New "HYPED" Products That Actually SUCK


  1. sanskruti barot

    sanskruti barot14 시간 전

    Give me oil in my lamp

  2. Lauren C

    Lauren C2 일 전

    JD glow highlighters are amazing

  3. Kyleighs fun challenges

    Kyleighs fun challenges4 일 전

    Try estate baked highlighter

  4. Denise Souza

    Denise Souza9 일 전

    Beautiful, classy .... Love love watch her

  5. Captain Nathan

    Captain Nathan11 일 전

    Love vids like this so I can find good product without wasting my money on duds. Now, you’re a beautiful, talented woman, Tati. But you must purge from your speaking the word “like”. Sadly, it has become a truly awful habit that has wormed its way into our lexicon and makes women especially sound like vacuous valley girls. Don’t watch one of your vids but just listen. You’ll find zero times that that word actually enhanced your talk. It detracts from an otherwise good presentation. I don’t mean to be the proverbial skunk at the garden party; just want to give a hint of how to raise up your presentation style even more. Hope you’re not offended.

  6. Rowydah Amin

    Rowydah Amin11 일 전

    Was this video before the beef 🤔🤔

  7. Dawn Rodgers

    Dawn Rodgers18 일 전

    I love your videos I wish I would have seen this sooner I literally went out yesterday and purchased three of the items that you didn't like the mascara the tarte face base and one of the highlighters LOL I'll be taking them back today because I agree 100% they were crap

  8. Kayley Johnson

    Kayley Johnson22 일 전

    You are literally everything I aspire to be as a woman. You’re so beautiful, classy, and so confident in YOUR beauty. I love watching your videos to not only be inspired about make up looks but also self care as a woman❤️

  9. Annie Saunders

    Annie Saunders25 일 전

    Stila eyeliner is 🤩🤩🤩

  10. LukeIAmYourMother

    LukeIAmYourMother28 일 전

    Speaking of gaga, my pastor's brother dater her before she was famous. Just putting it out there.

  11. Aim Eexo

    Aim Eexo개월 전

    Such a bad title. All products work differently on everyone! Same goes to your halo products..

  12. Marysol Castellanos

    Marysol Castellanos개월 전

    When adding oil to foundation look for dry oils. First aid beauty has a cannabis and oats.

  13. Turkova Dominika

    Turkova Dominika개월 전

    Can we take a second and appreciate your eyebrows..? This is perfect! I watched loads of videos where you had your eyebrows little too thick, recently they are little too slim (to my liking, understand you wear it so you need to like it) but this is spot on :)

  14. Lizet Riquelme

    Lizet Riquelme개월 전

    "Let´s move on to more garbage" LOL!!!!

  15. Britney Rocha

    Britney Rocha개월 전

    More honest beauty

  16. Claire Cgdashl

    Claire Cgdashl개월 전

    When ever I watch ur videos right after it’s done I go straight to the online Sephora and get all the stuff u recommend

  17. Melissa Garcia

    Melissa Garcia2 개월 전

    I love watching your channel. I also feel like we are talking together Lol. I really like how you do your videos. Dont change anything, everything is awesome

  18. Folded Laundry

    Folded Laundry2 개월 전

    “Let’s move on to more garbage. *nods*” LMAO 💀

  19. alma barraza

    alma barraza2 개월 전

    It's so hard to find a great shimmer when u are paper pale.. believe me I

  20. Kendalle Dunkle

    Kendalle Dunkle2 개월 전

    I 100% agree with the Physicians Formulas Organic mascara. I used to be completely dedicated to it for years. No one I knew wore it so it was like my little secret. I'd tell close friends about it. I may have to rebuy that and try it again

  21. Rebecca

    Rebecca2 개월 전

    Where did you get your rosary necklace??? I love it so much!!! 🦄💞🦄💞

  22. sophia komarova

    sophia komarova2 개월 전

    Please review the Kylie summer collection they also have loose glitters

  23. Crystal Rooker

    Crystal Rooker2 개월 전

    Try out the 4d from younique please

  24. Kristen Gomez

    Kristen Gomez2 개월 전

    you speak so classy it's crazy!! like you sound so beautiful! i'm confused at how peaceful you are 99.9% of the time💜💜

  25. Lxxrt

    Lxxrt2 개월 전

    Marina and the Diamonds 5:22

  26. Leslie Aussem

    Leslie Aussem3 개월 전

    oh Tati..are you a hypochondriac?.. *kidding..that was funny..i laughed..have a guy friend goes to doc everytime he gets a boo boo...xoxoxo love you muchly...

