New Inventions That Are At Another Level ▶7


  1. hacked account

    hacked account4 시간 전

    An anal condom for madison give it to um

  2. Callum R

    Callum R6 시간 전

    Hmm, spend $200 on some magnets, or stack my cans. Decisions decisions...

  3. Маня Май

    Маня Май8 시간 전

    Тут Русские вообще есть? Я просто интересуюсь)

  4. reed 38

    reed 388 시간 전

    pourquoi je regarde une video de compilation de video existant deja avec la lecture d'artickes wikipedia?? je ne sais pas

  5. Kars Van der heijden

    Kars Van der heijden16 시간 전

    9:10 my mom has been using that thing for years. ya kinda need to fill up a ton of water to not fall over tho.

  6. Samu

    Samu21 시간 전

    Überdenke nochmal die Aussage "Die auf einem anderen Level sind " Dann sparst du dir eine Menge Hate..

  7. DMill791

    DMill791일 전

    Girl with the trash compactor really loves those jeans.

  8. Ислам Ханапов

    Ислам Ханапов일 전

    6:44 all this rubbish will rot in can 3 times longer than it used to normally... GG.

  9. SeRialow •

    SeRialow •일 전

    vay amk

  10. 쫑아조

    쫑아조일 전

    구매하고 싶으네요 진심



    oh yes! very yeah...

  12. Ivan De St Croix

    Ivan De St Croix2 일 전

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  14. Mike Oxlong

    Mike Oxlong2 일 전

    "new inventions that are at another level" *sticks cans to surface using magnets*

  15. NoxxPie

    NoxxPie2 일 전

    this is just one big ad.. fuck you.

  16. Dave Ross

    Dave Ross3 일 전

    balding is killing me , my life ended in that moment, i cannot enjoy anything

  17. Zander Ahearn

    Zander Ahearn3 일 전

    3:28 *hears waterfall*

  18. محمد الصبيحاوي

    محمد الصبيحاوي3 일 전

    اليشترك بقناتي ادره له واشترك بقناته

  19. nuberiffic

    nuberiffic4 일 전

    A plastic disc with magnets in it?! Holy shit, these inventions are truly on another level!!

  20. Sampf

    Sampf4 일 전

    These inventions are all pretty shit tbh. Yeah they're cool but otherwise, they just overcomplicate simple things.

  21. Bhrayan Stark

    Bhrayan Stark4 일 전

    Já inventaram camisinha pro Braço?! A tecnologia tá avançada msm

  22. Fyodor Purevbat

    Fyodor Purevbat4 일 전

    how to buy these product?

  23. Alice Kodešová

    Alice Kodešová5 일 전

    Ten kybl s mopem máme doma😁

  24. Uur K

    Uur K5 일 전

    Teslimat robotu güzelmiş tamam da, memlekette adamlar köprüyü çalıyor bu garibime neler yaparlar :(

  25. OLEN_031004 YAGEL'

    OLEN_031004 YAGEL'5 일 전

    Спасибо за то, что не пиздишь лишнего😘

  26. Kermit the frog

    Kermit the frog5 일 전

    The title is inventions on another level but all I see is a man showing his fist into a jumbo condom

  27. 一言だけ言わせてくれ

    一言だけ言わせてくれ5 일 전


  28. T osei

    T osei5 일 전


  29. Kenjioo

    Kenjioo5 일 전

    now we just need to figure out a way to exercise without moving or getting up while being able to do anything



    3:50 when the zombie apocalypse happens- you can find me in the ocean

  31. うめぼし

    うめぼし5 일 전


  32. 강예권

    강예권5 일 전


  33. Juhani U

    Juhani U6 일 전

    Yea i'd never take such a nice bag to an airplane. First it's going to get shit on in the freezing temperatures, second it's going to get shit on by the security who wants to open the bag to check it and they don't know how it works so they just brute force it open. I've had three locks broken, one lock had combination lock and THE CODE WAS RIGHT NEXT TO IT, the second lock had keys AND THE KEYS WERE HANGING RIGHT NEXT TO THE LOCK.

