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Nicki Minaj - Chun-Li (Vertical Video)


  1. Porin Ivanisevic

    Porin Ivanisevic시간 전

    Haha Nicki at 1:45-1:47

  2. Swaggy Drops !

    Swaggy Drops !8 시간 전

    She should live with Toni toutouni...

  3. T Mulkey

    T Mulkey15 시간 전

    Nicki I need that ass

  4. who dat boy?

    who dat boy?16 시간 전

    *OH I GET IT...*

  5. tea

    tea17 시간 전

    me after a breakup






    If nicki minaj did tik tok.

  8. Mohammed Jr

    Mohammed Jr일 전

    She is dirtY

  9. Fenty

    Fenty일 전

    27,8M ❤

  10. Cre8Crew

    Cre8Crew2 일 전

    check out BeatJack to ChunLi

  11. 2pac and biggie remix jail kid

    2pac and biggie remix jail kid2 일 전

    Sexy woman 😘😘😘😘 Good rap peace for everyone

  12. - Itz Ellie! -

    - Itz Ellie! -2 일 전

    *Nicki doing a musically*

  13. Thomas Reynolds

    Thomas Reynolds2 일 전

    she is the queen of rap

  14. Brandon Vega

    Brandon Vega2 일 전

    hola nicki

  15. Pritam Banik

    Pritam Banik3 일 전

    a collab with RM plzzzzzz

  16. Leticia Rodrigues

    Leticia Rodrigues3 일 전

    My queen 👑

  17. Joshua Gauthier

    Joshua Gauthier4 일 전

    Bae I like this better than the regular video

  18. Shamir Goodwin

    Shamir Goodwin4 일 전

    nickiminaj you the good guy

  19. Юлия Брюхова

    Юлия Брюхова4 일 전

    Ты крутая!😎😎😎😎😎

  20. Jihen kpoper

    Jihen kpoper4 일 전

    nicki means fuck me in our country

  21. Angel Michaela Tudtud

    Angel Michaela Tudtud5 일 전


  22. Destanie Rose

    Destanie Rose5 일 전

    just stop do something prodoctive

  23. Freddie T

    Freddie T5 일 전

    What kind of fan can’t appreciate their fav without tearing down another artist? 😷

  24. Neezy Knows

    Neezy Knows6 일 전

    Bbbaaabbbyyyy 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  25. Jay Jackson

    Jay Jackson6 일 전

    Girl yu so czy

  26. Juan Camilo

    Juan Camilo7 일 전

    Cardi is better

  27. barbzinc. *

    barbzinc. *5 일 전


  28. Camila Solano

    Camila Solano7 일 전

    Queen 😍❤️

  29. Alara Buen

    Alara Buen7 일 전

    Lit 🔥

  30. اكـــســـوالــيـــة كـــيـــبـــوبـــيــة

    اكـــســـوالــيـــة كـــيـــبـــوبـــيــة8 일 전

    0:06 شكله طقعت وهي تصور 😂😂😂💖

  31. phanic! at the disco

    phanic! at the disco8 일 전

    This makes me want to use cheats on Poptropica.

  32. EPIC Gamers

    EPIC Gamers8 일 전

    Nicki what that you BITSH !!


    A UNKNOWN8 일 전


  34. albi poga

    albi poga9 일 전

    I this about this or about that Jesus people just enjoy that flawless rap

  35. Elaine Nelson

    Elaine Nelson9 일 전

    Are you Chinese

  36. TinTin

    TinTin9 일 전

    Give me the password to the fucken WiFi

  37. Lena Myren

    Lena Myren9 일 전

    ❤👑Our Queen 👑❤

  38. Cesar Montite

    Cesar Montite10 일 전

    Im simple man, i saw boob i clicked

  39. Michelle Harris

    Michelle Harris10 일 전

    Mutha fckin queen

  40. Light Bulb

    Light Bulb10 일 전

    When you get wasted and go on Snapchat..... then you check your story the next day

  41. Alia Mb

    Alia Mb10 일 전

    Really the best ♥️🔥💪🏼

  42. Nji

    Nji10 일 전

    I like cardi but nicki has just been in the game longer than her, so im honestly on her side.

