Nervous Mob Boss - Key & Peele


  1. kickinbackinOC

    kickinbackinOC4 시간 전

    ...surprise..... Lol! Best ending line possible for this skit!


    PORK BELLY5 시간 전

    Vinny ended the whole pacific war with one clip. True story.

  3. Dilloncw

    Dilloncw6 시간 전

    Love the fully auto Berreta with infinite rounds

  4. Strange Man

    Strange Man11 시간 전

    I feel so bad

  5. Hennet Ahgera Nailo

    Hennet Ahgera Nailo19 시간 전

    for your knowledge, strunz in neapolitan (a southern italian dialect) means asshole.

  6. NorthwestMexTV✔

    NorthwestMexTV✔일 전


  7. Jennifer W

    Jennifer W일 전

    Why does Vinny look like somebody’s uncle with those tinted glasses and jogging suit...I’m sure he’s wearing high white socks with open toe flip flops🤣😂

  8. AF LaSan

    AF LaSan일 전

    That was depressing

  9. nobah

    nobah일 전

    Fucking thanks, now im depressed.

  10. The Homie Juan

    The Homie Juan일 전

    Bravo Bravo👏

  11. NGU Warrior

    NGU Warrior일 전

    I like how they kept coming out even after hearing 10 million gun shots

  12. Ryujin Kage

    Ryujin Kage2 일 전

    those were some pinpoint accurate shots, got all of them while the light is off.

  13. G Hollis

    G Hollis2 일 전

    Stop being such a stroons? Is that what he said?

  14. smooth surface

    smooth surface2 일 전

    How did he have all that in one clip?

  15. Bangungot 17

    Bangungot 172 일 전

    Sounds like Joe from Mafia 2

  16. monstermixmike1

    monstermixmike12 일 전

    Youz guyz are fuck'en funny! Lol

  17. Black Sunday

    Black Sunday2 일 전

    Bruh, this is the saddest comedy skit i've ever seen!

  18. maniacram

    maniacram3 일 전

    This was almost poetic 😭

  19. お化け

    お化け3 일 전

    Brilliant actors.

  20. Nathan Miller

    Nathan Miller3 일 전

    within a couple seconds he gunned down 6 people....hes a pretty good shot

  21. Straight Outta Markarth

    Straight Outta Markarth3 일 전

    chrissy and paulie. Paulie's surprise birthday party. lol

  22. xChaleur

    xChaleur3 일 전

    Unlimited Ammo + No recoil Hack!

  23. Edward Death

    Edward Death3 일 전

    The music made it so much better

  24. ghostdtx

    ghostdtx4 일 전

    Stop bein such a stroontz vinnie

  25. Duper Super

    Duper Super4 일 전

    The cops come back and say someone tried to kill Vinny the mob boss but where's he at

  26. Scotty Papa

    Scotty Papa4 일 전

    Damn he’s a good aim haha dropped like 6 people with a full auto beretta with a triple tap to the chest on each without even letting off the trigger 😆 cleared the whole room

  27. CockStirredMartini

    CockStirredMartini4 일 전

    funny how blacks can go around being any race they want but when someone else does it they cry like little bitches. what a degenerate race

  28. Justice McFarlane

    Justice McFarlane3 일 전

    And white people can do it too it just has to be funny

  29. Justice McFarlane

    Justice McFarlane3 일 전

    It’s an accent

  30. Shift my gear

    Shift my gear4 일 전

    Mafia hit*

  31. Flashbangb4

    Flashbangb44 일 전

    and that's why the mob doesn't do surprise parties...

  32. Nottan Ajin

    Nottan Ajin4 일 전

    *B O T T O M L E S S M A G S*

  33. Border Gore

    Border Gore4 일 전

    Wait, is that the house from zethura???

  34. ralph

    ralph4 일 전

    Accents were on point

  35. walt disney

    walt disney4 일 전

    Wasnt this a just a cyndigo RIP off

  36. Chris Heckert

    Chris Heckert4 일 전

    I feel like the plot to this has as many holes as GoT Season 8. I need to understand these character's motivations.

  37. Logie

    Logie4 일 전

    It's called shitting the bed bro. Nothing Special

  38. Juan Garcia

    Juan Garcia4 일 전

    What song is that? Anyone know?

  39. Baraa Khalaf

    Baraa Khalaf4 일 전

    Did Keegan intern in The Sopranos by any chance?! Dude he is naturally hilarious!

  40. Colby774

    Colby7744 일 전

    The one in the red shirt sounds like Adam sandler

  41. marco conti

    marco conti5 일 전

    Hey this is racism against Italians! I will call AOC and Omar, because our immigrants 😂🤣😂the way he says 'Strunz' 😂🤣genius!!

  42. Jordan Holcomb

    Jordan Holcomb5 일 전

    Soooo are they just re uploading a whole buncha shit orrr

  43. Eximius Technology

    Eximius Technology5 일 전


  44. Destiny Island

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    SINGODTV5 일 전


  46. Ihashappiness

    Ihashappiness5 일 전

    Damnit Vinny, that’s the third set of new hires this week.

  47. Schy Mark

    Schy Mark5 일 전

    I'm sorry He don't look like no Italian guy I know......

  48. James house

    James house5 일 전

    Happy birthday Finney!

  49. Ugh caveman

    Ugh caveman5 일 전

    I agree with the mob boss. No surprises.

  50. iduz duhsmotpoke

    iduz duhsmotpoke5 일 전

    Jordan Peele hates people of the white complection, with a passion😄😂

  51. Lou Kang

    Lou Kang5 일 전

    🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫.....Surprised 😯

  52. Nathan Parks

    Nathan Parks5 일 전

    Why are they reuploading the same videos?


    Allender.space5 일 전

    Oh come on it wasn't that bad 😂