Nerf Trick Shots | Dude Perfect


  1. Lotypoty_ 04

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    Как вы думаете со скольких попыток получается

  2. Justin

    Justin시간 전

    This might be the gayest thing I've ever seen! Who are these guys and why was this suggested?!

  3. Rhyz Mireil Manlangit

    Rhyz Mireil Manlangit2 시간 전

    I like your video super fun i now that is lot of mistake hahahahahah

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  5. SHOPPING GOL - por Evandro Guimarce

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    I'm here just waiting for the proposal to be part of the team! :D

  6. Irfan Aimaq

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    Do airport stereotypes

  7. Megan Jephcott

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    Dude Perfect are my favorite show

  8. da3funnyguys

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    Why can't Dude Perfect live tour come to spokane! Please take the 2020 tour to spokane! I'm begging you!

  9. Josh Nelson

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    Airport stereotypes

  10. WiSH EraSeRs

    WiSH EraSeRs8 시간 전

    I never knew how you guys cleaned up all the missed shots you did to make it look like first attempts. I finally figured it out lol. go to 3:04 and move frame by frame if you're interested.

  11. Gerard Power

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    Hi have you ever heard of hurling @dude perfect

  12. Jeremy Dobb

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  13. Kiizuto

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    Do this but with real weapons

  14. Alexandru Ferariu

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    Make part 2

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  16. Karius

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    alguien que hable español?

  17. Ban Simina

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    In real life it's v3ry hard so.. This is how many time tries Supercell to nerf the Royal Giant

  18. Mjhay Gaming

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    I'ᗰ ᔕᑌᗷᗷIᑎG TO ᗩᑎYOᑎE ᗯᕼO ᔕᑌᗷ TO ᗰY YOᑌTᑌᗷE ᑕᕼᗩᑎᑎEᒪ🔥❤️ 🔥I'ᗰ ᖴᗩᔕT🔥



    These guys should b in the military

  20. Jessey Belanger

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    Next trick shot video: disc golf


    SHUBHAM KUMAR17 시간 전

    I thing that it is magnet

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    I just sub now

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    1:59 i think i saw something go up...

  24. Trenton Buss

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    Just popped up in my feed. These guys are still a thing? sad...

  25. Barero King Noob

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    followers from indonesia miss translate indonesia

  26. Shane Dugan

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    Trick shot hocket street style or skate board hockey

  27. Jesse Stokes

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    Lol Yous are all idiot half of these are fake

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    Follow brianchan on Instagram

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    Sao video này ko có vietnames vậy

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    Есть русские?

  31. The DANIL

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    Subscribe please

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    My dad has met you before he has a picture With you guys

  33. Ten Minute Tokyo 2

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    There’s a lot of feminists in Berkeley who really hate this channel.

  34. Bolt

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    Video idea: dog trick shots

  35. Raptor’s Blaze Trick Shots

    Raptor’s Blaze Trick Shots일 전

    Who wants spa stereotypes?

  36. Winnablebee 6442

    Winnablebee 6442일 전

    They use a mirror for the backwards trickshots

  37. andrewhawk9671

    andrewhawk9671일 전

    it’s must have taken a lot of time to do this because nerf darts are literally the most inaccurate darts ever

  38. Mayo Man

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    They always overreact

  39. Vanessa Torres Morales

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    Mr beast vs Dude perfect 👌💯

  40. 20 000 Subscribers With 0 Videos Challenge

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    I hope 2020 will be a better year than 2019 for everybody

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  42. Proclips

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    Bruh they probably have a mirror for all the no lookers

  43. yung. deluxe

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    2:42 when he Squints his eyes they kind of scare me like it turns black

  44. ReaperPlays

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    Wow you scaredy-cat

  45. rouiy toupi

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    I really like your channl.

  46. isrrael chavez

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    los mejores punteros del mundo

  47. Arthur Pierre

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    and fake not in to see the bullet in the mirror reflection at 3:16 put it slow motion

  48. Allison McDonald

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    boooooooo tyler

  49. Allison McDonald

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    i want gar to win lets go gar

  50. Blaydon Burn MOT

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  51. KAMAL Kamal

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    My name is nooradin how do you make this cool shot

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    Any person from USA or india

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    subsciribe plz

  54. Blaydon Burn MOT

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    Escaped and the man who died in a Florida said to be the

  55. Manoj Kale

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    Next do yo yo trickshots

  56. news lie

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    now we need the real movie with 1000000 missed shots please

  57. Jim Garrett

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    Hello i have been watching a while and i am a big fan that would be awsome to have some place like DPHQ 2😄

  58. Chrisxx x

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    Dude they beat your world record for longest distance traveled on swiss ball 98 meter


    TTV DARKPASS3ng A일 전

    Is it just me or are there videos just getting worse and worse

  60. Cryptic _kabu

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    Swomming steryotypws

  61. Lollo Binasa

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    *The 3th World War is coming, prepare the trick shots* 😂