Once Upon A Deadpool | Official Trailer


  1. Nerd Panda

    Nerd Panda11 시간 전

    I’m 13 and i can finally see this movie

  2. Meena Oej

    Meena Oej20 시간 전

    Yeah pick spider verse

  3. pawan Kalyan

    pawan Kalyan2 일 전

    i want this movie in telugu how to download

  4. youtubereddie gaming

    youtubereddie gaming3 일 전

    my classmate is in this movie

  5. Raj Kumar

    Raj Kumar4 일 전

    Is this a film ?

  6. Jareth Harrell

    Jareth Harrell6 일 전

    What what whaaaaaat!? Oh Christmas came early because I just got what I wanted. I had no idea there was another movie staring my favorite old avocado haha I'm such a millennial. I'm gonna go watch this now and in the words of deadpool.. "I'm touching myself tonight". Was that weird? Did I make it weird? Well so is the idea of a guy named deadpool being pg-13 so like it or not.. The thought of my naughty avacodo isn't the weirdest thing you'll read today. I wonder if it's just him talking to people and no fighting.. it's not some weird storybook style movie like the Grinch is it? Oh wait that could be good.. if deadpool draws the pictures. Pinned up on fridge status much? Oh yeah, ok let's watch now..

  7. _- Sight -_[Ghoul,ØNE EYED OWL]

    _- Sight -_[Ghoul,ØNE EYED OWL]6 일 전

    What the LMFAO😂

  8. Afnan Acchan

    Afnan Acchan9 일 전

    No more r rated deadpool after this. Everyone should enjoy this film including kids. Thanks Disney.

  9. somebuddyX

    somebuddyX10 일 전

    I really hope Fred's putdowns are savage.

  10. Alfred

    Alfred11 일 전

    how is this pg-13 if it was still swearing

  11. DrFruityLoops

    DrFruityLoops12 일 전

    wait so it is just deadpool 2 but pg-13?

  12. streamline6666

    streamline666613 일 전

    So this movie is like the alcohol-less version of beer or decaf coffee? where's the fun in that?

  13. Chris Corley

    Chris Corley15 일 전

    Grandma's Boy (2006) slays this crap.

  14. Fredrik  BM

    Fredrik BM18 일 전

    We are in the concrete fuckin jungle we deserve the real deadpool not gaypool. If you want that disney make a plot of a fan in that world crazy about deadpool be a deadpool 2.0 in pink suit and so on. I don't mind but let deadpool be deadpool.

  15. Super Neptune

    Super Neptune19 일 전

    What’s a Deadpool movie without cussing and dis is just Deadpool 2 but less blood and gut and killing and no cussing

  16. HaZe 123

    HaZe 12319 일 전

    welp we all got clickbaited by deadpool to rewatch the clean version of deadpool 2

  17. Sree Ram

    Sree Ram20 일 전

    is this movie deadpool2 or another movie

  18. clevelandcbi

    clevelandcbi20 일 전

    HERE'S WHY THEY DID IT: Chinese box office $$$$$$$$ U.S. big budget blockbusters often make as much or more in China than U.S./Canada/Mexico combined for a while now. China avoids showing R-Rated/gory movies. Transformers and Fast & Furious series have made more $$$$ there than here. EDIT: In 2007 China Transformers made $33 Million, the next one $65, the next $165, then $330. Last two went down but crushed U.S. totals again. Deadpools missed on likely $200-500 Million.

  19. clevelandcbi

    clevelandcbi20 일 전

    Bottom line is that it makes total sense to stretch the budget next time another couple weeks to make this type of movie releasable simultaneously in China. It's box office covers entire budget regularly now.

  20. Coolboy 99

    Coolboy 9920 일 전

    I can understand it. The older people are probably not that interested into either superheroes, or in deadpool and the teens and younger people are interested into these things mainly, so you are missing like a 4th of your income through a not PG 13 movie

  21. Mirza Khalid

    Mirza Khalid20 일 전

    This felt like Disney's version of Deadpool 2 with PG-13 Labelled on it...I am not going to watch Deadpool 3 if the go with PG-13 instead of Rated R... Remember what happened to Venom when they decided to go with PG-13 instead of Rated R!

  22. Fatoumata Barry

    Fatoumata Barry20 일 전

    Guys if you dont whant to watch for free downalod showbox on chrome only ios and andriod


    SOMBRA TV20 일 전

    deadpool2 full movie koreporter.com/v/비디오-LSlDHJO-Yhc.html

  24. Ganda Gandara

    Ganda Gandara20 일 전

    I haven't seen the original (I thought this was it) but this was fantastic! I really enjoyed it and I'm not really a fan of the first one.

  25. Ganda Gandara

    Ganda Gandara20 일 전

    Stupid loud ad sound is unnecessary. 🙄

  26. Chuck Norris [GER]

    Chuck Norris [GER]20 일 전

    It was good but I was so sad when I realised they cut the James-Bond-Style Intro. It was basicly the best scene in the movie for me.

