New "HYPED" Products That Actually SUCK


  1. Freida Lambert

    Freida Lambert11 일 전

    The purple velour puff looks like a blendiful....

  2. Angela

    Angela4 일 전

    Freida Lambert lmao stop

  3. Jenna Monticello

    Jenna Monticello16 일 전

    Tati I’m late to the party but try CHANEL LE BLANC Light Creator Oil with your foundation!

  4. Elise b

    Elise b17 일 전

    "This was a sad moment in time." 🤣

  5. Mary Poppins

    Mary Poppins22 일 전

    include your sponge in that list lol

  6. Mary Poppins

    Mary Poppins3 일 전

    @Angela I don't like it because it's bad. Not the other way around.

  7. Angela

    Angela4 일 전

    Mary Poppins just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s bad

  8. Daydreambunny222

    Daydreambunny22228 일 전

    Does anyone remember the tarina tarintino pearl primer? Tarina makes jewelry they had the line in ulta now , its gone i also loved the mally iridescent finishing powder thats gone too!

  9. Kristen Milbocker

    Kristen Milbocker개월 전

    Girllll. Where did you get your gorgeous necklace?! I’m obsessed. Also, I’m so glad I watched this video because there were so many things that I was going to buy that you featured. You and I have a very similar skin type and likes in makeup. Soo good!

  10. Beth

    Beth개월 전

    7:09 Was that a prototype for the Blendiful puff?????

  11. Angela

    Angela4 일 전

    I don’t think so

  12. TreKronor

    TreKronor개월 전

    I was thinking the same thing!!!!!!

  13. madissen stevens

    madissen stevens개월 전

    Beth that’s what I was thinking!?

  14. Makeup By Becca

    Makeup By Becca개월 전

    Hey Tati! please help me

  15. Daniela Abreu

    Daniela Abreu개월 전

    Please help me out 😭 I need to qualify my channel :( Can you just subscribe and like one video? Maybe watch like 2 minutes? Please 🥺

  16. Ria Z

    Ria Z개월 전

    love ur underrated videos

  17. Stephanie Looney

    Stephanie Looney개월 전

    Cheers to shining light on the Indy brands. Woohoo here for THAT

  18. Stephanie Looney

    Stephanie Looney개월 전

    Thank you for keeping it real!!!

  19. Jennifer Nunez

    Jennifer Nunez개월 전

    Your voice 🤗🤗

  20. Sheri Morgan

    Sheri Morgan개월 전

    I have noticed that certain primers work better with certain foundations. So if something doesn't work well with your normal foundation or primer maybe you can try a different one completely and try out different combinations

  21. Kim Evans

    Kim Evans개월 전

    For an oil to mix with your foundation. Have you tried Aveda balancing infusions? If so your thoughts, if not you may want to try. There small brown bottles. I use the one for dry skin.

  22. Anna Banana

    Anna Banana개월 전

    Daaamn. I ordered the Stilla Primer and Foundation 2 days ago. But the luminous primer. I hope it works for me

  23. Courtney McGrath

    Courtney McGrath2 개월 전

    I LOVE your underrated videos. And I just ordered my first handful of JD Glow eyeshadows and am SO excited.

  24. Valerie Johnson

    Valerie Johnson2 개월 전

    You are truly the best, most honest beauty guru I have ever watched. A million thank yous!! You are also beautiful and soft spoken. My daughter and I learn so much from you. And I’m 44! 😊

  25. Ashley Jo

    Ashley Jo2 개월 전

    I actually just paused this video, drove to Sally's and got the LAST co lab the works mascara on the shelf!! LOL not kidding! 😅😆

  26. littlean24

    littlean242 개월 전

    Tati is ASMR for me . Don’t give a crap about her videos on makeup, just love her voice

  27. MtnNerd

    MtnNerd2 개월 전

    I think the Fenty product is actually meant to be a highlighter for dark skinned people, so it's more creamy and blends into the skin. Also for underrated, people really need to try Ben Nye eyeshadow

  28. Rebecca Spellmeyer

    Rebecca Spellmeyer2 개월 전

    I love that oil to use at night. I got a sample and I am saving to buy the full size.

  29. Julie Henschel

    Julie Henschel2 개월 전

    Can I get the name of your necklace please??

  30. ashley joy

    ashley joy2 개월 전

    Luv u Tati

  31. Klaudia With a K

    Klaudia With a K2 개월 전

    I’m so bored...

  32. Staci Schuck

    Staci Schuck2 개월 전

    I will never ever pay to see L.G again! She was almost 2hrs late! Took many breaks between sets and took the opportunity to bable on and on about her ranking as the # 1 female artist! Zzzzz 650$ I could have spent on makeup!!

  33. Q H

    Q H2 개월 전

    Omg that Stila soufflé is such a fail.....

  34. Mana timanttimaarit

    Mana timanttimaarit2 개월 전

    your lips look so pretty here

  35. Michelle

    Michelle3 개월 전

    Hi - what is the name of the eyeshadow duo - I watched the video with Gucci 1 and Gucci 2 and it did not say yhe name of mascara- just that its at Sally's beuty

  36. Stephanie H

    Stephanie H3 개월 전

    Late to the game, but I tried Lash Paradise mascara for the first time today, and TATI IS SO RIGHT. Favorite mascara I've had in a while. No flakes at all, and you can curl you lashes after without it doing that weird lash meld thing.