  27. Annette Jones

    Annette Jones3 개월 전

    Love this video. And I let all the commercials play. :)

  28. Madi Archer

    Madi Archer3 개월 전

    I loooove JD! Please do full face 😭💜

  29. Nazar

    Nazar3 개월 전


  30. Nelly Klassen

    Nelly Klassen3 개월 전

    Pls pls plssss do a review on alloette. It's a brand that has makeup, body products, and more, so pleaseee try out the makeup part for me!!

  31. Funny Girl

    Funny Girl3 개월 전

    you should try to leave such comment with her latest videos. I think, it is more likely, that she really sees it.

  32. sherrymarkin

    sherrymarkin3 개월 전

    you have way too much make up on today!!!! ugh😵

  33. carstenperi

    carstenperi3 개월 전

    The ad I got after you brought up Sunday Riley was a slow mo ketchup ad. It reminded me of how the foundation looked 😂😂 well played, KOreporter

  34. Marianita Bustos

    Marianita Bustos3 개월 전

    "I wanted to look super cute... for GAGA. So I wore as much glitter as I could handle in Vegas." Tati, those are the most amazing words you have ever said.

  35. ladyraisha

    ladyraisha3 개월 전

    You should try concrete minerals. I love their colored balms and loose powders and they are vegan

  36. YIKES

    YIKES3 개월 전

    “Moving onto more garbage” I love her

  37. Nika Stepanyan

    Nika Stepanyan3 개월 전

    I’ve tried the YSL balms and I don’t like it too tbh, too overpriced for what it does

  38. Piña Piña

    Piña Piña3 개월 전


  39. JSOC Tiger

    JSOC Tiger3 개월 전

    9:24 damn....

  40. Spencer Laine

    Spencer Laine4 개월 전

    the Nancy Grace of KOreporter hahaha

  41. Spencer Laine

    Spencer Laine4 개월 전

    makeup CNN ....I AM SO FOR IT ! HAHA

  42. Lola Bird

    Lola Bird4 개월 전

    Her positivity is everything ❤️

  43. John-Paul S.

    John-Paul S.4 개월 전

    Hahaha Gucci 1 and Gucci 2! Lol

  44. theTizzle

    theTizzle4 개월 전

    the multiviTATImins you sell..... thats some hyped snake shi💩 that Actually suck

  45. Steph’s Vids

    Steph’s Vids4 개월 전

    Omfg she is poppin 😍😍😍

  46. Txwo Wwx

    Txwo Wwx4 개월 전


  47. amethyst lawson

    amethyst lawson4 개월 전

    I love how clear you are and that you boost other products from the same line, it shows how aware you are of your influence

  48. Előd Szoboszlai

    Előd Szoboszlai4 개월 전

    I hate nose highlight it fu@ks my eyes.

  49. Kenzie Taylor

    Kenzie Taylor4 개월 전


  50. Lauren Toles

    Lauren Toles4 개월 전

    So cool!!!!

  51. Royal Goddess

    Royal Goddess4 개월 전

    Can you review bhcosmectics take me back to Brazil pallet?

  52. Sevothtarte Sama

    Sevothtarte Sama4 개월 전

    That blazer gives me LIFE. It looks amazing on you.

  53. Lauren Freeman

    Lauren Freeman3 개월 전

    Reminds me of my Tory Burch blazer which I love!

  54. Faith Bender

    Faith Bender4 개월 전

    When you realize laura geller went bankrupt over the summer :/

  55. Melissa Locke

    Melissa Locke4 개월 전

    21:09 I stupid-laughed

  56. taylor Thurmond

    taylor Thurmond4 개월 전

    What dewy setting spray do you use

  57. Kristie McDonald

    Kristie McDonald4 개월 전

    So here's my thing. I really don't think that you should have to have a bunch of caveats or have to baby a product just to get it to work. If I'm paying $60 for a eyeshadow palette, I want it to work? Obvious there's proper application but why should I need to use this that the other thing and spend 20 minutes per eye just to get it to work and then call it a success? No. I pay good money for my makeup, I want the price to be reflected in how easy it is to use.

  58. freudulant

    freudulant4 개월 전

    Tati reminds me a little of Brooke from Bold and the Beautiful when made up like this. I haven't watched that show since the nineties so I mean the younger version of her.

  59. Kiera Smith

    Kiera Smith4 개월 전


  60. Taylor Moore

    Taylor Moore4 개월 전

    I had the same problem with the tarte primer too! too cakey, made my foundation and concealer look awful!

  61. Katelyn T

    Katelyn T4 개월 전

    you are such a lovable person. james actually introduced me to you on messy make up and i’ve been obsessed with your videos/content ever since. following recent events, how you handled the situation with grace / maturity makes me love you even more also i will be purchasing halo beauty soon :)

  62. JustMe

    JustMe4 개월 전

    I love how even through this is a video of products that suck, your still mentioning other products from the same brand that you love :)

  63. Laura M

    Laura M4 개월 전