Olivia Culpo Tries To Beat Gordon Ramsay In A Breakfast Pizza Cookoff | Scrambled


  1. Save No Hoe

    Save No Hoe일 전

    Where’s the lamb sauce?

  2. Stacie Green

    Stacie Green일 전

    I can't be there only one that thought her's looked horrible, and disgusting. There was way too much bread compared to the eggs on top, and very little toppings. Gordon's looked AWESOME though. I think scrambled is DEFINITELY the way to go on this idea.

  3. Stacie Green

    Stacie Green일 전

    "Rhode Island had a large Italian population." This is true as HELL!!!! My fiance is Italian, and from Rhode Island (Providence). About 90% of his friends from there is Italian as well. Most of them being stereotypical, straight it of a movie Mafiosa Italian.

  4. Maria Luisa

    Maria Luisa일 전

    Get your minds out of the gutter

  5. Sam Rogers

    Sam Rogers4 일 전

    Smart, beautiful, can cook, and is a family woman. Take notes ladies!

  6. William Barrios

    William Barrios4 일 전

    She seems incredibly dumb :(

  7. TheMegaultrachicken

    TheMegaultrachicken4 일 전

    Olivia is hot. This joke of "was talking about Gordon, not Olivia" is annoying.

  8. Ronaldo92379

    Ronaldo923794 일 전

    Yeah, she looks like a "foodie"

  9. ThatsLOUD13

    ThatsLOUD134 일 전

    Do you manage?

  10. Max Preneta

    Max Preneta4 일 전

    Olivia:what is your favourite ice cream BRAND Gordon:its like a salted caramel

  11. 지냥의 현실적인 요리

    지냥의 현실적인 요리5 일 전

    How to find out if a girl is Puerto Rican....

  12. Simona Felice

    Simona Felice5 일 전

    I'm rooting for the Scotsman, but, I think he's going to try, and, be a gentleman, and, let the lady win. A gentleman always let's the lady finish first. 💚

  13. Alex Osborne

    Alex Osborne5 일 전

    I'm pissing myself laughing at these comments😂

  14. Luna Lovegood

    Luna Lovegood6 일 전

    I cant even focus on the cooking with so much hotness. Sexy AF Olivia is okay too.

  15. Balakrishnan Kavidas Kavidas

    Balakrishnan Kavidas Kavidas6 일 전

    Good fun. I love it.

  16. G SS

    G SS6 일 전

    Gorden probably bended her over after the show lol

  17. cr87129

    cr871297 일 전

    0:11 He looks like he has a fan in his face.

  18. SeeMCW

    SeeMCW7 일 전

    Good sort

  19. Samuel Levine

    Samuel Levine8 일 전

    Does anyone know what that pizza oven Gordon is using is called? I have seen it in the background of other pro chef kitchens and I am dying to find out which oven that is. The one on the counter top.

  20. Zedrik Ranile

    Zedrik Ranile8 일 전

    “Love that”

  21. vince d

    vince d8 일 전

    she is so hot on hear but her Instagram, not for me

  22. GeezLouieez

    GeezLouieez8 일 전

    Cook Panini’s with Lil nas X

  23. Creed Bratton

    Creed Bratton9 일 전

    Damn, Gordon lookin like a value meal

  24. Alberto Martinez

    Alberto Martinez9 일 전

    Its like a college student version of Ariana Grande

  25. chaz Whitfield

    chaz Whitfield10 일 전

    Gordon's wife should be on the set today, Gordon's liking this lady.

  26. Kelelis Artimas

    Kelelis Artimas10 일 전

    6:38.Olivia should wear something different in kitchen. Cuzz all beauty is visible.

  27. William White

    William White10 일 전

    If she wasn't hot this ending wouldn't Fly!

  28. Stardust Legacy Fighter

    Stardust Legacy Fighter11 일 전

    Olivia is fit af.

  29. Potato

    Potato11 일 전

    I hate paddings on tops

  30. Susan Keefe

    Susan Keefe11 일 전

    Fun show... They both looked great!