  43. rex aviator

    rex aviator10 일 전

    Why do plates say CHUN-LI

  44. cuarzo ahumado

    cuarzo ahumado11 일 전

    Soy de #teamnickiminaj y ahora vamos a los 17 millions de subs

  45. sashi boo in Jamaica singing melody

    sashi boo in Jamaica singing melody12 일 전

    Oh my god Nicki ur at my. Top chart in female artist I have a favour to ask Can u sponsor me to come to America by June pleeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Nicki please

  46. Bulgarian Edits

    Bulgarian Edits12 일 전

    Jesus, she's like a prostitute....

  47. Bulgarian Edits

    Bulgarian Edits5 일 전

    +barbzinc. * Who's talking about Cardi? And exactly Cardi was a stripper, Nicki isn't a stripper but she act like the biggest whore in the world...

  48. barbzinc. *

    barbzinc. *5 일 전

    +Bulgarian Edits and her tits wasnt out...

  49. barbzinc. *

    barbzinc. *5 일 전

    +Bulgarian Edits you know... when cardi was a striper and getting head by random dudes yall wasnt saying ish...

  50. Bulgarian Edits

    Bulgarian Edits8 일 전

    +A UNKNOWN explain what? Do u think that's how a women should look? Fake body, her tits and ass out???


    A UNKNOWN8 일 전

    *Pls explain?..*

  52. Julian Briseno

    Julian Briseno12 일 전

    She's the difference between a performer and an icon.



    NIKI I HOPE YOU SEE THIS!!!.....YOU DA QUEEN OF RAP BEN IN THE RAP GAME LONGER THAN CARDI B !!.............the srory was Niki Manaj congrats cardi b and cardi b fired back and said im the Niki Manaj made her BOMB song queen and she is the REAL RAP QUEEN!!

  54. michael malveaux

    michael malveaux13 일 전

    nicki u did u goin hard but u are a bad girl in a good way know that

  55. Joshlyn Cola

    Joshlyn Cola13 일 전

    Nikki you need to bring out songs besides rap change it suprise the people because you have a beautiful, beautiful singing voice

  56. Joshlyn Cola

    Joshlyn Cola13 일 전

    I like Chun Li, I don't see what's wrong with it like I said there's room for everyone. Nikki please humble yourself from your HEART

  57. Blessing Oimokoko

    Blessing Oimokoko13 일 전

  58. STUIPED things

    STUIPED things9 일 전


  59. STUIPED things

    STUIPED things9 일 전


  60. maths Devi

    maths Devi13 일 전

    cardi b ❤💯nicki hoe

  61. B4Now

    B4Now14 일 전

    Love you Nicki MinaJ ❤😘😍❤

  62. dj perro

    dj perro14 일 전

    melhor musica do mundo

  63. Maalik Rahim

    Maalik Rahim14 일 전

    this is dope I like it!!! sub? 🤨

  64. Nailah Edwards

    Nailah Edwards14 일 전

    Bich thanks for

  65. sx1973

    sx197314 일 전

    Hermeliàne Million Nb Mal

  66. só mais um

    só mais um14 일 전


  67. bica TV

    bica TV15 일 전


  68. Overthe MOON

    Overthe MOON15 일 전

    27.670.151 visualizaciones

  69. GK Rayan B R

    GK Rayan B R15 일 전

    They need rapper's like you... Yeah girl They need rapper's like youuuuu

  70. Breaker_Jones

    Breaker_Jones16 일 전

    The fuck this got to do with Chun Li?

  71. Breaker_Jones

    Breaker_Jones8 일 전

    Chun Li was in Street Fighter....but...Nicki aint even the first....


