it's Deadpool

  96. VGG Brayden

    VGG Brayden4 일 전

    [UPDATE] Deadpool bleeps himself when saying it when describing that it's PG-13

  97. DarknoorX

    DarknoorX4 일 전

    Not rated M but still looks promising

  98. Antonio G

    Antonio G4 일 전

    Is real?

  99. victoria Toms

    victoria Toms4 일 전

    Deadpool 2 different name.. Many people got up and left the film lol. I also got my money back for this film.

  100. Kaa Tonn

    Kaa Tonn4 일 전

    Waiting for this movie..

  101. Drewskigettinmoney

    Drewskigettinmoney4 일 전

    Who is Fred?

  102. fuki slayer

    fuki slayer4 일 전

    once upon a redtube