  31. wayz415

    wayz41511 일 전

    "That's the wrong chef" Had that have been anyone else he would've flipped out. Ramsay looks like a big fool, a regular joe shmoe next to a beautiful girl acting out of character just because she's hot. Although, I cannot blame him, as I would eat anything from her...anything. I would act out of character as well.

  32. Chris -

    Chris -11 일 전

    That avacado was a fuckin disaster you are suppose to cut it in half then fourths then peel the skin off not shove a spoon in It

  33. Samatha Bhargav

    Samatha Bhargav12 일 전

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    I love him. Gordon you are my guajiro dream...♡♥♡♥♡♥

  35. comanche Diaz

    comanche Diaz12 일 전

    gordon ramsay win yay

  36. M L

    M L13 일 전

    Thats not a woman, its an alien thats practised every micro expression and knows like a computer exactly what her annoying face is doing.

  37. SKIP AD

    SKIP AD13 일 전

    I'm on a quest for Italian American women. I'm Irish/Australian and accept women's hypergamous ways.

  38. Abid Ali

    Abid Ali14 일 전

    salt bae he is wrong chef🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. Lila. D

    Lila. D14 일 전

    Love That- Gordon Ramsay 2019

  40. Island Sous Chef

    Island Sous Chef14 일 전

    koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-Yx8PflL58nA.html A mouthwatering seafood pancake cooked by a girl!

  41. Meat Loaf

    Meat Loaf15 일 전

    well she’s a good looking lady no doubt about it. but I was wondering how boring waking up every single morning at her side and she’s yelling with her annoying voice bad breath saying hi is?

  42. Shannel Jeremiah

    Shannel Jeremiah15 일 전

    Beautiful lady but ugly man

  43. Ajin gosh

    Ajin gosh15 일 전

    eee....yeee..huuuùùuu....thanks chef.

  44. richard b

    richard b15 일 전

    06:38 Gordon see boobs 06:39 Gordon looks away and complements her boobs 06:41 Gordon ducks down to hide his erection make better since 0.25 speed

  45. Desean Carter

    Desean Carter15 일 전

    This camera person is all over the place...

  46. 지냥의 현실적인 요리

    지냥의 현실적인 요리16 일 전


  47. James Davis

    James Davis16 일 전

    This video really brings out the humane side of Gordon Ramsey, I liked

  48. Mir

    Mir16 일 전

    Nip Slip at 6:37

  49. Eddie R

    Eddie R17 일 전

    She could get it

  50. Kym Wheare

    Kym Wheare17 일 전

    Sorry.....What Pizza ??! I was Too Distracted by Olivia Universe...

  51. Peggy Jee

    Peggy Jee17 일 전

    She’s so beautiful but her voice and attitude are kinda annoying 😂

  52. FBI says hello

    FBI says hello17 일 전

    You're fuckin donkey

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    lagu viral indonesia17 일 전

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  55. miss jif

    miss jif17 일 전

    It's seems like the only reason she's in this video is to attract those who only wanna see tits and butts. She even knows that's the reason, why else would she be pushing out her chest in the screenshot? People are tired of seeing dumb people in videos just because they "look good"

  56. Cancel-That-Bitch

    Cancel-That-Bitch18 일 전

    I don't care what any world class chef says when the eggs resemble fresh runny snot it's a no, I have no prob with a runny yolk but come on man

  57. o0xTHEcoPlayerx0o

    o0xTHEcoPlayerx0o18 일 전

    wait, there were eggs in this video? i only saw gordon ramsay and melons.

  58. mr RD

    mr RD18 일 전

    I am happy that he loves Indian food, love from india

  59. lana

    lana13 일 전

    mr RD who doesn’t lol

  60. Francis Dubois

    Francis Dubois18 일 전

    I hate those kind of bitch.... Over reacting over and over. Poor girl... More theyre beautiful , more they need attention... Funny fact...

  61. MrBrentles

    MrBrentles18 일 전

    Breakfast is amazing after a glorious morning glory.