New Inventions That Are At Another Level ▶7


  1. Nephilim Research

    Nephilim Research5 시간 전

    Extra flat mop hahahahaha

  2. Александр Григорьев

    Александр Григорьев12 시간 전

  3. Chelsea R

    Chelsea R14 시간 전

    8:55 isn’t that just a swiffer?

  4. YoEditmusicGuy Cutout

    YoEditmusicGuy Cutout14 시간 전

    Thumbnails that huge condom.

  5. Aryan Shahi

    Aryan Shahi15 시간 전

    Don't waste your time its click bait there's no man trying to punch through an elephant condom. Most of these inventions seem pretty boring tbh

  6. lxgiongxng121

    lxgiongxng121일 전

    Hold up 😬 why tf is the intro the same as the pornhub intro

  7. im trying to get 50 subs for no reason pls

    im trying to get 50 subs for no reason pls일 전

    When ur mum ask you to take out the trash. And still 3 trashbags 6:22

  8. Scottish NUT

    Scottish NUT일 전

    Stop condom abuse

  9. Jordan Foster

    Jordan Foster일 전

    thumbnail is a condom

  10. crazygurl 3705

    crazygurl 3705일 전

    3:40 it's all fun and games until there is a waterfall

  11. Biggie Cheese Boi

    Biggie Cheese Boi2 일 전

    Oh yes very! Yeah...

  12. J Bos

    J Bos2 일 전

    Plz just show application, not entire commerce behind it... also,neodium magnets arent rare earth minerals 😂

  13. NeXt MemEcOmAnDer

    NeXt MemEcOmAnDer2 일 전

    Me:sees thumbnail Also me: HULK THEY FINALLY MADE A CONDOM YOUR SIZE!!!

  14. Carl Niño Cruz

    Carl Niño Cruz3 일 전

    Title should be... New inventions that can make a person more lazy

  15. H N

    H N3 일 전


  16. Ashwin Reddy Ravula

    Ashwin Reddy Ravula3 일 전

    What if the delivery robot was stolen ??

  17. Facebook Funny Videos

    Facebook Funny Videos3 일 전

    I thought that it was a GIANT CONDOM in the thumbnail. CLICK BAIT!

  18. Austin Kippes

    Austin Kippes4 일 전

    2 is fake plastic cans aren’t magnetic

  19. Isabella Broadhead

    Isabella Broadhead4 일 전

    Our world is becoming a little bit too futuristic...

  20. Separation Studios

    Separation Studios4 일 전

    I really need that trash compactor

  21. Shmek Church

    Shmek Church4 일 전

    3:40 u be sleeping in ur tent when u wake up u r about to go down rapids and are miles away from ur car 🚗

  22. Adam Andersons

    Adam Andersons3 일 전

    Shmek Church then u fall down a water fall

  23. Dean Finch

    Dean Finch4 일 전

    Floating tent was dumb. The guy could barely paddle it!

  24. chris bogan

    chris bogan5 일 전

    That mop also is not as great as they want u to think. If it can cling to the mophead then its going to and theres no amount of centrifical force that can spin it off

  25. chris bogan

    chris bogan5 일 전

    8:03 is impossible cuz of the micro cracks and holes that might be in the container or the edges of the container

  26. Joseph Berba/Player 1000

    Joseph Berba/Player 10003 일 전

    You just hatin.

  27. CallMeDire Yt

    CallMeDire Yt6 일 전

    The food delivery bots have a flaw. What if people steal them while they are moving on the street? The buyer loses his/her meal and the company loses a drone.

  28. Cringe Queen

    Cringe Queen6 일 전

    9:09 my school had one of those 😆

  29. Zachary Habohab

    Zachary Habohab6 일 전

    What if someone stole that delivery toy

  30. Peng Wib

    Peng Wib6 일 전

    OmG A tRASh CaN!!?!

  31. Christian Xiang

    Christian Xiang7 일 전


  32. Lil Cookie

    Lil Cookie7 일 전

    Y tf did u put a condom as a clickbate

  33. JB Productions

    JB Productions7 일 전

    The shoal tent is what they needed in birdbox

  34. Magic and space With a snowy

    Magic and space With a snowy8 일 전

    I just watched 10 mins of ads

  35. Sacred Sun

    Sacred Sun8 일 전

    Each canloft costs $20 (6 pack) ($3.33 per), which effectively holds six items. When you can do better for less. You can 3d print a plastic fastener for the magnet, or build one out of wood. Then simply buy six neodymium disc magnets. They sell for around $10 for six ($1.66 per). And each one can hold about 18 lbs. And they are 1.26" x 1/8". (You could even design a pantry shelf and mount each magnet into it as well) As far as I know canloft magnets can only hold a few lbs. So in the end a DIY would save money as well as provide you with numerous uses based on strong magnets. You could also buy weaker magnets that could lower to under $1 per. In just the type to buy the stronger ones in case I might have a use later. And the raft tent is mostly if you are afraid of animals bothering you. Though a raft itself is incredibly uncomfortable to sleep in for most people. If you are that scared of nature then do not go camping. The number of animal attacks are not that common considering the number of those camping.

