[NEW HERO - COMING SOON] Sigma Origin Story | Overwatch


  1. dav1d130

    dav1d130분 전

    Oh look a dead game!.....

  2. Matthew Moreno

    Matthew Moreno분 전

    This character could have be better if it had the voice actor that did Richthofen from cod zombies

  3. Sophie Mulkey

    Sophie Mulkey분 전

    that was so creepy

  4. crosbow cam

    crosbow cam분 전

    Over watch first upadate in a mill years This is all the people who agree = = = = =

  5. BLOB 13TNT

    BLOB 13TNT2 분 전

    Ye see Madness is...Like GRAVITY all it takes is a little Push. AHAHAHAHA!!!

  6. ebleb

    ebleb2 분 전

    Sigmanuts. Wtf

  7. Anthony Toft

    Anthony Toft2 분 전

    Sigma? more like ligma amirite fellow gamers

  8. Donovan Landolt

    Donovan Landolt3 분 전

    Moira's dad

  9. Tom Byrne

    Tom Byrne3 분 전

    new hero, new account MRdubstep

  10. FIVES CT 5555

    FIVES CT 55554 분 전


  11. AfkMeister

    AfkMeister4 분 전

    lex luthor

  12. FeministMemes

    FeministMemes4 분 전

    "I have harnessed the harness" better be a voice line

  13. peonerovv

    peonerovv4 분 전


  14. Oli Jono

    Oli Jono5 분 전

    Alright, which ones of my favorite dps will get countered by a new hero this time ! SMH

  15. Marlisson silva

    Marlisson silva5 분 전


  16. elliot dickson

    elliot dickson5 분 전

    Sigma balls

  17. goob

    goob5 분 전

    *Sigma BALLS*

  18. Abubakhar bin Albar

    Abubakhar bin Albar6 분 전

    This game still relevant?

  19. Fayed

    Fayed6 분 전

    *hehehehehehehehehehe* -Sigma balls-

  20. ViXa Straza

    ViXa Straza6 분 전

    sigma balls

  21. Terlinilia

    Terlinilia6 분 전

    Bro ain't this guy from Megaman X?

  22. Proskillz 8080

    Proskillz 80806 분 전

    This games dead

  23. Kilbud Tactics

    Kilbud Tactics7 분 전

    Sigma balls

  24. Lemso Mooris

    Lemso Mooris7 분 전


  25. rodrigo vieira

    rodrigo vieira7 분 전

    Io is better

  26. Jazmin Osuna

    Jazmin Osuna8 분 전

    What are those eyebrows

  27. Ethan McCue

    Ethan McCue8 분 전

    Anybody else think of the music as plants vs zombies at first?

  28. JEGNAA

    JEGNAA10 분 전

    SICK....DARK...HAUNTED....I'm living for the spook levels in this thing.

  29. charlies x

    charlies x10 분 전

    Still no Canadian hero, Eh?

  30. Julian Kajy

    Julian Kajy10 분 전

    Sigma balls

  31. mason_paper

    mason_paper10 분 전

    Sigma balls lmao

  32. orange juice

    orange juice10 분 전

    I’m about to jump back into overwatch this guy is awesome

  33. مجهول 56

    مجهول 5611 분 전

    2011!! //2019

  34. Ricardo Milos

    Ricardo Milos12 분 전

    #1 trending??? Even KOreporter is trying to revive this game

  35. Alpharius180

    Alpharius18012 분 전

    ALL HAIL THE GREAT DREAMER!!! Cthulhu R'lyeh!

  36. Vivian Nguyen

    Vivian Nguyen13 분 전

    “It’s all an illusion” Somebody has been watching Spider-Man’s new movie

  37. Seven Thumbs

    Seven Thumbs13 분 전


  38. RedIsTheBread

    RedIsTheBread13 분 전

    Minecraft is my next wbu guys

  39. Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln13 분 전

    dumb asses everywhere: "overwatch is a dead game" this video: 3.5 million views in less than 24 hours, #1 on trending. yep, looks dead to me.

  40. Gage Cameron

    Gage Cameron13 분 전

    The lack of Krieg references in the comment section upsets me.

  41. Silly-_-Josh

    Silly-_-Josh14 분 전

    *MegaMan X has left the comments section*

  42. Nodsa

    Nodsa14 분 전

    *Sigma These Nuts*

  43. RedIsTheBread

    RedIsTheBread14 분 전

    Me when I go crazy when i have a girl who one tricks dva

  44. Xenon

    Xenon15 분 전

    when you harness the harness cha cha real smooth

  45. Kevin Cobwebs

    Kevin Cobwebs15 분 전

    Sigma balls

  46. Jackson

    Jackson15 분 전

    How was Blizzard Entertainment able to use the name Sigma? There is the Sigma in Overwatch, and then there is the Sigma from Mega Man X.

  47. xd tipitiitoo

    xd tipitiitoo15 분 전

    This is some trippy stuff but cool

  48. Martin hill

    Martin hill15 분 전

    Sig ma balls

  49. Jesse McCree

    Jesse McCree15 분 전

    This is such a good origin story

  50. Samaaha

    Samaaha15 분 전

    Sigma?One letter change and this characters name would be perfect