Ninja Reacts To Monster vs Mech Event!!


  1. Ravi’s Media Movieshop

    Ravi’s Media Movieshop5 시간 전

    This is how many people thought the mech would walk back to Pressure Plant after the battle

  2. Joker Plague

    Joker Plague23 시간 전

    Mech looking at Ninja fill with determination

  3. 7SeNn GaMiNg

    7SeNn GaMiNg일 전

    Wooooooooo I'm so exiteddddd!!!

  4. Jamal Elomari

    Jamal Elomari일 전

    Wate fak



    4:40 there’s the emote there it is

  6. Eldon Peterson

    Eldon Peterson일 전

    Ninja how did u lose to lazar beam

  7. Avengers Assemble

    Avengers Assemble일 전

    I don't know if you saw that but at 9:00 and 10:00 that skin in back of Ninja looks so big.

  8. The Locaser

    The Locaser2 일 전

    This event was underrated

  9. Jaylen Harmon

    Jaylen Harmon3 일 전

    Team Mecha baby

  10. MK Master

    MK Master3 일 전


  11. MK Master

    MK Master3 일 전

    Fuck you in a million different ways

  12. Angad Bhullar

    Angad Bhullar3 일 전

    4:30 Mech: *tries to stab the monster in the eye* Monster: *flattens and gets stabbed on the top of his head*

  13. Avery_YT- GAMER_ BOY

    Avery_YT- GAMER_ BOY4 일 전

    I bet u the mech left do he won't get banned for streamsniping lol

  14. Brenda Rios

    Brenda Rios4 일 전

    Empiezo polar había un huevo y el huevo de la bestia contra el robot el robot construye una mujer

  15. Lauren Jimenez

    Lauren Jimenez4 일 전

    It was no sweat get it like the emote

  16. Elysium Rod

    Elysium Rod4 일 전

    Little did we know the mechs would be the true issue

  17. DylanPlayZ

    DylanPlayZ4 일 전

    Monster: *dies* Mecha: *dances* Monster: *stream sniper!!!*

  18. Mr_Mc_Squid

    Mr_Mc_Squid2 일 전

    DylanPlayZ Imagine stealing from top comment like no one would notice

  19. DylanPlayZ

    DylanPlayZ4 일 전

    Monster: *destroys robots arm* Robot: *you should've aimed for the head*

  20. Lauren Jimenez

    Lauren Jimenez4 일 전


  21. Koala _GirlGamer

    Koala _GirlGamer5 일 전

    Wasnt fearless in the other side of the map because fearless video on the event bit he was closer to that monster thingie but i might be wrong or it could have been a coincidence

  22. Jay Ibanez Garcia

    Jay Ibanez Garcia5 일 전

    Noice vid I like it!



    the mech looks small

  24. Konman16

    Konman165 일 전

    2:13 wonder how tf is that tower till stands

  25. yousef alt

    yousef alt5 일 전

    2:57 Thats why you never celebrate early but the mech did win at the end.

  26. Swap-new-male-in roleplay Unknow

    Swap-new-male-in roleplay Unknow6 일 전

    4:28 ninja you are lucky AF

  27. ashtonYT

    ashtonYT6 일 전

    Mech stabs monster in head Season 10: B.R.U.T.E.S BTW i wish the monster won

  28. GoomerGoomz YT

    GoomerGoomz YT6 일 전

    Monster:you wont change the past,you ca.... (mech stabs it in the head) Cuddle team:what did you do!! Dino ops: I stabbed it in the head This reminds me of engame

  29. Sir Bob

    Sir Bob6 일 전

    That thumbnail tho :)

  30. ErinKelly 18

    ErinKelly 186 일 전

    That’s awesome!

  31. EnderKing

    EnderKing8 일 전

    Mecha: *Flossing* Monster: *sTrEaM SnIpInG*

  32. Dara Francisco

    Dara Francisco8 일 전


  33. Philo Nerd

    Philo Nerd8 일 전

    These guys say ‘bro’ way too much for my comfort

  34. Banana Peel 2010

    Banana Peel 20108 일 전

    The robot and the visitor were teaming up the whole time the monster is coming back soon for season x live event

  35. Vaibhav Playz

    Vaibhav Playz9 일 전

    3:02 Shi8

  36. Toxic Bro

    Toxic Bro9 일 전

    Ninja my epic name is X_Dark_Worm

  37. Good Bagel

    Good Bagel9 일 전

    Ninja: im team mech Me: you wont be in season 10

  38. Tabatha Ciampa

    Tabatha Ciampa9 일 전

    Hi Ninja

  39. hobby hood

    hobby hood10 일 전

    Go monster!!!!!!!!!