  36. thomas suttil

    thomas suttil8 일 전

    Whats thet intro song?


    MR.NOOBDOG8 일 전

    The First Thing is actually only an sorting System from Germany 🙄

  38. Josh Jackson

    Josh Jackson8 일 전

    I'm watching this at 3:00 in the morning with the f***

  39. Josh Jackson

    Josh Jackson8 일 전

    The trash compactor

  40. Stuart Alexander

    Stuart Alexander9 일 전

    Opening that lid right before you need to empty the 75lb rotting bag of 3 week old condensed garbage, undoubtedly wrecking your body in the process, must truly be an unholy experience. 😫😖🤢🤮

  41. Kamikaze 25

    Kamikaze 259 일 전

    7:30 ...why the f*ck do they have to lay down in the washroom to put that in.

  42. Grace Bada

    Grace Bada9 일 전

    I'm probably one of the luckiest buyers of this pruducts......because I live in Qatar...and did u know that we have the thing Wich delivers automatically....and by the way...u can only buy that in qatar

  43. Raphtalia

    Raphtalia9 일 전

    I swear your intro sounds like a remixed pornhub intro

  44. The D4RKT36DY

    The D4RKT36DY10 일 전

    Smithfly boat vent for bird box

  45. Bruce Doyle

    Bruce Doyle10 일 전

    Was the man in the Thumbnail, punching into a large Condom

  46. Dolphingal life

    Dolphingal life10 일 전

    9:30 what's the point of moping if you're wearing shoes in the house

  47. Bhuvan B Vijeesh

    Bhuvan B Vijeesh10 일 전


  48. Hiro 016

    Hiro 01611 일 전

    Why the intro sound like the PornHub intro?

  49. hafsah azam

    hafsah azam11 일 전


  50. Mobile Tech

    Mobile Tech12 일 전

    What is the name of music track at 0:52 sec...

  51. Marton patyi

    Marton patyi12 일 전

    Can anyone tell me whats the intro music is called ? The first four seconds

  52. owen bengco

    owen bengco12 일 전

    The thumbnail looks like a condom

  53. AriffNZR 2005

    AriffNZR 200512 일 전

    3:40 imagine if you were sleeping in that and found yourself in heaven the moment you woke up

  54. Basti Montevirgen

    Basti Montevirgen12 일 전

    We've had better ones for a while now

  55. Icey _tulip

    Icey _tulip13 일 전

    Thumbnail looks like a giant condom

  56. Hugo Luna

    Hugo Luna13 일 전

    Some narrating wouldnt be so bad just saying

  57. LT. Thottieslayer69

    LT. Thottieslayer6913 일 전

    Are you bout to get punched ?? Don't worry anymore with your xxxxxxxxxxxl condom to protect yourself

  58. Austin Bartose

    Austin Bartose13 일 전

    Definitely on another level.......a very uninteresting level

  59. Faze racket

    Faze racket13 일 전

    Hey im trying to reach 99 subs, can you please🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 help me Get thare. I would be very happy🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  60. Felix Jakobsson

    Felix Jakobsson14 일 전

    9:32 why do they have shoes on if they are going to clean the floor ??

  61. axesmed 4

    axesmed 417 일 전

    Holy shit finally I got a condom that fits

  62. adel amim

    adel amim17 일 전

    6:09 not the same shirts but the same pant days past fast from above

  63. max weller

    max weller17 일 전

    Lmao the no more spills one where the jug gets pushed over the edge one prob wouldn’t work with me because everything is glass

  64. Elmnopen

    Elmnopen17 일 전

    No one sleeps on the river that's a dumb way to advertise a tent. And the vacuum sealers have bad reviews

  65. PZ 411

    PZ 41119 일 전

    The thumbnail looks like a giant condom

  66. Akhil mishra

    Akhil mishra19 일 전

    When i saw the thumnail i was like this dude is punching a CONDOM 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  67. Evren67

    Evren6720 일 전

    9:10 we actually already have that same thing

  68. Adnan Andersson

    Adnan Andersson21 일 전

    Imagine the panic if the tent breaks when you're sleeping.... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  69. Tom Newell

    Tom Newell21 일 전

    Put your cans on the shelf not on a magnet

  70. Miguel Sanchez

    Miguel Sanchez21 일 전

    7:40 HAHAH what a BS....

