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New vs Old Bollywood Songs Mashup | Raj Barman ft. Deepshikha | Bollywood Songs Medley


  1. Md.NurAlom

    Md.NurAlom5 분 전

    sexy lady

  2. Krishna Prasad

    Krishna Prasad15 분 전

    Just aww 😍

  3. Gopi Debnath

    Gopi Debnath16 분 전


  4. Anupam Choudhary

    Anupam Choudhary21 분 전

    Wao ossem what a voice

  5. Latha Padmanabhan

    Latha Padmanabhan21 분 전

    Superb voice.....,

  6. Anil Patva

    Anil Patva43 분 전


  7. Kk Chauhan

    Kk Chauhan시간 전

    old songs are best bro I love it

  8. Vicky sam

    Vicky sam시간 전

    How sweet her and his voice yarrr

  9. Manoj Ingle

    Manoj Ingle2 시간 전

    I love your voice Deepshika



    I like new song.....

  11. chungaingam kamson

    chungaingam kamson2 시간 전

    What a waste

  12. Pushpendra Singh

    Pushpendra Singh2 시간 전

    Gr8!! Keep it up guys..

  13. Pallavi Asode

    Pallavi Asode3 시간 전

    Raj lovely voice & also Handsome guy😊

  14. Pinki Das

    Pinki Das3 시간 전

    Raj barman voice is best and sweet he is my favourite singer i saw his program in kaliyaganj and he is so cute and most handsome 💞💞💕💕

  15. Amrit Vishwakarma

    Amrit Vishwakarma3 시간 전

    My favorite song is old song

  16. Sufiya Khan

    Sufiya Khan3 시간 전

    Woww nice😘😘😘😘

  17. Provat Mandal

    Provat Mandal4 시간 전

    Nice song

  18. Provat Mandal

    Provat Mandal4 시간 전

    Nice song

  19. Raeif Kalegar

    Raeif Kalegar4 시간 전

    Old is gold

  20. Raeif Kalegar

    Raeif Kalegar4 시간 전


  21. Alankar Omkar

    Alankar Omkar4 시간 전

    I love your voice raj and your both

  22. Shivani dance and DIY

    Shivani dance and DIY5 시간 전

    both 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💖💖💖💖💖💖💛💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚💙💙💙💙💙💙💕💕💕💕💕💕💞💞💞💞💞💞💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💔💔💔💔💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟

  23. Sahidul Islam

    Sahidul Islam5 시간 전

    So nice voice I love it

  24. Sahidul Islam

    Sahidul Islam5 시간 전

    Old is best

  25. Biswajit Maji

    Biswajit Maji5 시간 전


  26. Malti Patil

    Malti Patil5 시간 전

    Thanks for that songs

  27. pravesh Balekar

    pravesh Balekar5 시간 전

    Pz do part 3

  28. akash naik

    akash naik5 시간 전

    Quite couple song

  29. Mira Chohan

    Mira Chohan5 시간 전


  30. Priyanka Patra

    Priyanka Patra6 시간 전

    Why don't anyone asks him to sing in Bollywood?? He is fabulous. Actually both are.

  31. esha chettri

    esha chettri6 시간 전

    Sooo nceee voice

  32. Mansa Mehra

    Mansa Mehra7 시간 전

    Very nice song

  33. Chomula Bhutia

    Chomula Bhutia7 시간 전

    Nice songs remix of old n new I see video every morning it's feel happyness 😂😂😂😂😂


    VISHAL GUPTA7 시간 전

    nyc songs

  35. Pravin Mote

    Pravin Mote7 시간 전

    Nice song

  36. arunthakur. sunar

    arunthakur. sunar8 시간 전

    Very nice song Cool

  37. Jagannath Shelke

    Jagannath Shelke8 시간 전

    You both are to good Love it ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  38. sunny kumar

    sunny kumar8 시간 전

    Nice song

  39. Aarif Hussain

    Aarif Hussain8 시간 전

    Verynice song wow😍😍😍😍

  40. Akash Aghav

    Akash Aghav8 시간 전


  41. Bijoy Das

    Bijoy Das9 시간 전

    Nice voice super

  42. Smiley Film Productions

    Smiley Film Productions9 시간 전

    Nice song

  43. Subhadip Maity

    Subhadip Maity9 시간 전


  44. 3D KING

    3D KING9 시간 전

    Raj Barman Very lovely Voice

  45. Vivek kumar 912883

    Vivek kumar 9128839 시간 전

    Very Nice

  46. Prince Kumar Kumarprince

    Prince Kumar Kumarprince9 시간 전

    Super 🎶



    nice song

  48. kushisinha

    kushisinha11 시간 전

    December 2018?

