New Inventions That Are At Another Level ▶7


  1. Maulida Arifah

    Maulida Arifah일 전

    Komen nya kok bahasa inggris

  2. Jöre

    Jöre일 전

    Good. Oof ads..

  3. Give’r

    Give’r일 전

    or i could put them on the top of my shelf. 0:59

  4. Hendri Verhoef

    Hendri Verhoef2 일 전

    I dont know about that little food delivery thingy...

  5. Stories Famosos

    Stories Famosos3 일 전

    Estou começando meu canal passe lá pra dar uma olhada se gostar se inscreva

  6. Ordinary Mad Guys

    Ordinary Mad Guys3 일 전

    НОВЫЕ изобретения на совершенно НОВОМ уровне

  7. Hi I'm Toxik

    Hi I'm Toxik3 일 전

    tfw you realise you're just watching advertisements... jfc

  8. Geem_Top

    Geem_Top3 일 전

    5:12 в России такой сразу спиздят

  9. T West

    T West4 일 전

    Do i have to lay flat on my floor to apply the Drain Wig???

  10. King Eris

    King Eris4 일 전

    Goodbye human jobs. 50 years from now. Millions and millions of jobs will be gone. I’d say 80% of all humans will be jobless.

  11. Luke Connolly

    Luke Connolly4 일 전

    Dude stabs his surfboard nose-first into the sand? Made me cringe

  12. elias håkansson

    elias håkansson5 일 전

    3:26 they should have had that in birdbox

  13. Metsurit

    Metsurit5 일 전

    02:10minutes of hanging tomato soup...

  14. Isfrost

    Isfrost5 일 전

    Drainwig for one time use? Clean it and reuse it... Think about the environment...

  15. pui pui

    pui pui5 일 전

    this songs annoy the crap out of me

  16. Joseph Paul

    Joseph Paul6 일 전

    Why did I just watch an infomercial on KOreporter?

  17. John Gamez

    John Gamez6 일 전

    Thick butty???????

  18. skepticbb93

    skepticbb936 일 전

    i'd like to compact dat ass!

  19. Sky avengers

    Sky avengers6 일 전

    3:30 what if you need to go pee

  20. Mason Ramsey

    Mason Ramsey6 일 전

    Level seven? That's the level that I'm at in a obby in Roblox

  21. StumpyCat2015 ROBLOX

    StumpyCat2015 ROBLOX7 일 전

    The thumbnail looks likes a large condom.

  22. Kitten Warrior

    Kitten Warrior7 일 전

    If only the people had this, 3:30

  23. exodo 5378

    exodo 53787 일 전

    Jaja un condón 😂😂😂

  24. Lord Gunther

    Lord Gunther8 일 전

    Theres no condom

  25. NoName 420

    NoName 4207 일 전

    Haha, it's not new tho

  26. Knight Ghost

    Knight Ghost9 일 전

    3:00 aí tem uma caichoeira

  27. Caleb Hudak

    Caleb Hudak10 일 전

    The can magnets Can hold a lot

  28. Grischa Galaktika

    Grischa Galaktika11 일 전

    6:48 lovely ass!

  29. Graham Rathbone

    Graham Rathbone11 일 전

    Guitar by Little Wayne at 5:30

  30. Ȟᴇċĸȧĸŷʜ Âɡᴇĸʙȧᴛᴇʜ

    Ȟᴇċĸȧĸŷʜ Âɡᴇĸʙȧᴛᴇʜ12 일 전

    Can you compact the garbage compactor that compacts all that new garbage in the video?

  31. Micah Motumz

    Micah Motumz12 일 전

    hahahahaha the way that first bitch tilts her head away from the smelly drain wig lmao

  32. A-Triangle

    A-Triangle12 일 전

    what a bunch of crap

  33. JakeB Vlogs

    JakeB Vlogs12 일 전

    Giant condoms

  34. DogeisCut

    DogeisCut12 일 전

    the trash compactor is going to collapse into a black hole

  35. daniel hayes

    daniel hayes12 일 전

    All of these are brilliant but the tent boat is deadly if it malfunctions and the skyvalet is a smartbag which airlines are cracking down on and you dont want your luggage to get rejected by the airline.

