Omarion Breaks His Silence on B2K Groupmate Lil Fizz & Babymother Apryl Jones Relationship (Part 13)


  1. renee jackson

    renee jackson6 시간 전

    Lmbo..... he don't give to fittle sticks.

  2. Blessed Kyia

    Blessed Kyia6 시간 전

    He seems like such a good guy

  3. Pepper Room

    Pepper Room6 시간 전

    why do i feel like he's keep everything within

  4. Lethal Len

    Lethal Len6 시간 전

    Respect my G!! You handled that very well.

  5. Taylor Dreamz

    Taylor Dreamz6 시간 전

    O is #grownman #classicman goals. I love how chill and relaxed he is. Apryl and fizz are making themselves look bad. Two thirsty ass ppl deserve each other. Meanwhile O is still the highest paid. He is a real artist

  6. Ms. Trueheart

    Ms. Trueheart6 시간 전

    Situations only have relevance if you give it power.

  7. Joshua Fender

    Joshua Fender6 시간 전

    Omarion is so mature they act like he should care about her relationship 😂😂 it’s sad that they want him to hate her and fizz so badly

  8. T Sweetest

    T Sweetest6 시간 전

    Grown man status. Love him even more after this. Live your best life.

  9. T Sweetest

    T Sweetest6 시간 전

    Grown man status. Love him even more after this. Live your best life.

  10. nerica hinds

    nerica hinds6 시간 전

    O and April look like brother and sister

  11. Pepper Room

    Pepper Room6 시간 전

    he's SO over it fr fr

  12. Alexandra Adams

    Alexandra Adams6 시간 전

    i absolutely love how together this black king is

  13. Lc Clark

    Lc Clark6 시간 전

    I LOVE you Omari. You grace and swag is KING.

  14. My Lyf Is Classic

    My Lyf Is Classic6 시간 전

    This guys a genius he just made them both look horrible immature no pun intended and thirsty he BODIED this interview.

  15. Lc Clark

    Lc Clark6 시간 전

    I don't know WHY famous black folks keep giving your pale ass the scoop. FUCK YOU you's a demon ass shit starter

  16. 5karatsormore

    5karatsormore6 시간 전

    Omarion is so fucking unbothered 😂😂😂

  17. Ms. Joan

    Ms. Joan6 시간 전

    Can we ALL Agree Omarion in this interview was a WHOLE MOOD! I love how he handled the questions! Aye "O" Teach me ! Lol! I need to handle ignorant ppl like this Man! Much Luv ❤

  18. Stephanie Crutchfield

    Stephanie Crutchfield6 시간 전

    I dont believe thats hes unbothered..LIES..shes the mother of ur kids now ur homeboy is the stepdad of ur kids

  19. keeping it real Adderley

    keeping it real Adderley6 시간 전

    He's smart i wouldn't bash the person my kids have to be around either.He's not thinking about his self it's all about his kids.

  20. Xavier Jones

    Xavier Jones6 시간 전

    This entire video from Omarion’s side was perfectly handled. Vlad laughing and what not just made him sound like a inconsiderate clown especially when Omarion had no reaction to any of it 👌🏾


    LOONI BEATS6 시간 전

    VLAD - So how do you feel about Fizz around your kids?.........PART 232

  22. lawrence wilson

    lawrence wilson6 시간 전

    Omarion is high AF and don’t give a fuck. Goals AF!!

  23. datboiD

    datboiD6 시간 전

    Lies lies and mo lies 😂 bruh you salty how can you not be, i ain’t got nun to do with nun of this shit and I’m mad as a mf

  24. John Doe

    John Doe6 시간 전

    This guy so media trained

  25. Alexia Morrow

    Alexia Morrow6 시간 전

    I just want to know, If O go mess with Moniece will it be ok???? Or with one of Apryl's close friend's!! Smh. People honestly don't know how it feels until it's done to them! Now... You do have some people who would not care because they not about shit, they have no moral's or any codes that they live by! Karma is real though, so they will see in some kind of way!! Love

  26. Angela Wilson

    Angela Wilson6 시간 전

    Definition of unbothered😎

  27. Mack J

    Mack J6 시간 전

    It looks like 2 people tryna “get back” at someone who don’t care 🤷🏾‍♂️

  28. Franklyn Gregory

    Franklyn Gregory6 시간 전

    He's destroying them by saying nothing.

  29. Selina Wright

    Selina Wright6 시간 전

    Lmao y'all thought he was gone give y'all a show, so y'all make a narrative that O is unbothered lol... This is bull and y'all need to stop messing in others personal life.

  30. Rose Valerio

    Rose Valerio6 시간 전

    I can see it now... Apryl & Fizz are only gonna focus on the "change the narrative" part & run with it... something tells me this isn't the last we'll hear from them...