  34. Cristopher Igor

    Cristopher Igor6 일 전

    xq nadie habla mi idioma

  35. abemave

    abemave6 일 전

    I can see the giant warning in first page on that tent from around 3 minutes in. "Warning! Never sleep in this outdoor shelter, while doing the only thing, you bought it to do."

  36. Carlos Daniel

    Carlos Daniel6 일 전

    Miniatura 10:20 :v

  37. Piotrek Grabowski

    Piotrek Grabowski6 일 전

    Jak była tamta walizka na początku to jest taki plecak

  38. СЕРЁГА 007

    СЕРЁГА 0076 일 전

    На превью презерватив для руки?)

  39. m4ksta

    m4ksta6 일 전

    No bag comes out of a bin that easily 😂

  40. Timur Garipow

    Timur Garipow6 일 전


  41. Глололой Дорошков

    Глололой Дорошков6 일 전

    Круто придумывать велосипед! Магнитики и пластиковая пластинка = изобретение на совершенном уровне . Просто рукалицо

  42. HiImHiper

    HiImHiper6 일 전

    Хмм, предъяви это производителям авто, тут дело в применении обычных вещей

  43. Злой Пингвин

    Злой Пингвин6 일 전

    Русское видео а Русских нету :D

  44. carlos la roche

    carlos la roche6 일 전

    la tienda que flota es mala idea, solo imagina que te quedas dormido y terminas al borde de una cascada :v

  45. Mister Trayser

    Mister Trayser6 일 전

    Maybe it's cool. But it doesn't deserve 8M views and 3.5M subs

  46. Billy Ze Tramp

    Billy Ze Tramp6 일 전

    9:50 lol guess who is doing the moping? that is right, a woman. theses capitalist fuucks want you to be good morons so you can buy there useless shiit

  47. Кнаклз :p

    Кнаклз :p6 일 전

    IPhone = shit

  48. 개구쟁이짱구

    개구쟁이짱구6 일 전

    4분57초는 거지나 도둑이 빼서 먹지 않을까요?

  49. lukejohnston1819

    lukejohnston18196 일 전

    the floating tent is cool and all but one puncture on water sinking quickly with one door ...... no thanks

  50. Wistoldmetobehere

    Wistoldmetobehere6 일 전

    4:44 these machines isn't very secured, it can probably get knocked over by someone :P

  51. Success Storm

    Success Storm6 일 전

    1875: *we will have flying cars in 2018* 2018: *Giant condom and the worst KOreporter rewind ever*

  52. Relentless Cord

    Relentless Cord6 일 전

    Drain Wig you see this advance technology will catch anything even Pubic Hair, what else is good you can clean it off easily.... this once and a lifetime offer call now STD-6996-1010 to get your free sample.

  53. Simei Ferreira

    Simei Ferreira6 일 전


  54. Leonardo Mendoza Rojas

    Leonardo Mendoza Rojas6 일 전

    La que aparece en la miniatura parece un condon gigante :v

  55. Chair Butt

    Chair Butt6 일 전

    fisting a massive condom, i click

  56. Joram Gonzalez

    Joram Gonzalez6 일 전

    ¿Por que el video está en español y los comentarios en inglés?

  57. Jonathan Bryant

    Jonathan Bryant6 일 전

    What happens when you go to sleep on the river and end up in the Gulf of Mexico?

  58. Captain Skippa

    Captain Skippa6 일 전

    If you touch the garbage and don’t wash your hands, nasty.

  59. matinator gamer

    matinator gamer7 일 전


  60. TechGaming

    TechGaming7 일 전

    that suitcase got me like 😶

  61. Billy Salib

    Billy Salib7 일 전

    Yeah another level but it fired factory workers

  62. bedosone2 - ROBLOX

    bedosone2 - ROBLOX7 일 전

    I need that suitcase, probs like 1000 and damn it’ll take a lot of electricity and battery

  63. Stephanie Choquette

    Stephanie Choquette7 일 전

    Ok lets be honest this is all for lazy people

  64. doodlingstars

    doodlingstars7 일 전

    "Yeah I don't stock my cans in a cover, I hang them"

  65. Gavin c

    Gavin c7 일 전

    3:21 one hole when you fall asleep and you're dead


    JHON EDDY7 일 전

    El futuro es oy perra ....