  36. Andres Romero

    Andres Romero12 일 전

    Oh yeah yeah

  37. Farrukh Wajid

    Farrukh Wajid12 일 전

    I see mans waste killing the planet

  38. gooni goo goo

    gooni goo goo13 일 전

    4:00. fake surfer would take their beloved board and smash it into the beach sand like that. no one does this. it breaks and chips the nose epoxy...every surfer knows this.

  39. gooni goo goo

    gooni goo goo13 일 전

    3:43 is a life raft----not an invention.

  40. William C

    William C13 일 전

    The trash can one is just for lazy people who don’t want to take out the trash

  41. Aitor Cardone

    Aitor Cardone13 일 전

    Esto es click veit

  42. ted rebel

    ted rebel13 일 전


  43. Asphalt 8 GaMing GT

    Asphalt 8 GaMing GT13 일 전

    at 8:50 sorry bro chinese people already invented that shit long ago man. They be usin that shit in their houses and everywhere imaginable. Its maybe cheap, but it does exactly the same thing that this does laowle.

  44. Hualas Brandão

    Hualas Brandão13 일 전

    Top top

  45. Boygamerz 2

    Boygamerz 214 일 전

    Oh yeah yeah

  46. Svarganil Show

    Svarganil Show14 일 전

    со шваброй это просто офигенно!!!

  47. JJ Kirkman

    JJ Kirkman14 일 전

    Here in search of a condom that finally is going to fit?

  48. Lexx-o- Lexx

    Lexx-o- Lexx14 일 전

    такая чушь в большинстве своем.

  49. Mr. SisterFister44

    Mr. SisterFister4414 일 전


  50. GreenKamakshi 03

    GreenKamakshi 0314 일 전

    A tent for bird box haha

  51. Gabriel blanchette

    Gabriel blanchette14 일 전

    3:21 what they needed in bird box 😂😂😂😂

  52. DudeUnperfect

    DudeUnperfect14 일 전

    4:12 They forgot to edit that out XD

  53. Bigtree 2

    Bigtree 214 일 전

    3:53 is there a gun included in case a alligator attacks? 9:25 you wouldn’t need it if you took off your shoes

  54. Luci Swaffield

    Luci Swaffield14 일 전

    This is how robots will take over the world.

  55. MrOof

    MrOof14 일 전

    3:16 I WANT THAT!

  56. Bluerabbit

    Bluerabbit14 일 전

    4:50 music?

  57. なにぬねの

    なにぬねの14 일 전


  58. KOTH Fuuriious

    KOTH Fuuriious14 일 전

    Why would you lean down and stay there happy in the shower?

  59. Mendes Army For Life

    Mendes Army For Life14 일 전

    The swinging cans gave me serious anxiety.

  60. Nandar Suhendar

    Nandar Suhendar14 일 전

    Judulnya bahasa Indonesia,tapi yg coment orang luar semua .. bingung gue 🥴

  61. Ryan Mielnicki

    Ryan Mielnicki15 일 전

    9:40 "Extra-flat" Are you tired of your flat things not being so flat anymore? Try our new Extra-flat technology today!

  62. League Addict

    League Addict15 일 전


  63. Lola 。 Barclay 。

    Lola 。 Barclay 。15 일 전

    3:20 they really should of used that in bird box

  64. 1000 subs with no videos

    1000 subs with no videos15 일 전

    The thumbnail is just a Giant condom

  65. Tom Rees

    Tom Rees15 일 전

    Total click bait I hope the channel owner dies slowly of cancer same with his hole family

  66. Globus Bikes

    Globus Bikes16 일 전

    8:36 und die betiteln das echt als Vakuum? Omfg. Dabei ist dort drinnen doch nur ein unterdruck gegenüber der äußeren Umgebung. Luftsauerstoff ist somit immer noch vorhanden.

  67. Immanuel Kant

    Immanuel Kant16 일 전

    6:30 I would have liked to see what the trash compacter could do, but DAT ASSSSS!

  68. Mark Noel Marcelino

    Mark Noel Marcelino16 일 전

    did I see a dragon's condom as a thumb nail???

  69. Eden Heynatz

    Eden Heynatz16 일 전

    That tent would have worked perfectly for birdbox

  70. Rue Koegel

    Rue Koegel17 일 전

    Nothing is disposable, nothing just goes away. Instead it usually just pollutes some place else.

  71. Bon Hitashi

    Bon Hitashi17 일 전

    1:10 or stack the cans?

