1. gameranx

    gameranx2 개월 전

    Might be one of the longest Friday shows ever. I talk too much. Thanks for watching! ENJOY THE WEEKEND - TOO MANY GAMES TO PLAY!

  2. Soumen Kamila

    Soumen Kamila개월 전

    U guys simply are just the best videogames reviewers ....

  3. Jenkino

    Jenkino개월 전

    The longer the better!

  4. BigMacKaz

    BigMacKaz개월 전

    it will be a catwoman game

  5. Joni Hawel

    Joni Hawel개월 전

    Just to let you know that was the batman flashpoint skin

  6. bomt697

    bomt697개월 전

    not long enough

  7. Elijah

    Elijah12 일 전


  8. Lord_Shorter

    Lord_Shorter25 일 전

    Damn colonel be looking good

  9. Todd Gunter Jr

    Todd Gunter Jr28 일 전

    I haven’t bought any EA game in about 5 years, and probably never will again.

  10. Itsallawesome

    Itsallawesome개월 전

    I want rocksteady superman game series

  11. Mr.Seige

    Mr.Seige개월 전

    I hope 🤞 that they make Batman Returns to Arkham origin

  12. HiMaNshU GauR

    HiMaNshU GauR개월 전

    why the hell did they tease that batman game with no news whatsoever till now, did it already get canned again

  13. whybanksy

    whybanksy개월 전

    They should make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game in the style of the Arkham games, dark and gritty

  14. Bruno Vazquez

    Bruno Vazquez개월 전

    Expect the before you buy to be very biased lol

  15. Kai

    Kai개월 전

    I prefer Kevin as Bats tho💀💀 i buy ANYTHING that has the names Batman and Kevin Conroy on it...put them together and i will out run The Flash to get it 👀👀🦇🦇

  16. Moby’s Stop Motion Studios

    Moby’s Stop Motion Studios개월 전

    Batman: survives multiple bullets Criminal:”WHAT ARE YOU CHICKEN” *throws can at batman* Also Batman: *gets on half health*

  17. RR Gaming Pros 2

    RR Gaming Pros 2개월 전

    If red hood is the main character and you get to play as him I’m buying that game when it comes out

  18. I'm NinjaDarkovia

    I'm NinjaDarkovia개월 전

    I just want them to make a Batman Beyond game):

  19. paco ramon

    paco ramon개월 전

    I want a Flash game.

  20. NZ Man

    NZ Man개월 전

    Speaking for myself I just another great arkham game. & they've teased Superman before in City? I think he needs to appear if there were to be another game on the horizon.

  21. Yoloswag53166

    Yoloswag53166개월 전

    In the new game I would want less bat mobile and more combat because I hated we had to fight deathstroke In a tank instead in Arkham Knight, In origins we got to fight deathstroke head to head so I Would love to see that!

  22. Gambit

    Gambit개월 전

    i just want a sequel...

  23. Waterprooftibag

    Waterprooftibag개월 전

    My favourite was origins although Arkham knight had a good map and was fun to play, the batmobile was a stupid thing to add and was way too overpowered and Batman always relied on it

  24. Midnight Gaming.

    Midnight Gaming.개월 전

    I might mess with the new RE MP game. Everyone should always stay working hard to find a solid replacement for L4D if thats even possible..

  25. YaKU2z alpha

    YaKU2z alpha개월 전

    I think all of this drama was about the fortnite batman. Cause its just release and it looking real awesome. Just feelin weird with batman and shooting genres

  26. Scott Andes

    Scott Andes개월 전

    How about Batman Arkham casino?

  27. bill lee

    bill lee개월 전

    Made Coronal Sanders a "hot guy" Dude I hope that's not your type.

  28. D.R. Fortnite and pop vinyl

    D.R. Fortnite and pop vinyl개월 전

    Maybe cat woman game “let cat out of the bag”

  29. whitezombified

    whitezombified개월 전

    A sequel to origins? Lame Hope it burns

  30. angel arambula

    angel arambula개월 전

    December date 14 that's cool. It may be that fun. The new game's.

  31. chileforyou

    chileforyou개월 전

    KFC is huge in Japan,

  32. Pandaiskey

    Pandaiskey개월 전

    One thing i liked about origins more than arkham knight was the bossfights!!!