  67. Hypefortniter Z

    Hypefortniter Z7 일 전

    8:54 what about your feet

  68. Marvin Basden

    Marvin Basden7 일 전

    8:50 but can your swiffer do *THIS?!*

  69. Master Ninja14

    Master Ninja147 일 전


  70. BigHearted

    BigHearted7 일 전

    Wut the heck

  71. MyezyKungTV

    MyezyKungTV7 일 전

    What music at 0.18

  72. KevinMatic

    KevinMatic7 일 전

    Wow....the future is coming................

  73. Sukkulents

    Sukkulents7 일 전

    This is just ‘As Seen on TV’ porn

  74. bob

    bob7 일 전

    3:41 ...That could go wrong in so many ways..

  75. Yo Mama

    Yo Mama7 일 전

    Ads galore

  76. Rose Wolf

    Rose Wolf7 일 전

    0:06 just look at the guys fingers on the keyboard

  77. Cane Sugar

    Cane Sugar7 일 전

    0:28 THE OFFICE

  78. súndaé

    súndaé7 일 전

    "Really super strong" oh yea? is it really?

  79. Lewis Bettison

    Lewis Bettison7 일 전

    But what if you just stacked the beans

  80. Aurora Animations

    Aurora Animations7 일 전

    That’s one big ass condom

  81. Elliot Espinoza

    Elliot Espinoza7 일 전

    Which is the music of the opnenig and end?

  82. moron mironoff

    moron mironoff7 일 전

    Мне одному казалось, что на превью презик?

  83. Samu Koskinen

    Samu Koskinen7 일 전

    None of these look useful


    TEMANICH7 일 전

    Ет на превюшке шо гигантский презик ахахах

  85. Prosto Bro

    Prosto Bro7 일 전

    Ставь класс пускай америкосы думают что Чё-то кайфовое

  86. Shyguy

    Shyguy7 일 전

    The only thing I honestly see myself buying is the trashcan.

  87. Play San4eс

    Play San4eс7 일 전

    Что блять?

  88. Alex Mihai

    Alex Mihai7 일 전


  89. M Spartanu M

    M Spartanu M7 일 전

    Water fuck

  90. Best Cul

    Best Cul7 일 전

    I thought it is condom

  91. The Killers

    The Killers7 일 전

    อีกสักนิด เทคโนโลยี ที่ทันสมัยอาจจะวิวัฒนาการ กลายเป็นสิ่งมีชีวิตที่ อาจกันมาทำร้ายคนสร้างอย่างมนุษย์ได้

  92. Flufe007 γιοργακοπουλος

    Flufe007 γιοργακοπουλος7 일 전


  93. Jose Benitez

    Jose Benitez7 일 전

    On The Thumbnail Is The Thing A Condom?

  94. crippling depression

    crippling depression7 일 전

    When she mops a already clean floor

  95. marshall vang

    marshall vang7 일 전

    8:52 maybe you wouldn't have to mop your house so much if you didn't wear shoes around indoors

  96. EeZuG

    EeZuG7 일 전

    9:45 Don't use shoes inside your house

  97. EeZuG

    EeZuG5 일 전

    +Different Vid floor or carpet will be dirty all the time, if you don't clean when you come inside

  98. Different Vid

    Different Vid5 일 전


  99. Алексей Левченко

    Алексей Левченко7 일 전

    *это в Америке устареет завтра,а появится это в России только через 16-23года.*

  100. Yung Lao

    Yung Lao7 일 전

    Condom for my dick

  101. Сова Тумане

    Сова Тумане7 일 전

    1 вопрос хули видео называется по русски а тут иностранцы ?

  102. まめまめまめこ.

    まめまめまめこ.7 일 전