[NEW HERO - COMING SOON] Sigma Origin Story | Overwatch


  1. MtecHD

    MtecHD50 분 전

    This gave me chills. Chills. Actual chills.

  2. Tired Italian

    Tired Italian50 분 전

    I used to hate the origin trailers because they felt like Overwatch propaganda pieces. This has such a different vibe and I like it.

  3. hi its me Hopie

    hi its me Hopie50 분 전

    I'll call him ligma.

  4. *MICAL* .C.

    *MICAL* .C.50 분 전

    🎉OH IM HYPE!!!🔥🙈🔥

  5. Zeke the freak

    Zeke the freak50 분 전

    Number 1 on trending let’s get it boys

  6. Ifaz ahmed

    Ifaz ahmed51 분 전

    Gamer: who s gonna take down fortnite! Overwatch: hold my cough syrup

  7. 10,000 No Videos Challenge

    10,000 No Videos Challenge51 분 전

    Anyone else watch Overwatch videos but still don’t have enough to buy the game themselves?

  8. Ana Mesina

    Ana Mesina51 분 전


  9. SenpaiGamerBlue

    SenpaiGamerBlue51 분 전

    Summary: He discovered a way to manipulate gravity and it backfired. He was captured by Talon to be used as a weapon. We know this because he says "release me" backwards when the Talon gang shows up.

  10. David Thomsen

    David Thomsen51 분 전

    sigma balls

  11. Dylan Young

    Dylan Young51 분 전

    I'm so confused wtf just happened and when can I have it

  12. caplan

    caplan52 분 전

    Kudos to this voice actor. Christ.

  13. Sloppy Donkies

    Sloppy Donkies52 분 전

    Sigma. What’s sigma you may ask, SIGMA BALLS IN YOUR MOUTH

  14. Chun Huang

    Chun Huang52 분 전

    Ligma? Someone? 😂

  15. yeet

    yeet52 분 전

    This video is easily up there with Sombra’s reveal.

  16. pyramidhead2003

    pyramidhead200352 분 전

    Replays, Role queue with role based SR, and now Sigma.... Best possible timeline confirmed.

  17. الحياة حلوة

    الحياة حلوة53 분 전

    Dude I’m so excited 🔥🔥🔥



    Can you replace the S with an L please

  19. RacerJT

    RacerJT53 분 전

    Sigma balls

  20. alex auletto

    alex auletto53 분 전

    The doctor strange of overwatch

  21. Ibsy

    Ibsy53 분 전

    Sigma balls

  22. Callum Armstrong

    Callum Armstrong53 분 전

    This might be the best VO ever done

  23. LunarSpace

    LunarSpace53 분 전

    Make me a hero next! 😂

  24. Whizzpoppers

    Whizzpoppers53 분 전

    I literally DO NOT care what his moveset is, or even what type of hero he is. This... This is my new main...

  25. Hanzo Gang

    Hanzo Gang54 분 전

    Edgy lord Jeff Kaplan

  26. Hansi

    Hansi54 분 전

    This gives me shivers every single time i watch it.

  27. Mr Mister

    Mr Mister54 분 전

    Idk why I expected megaman sigma

  28. Denmark

    Denmark54 분 전

    New hero!.... Ligma

  29. XXXTableTop

    XXXTableTop54 분 전

    Did anyone else find the image of Sigma kind of creepy?

  30. Kayo Miller

    Kayo Miller54 분 전

    sigma ballss ok sorry i'll leave

  31. Corrupted Memories

    Corrupted Memories54 분 전

    I think the piano made this creepier

  32. Squirrelies

    Squirrelies54 분 전

    I bring you a new understanding of VIOLENCE!

  33. Mr Mister

    Mr Mister55 분 전

    Wait sigma? As in sigma sigma?

  34. s K

    s K56 분 전

    they decided to make a new hero but not fix their game..wow

  35. anthony Russia

    anthony Russia57 분 전

    Sigma ma balls

  36. celia fennell

    celia fennell57 분 전

    No other origin story has hit me like this one has. This is truly amazing. Whoever was at the front of this character needs to give us more!

  37. TheLegitAlpha

    TheLegitAlpha58 분 전

    Someone who truly is bats**t crazy in Overwatch. And one who has gone mad from the revelation too. I now want to see his abilities.

  38. Rhys Tuala

    Rhys Tuala58 분 전

    This origin rivals that of the Shimada brothers, amazing!

  39. KinetiK

    KinetiK58 분 전

    I'm ready for a new tank

  40. Will H Productions

    Will H Productions58 분 전


  41. S Austin

    S Austin59 분 전

    He’s saying “release me” backwards 1:49

  42. Rokex

    Rokex59 분 전

    If he gets an orange skin he's gonna look like grandpa from spy kids 3

  43. Rj D

    Rj D59 분 전

    Their glorifying mental illness

  44. mr yolo swager

    mr yolo swager59 분 전

    Haha more like sugma

  45. Rj D

    Rj D59 분 전

    Their glorifying mental illness

  46. Briyan Hendri

    Briyan Hendri시간 전

    Sugma ........ . .....

  47. InRoneyWeTrust

    InRoneyWeTrust시간 전

    3 more subscribers and I’m at 180 subscribers on my channel 🤞🏽

  48. Pickled Pizza

    Pickled Pizza시간 전

    alright sorry dr. richtofen

  49. Amateur Artist

    Amateur Artist시간 전

    uh what

  50. pleberino

    pleberino시간 전

    this man makes junkrat look casual