  33. Ciro Cogo Faga

    Ciro Cogo Faga개월 전

    we're getting a mobile game for sure

  34. Daniel Young

    Daniel Young개월 전

    i'v been re playing the batman games so would be great timing if a batman game is coming out

  35. Deshain Tillman

    Deshain Tillman개월 전

    A teen titans game

  36. mainstream 916

    mainstream 916개월 전

    Tbh today is Batman day I had this theory that they are going to release a trailer or teaser on Batman day its 11am where I’m at but I’m hoping I’m not wrong and they do release something


    DANA SAEED개월 전

    If its a batman arkham origins 2 I'm sure excited as hell.

  38. 綾瀬Tay

    綾瀬Tay개월 전

    KFC dating sim

  39. Saikos Shadow

    Saikos Shadow개월 전

    KFC making a game is weird but a dating simulator starring Colonel Sanders? That's gold

  40. Big Boi

    Big Boi개월 전

    Better than having no Batman news or just another trick or maybe they are foreshadowing but I can not wait (Edit) firstword of each line spells out batman

  41. FreakMethd Gaming

    FreakMethd Gaming개월 전

    As a comedian myself, I must reiterate that I too am a comedian. -Jake

  42. Warhawkbeyond2040

    Warhawkbeyond2040개월 전

    We need a Batman Beyond game, it's long overdue now and it needs to happen. Come on guys, we deserve it

  43. IDthief

    IDthief개월 전

    fuck EA

  44. D Johnson

    D Johnson개월 전

    WB is pretty much the worst company to buy games from. Even worse than EA, Ubisoft, or Bethesda. Fuck this game.

  45. SuperKnuckels

    SuperKnuckels개월 전

    i didn't care for Arkham Origins, once they didn't have Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill i was saddened.

  46. Puckaluck

    Puckaluck개월 전

    Looks like Craig was talking about Red Son

  47. Kana Beats

    Kana Beats개월 전

    Just give me Batman idc how

  48. Eli Hal

    Eli Hal개월 전

    Not even if the chicken was free.

  49. ky lo

    ky lo개월 전

    0:58 were is this from ??

  50. Tommy Welch

    Tommy Welch개월 전

    If you think the KFC game is ridiculous, lets not forget about Burger King's mini bike racing game from years ago.

  51. Pisqué Dune

    Pisqué Dune개월 전

    New Batman game? Fine. But why keep the focus on "Arkham"? Why not move on from that? Why not name it like: 'Batman: Gotham City' and create a bigger Gotham with more skyscrapers and actual people in it, like it should be. Gotham in the Arkham games is a downsized version of what it should be.

  52. EFIL WV

    EFIL WV개월 전

    How many Arkham games can you make until things get stale?

  53. Rene Ramirez

    Rene Ramirez개월 전

    Zhero Zhero you literally cant

  54. Ransford Chester

    Ransford Chester개월 전

    The only source I can trust, to deliver informative videos on what's going on in the world of video games... I don't even go on IGN anymore, I don't think anybody does for that matter.

  55. Carlito Stone

    Carlito Stone개월 전

    The court of owls in Batman

  56. Ranfery Soto

    Ranfery Soto개월 전


  57. Austin Butts

    Austin Butts개월 전

    Aaaaahh faaaauuck, that BL3 box looks so badass. Who even knew they were making those!? But yea, a before you buy on a fitness game sounds like a suicide attempt.

  58. Full-Metal_Jacob

    Full-Metal_Jacob개월 전

    Outbreak was fantastic... it was just way ahead of its time. Internet connections weren't the best back then. Hope its good!

  59. Abhay Debnath

    Abhay Debnath개월 전

    whatsup with the glasses?

  60. Ryan Jackson

    Ryan Jackson개월 전

    Good all the Haters on Arkham: Origins can s*ck it it was the best one out of the series. Had the best story and Detective work. Bet you guys won't have problem now that its them making the game since you want one so bad. This msg is just for the haters On WB Montreal and Arkham Origins. So if you were not a hater this ones not for you.

  61. dave israel

    dave israel개월 전

    Do not try to howl again please.....

  62. Spider-Man 2099 Channel

    Spider-Man 2099 Channel개월 전

    I hope this next Batman game doesn't have a brutality 101 trophy because I would be so pissed off

  63. shenandoah johnson

    shenandoah johnson개월 전

    Better not be another Arkham Tank

  64. domotormate

    domotormate개월 전

    Honestly, I'm getting tired of Batman Arkham games, but I hope it's a Batman vs Suicide Squad game. If you remember the post credits scene of Origins, Amanda Waller goes to see Deathstroke in prison to recruit him for the SS and we all thought it was a tease for a Suicide Squad game which ended up being canned.

  65. Ian Nelson

    Ian Nelson개월 전

    Jake looking fit bro can’t wait to check out control

  66. Duke

    Duke개월 전

    Origins was ass though.