Oklahoma vs Baylor Football Highlights


  1. Ramal Brown

    Ramal Brown일 전

    I’m here just to see what OU did the first time.


    BRETT BANKS4 일 전

    As someone who was there every one in the stadium could feel that OU would win straight out of halftime.

  3. Mary Ann Cantwell

    Mary Ann Cantwell6 일 전

    Imagine having a 3-28 lead and losing. BTW Oklahoma’s defense was do AMAZING in the 2nd half

  4. Marcus M

    Marcus M6 일 전

    This was a good game.

  5. Natalie Lawless

    Natalie Lawless7 일 전


  6. K S

    K S8 일 전

    Where’s Spot?

  7. Dynamic Dominic

    Dynamic Dominic9 일 전

    Ha! Not Again Slow Pokes. WE PLAY THE CHAMPIOLNSHIP IN ARLINGTON. You are gonna get crushed

  8. Hitiyourboi

    Hitiyourboi9 일 전

    Wow the Baylor Bears 🐻 never even been in a National Championship

  9. Keith Carey

    Keith Carey14 일 전

    Baylor sucks ass

  10. dacmiller

    dacmiller15 일 전

    huge gut punch as a Baylor alum and fan...congrats to OU on the win.

  11. Danny Tate

    Danny Tate16 일 전

    Baylor : I told you ima beat yo ass Oklahoma: you should of Used the clock 🤣

  12. sickb2200

    sickb220016 일 전

    Headlines...Falcons draft entire Baylor Bears team.

  13. Raul Salazar

    Raul Salazar16 일 전

    oklahoma should've lost just by wearing those ugly uniforms!!!!!!

  14. America 101

    America 10116 일 전

    Baylor fans just can’t accept that OU kicked the shit out of them even with the refs calling them on everything and hardly none on Baylor ! Out played

  15. Trash Ass Cowboys

    Trash Ass Cowboys17 일 전


  16. Jason Tittle

    Jason Tittle17 일 전


  17. Dlotv615

    Dlotv61518 일 전

    NFL hurts run would’ve been a TD not a fumble

  18. Torksi Games

    Torksi Games18 일 전

    Win or lose, we’re not in Texas

  19. Torksi Games

    Torksi Games15 일 전

    Texas4Ever why you talking crap tho? Y’all had a huge lead then blew it 😂 Also screw the long horns lol. But hey it’s fair banter :)

  20. Texas4Ever

    Texas4Ever15 일 전

    ok oklahoman

  21. Torksi Games

    Torksi Games15 일 전

    Texas4Ever ok texan

  22. Texas4Ever

    Texas4Ever16 일 전

    Where is Jalen Hurt from? I know you hate to say it, but he's a Texan. 😂😂😂

  23. Torksi Games

    Torksi Games16 일 전

    Texas4Ever ok Texan

  24. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin18 일 전

    This man got 1M views in 3 days oh wow 😳👏🏼

  25. Joshua David

    Joshua David18 일 전

    6:06 Jalen said, “God is good” 😂😂😂 Huuuge win for OU

  26. apples 88

    apples 8819 일 전

    “Win or lose. We don’t live in Oklahoma” 😂 Anyone else see that sign

  27. Clip Central

    Clip Central19 일 전

    how do we lose to an unranked kansas state team but beat an undefeated one 🤣


    JAYVIDS19 일 전

    Baylor : we deserve to be in the playoffs Oklahoma:😂😂😂😂


    JAYVIDS18 일 전

    Weak conference

  30. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose18 일 전

    NCAA fixes games. Minnesota and Baylor were the victims. We all know they want a SEC playoff.

  31. Valerie Torres

    Valerie Torres19 일 전

    Only great teams can do that Come back from a 25-3 game #OU #nodoubt.

  32. misolou fout

    misolou fout19 일 전

    See Jalen giving the Baylor crowd the stank eye...awesome!

  33. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose18 일 전

    Go Sooners BOOMER SOONER

  34. Jeremiah Peeples

    Jeremiah Peeples19 일 전

    Who remember super bowl 51?🤣🤣 with the falcons and patriots

  35. Tim Powell

    Tim Powell5 일 전


  36. ZizzyG

    ZizzyG19 일 전

    3-28 HMMMM🤔 such a familiar score only if I could remember....

  37. EA Town

    EA Town19 일 전

    Jalen! We miss you at Bama but will always be a fan brother!

  38. Dr Pappa Pillz

    Dr Pappa Pillz19 일 전

    Oh it feels so good🙄. Wish there was a nipple rub emoji

  39. Dr Pappa Pillz

    Dr Pappa Pillz19 일 전


  40. Marty Cloyd

    Marty Cloyd19 일 전


  41. misolou fout

    misolou fout19 일 전

    classmen are behind them. We were 6th row, 2nd deck, endzone and had an awesome view. Boomer!

  42. zebra3stripes

    zebra3stripes19 일 전

    Big 12 pass defenses are looser than my stool after I go to the all-you-can-eat Indian buffet.

  43. Haywire

    Haywire19 일 전

    Not sure if you can say that, they're better than most conferences this season.

  44. TheRealNon

    TheRealNon19 일 전


  45. Helmet Chuck Videos

    Helmet Chuck Videos19 일 전

    Atlanta Falcons

  46. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui20 일 전

    Baylor gives freshmen the best seats in the house (all those yellow t-shirts) so they can grow accustomed to OU kickin' their ass.

  47. Mark Lopez

    Mark Lopez20 일 전

    28+3=31 Warriors blew a 3 - 1 lead

  48. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui19 일 전

    Baylor should have been and still should be ousted from the league. A disgusting university and corrupt town.

  49. Seahawkboy0323 YT

    Seahawkboy0323 YT20 일 전

    What a come back

  50. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui19 일 전

    Didn't cover the spread. Fail.


    GAMEZSTAA20 일 전

    Well played by Oklahoma. That's why you play until the final whistle.


    GAMEZSTAA19 일 전

    @bcvbb hyui Exactly

  53. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui20 일 전


  54. Did You See That Trick Shots

    Did You See That Trick Shots20 일 전

    Go Sooners BOOMER SOONER

  55. Bobbi Floss

    Bobbi Floss20 일 전

    NCAA fixes games. Minnesota and Baylor were the victims. We all know they want a SEC playoff.

  56. Cody Simmons

    Cody Simmons20 일 전

    Hurts tried his hardest to let Baylor win. Baylor just wasn't good enough to use it.