  72. ριик royalty

    ριик royalty17 일 전

    i need one for picking up dog poop...

  73. Kami Kola

    Kami Kola17 일 전

    This comment will have 1 like...mine

  74. Clarklewiz

    Clarklewiz17 일 전

    how about the good old stack of cans? xD loft cans seem pretty dumb

  75. ProdByLucas

    ProdByLucas17 일 전

    the music is so anoying

  76. megafaune75

    megafaune7517 일 전

    we are awsome

  77. Ricardo Padilla

    Ricardo Padilla17 일 전

    There it goes our jobs.....

  78. Patrick Guivarc'h

    Patrick Guivarc'h18 일 전

    d'une autre dimension? exagéré!!!

  79. destroyed Warrior

    destroyed Warrior18 일 전

    You're conna need that thing in the thumbnail when i see you

  80. Caroline Jett

    Caroline Jett18 일 전

    Floating tent could have been used in BirdBox 😭😂😂

  81. Spencer McKay

    Spencer McKay18 일 전

    7:13 the lady looks away from the snake. Not a big deal, just made me have to rewind the video is all. Is she looking at that film crew?

  82. Firth Laist

    Firth Laist19 일 전

    Why is no one talking about the LONGEST Small Toes EVER @7:11☝🏼😆

  83. Justin Miller

    Justin Miller19 일 전

    Haha, the trash compactor. Not new! The delivery robot is just going to get smashed by a bat and there goes your lunch.

  84. Samir

    Samir19 일 전

    9:33 why are u cleaning, when u wear SHOES in the house?

  85. Gewgulkan Suhckitt

    Gewgulkan Suhckitt19 일 전

    I wonder if you could turn a fully loaded "Drain Wig" into a fishing lure. 7:16 Maybe . . . but would you want to eat what you caught?

  86. Сергей Остапчук

    Сергей Остапчук19 일 전

    Ну нихера себе технологии, магнит на полку снизу прихерачили, вот это да! Фантастика! И что самое удивительное, к магниту примагничивается консервная банка! Да этого блять не может быть!

  87. Johnny SUGAR

    Johnny SUGAR20 일 전

    3:28 it's a life raft WOW!

  88. السائح الأول

    السائح الأول20 일 전

    ‏العنوان عربي والمتابعين أجانب أين العرب

  89. tiprunner

    tiprunner20 일 전

    go die bitch uploader

  90. ProudestSheep

    ProudestSheep20 일 전

    All of these are literally “hey I’m a human who doesn’t want to do a lot of things and also hate exerting myself, lets make some stupid shit to make things so easy for me” The only cool thing is the conveyor belt thing.

  91. Teach.one21 일 전

    The lazy buggy. That would get stolen. What neighborhood you live in?

  92. Vinchuca

    Vinchuca21 일 전

    Bueno... ahi van 10 minutos que nunca voy a recuperar...

  93. Harrison Engle

    Harrison Engle21 일 전

    7:30 why would I want something to catch hairs that would have ultimately just gone down the drain and not be dealt with again. Oh yea pull it out and have the power of illusion that you prevented a giant clog...haha Another scam just like phone screen protectors. Put a flimsy piece of easily breakable glass on top of durable glass made to resist cracks. When ever something happens you can be thankful you wasted $20 bucks on something that costs $.10

  94. FreshLv

    FreshLv21 일 전

    10 MIN WASTE of my life :(

  95. Mackenzie Brown

    Mackenzie Brown22 일 전

    the trash compactor seems like a good idea until you realize the bag became to heavy to carry after stuffing all that trash into it, plus im guessing it would need special bags since normal ones would rip after being stretched from carrying all the weight.

  96. MrCorvusC

    MrCorvusC22 일 전

    These days any old rubbish classifies as invention.

  97. K1Z

    K1Z22 일 전

    Yo sub to me and try outs

  98. blixten2928

    blixten292822 일 전

    Advertisements. Thanks.

  99. Dj bravo

    Dj bravo22 일 전

    Best invention at home and easy way to use😀👩

  100. We will win the war

    We will win the war23 일 전

    Oh Yeah Yeah

  101. ʂƙɛɖąɖɖƖɛ ʂƙɛɖơơɖƖɛ

    ʂƙɛɖąɖɖƖɛ ʂƙɛɖơơɖƖɛ23 일 전

    3:23 bird box XD