Ninja Reacts To Monster vs Mech Event!!


  1. اوم Ragab

    اوم Ragab3 일 전

    2:53 me: omg i got 999M subscribers omggg 3:00 my brother:*deletes youtube channel*

  2. Ryan Harper

    Ryan Harper6 일 전

    The mech used meh mom to oof the monster

  3. DAIZ 1

    DAIZ 18 일 전

    Ninja you’re trash

  4. Mr. SML

    Mr. SML8 일 전

    Team Mech

  5. Dakota Franks

    Dakota Franks11 일 전

    I like how someone said * hes weak*1 minute later tears apart robot *

  6. Gokonic4

    Gokonic414 일 전

    Am I the only person who heard shadicals voice

  7. Khurram Shabbir

    Khurram Shabbir15 일 전

    You should get infinite subscribers

  8. KD GrimX

    KD GrimX26 일 전

    *monster was slain whilst trying to escape pink bear ting*

  9. Gerardo DC 460

    Gerardo DC 46027 일 전


  10. DrElite

    DrElite27 일 전

    The mech is the reason the map was destroyed

  11. เสาวณี อินช่วย

    เสาวณี อินช่วย개월 전




    How can he fit in the ice

  13. WildGaming17

    WildGaming17개월 전

    Power Rangers in fortnite be like

  14. Aryan Prajapati

    Aryan Prajapati개월 전

    Optimus prime want you to join autobots..

  15. Adam Payne

    Adam Payne개월 전


  16. Foxing bix X

    Foxing bix X개월 전

    It’s like the Pacific frontier, exactly like ki

  17. Jackattack809

    Jackattack809개월 전

    This fight felt a bit lazy. There were like 6 blows total. I wanted a little more faster paced martial arts nor sword fighting.

  18. John lesther Javelosa

    John lesther Javelosa개월 전

    I see DANTDM

  19. Pip pop Gamer

    Pip pop Gamer개월 전

    Ninja definitely had the best view point out of all the streamers

  20. XxN3ONxX11 X

    XxN3ONxX11 X개월 전

    I’m team monster bruh

  21. Jainko’zz Stuff

    Jainko’zz Stuff개월 전

    I found dis in my recommendation 3 days after da event

  22. M.Ehtesham Malik

    M.Ehtesham Malik개월 전

    Monster rips of arm Mech: you should have gone for the head

  23. JordanDemiYT

    JordanDemiYT개월 전

    You know what would be nice... Event starts, and they popped some 90's

  24. Tilted Towers

    Tilted Towers개월 전

    Who Cracked The Nexus Orb? Answer: The Mech What Ended Chapter 1 Season X? Answer: The Meteor That Exploded The Nexus Orb & The Mech Cause The Mech Cracked The Orb that’s why you go on Team Monster

  25. Jerry Merito

    Jerry Merito개월 전



    EMMA IS WHAT개월 전


  27. Matthias Boravlov

    Matthias Boravlov개월 전

    Ninja you are pretty stupid

  28. theos rakos

    theos rakos개월 전


  29. علي القحطاني

    علي القحطاني개월 전

    وأوضح أنه من نزل يجعل ماينزل غيرك

  30. Dakot3zx

    Dakot3zx개월 전

    Liked subbed epic is x306833x any gift would be great appreciated thank you

  31. Master Of Games

    Master Of Games개월 전

    For Some Reason This Video was Recommended Video For me

  32. Mouhyi Eldanawi

    Mouhyi Eldanawi개월 전

    Let’s go man

  33. Amber Brand

    Amber Brand개월 전

    Is this

  34. Amber Brand

    Amber Brand개월 전

    Is this a maneb is the size of a large size

  35. Gareth Kane

    Gareth Kane개월 전


  36. Davin Robertson

    Davin Robertson개월 전

    R u playing ‘round.?

  37. Andrea Coletti

    Andrea Coletti개월 전


  38. oh yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeah개월 전

    What losers

  39. Ileana Grochowski

    Ileana Grochowski개월 전

    2.29 me robot monster Minecraft

  40. Isaac Gonzalez

    Isaac Gonzalez개월 전

    One arm floss became no sweat