  31. Ruben Stocker

    Ruben Stocker6 시간 전

    Most the time a man plays this role he full of it .. that man is dead serious .. fizz is sooo weak .. they will break up at some point and fizz gon be left to deal w the fact he did the weakest shit ever .. I don’t wish bad on nobody but he deserves to be beat up .. shit Is sooooooooo weak

  32. Citi Calhoun

    Citi Calhoun6 시간 전

    Word is she dont even respect fizz lol! Theyll be broken up in a month!foh

  33. Victoria Wilson

    Victoria Wilson6 시간 전

    He don’t care that’s why he don’t say shit about that to much

  34. Victoria Wilson

    Victoria Wilson6 시간 전

    About time

  35. vanessa

    vanessa6 시간 전

    He's something else. A gentleman that responds with self awareness and class.

  36. Dj rob bless

    Dj rob bless6 시간 전

    That is the most professional, matured, unbothered, on some grown man shit response and attitude I’ve ever seen and heard. I RESPECT THAT MY DUDE

  37. Taquana Williams

    Taquana Williams6 시간 전

    Just a little ...Unbothered

  38. Foxy BeautyBar

    Foxy BeautyBar6 시간 전

    DJvlad was trying sooooo hard to get a reaction from O but he on his grown shit right now and I cant wait for him to be in a new relationship where she treats him like a KING and Apryl golddiggin as is gonna be SALTY as shit. Karmas a BITCH

  39. Chi Nice

    Chi Nice6 시간 전

    Dont think he’s pretending. April said one day he just didn’t want her any more and he was gone. He been done. Baby girl is a throw away. Fizz will more than likely discard her too. ... wait for it.

  40. Pj yarbough

    Pj yarbough6 시간 전

    Who saw "breaks silence" and thought it was about Chris Stokes

  41. Keishyra Corprew

    Keishyra Corprew6 시간 전

    “Change the narrative “= Stop putting me in your Bullshit

  42. Luis Lopez

    Luis Lopez6 시간 전

    This lame fuck is trying to get him mad so bad fuck vlad

  43. Shon Perrier

    Shon Perrier6 시간 전

    Bro handle it well

  44. Shanika Mosley

    Shanika Mosley6 시간 전

    Vlad is so messy. Omarion literally gave him ZERO ammunition! That’s a good look O.

  45. Donte Lewis

    Donte Lewis6 시간 전

    This what everybody been waitin for! O if so fukin chill about it lol. My nikka ain’t tressin off nothin! 👌🏾

  46. Dmoney Blake

    Dmoney Blake6 시간 전

    This nigga is on the highest level u can reach top scores across the fucking board......

  47. Shy Girl Fly Girl

    Shy Girl Fly Girl6 시간 전

    I am so in love with this man. Ugh is he fine! 😍😍😍

  48. Keishyra Corprew

    Keishyra Corprew6 시간 전

    Y’all keep talking about how this man is hiding his feelings o just turned 35 last week this man is getting old he don’t got time for the bullshit he being a mature adult and giving a mature adult answer he leaving it alone and apryl dumb ass keep trying to get his attention he don’t care Fr like he said as long as it don’t effect my kids he don’t give a damn

  49. Selina Wright

    Selina Wright6 시간 전

    Take off is blood family, like y'all reaching... He telling y'all bag off smh

  50. therealsimplemoney

    therealsimplemoney6 시간 전

    This nigha has navy seal level anti interrogation technique

  51. DropSixteenTV Tv

    DropSixteenTV Tv6 시간 전

    Omarion has movies, fans, music, children etc:. He doesn't care about this dumb stuff lol. This is like a high school gf trying to make you jealous when you're in college.


    THESEASONS6 시간 전

    Fizz is a bitch made nigga. He crossed the line on all levels. He ain't no real homie at all. That'd against all code. And Apryl is just a hoe. Point blank. Hoes need love too. She ain't no queen though. She just another hoe ass mother.

  53. PoohsHusband

    PoohsHusband6 시간 전

    O handled these questions like a true G.

  54. Nicole Davis

    Nicole Davis6 시간 전

    I think it bothered him a little bit when he mentioned Fizz saying they only have a business relationship. He put his head down the same way Beyonce did when Jay Z was talking to Becky at the basketball game 😂.

  55. sheloves AV

    sheloves AV6 시간 전

    lol this just what full custody look like

  56. Thecreator54

    Thecreator546 시간 전

    Obothered is the new term


    FRESHDECK TV6 시간 전

    VLAD be tryna start sht and/or get people locked up!! He an instigator 😂😂 And a sneaky one

  58. Domingo Payso

    Domingo Payso6 시간 전

    I respect O frfr bro what goes around comes around bro! You gon be good 💙

  59. SnickersBarJamal

    SnickersBarJamal6 시간 전

    Y do I feel he dont care so much cause he knows it's a LHHH thing they are doing and he don't wanna spoil the bag for his boy n his BM . I think they all in on it n it's a lie 2 get ppl tuned in this season for that show. He knows it therefore he don't care cause it's all for TV.

  60. BackPack GearsYT

    BackPack GearsYT6 시간 전

    Omarion high as a bitch