  37. Jacob Prince

    Jacob Prince3 개월 전

    Came for tati... stayed for gaga

  38. Paige MacGuigan

    Paige MacGuigan3 개월 전

    "I didn't have a chance to read the ingredients in the store I'm sorry" girl it's ok sephora is always packed and stressful

  39. En L’air School for Dance

    En L’air School for Dance3 개월 전

    i just subscribed a couple days ago. saw people reviewing your palette and said “who is she?” i am cracking up. i laugh out loud at least two or three times. you’re so funny and helpful and when you said “i am layers deep...” 😂 LOVE IT!!!

  40. Tara Adams Enlow

    Tara Adams Enlow4 개월 전

    Watching at 2 am in oct 2019, waiting for Tati’s make up to drop.

  41. Tara Adams Enlow

    Tara Adams Enlow2 개월 전

    amanda youngberg I LOVE her.

  42. amanda youngberg

    amanda youngberg2 개월 전

    Tara Enlow watching the night before/morning of thanksgiving thinking about what she could possibly be coming out with on Friday 😍😍😍

  43. Itz Shining_

    Itz Shining_4 개월 전

    She looks so gorgeous 😍😍

  44. Wendy F

    Wendy F4 개월 전

    I wonder how many are discontinued once Tati gives the 👎👎👎

  45. Kaitlen Smith

    Kaitlen Smith4 개월 전

    Does anyone know where the Blazer is from?

  46. Jane Le

    Jane Le4 개월 전

    I loooove your look! Omg sooo pretty

  47. caviar fortytwo

    caviar fortytwo4 개월 전

    She went IN 😍

  48. Britt V

    Britt V4 개월 전

    i love that you love Sally Beauty. The little girl inside of me knows exactly what youre talking about. Going into that store with my mom are some of my fondest memories

  49. luluRae Embury

    luluRae Embury4 개월 전

    That Tatch Silk Canvas primer sucks and it burned my face.

  50. Robin Hanna

    Robin Hanna4 개월 전

    The tarte primer you have to let it dry before you apply your base. It dries tacky and helps it stick

  51. sanskruti barot

    sanskruti barot5 개월 전

    Give me oil in my lamp

  52. Lauren C

    Lauren C5 개월 전

    JD glow highlighters are amazing

  53. Kyleigh shelton

    Kyleigh shelton5 개월 전

    Try estate baked highlighter

  54. Denise Souza

    Denise Souza5 개월 전

    Beautiful, classy .... Love love watch her

  55. Captain Nathan

    Captain Nathan5 개월 전

    Love vids like this so I can find good product without wasting my money on duds. Now, you’re a beautiful, talented woman, Tati. But you must purge from your speaking the word “like”. Sadly, it has become a truly awful habit that has wormed its way into our lexicon and makes women especially sound like vacuous valley girls. Don’t watch one of your vids but just listen. You’ll find zero times that that word actually enhanced your talk. It detracts from an otherwise good presentation. I don’t mean to be the proverbial skunk at the garden party; just want to give a hint of how to raise up your presentation style even more. Hope you’re not offended.

  56. A Nj

    A Nj3 개월 전

    Maybe like you should stop talking such a like prescriptive approach to like language and allow this well spoken woman to continue to communicate in an effective and relatable way. Calm down and stop being so patronising.

  57. Rowydah Amin

    Rowydah Amin5 개월 전

    Was this video before the beef 🤔🤔

  58. Dawn Rodgers

    Dawn Rodgers5 개월 전

    I love your videos I wish I would have seen this sooner I literally went out yesterday and purchased three of the items that you didn't like the mascara the tarte face base and one of the highlighters LOL I'll be taking them back today because I agree 100% they were crap

  59. Kayley’s Vlogs

    Kayley’s Vlogs5 개월 전

    You are literally everything I aspire to be as a woman. You’re so beautiful, classy, and so confident in YOUR beauty. I love watching your videos to not only be inspired about make up looks but also self care as a woman❤️

  60. Annie Saunders

    Annie Saunders5 개월 전

    Stila eyeliner is 🤩🤩🤩

  61. LukeIAmYourMother

    LukeIAmYourMother5 개월 전

    Speaking of gaga, my pastor's brother dater her before she was famous. Just putting it out there.

  62. Aim Eexo

    Aim Eexo6 개월 전

    Such a bad title. All products work differently on everyone! Same goes to your halo products..

  63. Marysol Castellanos

    Marysol Castellanos6 개월 전

    When adding oil to foundation look for dry oils. First aid beauty has a cannabis and oats.

  64. Turkova Dominika

    Turkova Dominika6 개월 전

    Can we take a second and appreciate your eyebrows..? This is perfect! I watched loads of videos where you had your eyebrows little too thick, recently they are little too slim (to my liking, understand you wear it so you need to like it) but this is spot on :)

  65. Lizet Riquelme

    Lizet Riquelme6 개월 전

    "Let´s move on to more garbage" LOL!!!!

  66. Britney Rocha

    Britney Rocha6 개월 전

    More honest beauty

  67. Claire Cgdashl

    Claire Cgdashl6 개월 전

    When ever I watch ur videos right after it’s done I go straight to the online Sephora and get all the stuff u recommend

  68. Melissa Garcia

    Melissa Garcia7 개월 전

    I love watching your channel. I also feel like we are talking together Lol. I really like how you do your videos. Dont change anything, everything is awesome

  69. Beatrice Almonte

    Beatrice Almonte7 개월 전

    “Let’s move on to more garbage. *nods*” LMAO 💀