Olivia Culpo Tries To Beat Gordon Ramsay In A Breakfast Pizza Cookoff | Scrambled


  1. DadingTime

    DadingTime10 시간 전

    No no no, sorry Gordon. She’s an idiot! Seriously, it’s as if she’s never had a conversation before. She couldn’t answer any questions and looked up at her manager every time she talked. I think she was lost because you weren’t gushing over her and flirty. Why did she talk so slow and as the other guy said, she owns a restaurant but can’t cut an avocado...? I normally don’t bash people but that was a waste of film.

  2. Kevin Guzman

    Kevin Guzman2 일 전

    Olivia Culpo: I need you to show me the correct way to cut an avocato Me: cries in Puertorican

  3. Chas Matkins

    Chas Matkins2 일 전

    Hey Gordon. Give me the name of your hair transplant guy. Good job!

  4. thebeyegee

    thebeyegee2 일 전

    Olivia is too verbally annoying reminds me of my sister

  5. Jim Alford

    Jim Alford2 일 전

    He has a hard time cooking when all he can think about is having her pretty little legs in the air and fuckin the shit out of her! Or maybe I’m just projecting??

  6. Luke Chadwick

    Luke Chadwick2 일 전

    Nobody is here for the cooking

  7. Luke Compton

    Luke Compton2 일 전

    Then she gets naked and Gordon sticks it in her avocado

  8. Jase 89

    Jase 892 일 전

    "You go girl" wtf Ramsey tell her straight!! Although....it does appear you have forgot the definition of straight....

  9. Andreas hausschild

    Andreas hausschild3 일 전

    man shes dumb

  10. Andreas hausschild

    Andreas hausschild3 일 전

    she seems really self center lol i know i spelled it wrong so f u

  11. Andreas hausschild

    Andreas hausschild3 일 전

    # andreas hauschild i know right

  12. Andreas hausschild

    Andreas hausschild3 일 전

    damm shes is really stupid

  13. Fan of Youtubers

    Fan of Youtubers3 일 전

    aaron sanchez Olivia culpo zedd get nadiya Rosanna pansino and pewdiepie on your show

  14. Nora Akbaoui

    Nora Akbaoui3 일 전

    The way she talk ...So annoying

  15. Has Sal

    Has Sal4 일 전

    Ramsay cooking with a boner 😂😂

  16. raul perez

    raul perez4 일 전

    Your my cooking GOD Ramsey I learn everything from here

  17. John T.

    John T.4 일 전

    Gordon has some sexy ladies on his show.

  18. JOsef Odin

    JOsef Odin7 일 전

    She is so Cringy

  19. klydeu

    klydeu7 일 전

    didn't know Fake Chef is showing now. longest intro ever

  20. Pavly George

    Pavly George7 일 전

    YA FOKIN DONKEY! I know it's outta context but I love typing this sentence lol

  21. Grungus Jarvis

    Grungus Jarvis9 일 전

    He's Funny.

  22. Holden Barrz

    Holden Barrz11 일 전

    I bet Gordon gets shit for this from his Mrs I just know it

  23. Zach Martinez

    Zach Martinez12 일 전

    Jesus, his resistance was on another level

  24. Kevin Worley

    Kevin Worley12 일 전

    She said she plays Cello...done. Is she Athene?

  25. danoasislives

    danoasislives12 일 전

    if she was a 4 you would say she is super annoying

  26. Faisal Zahid

    Faisal Zahid13 일 전

    6:38 thank me later

  27. Mandii Singh

    Mandii Singh14 일 전

    Gordon's be on some crazy cocaine or some crazy coffee.

  28. Готовит Папа

    Готовит Папа16 일 전

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  29. earth peace

    earth peace16 일 전

    Shes so anoying i had to change it

  30. guille guille

    guille guille17 일 전

    no me importa si le cae un cabello de esta hermosa mujer ami comida preparada por ella

  31. bįtçh fįt

    bįtçh fįt17 일 전

    he’s still asking for bobby fucking flay to sign that charity contract , how many years has it been 😂💀?