  40. Danish Ali

    Danish Ali10 일 전

    What is that

  41. Danish Ali

    Danish Ali10 일 전


  42. Pewdiepie follower

    Pewdiepie follower10 일 전


  43. Josett Holiday

    Josett Holiday10 일 전

    That was a sort video booooooooooooooo you SUCK

  44. Josett Holiday

    Josett Holiday10 일 전

    Ninja sucks

  45. Ghada G

    Ghada G10 일 전


  46. Gian Carlo

    Gian Carlo10 일 전

    When the mech dances it would be the that L

  47. Nigel Preston

    Nigel Preston11 일 전

    in fortnite i am a noob😔i need to be a pro😎 or i need to be in level ninja🤩who like ninja👍



    The mecha team leader salutes ninja

  49. Gina Sharra

    Gina Sharra11 일 전

    Big fan of ninja

  50. Gabriel Lopez

    Gabriel Lopez11 일 전


  51. Old Gamer

    Old Gamer11 일 전


  52. Oscar Williams

    Oscar Williams11 일 전

    I love you Ninja

  53. pandacitygamer02 add I poddi

    pandacitygamer02 add I poddi11 일 전

    No cus dude kids watch you bro

  54. Easton Fletcher

    Easton Fletcher11 일 전

    Mech: Brute Monster: Sweaty soccer skins



    I still don't get what is the red stuff spreading around the skull

  56. RukiFN

    RukiFN11 일 전

    1:56 Sypher: HES A ROCKET SPAMMER! Fortnite Season 10: No mech is.

  57. Fabian Montero

    Fabian Montero11 일 전

    I wish I can play with you

  58. Powers Brothers

    Powers Brothers11 일 전

    Ninja stop kissing

  59. jesus lopez

    jesus lopez11 일 전

    Ninja stop saying bad words

  60. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet Yeet12 일 전

    That live event was sick then how sick will the season 10 live event will be

  61. Epic Flame

    Epic Flame12 일 전

    Ninja fucking sucks

  62. Grazia Mastrapasqua

    Grazia Mastrapasqua12 일 전

    Allora allora allora for and and and George sì Alfo hai News and and

  63. william garcia

    william garcia12 일 전

    Monster is apex robot is fortnite

  64. Jesus Rodriguez

    Jesus Rodriguez12 일 전


  65. Grazia Mastrapasqua

    Grazia Mastrapasqua12 일 전

    Jesus Rodriguez nzi

  66. Md Imran Pavel

    Md Imran Pavel12 일 전


  67. King D King

    King D King12 일 전

    You are the best KOreporterr in the in the Universe

  68. King D King

    King D King12 일 전

    You also have made me want to be you

  69. King D King

    King D King12 일 전

    Ninja you have made me laugh and smile

  70. Trisen Dick

    Trisen Dick12 일 전

    You're trash

  71. Pierce The parasite

    Pierce The parasite13 일 전

    Ninja PLEASE send me a friend me on Fortnite

  72. Pierce The parasite

    Pierce The parasite13 일 전

    Ninja PLEASE Sind a friend request on Fortnite

  73. Nintendo fanboy

    Nintendo fanboy13 일 전

    Everyone: bye mech man! Singularity inside mecha: where is that visitor asshole?!

  74. midi-clhorian gaming

    midi-clhorian gaming13 일 전

    The Mec was cool until it flossed. Just like the reaper goal in Rocket League when it dabs!! JUST STOP!!

  75. Jose David Cepeda

    Jose David Cepeda13 일 전

    Fonite en paramarica free fire para hobre

  76. JRCS2010 SepeuGuill

    JRCS2010 SepeuGuill13 일 전

    Love ninja

  77. Aiden Tenette

    Aiden Tenette13 일 전

    When mechanic dances Ninja:there’s the emote there it is

  78. Aiden Tenette

    Aiden Tenette13 일 전

    Edit:I meant mecha

  79. Elizabeth López

    Elizabeth López13 일 전

    Cool robot 😎😎😎😎

  80. Dulce Cornejo

    Dulce Cornejo13 일 전

    You suck

  81. War Child

    War Child13 일 전

    Dawn of titans will kick your ass fortnite*

  82. Chasnis 7

    Chasnis 713 일 전

    Roses are red Ninja hair is blue If you dance he will ban you

  83. Dionne Jackson

    Dionne Jackson13 일 전

    it was insane I watch it

  84. Nicholas Slager

    Nicholas Slager14 일 전

    That moment when you isn’t relevant