  27. Nahuel Da Luz

    Nahuel Da Luz21 일 전

    deadpool 2: sjw edition

  28. Lee Beldock

    Lee Beldock21 일 전

    I want my money back

  29. Can we get 1k subs with no videos

    Can we get 1k subs with no videos22 일 전

    I think this is a joke

  30. turtlebomb cat attack

    turtlebomb cat attack22 일 전

    A pg 13 Deadpool is not Deadpool

  31. Thomas haokip

    Thomas haokip22 일 전

    Abit like the Titanic return! 😏

  32. Le pro burger

    Le pro burger22 일 전

    Mdrr ya des fr

  33. Video Beat

    Video Beat23 일 전

    Check out Best moments from Deadpool ---> koreporter.com/v/비디오-X95V-tocwEo.html

  34. Sang Woody

    Sang Woody23 일 전

    this movie is Cozy So Cozy

  35. Zhuokun Yang

    Zhuokun Yang24 일 전

    re-cut... for Chinese market. I dont understand why it is on youtube for sales, deadpool 2 had never been in China hence they made this friendly version and a lot of Chinese are exited for its arrival.

  36. k100

    k10024 일 전

    Deadpool Kills Deadpool #1 (Comics) koreporter.com/v/비디오-K5-ITGxgwCQ.html

  37. Vincent Ly

    Vincent Ly25 일 전

    Is that a kid-friendly version of Deadpool 2?

  38. Amar Fawwas

    Amar Fawwas25 일 전

    I'm not gonna watch this crap.

  39. Max B

    Max B25 일 전

    I havent seen this movie but i assume thier is no gory violence and no f bombs and stilll innopropriate content and references Please let me know if i am right

  40. 160_Degrees

    160_Degrees25 일 전


  41. DMX Meaner

    DMX Meaner25 일 전

    man, why they keep doing this Deadpool movies, they`re horrible.

  42. Tea Jay

    Tea Jay26 일 전

    who ever came up with this should be drown in a babypool filled with rubber ducks

  43. Armistotle

    Armistotle26 일 전

    I get the ploy from a box office sales point of view but WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS

  44. GRasputin91

    GRasputin9126 일 전

    "Is this a kissing bo---never mind. I don't even want to know."

  45. Roman Legionnaire

    Roman Legionnaire26 일 전

    They should make Deadpeople stupidly overpowered in his universe.

  46. Noctu Sova

    Noctu Sova27 일 전

    Wish it was the one shot story where Deadpool and Spiderman were not welcome at the Avengers Christmas party. But then meet Santa

  47. 老咩

    老咩27 일 전

    0:30 *Sombra Hell*

  48. Manav Satyarthi

    Manav Satyarthi27 일 전

    Please dubbed it

  49. cristine janet sicena

    cristine janet sicena27 일 전

    Waste of money...

  50. Ubiquitous

    Ubiquitous28 일 전

    What is this sorcery?

  51. Bo Stevens

    Bo Stevens29 일 전

    That's Deadpool 2 re-edited to pass the censorship in China.

  52. The diamond tiara and chef monkey Show

    The diamond tiara and chef monkey Show29 일 전

    Fox's revenge on Disney for buying the company

  53. legendary HQ

    legendary HQ29 일 전

    Kevin Arnold 2018

  54. Veroun Bhim

    Veroun Bhim29 일 전

    Wait.....Is that.....the....actual fred?

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    Quando você olhar nos comentarios eu estarei lá29 일 전

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  56. purna giri

    purna giri29 일 전

    Nice trailor

  57. T man

    T man개월 전

    Sometimes they try alil bit hard

  58. LedZep's X

    LedZep's X개월 전

    Give Fox credit, they have produced great X-Men/Wolverine movies aside from two, with Logan being the only "superhero" movie that is comparable to the Dark Knight

  59. 정 용 말jym

    정 용 말jym개월 전

    Good reason to do this for kids to see..nice job marvel n 21 century!

  60. Nuggetman9000 XP

    Nuggetman9000 XP개월 전

    I love marvel but I could not watch deadpool so that made me sad but finally this Edit:also to all the people who don’t like this maybe a kid wanted to see deadpool too

  61. Festive Herobrine

    Festive Herobrine개월 전

    Marvel movies owned by fox are awesome

  62. Colzc blah

    Colzc blah개월 전

    This was crap. Knew it was a pg13 version but didn't know it wasnt made from new content. Just a cashgrab rehash. Btw i LOVED deadpool 1 and 2 and walked out on this.

  63. michael walls

    michael walls개월 전

    Seriously, We're not seeing deadpool in the mcu because he's not pg-13???? Dude, american studios and the american movie industry is a scam. This is dumb af. Why even pick up mcu if you can't make a true mcu???

  64. Brittney Airgood

    Brittney Airgood개월 전

    0:35 lmfao

  65. Steve Rogers

    Steve Rogers개월 전

    Biggest scam

  66. Music Studio

    Music Studio개월 전

    Plz sab me

  67. Tyler Webster

    Tyler Webster개월 전

    All to make more money.......

  68. abimael real mosqueda

    abimael real mosqueda개월 전

    No me gusto esta edicion de la original.