  49. kushisinha

    kushisinha11 시간 전


  50. Wannas Saad

    Wannas Saad13 시간 전

    lovely song's yar

  51. Mohammed Dawoodji

    Mohammed Dawoodji14 시간 전

    Plzz make more vidoes on old vs new

  52. Mahadev Chouhan

    Mahadev Chouhan14 시간 전

    Very nice songs i love it

  53. riaz shareef

    riaz shareef15 시간 전

    I love this song👌👍

  54. Madiha Aly

    Madiha Aly16 시간 전

    Nice 👍

  55. Madiha Aly

    Madiha Aly16 시간 전


  56. Saurav Roy

    Saurav Roy16 시간 전

    Raj Barman sir is the best ✌️😘😘😘😘✌️

  57. Septa Vikas

    Septa Vikas17 시간 전


  58. manju toshniwal

    manju toshniwal17 시간 전

    bahot jordar gaya

  59. lovedeep singh

    lovedeep singh17 시간 전

    yrr man khush kr diya ty yrr lv u guyz

  60. lahu khilare

    lahu khilare17 시간 전

    Your voice made 4 each other and especially for mashup! Pls continue with old and new songs...Raj+Deepshikha= Mashup

  61. mujammil hapue

    mujammil hapue17 시간 전

    nice yrr

  62. Pooja Gavhale

    Pooja Gavhale17 시간 전

    Waw raj your voice are very nice. ......and I like you👌

  63. sumandeep kumar aggarwal

    sumandeep kumar aggarwal18 시간 전

    I love it

  64. stars of gully cricket

    stars of gully cricket18 시간 전

    Best is pyarr diwana hota h

  65. Tech How To Download

    Tech How To Download18 시간 전


  66. Kalpana Nagle

    Kalpana Nagle18 시간 전

    Nice lipsing

  67. Sanjay Bodake

    Sanjay Bodake18 시간 전

    I think old and new both are best but old is gold

  68. Bankat123 Sanap123

    Bankat123 Sanap12318 시간 전

    Verry verry sweet and Best

  69. Manish Khatri

    Manish Khatri18 시간 전

    Sir download ka opsan to h nhi yar

  70. Dharmendra Sharma

    Dharmendra Sharma19 시간 전

    Is ur voice real

  71. Md Israfil

    Md Israfil19 시간 전


  72. khalid Munshi

    khalid Munshi19 시간 전


  73. Trusted Khan

    Trusted Khan19 시간 전

    For me this one is far better than all available mashups out there on KOreporter :)

  74. Shaikh Mohammad Zulfaquar Alam

    Shaikh Mohammad Zulfaquar Alam19 시간 전

    Please yar. Ae dil. Hain muskil ka full. Song banao

  75. SanjuRadhika Patel

    SanjuRadhika Patel19 시간 전

    solid song

  76. Patel Chetna

    Patel Chetna19 시간 전


  77. Sohil Khan

    Sohil Khan19 시간 전

    Hit songs

  78. Gopi PSPK fan

    Gopi PSPK fan20 시간 전

    Who the hell these 13k dislikers... Rip to them for 13 mins.

  79. Desai Darshil

    Desai Darshil20 시간 전

    And new songs upload him

  80. Desai Darshil

    Desai Darshil20 시간 전

    Ameging and good songs


    ASHNI SINGH20 시간 전

    I love this mash-up

  82. Sumit Mishra

    Sumit Mishra20 시간 전

    Wow its best mashup i have never seen before.... hit like if you like it more than me...💗💗💗💓 l

  83. kharga purnima

    kharga purnima20 시간 전

    Thank u for making us smile with your such great voice...

  84. Rahul Chauhan

    Rahul Chauhan20 시간 전


  85. Shubham pachraut

    Shubham pachraut20 시간 전

    W ❤ W

  86. achal ranjan jha

    achal ranjan jha20 시간 전

    What a lovely voice both of u have !!!!!!! 😍

  87. ravindra patel

    ravindra patel20 시간 전

    Very nice raj vs arijit and deepshika vs palak very nice voice

  88. shruti gour

    shruti gour21 시간 전

    hey.... love this mashup yarrr.....

  89. Sunil Shah

    Sunil Shah21 시간 전

    Those who like the video 👇👇 👇👇

  90. Sunil Shah

    Sunil Shah21 시간 전

    Those who like the video 👇👇 👇👇

  91. jai Shree Aum..

    jai Shree Aum..21 시간 전

    who r those 13k people who disliked it ????

  92. Taukeer Alam

    Taukeer Alam21 시간 전

    Worst worst

  93. the rock the rock

    the rock the rock21 시간 전

    We want next part

  94. satish vishwakarma

    satish vishwakarma21 시간 전

    Pyar deewana hota hai is my most favourite song

  95. satish vishwakarma

    satish vishwakarma21 시간 전

    Ur songs collection are best all songs are my favourite

  96. Ashutosh Baba ji

    Ashutosh Baba ji22 시간 전

    nice song both

  97. Maya Padaria

    Maya Padaria22 시간 전

    Awesome I liked old version more

  98. Nupur Biswas

    Nupur Biswas22 시간 전

    Apki voice bilkul Arijit Singh jesi hai....... lovely😘😘😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 🤩😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🤩😘😘🤩😘

  99. meenakshi upadhyay

    meenakshi upadhyay22 시간 전


  100. Kishor Darandale

    Kishor Darandale23 시간 전

    I love this song....,,😙😍😍😍😍