  71. Miguel Sanchez

    Miguel Sanchez21 일 전

    3:55 and once it falls on its side *YOU ALL DROWN WITH NO ESCAPE* ... good job

  72. Zgredek255

    Zgredek25521 일 전

    Nice clickbeyt

  73. adamthegreat tv

    adamthegreat tv21 일 전


  74. Me my Bro And Other Random Stuff

    Me my Bro And Other Random Stuff22 일 전

    3:54 Oops I popped it

  75. Shannon Rutherford

    Shannon Rutherford22 일 전

    Yes, suran wrap in a circle is a cool invention.

  76. Idk Idk

    Idk Idk23 일 전

    This got 12.8 mil veiws like wtf

  77. Kikson

    Kikson23 일 전

    3:59 sombra get hack u

  78. xd McFlurry

    xd McFlurry23 일 전

    1:59 Ye you can buy one for let me see 500$

  79. Berkay Curebal

    Berkay Curebal23 일 전

    It is funny

  80. Berkay Curebal

    Berkay Curebal23 일 전

    Do not listen to him


    VSS COMBAT.23 일 전

    The thumbnail is literally a massive condom lmao

  82. Shayna Jansen

    Shayna Jansen23 일 전

    0:32 am I the only one who thinks this looks adorable. They look like they are walking around.

  83. MR Pikachu

    MR Pikachu23 일 전

    Unusfull things

  84. Nation DCB

    Nation DCB24 일 전

    3:50 imagine a twig punctures it.. your fucked😂😂

  85. Squirt

    Squirt24 일 전

    I all ready have the mop one

  86. Just a Random Irish Chap

    Just a Random Irish Chap25 일 전

    Someone invented magnets

  87. Razorokc

    Razorokc25 일 전

    Too many ads this video is a waste of time.

  88. Emre Mehmedi

    Emre Mehmedi26 일 전

    So, MY favorite part was 6:46

  89. Azukaa

    Azukaa22 일 전


  90. Vaughan Winnicki

    Vaughan Winnicki26 일 전

    Don’t mind me, just hanging up my Micky Mouse soup on my fucking book shelf

  91. Evan Shumard

    Evan Shumard26 일 전

    Cannot say I was dissatisfied with this video. Very noice.

  92. Minjae Kim

    Minjae Kim27 일 전

    What song is the intro its super nostalgic

  93. BlueberryPolar

    BlueberryPolar27 일 전

    That’s one large condom

  94. CKozak99

    CKozak9928 일 전

    9:20 get a swiffer

  95. CKozak99

    CKozak9928 일 전

    8:30 wouldnt the glass containers of came with the tops and what is something hits the thing to release the seal. then is spills

  96. CKozak99

    CKozak9928 일 전

    7:35 waste of money get something that is not disposal.

  97. CKozak99

    CKozak9928 일 전

    6:40 why only woman throwing away the garbage. thats sexiest. what is a man wants to throw away some trash

  98. CKozak99

    CKozak9928 일 전

    4:43 somebody just runs up and steals it. simple

  99. Oofetical Roblox Ian

    Oofetical Roblox Ian28 일 전

    CKozak99 didn’t you read when it’s not at its destination it tasers anyone who touches it anyone, anyone anyone anyone anyone

  100. Ducati Master

    Ducati Master28 일 전

    Thumbnail look like condom for thanos or shrek

  101. ROBLOX and Pixel gun

    ROBLOX and Pixel gun29 일 전

    Dose that mean I can hang a car on my shelf

  102. Jamin Bones

    Jamin Bones29 일 전

    Now INTRODUCING a CONDOM for Food -keeps your food from reproducing -keeps the mess inside of the bowl -Easy clean up for all of that food 😏 - only 5 dollars find at your causal gas station!

  103. arg Muslim

    arg Muslim29 일 전

    Clickbait. There is no dude punching a giant condom. Use your time some where else.

  104. Ti Quick

    Ti Quick29 일 전

    3:26 🙌🙌😎😎 what if there is a river or waterfall and how do u get back to land

  105. Poseidon BroZeus

    Poseidon BroZeus개월 전

    I get the delivery robot and all. But do we really expect people to just go along wth that thing driving around? What if a kid wanted to know what it had?