NERF Hide n Seek in $20,000,000 MANSION!!


  1. Kadance Lawson

    Kadance Lawson2 일 전

    Is it just me but the Frazier said garage was cool but it kinda made me cringe 😂

  2. Lucid_ Osky

    Lucid_ Osky2 일 전


  3. Jad Kayali

    Jad Kayali2 일 전

    Faze house videos are the best

  4. Hz Dg

    Hz Dg2 일 전

    Even if I’m on mobile

  5. Hz Dg

    Hz Dg2 일 전

    I’m super good I bet I’m better than Jarvis

  6. Hz Dg

    Hz Dg2 일 전

    Do u know if I can join FaZe

  7. Ayden McCarthy

    Ayden McCarthy3 일 전

    3:05 ?????????

  8. SM SunShinePlayzGameZ

    SM SunShinePlayzGameZ4 일 전

    lucas picks a closet to hide in original

  9. L U S T

    L U S T8 일 전

    I am a hardcore rug fan But i dont like this lens/filter, it makes me think I am colorblind

  10. Palita Leesakul

    Palita Leesakul12 일 전

    They could’ve hid under the car

  11. Ryan Malenfant

    Ryan Malenfant13 일 전

    The new coloring looks pretty dark blue and dull

  12. Karum Sangha

    Karum Sangha14 일 전


  13. David Jon Daniel

    David Jon Daniel개월 전


  14. Bijesh Shakya

    Bijesh Shakya개월 전

    I just come here to laugh. Like FazeClan. Luke FazeRg

  15. Jey Perezz

    Jey Perezz개월 전

    5:31 orba with the asmr

  16. Eithan Justin Tan

    Eithan Justin Tan개월 전

    Go to the car

  17. cheque santos

    cheque santos개월 전

    Who bought the house they probably won the lottery for like 20 million

  18. SW4G EV0

    SW4G EV0개월 전

    Yh ellas right

  19. Erica Ntiamoah-Mensah

    Erica Ntiamoah-Mensah개월 전

    9:00 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

  20. Jordan McClain

    Jordan McClain개월 전

    I love the FaZe Rug video

  21. Farah Ameen

    Farah Ameen개월 전

    Hi brothers there faze

  22. Alizwa Sampula

    Alizwa Sampula개월 전

    Of course

  23. Dylan Metcalf

    Dylan Metcalf개월 전

    You looked so dumb

  24. Aarush Sharma

    Aarush Sharma개월 전

    Nice video

  25. Nathan Andrus

    Nathan Andrus개월 전

    I thought it was a 10m house??????

  26. elpapas 51

    elpapas 51개월 전

    Where jarvis

  27. Martin Stefanoski

    Martin Stefanoski개월 전


  28. Renagade Fear

    Renagade Fear개월 전

    Who bought the FaZe house?

  29. bossaaryan yt

    bossaaryan yt2 개월 전


  30. Udit Kapur

    Udit Kapur2 개월 전

    I also have a Delta trooper Nerf gun

  31. Death Razor Gaming

    Death Razor Gaming2 개월 전

    Do more plz

  32. SplotchyDragon

    SplotchyDragon2 개월 전

    5:31 nice ASMR

  33. Nicole Kerrigan

    Nicole Kerrigan2 개월 전

    Imagine just one person living in that house

  34. Connie Selter

    Connie Selter2 개월 전

    Where's Jarvis

  35. Sebastien Slaets

    Sebastien Slaets2 개월 전

    more faze house

  36. Edwin Fuchs

    Edwin Fuchs2 개월 전

    Yo f*** yes I love these vids

  37. WAXENHAIL073 1

    WAXENHAIL073 12 개월 전

    I have the same nerf gun btw take away the barrel then shoot it there’s a huge difference

  38. Albert Fiset

    Albert Fiset2 개월 전

    We want an other episode

  39. shubhakar keshav

    shubhakar keshav2 개월 전

    Bruh!!! Your old vlogs were the best!!!!


    REYN ECLIPSE2 개월 전


  41. Ya boi mar

    Ya boi mar2 개월 전

    This quality 😍

  42. Joseph Nunez Hernandez

    Joseph Nunez Hernandez2 개월 전

    Faze kay: no one would come check hear He gets found first

  43. Suicide Slush Puppie

    Suicide Slush Puppie2 개월 전

    where Jarvis

  44. Tuva Ström

    Tuva Ström2 개월 전

    11:45 do i lock dum. yesssssssssssssssss

  45. Blade reviews by Dallas

    Blade reviews by Dallas2 개월 전

    Go to my KOreporter channel it is blade reviews by Dallas!!!

  46. The epic bro

    The epic bro2 개월 전

    What’s wrong with the color

  47. 38281 3717281

    38281 37172812 개월 전

    On my birthday could you buy me a iphone xs max on november 9 i will be turning 14

  48. Ashley Delos Reyes

    Ashley Delos Reyes2 개월 전

    Iwant too kiss face blaze because he 7s hand some

  49. Maria Bistarkey

    Maria Bistarkey2 개월 전

    sorry son typed that

  50. Maria Bistarkey

    Maria Bistarkey2 개월 전


  51. X Boi

    X Boi2 개월 전

    I wanna live there

  52. Maxwell Baker

    Maxwell Baker2 개월 전

    Half the video is just looking for Orba

  53. TechGamer 99

    TechGamer 992 개월 전

    Banks wasn't there but still u put his face

  54. Enjoy adventures

    Enjoy adventures2 개월 전

    Faze rugs camera looked like a music video

  55. David Castillo

    David Castillo2 개월 전

    Who you shushing blaze yourself😂😂😂🤦‍♂️

  56. Luke Bokerman

    Luke Bokerman2 개월 전

    No one: In 20 million dollar house Faze ORBA: there’s no where to go

  57. Jada Lopez

    Jada Lopez2 개월 전

    Yo faze played himself looking for orba That had me deaddd🤣🤣

  58. Kewchii Boochie

    Kewchii Boochie2 개월 전

    9:37 Am I the only one who thought he had lizard eyes for a second?



    wats ub