  32. Nurkey Ali

    Nurkey Ali18 일 전

    I had rather eat the one from Gordon though and we cut ovacado the same way

  33. SJ Flow

    SJ Flow18 일 전

    You can clearly see how intimidated Gordon Ramsay is. He can barely look into her eyes for a minute cause he knows he'll fall in love. 😂

  34. player1mtl

    player1mtl18 일 전

    8:23 That's a dirty plate Gordon. A preposterously dirty plate... Everyone put your forks down please, I'm closing that restaurant and I want to see the walking fridge now.

  35. SuperAvocado

    SuperAvocado20 일 전

    She's really beautiful, but unfortunately like most models, she's boring.

  36. caleb8085

    caleb808520 일 전

    that's one high maintenance woman.

  37. leslie Oconner

    leslie Oconner22 일 전

    Al Capone Can Cook a Good Carbonara

  38. Roberts Lipskis

    Roberts Lipskis23 일 전

    Olivia Culpo Tries To Beat Gordon Ramsay's meat

  39. bob jones

    bob jones24 일 전


  40. Crystal Clarke

    Crystal Clarke24 일 전

    american voices irritate me

  41. Ákos Török

    Ákos Török24 일 전


  42. Treveon Mccurty

    Treveon Mccurty25 일 전

    Gordon thinks he’s slick 🤣 6:38

  43. Ariana Gandhi

    Ariana Gandhi25 일 전

    Gordon is really the best husband! Turning gay among the hottest women on earth.... Respect

  44. iNsOmNia -l-

    iNsOmNia -l-25 일 전

    It's not ya mum you wanna thank for ya face gordan its ya surgeon for the botox 😂 I'm sure you had a extra dose when you knew she was coming round haha

  45. RDC LEO

    RDC LEO25 일 전

    "Love that"

  46. Sonia Doreen

    Sonia Doreen26 일 전

    she looks like "naomi the woman her self ;) "

  47. Top Five

    Top Five26 일 전

    Nobody came for the food. Nobody.

  48. Genuine Comments

    Genuine Comments27 일 전

    Top it of with Farmer John. Is he cheesy

  49. Blue Cotton Candy

    Blue Cotton Candy27 일 전

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  50. David Di Gregorio

    David Di Gregorio28 일 전

    It's amazing what folks will put up with from an absolute piece of ass

  51. Hammer Ology

    Hammer Ology28 일 전

    I see why she's in a lot of his video's!

  52. Dustin Surprises

    Dustin Surprises29 일 전

    Olivia omg stunning. Dang man Gordon.

  53. No Comps

    No Comps29 일 전

    Dayyyyummmm, I'd scramble her eggs!!!

  54. benedict cumberbatch

    benedict cumberbatch개월 전

    "I cannot wait to try his egs!"

  55. scuderiaalfasud

    scuderiaalfasud개월 전


  56. xxxtentacion

    xxxtentacion개월 전

    Ramsey is cool😎

  57. Daniel Louie

    Daniel Louie개월 전

    Gordon when he burns his food: hehe thats not supposed happen Gordon when someone else burns their food: YOU DONKEY!

  58. Ruben Martinez

    Ruben Martinez개월 전

    God damn if i was her manager I would have put an apron on you. can't have you getting grease burns on that beautiful body 😍

  59. Stefania Diamond

    Stefania Diamond개월 전

    They say to make chicken stock with the feet and bones to prevent aging it's full of collagen I actually take them in vitamin form, raspberries, vitamin E, Biotin, and Vasoline on the face ALWAYS & sleep on SILK!! You can try it Im 35 this year, however men only get better with age...so don't stress it .

  60. nishblaze

    nishblaze개월 전

    I think Olivia's looked better.

  61. Orch

    Orch개월 전

    The low sound volume and lack of color in this video pisses me off.

  62. David Power

    David Power개월 전

    he doesn't know who she is, just like the rest of us

  63. 1_chiefrocka

    1_chiefrocka개월 전

    I hope this dude lives forever. One of the few famous people I genuinely like. Mom the ingest fan and you don’t bring her on to a test meet him, you greedy!!!!