Nervous Mob Boss - Key & Peele


  1. The XGamingDude

    The XGamingDude일 전

    So he just starts blasting

  2. Dexfire

    Dexfire일 전

    This negro went full auto on a handgun xD

  3. Holy Diver

    Holy Diver일 전

    Now doesn't peele resemble black Paulie from the sopranos.

  4. Eric Saldana

    Eric Saldana일 전


  5. spliffsperlunk

    spliffsperlunk2 일 전

    I just enjoyed the fact that he used an m93 raffica to take everybody out.

  6. JeezOnYourFace

    JeezOnYourFace3 일 전

    Damn it's like school 😂😂

  7. Leo-the-dog Dan

    Leo-the-dog Dan3 일 전

    Are we all going to ignore the fact that he had so much ammo in that one clip?

  8. Four F

    Four F3 일 전

    Is Nobody is acknowledging the fact that he pulled out a magic gun with unlimited ammo

  9. Shabho Carter

    Shabho Carter4 일 전

    He let the BLAMMER BLAM lol

  10. Stewart Goodwin

    Stewart Goodwin4 일 전


  11. Diego Delgado

    Diego Delgado4 일 전

    He paulie lmao

  12. Nels

    Nels6 일 전

    this one is actually very sad

  13. KryptoManiac

    KryptoManiac6 일 전

    How is this funny?? But i agree the acting was good.

  14. Joko Maxino

    Joko Maxino6 일 전

    I didn't like this skit at all. That was just sad.

  15. Octavious Quandous

    Octavious Quandous3 일 전

    Your soft

  16. Spider Man

    Spider Man6 일 전

    Italian mob doesnt like them being portrayed by black guys.

  17. Jaiden Gamerz

    Jaiden Gamerz6 일 전

    this super much hurt my feelings 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😡

  18. XiongysaurasRex

    XiongysaurasRex7 일 전

    the accents... is just so damn good

  19. ya boii

    ya boii7 일 전

    These guys are amazing actors!!

  20. SlevinCCX

    SlevinCCX8 일 전

    Yeah... Italian is not a race... oh America, really need to step up that education system...

  21. American Gangster

    American Gangster7 일 전

    Shad up.

  22. Anthony Joseph

    Anthony Joseph8 일 전

    GTA 6 is looking great so far.

  23. huberfloover

    huberfloover8 일 전

    Vinny, stop being such a strunz-get in there....

  24. Light & Salt

    Light & Salt8 일 전

    Why I cries when heard the background sound?

  25. Andrew Espinosa

    Andrew Espinosa8 일 전

    I know i'm late. But how many damn rounds does that gun have?

  26. ElDucciTv

    ElDucciTv9 일 전

    Always pleasant to hear an Italian mobster speak

  27. Hugo Furst

    Hugo Furst9 일 전

    The accents are impeccable!

  28. BlimeyJoe

    BlimeyJoe9 일 전

    Gotta love the Paulie Walnuts hair cut 😂

  29. Aidan Selvidge

    Aidan Selvidge9 일 전

    These skits are to fuckin stupid 🤣

  30. Big D

    Big D10 일 전

    LMFAO That's what they get for playing games.

  31. starbright78 Diaz

    starbright78 Diaz10 일 전

    I was laughing hard 🤣🤣

  32. mochagoddess24

    mochagoddess2410 일 전

    It's your birthday and you didn't think... Your family were gonna throw you a party 😂 😂 😂

  33. Dont Talk To Me

    Dont Talk To Me10 일 전

    It's their own fault, who surprises a mob guy or a guy with a gun? There was a world star video when a guy pulled out his gun at a surprise party, no one got shot but it's dumb to do.

  34. dj miXin

    dj miXin11 일 전


  35. Savage MindZ

    Savage MindZ11 일 전

    Imagine being in the mobb for real and this is how paranoid you get that you cant trust the people your supposed to. Why be in that life man over money. Moneys important but theres other ways to Ball...

  36. Jesse Garcia

    Jesse Garcia12 일 전

    I don't blame him not one bit. That's perbadum how some get whacked.

  37. Collin Szajkovics

    Collin Szajkovics12 일 전

    How many bullets does that gun hold?

  38. theharrysauce

    theharrysauce12 일 전

    man, this one hurt my feels

  39. Jaiden Gamerz

    Jaiden Gamerz6 일 전

    me too

  40. Tony McBride

    Tony McBride13 일 전

    its amazing no one care about the sound of gun fire. they said oh its just venny shooting his family again. lol

  41. Nasser alkhalaf

    Nasser alkhalaf13 일 전

    what is that opera ?

  42. Tony McBride

    Tony McBride13 일 전

    i want that pistol. it shoots about 60 times with stock magazine

  43. Kristian Fermin

    Kristian Fermin13 일 전

    That's just how mafia works.

  44. Big dream Akash

    Big dream Akash13 일 전


  45. LiL JaYY double Y

    LiL JaYY double Y14 일 전


  46. Mimicry

    Mimicry14 일 전


  47. Tony Neeland

    Tony Neeland14 일 전

    These fking guys are some great actors

  48. Matthew Amador

    Matthew Amador14 일 전

    Meh they kinda went left with that one it was great at the beginning

  49. LulzRoyce

    LulzRoyce14 일 전

    Last I checked a Beretta M93R holds 20 rounds lol!

  50. faveness

    faveness14 일 전


  51. Thicc Boi

    Thicc Boi15 일 전

    That woman can’t act her death for shit made it so unlegit

  52. Sarkozy

    Sarkozy15 일 전

    the best one

  53. Sylliboi Swag

    Sylliboi Swag15 일 전

    Unlimited clip? Hmm...

  54. kit crawford

    kit crawford16 일 전

    Nothing funny about mass murder

  55. Khalil Smith

    Khalil Smith17 일 전

    One by one my laugh got louder lol, I was cackling by the time he brought the cake haha.

  56. ssteacup

    ssteacup17 일 전


  57. arthur kemp

    arthur kemp18 일 전

    Any one know the music?

  58. Aspern Park

    Aspern Park18 일 전

    That is sad af

  59. lex s

    lex s18 일 전

    Lmao the Italian cake

  60. Lynn Alexander

    Lynn Alexander18 일 전

    That dude still bringing out the cake after all them gunshots lol

  61. American Citizen

    American Citizen18 일 전

    Magnifique! 👏 Bravo! Cannoli! 🎉 Pierogis! Lasagna! 👌

  62. Tyler S

    Tyler S18 일 전

    I laugh till I cry a bit on every video 😂😂😂

  63. Leeto Nández

    Leeto Nández18 일 전

    That's why mobsters don't have surprise parties.