    A UNKNOWN8 일 전

    *its a message, Chun li was the first female in the game motorcombat (idk if i spelled it right) and its saying nicki was the "first" in the game, shes been in the game long then cardi*

  73. Fugg It

    Fugg It16 일 전

    ScarFace 🔪❤👑

  74. Joicy Cordeiro

    Joicy Cordeiro16 일 전

    Deliciosa morena

  75. Esther Toppin

    Esther Toppin16 일 전

    I love it

  76. SM 666

    SM 66616 일 전


  77. Pedro velazquez

    Pedro velazquez16 일 전

    Nicky 🔥

  78. Sheena Brown

    Sheena Brown17 일 전

    I dont too much like Nikki.. But this shit Go hard asf

  79. Cornell University

    Cornell University17 일 전

    l like song but am team cardi sorry

  80. Bowap Nahar Tv Popo

    Bowap Nahar Tv Popo18 일 전


  81. Rick and Morty Sanchez

    Rick and Morty Sanchez18 일 전

    I'm team cardi... Buhh Nikki is also a queen. 👏( 'ω' )👏( 'ω' )

  82. Laura Hernandez

    Laura Hernandez18 일 전

    King Kong.

  83. Vaneloppe Bualmar

    Vaneloppe Bualmar18 일 전

    Que lindo trasero i peyos ♥♥♥

  84. Vaneloppe Bualmar

    Vaneloppe Bualmar18 일 전

    Tramo niki minaj 2018 ????

  85. Yo Mom

    Yo Mom18 일 전

    Then why did she make a music video?? 16 mil subs

  86. Dba Bz

    Dba Bz19 일 전

    good ness

  87. Kyllah Anderson

    Kyllah Anderson19 일 전


  88. SSXS Rubicon

    SSXS Rubicon19 일 전

    Great beautiful

  89. Elizabeth Rodriguez

    Elizabeth Rodriguez19 일 전

    Fuck cardi

  90. Kel TiVEVO

    Kel TiVEVO20 일 전

    Arrete de te la péter. Non je rigole je t adore .je veux etre a ta place 😁😍😘😙😚

  91. Ttlotlo Uze

    Ttlotlo Uze20 일 전





  93. Sun The Video Bro

    Sun The Video Bro20 일 전

    Who ever disliked this is crazy!

  94. Al _

    Al _20 일 전

    Cardi B is basically the Walmart version of Nicki 💀

  95. Dulat Kenes

    Dulat Kenes20 일 전

    Похож на самую дешовую проститутку фу, фу воняет.

  96. Tux Tux

    Tux Tux20 일 전

    I'll be sure to jerk off to this

  97. Soviet vape King

    Soviet vape King21 일 전

    Rap is degenerative. I like the hyper sexualization of young black women though.

  98. Kermina Arts

    Kermina Arts21 일 전

    99% of people won’t see this But have a fantastic day 1%



    Kermina Arts thank youuuuu

  100. Miss PiggyIsShook

    Miss PiggyIsShook21 일 전

    Nicki has me shook

  101. Ariana Smith

    Ariana Smith21 일 전

    There is no way that Cardi doesn't think "Damn she's that bitch."

  102. K1tty K4t

    K1tty K4t21 일 전


  103. Renee Montiel Morales

    Renee Montiel Morales21 일 전

    She slut

  104. A UNKNOWN

    A UNKNOWN8 일 전


  105. HACK ER

    HACK ER21 일 전


  106. Jack Guillaume

    Jack Guillaume21 일 전

    Nicki Minaj I'm your big big fan you bitch

  107. Yashika Yadav

    Yashika Yadav21 일 전

    Yeah Nicki I like thar

  108. Alisha White

    Alisha White22 일 전

    cardi could never be Nicki 1she not retarded looking like cardi 2 she not ghetto ass hell like cardi 3 her mouth not fuck up like cardi B ... cardi do us a favor and go back being a stripper cause hoe u will never be the Queen team Nicki

  109. Jonathan Barbe

    Jonathan Barbe22 일 전


  110. papinos16

    papinos1622 일 전

    Cardi b -Vu- 😂😂😂😂😂

  111. Jennifer Unuigboje

    Jennifer Unuigboje22 일 전