  69. Rick Deckard

    Rick Deckard개월 전

    Lmao the princess bride kid

  70. Smally Bells

    Smally Bells개월 전

    It’s not actually suitable for kids , just watching parts of it now , such bs to say oh deadpool child suitable movie ....... still with pure bad language in it .......... ridiculous

  71. Dexter Black

    Dexter Black개월 전

    The Beatles produced by Nickleback 😂

  72. Zulfian Azka

    Zulfian Azka개월 전

    Still waiting for black widow and hawk eye movie

  73. Gaming with Bowden

    Gaming with Bowden개월 전

    Mr Stark, i dont feel so good

  74. Our Pranks

    Our Pranks개월 전

    I think I will pass on this one it’s basically watching the first DP

  75. Shut the fuck up

    Shut the fuck up개월 전

    Our Pranks i should've known that earlier.

  76. Agi S.

    Agi S.개월 전

    Adults will enjoy this more than kids probably. As a kid there was nothing cooler than watching movies directed for older audiences. That's the moment younger siblings could brag with their older siblings movies. This movie could actually be pretty funny if they "censure" things out in a very obvious way. That way the audience can use their imagination to think of the worst cure words and insults. For example when you can't hear a character talk because a car honks their horn, an airplane is flying by, a dork start's barking just in the right moment, a baby starts crying...

  77. JB

    JB개월 전

    in reality, we French are fucked or otherwise we see him subtitled , because the film is not released in Europe if or not .

  78. Miss Deerstalker15

    Miss Deerstalker15개월 전

    Why isn't it in cinema where I live?!!! It's an agony😭😭😭

  79. fabin faisal

    fabin faisal개월 전

    I think Deadpool is the only character that knows he is in a movie

  80. Karis

    Karis개월 전

    well yes. In the comic's that is his whole thing. As well as the boxes.

  81. Julia Dawson

    Julia Dawson개월 전

    Is that really Fred Savage from the Wonder Years??!!

  82. TheRandomGuy

    TheRandomGuy개월 전


  83. Titan Girl

    Titan Girl개월 전

    I don’t understand all the hate as a teenager myself I’ve always heard about how amazing Deadpool is and always wanted to watch it but the fact that it’s r rated always stopped me since I didn’t want to ruin my innocence besides they still have Deadpool 2 so why the complains?? Just let us enjoy a version that we can finally watch

  84. cocaineinmyvein

    cocaineinmyvein개월 전

    Cool a PG-13 Deadpool. Really glad we asked for this cashgrab bullshit.

  85. Jacob Kettler

    Jacob Kettler개월 전

    As someone who''s seen deadpool 2 will this be interesting ?

  86. Jack Spencer

    Jack Spencer개월 전

    I know

  87. David Cartagena

    David Cartagena개월 전

    so um i skipped like 5 times everything was the same at least it was free

  88. musiclover81813

    musiclover81813개월 전

    I was hoping to see a Deadpool trailer where he does the Deadpool version of Marie Kondo or at least channels her

  89. Dayle Hunt

    Dayle Hunt개월 전

    I dunno how I feel about a pg13 iron man movie. The senseless violence is what makes the movie great

  90. The Great Bootleg

    The Great Bootleg개월 전

    0:35 I'm still trying to figure out who said this line, because it doesn't sound like DP...

  91. raymund usi

    raymund usi개월 전

    I have been duped, this is basically out takes from the previous film that they could have compiled in a blue ray release. Why rerelease it as a seperate move? Its a cash grab!

  92. S. Wright

    S. Wright개월 전

    This was a real movie

  93. Raven Rodriguez

    Raven Rodriguez개월 전

    Alright Fortnite players! Now you can watch a Deadpool movie!

  94. pedro Henrique

    pedro Henrique개월 전

    quem veio pelo universo s f ?

  95. derugan07

    derugan07개월 전

    It’s Censored version of a Deadpool 2 I’m pretty disappointed in it, if your going to make a Christmas version of Deadpool, You should added Santa, mess up elves & Hell add a fuckin Unicorn farting out rainbows!!!

  96. Griffin Anderson

    Griffin Anderson개월 전

    Finally a Deadpool for kids

  97. Katy Davidovich

    Katy Davidovich개월 전

    The dumbest movie on earth great way on capitalizing on something you already did again. I can’t believe people paid to see that.

  98. Annie Warbucks

    Annie Warbucks개월 전

    Leapin' lizards Wade, you still owe me royalties for that song of mine!

  99. Blue Eyed Tech

    Blue Eyed Tech개월 전

    Am I the only one who owns Deadpool 2 but still wants to buy Once Upon A Deadpool?

  100. Joseph J. McAllister

    Joseph J. McAllister개월 전

    It's like they took everything good about this movie, and flushed it down the toilet. If I had kids, I would just let them watch the R rated version. That is why I don't have kids. Conclusion, I'm not a good parent!

  101. john smith

    john smith개월 전


  102. vijayias100

    vijayias100개월 전

    Will deadpool in avengers end game