Need for Speed™ Heat Official Gameplay Trailer


  1. Davilas Vas

    Davilas Vas5 시간 전

    🤔🤔🤔 Looks Awesome! Like Every NFS Trailer. This one I'm gonna wait until people do a review.

  2. 56M views

    56M views6 시간 전

    Disliked by cops 😂

  3. Robert Kimmy Igayac

    Robert Kimmy Igayac6 시간 전

    Just give us a g37, 350, 370, supra mk4, evo 9 and 10, r32, 33,34. Basically any imports, no exotics.

  4. Святоша

    Святоша7 시간 전

    Пахнет жареным, именно жареным а не гарью

  5. Gmail User

    Gmail User7 시간 전

    Not as impressive as Forza Horizon

  6. Evil abby

    Evil abby8 시간 전

    Am i the only one noticing the "classic" Frame rate dive/lag during dense parts of the gameplay? Ffs it's 2019, fix that crap before giving me the option to have pink socks on a driving game!

  7. Irfan OvO

    Irfan OvO8 시간 전


  8. Tye West

    Tye West9 시간 전

    Why does this feel like a re-skin of nfs rivals

  9. WtoN Araujo

    WtoN Araujo9 시간 전

    Whats about the multiplayer? I want to drift with friends!

  10. Olwethu Xaba

    Olwethu Xaba9 시간 전

    2004 : Snoop Dogg song on game 2019: Iggy rapping on trailer

  11. Olwethu Xaba

    Olwethu Xaba10 시간 전

    02:21 My character will look the part when I'm being arrested "officer watch out these are $350 Yeezy Crocs"

  12. ErMigens

    ErMigens10 시간 전

    Desde luego, pierden el norte y no saben lo que sacar. Así andamos...

  13. Olwethu Xaba

    Olwethu Xaba10 시간 전

    This is Tokyo nights

  14. gagag96

    gagag9611 시간 전

    Still waiting on underground 3

  15. SCSA

    SCSA12 시간 전

    Super excited for this because I haven't played a great need for speed in over a decade. We deserve another epic need for speed game like underground and most wanted!!! I hope this is it! It looks very promising.

  16. japcrap

    japcrap12 시간 전

    This better be NFSMW 2005 but with new cars or I'm not buying.

  17. juan carlos gomez

    juan carlos gomez15 시간 전

    Yesterday wanna the NFS Hot Pursuit for play 4 and dont hab for play station only for Wii PC and Xbox 😤

  18. juan carlos gomez

    juan carlos gomez15 시간 전

    Im want the need for speed Hot Pursuit for play station 4 os the BEST games of need for speed 🚗🚓🚔🚘🚔💪

  19. Anant Bhagwant

    Anant Bhagwant16 시간 전

    So the corvette killed all those palm trees. Why dis so fake man. Bring back U2 in 4K and better cars and mods and a bigger map, a real map.

  20. Piotr Kubacki

    Piotr Kubacki16 시간 전

    3:14 Volvo S90 or Polstar? Either way still a Volvo.

  21. Olwethu Xaba

    Olwethu Xaba10 시간 전

    The new Supra

  22. techie kanth

    techie kanth16 시간 전

    Nfs most wanted was their best and nothing ever can come close to it. Do what you did best and cut this bull..!

  23. Taha Mohamad

    Taha Mohamad16 시간 전

    It’s like Underground 2

  24. Ralph Rikerume

    Ralph Rikerume16 시간 전


  25. Luke Antinone

    Luke Antinone16 시간 전

    I want to believe itll be good but cant take any more heartbreak from this series

  26. Ahmed Yahya

    Ahmed Yahya16 시간 전

    Remake NFS MW 2005 😿


    WEADEPT17 시간 전

    Типа лафк



    NFS Heat-You can escape the cops “oh man. This is going to be hard” NFS Veterans-My time has come

  29. Logan Wolfe

    Logan Wolfe17 시간 전

    So..aside from beautifully rendered cars, physics and detail of everything seems to be abysmal. And don't get me started on the characters being carton cutouts straight out of Bugs Bunny meets Fast & Furious.

  30. Vipex Gamer2

    Vipex Gamer217 시간 전

    Meu primeiro need for speed foi o Most Wanted

  31. Vipex Gamer2

    Vipex Gamer217 시간 전

    É por isso que eu amo esse jogo

  32. Elliot Perry

    Elliot Perry17 시간 전

    No speedcards is the best selling point ,looks very familiar to NFS fans, that's not a bad thing, but the likes of payback have left us all sceptical ,please deliver! If you fail this year just remake underground 2 and change nothing but updated graphics

  33. yan 's

    yan 's17 시간 전

    I hope this game release on android or ios hahaa

  34. 小花腩

    小花腩18 시간 전

    For phone ?

  35. Chris Collins

    Chris Collins18 시간 전

    This is going back to the core game. Amazing. This I'm going to get

  36. 519achilles

    519achilles18 시간 전

    This looks great! Really good job! I hope the driving feels realistic and not be able to take turns with 200 km/h

  37. NeroThe SpookyCat

    NeroThe SpookyCat18 시간 전

    So basically you removed the bad aspects of payback and added the good parts of nfs 2015

  38. NeroThe SpookyCat

    NeroThe SpookyCat18 시간 전

    I’m wondering if I should get this for ps4 or pc

  39. Zachary Finch

    Zachary Finch18 시간 전


  40. Muhamad Rubi Topan

    Muhamad Rubi Topan18 시간 전

    I wonder if we can pause the game like Payback

  41. Hallow Gen

    Hallow Gen19 시간 전

    NFS: Heat is announced... *Asphalt 7:* Wait... This is illegal

  42. Sniper Killer

    Sniper Killer20 시간 전

    Viel zu heftig

  43. Joshwa J

    Joshwa J20 시간 전

    I think these all views by gamerssssssss......

  44. pussy destroyer

    pussy destroyer20 시간 전

    ramengvrl for lyfe

  45. NJ Dimla

    NJ Dimla20 시간 전

    Looking more like underground/prostreet

  46. BDRyan // RetardedRiolu

    BDRyan // RetardedRiolu20 시간 전

    So this is GTA but you're stuck in a car

  47. Creych

    Creych21 시간 전

    Тут Раша есть вообще?

  48. Carlos Salvino

    Carlos Salvino21 시간 전

    O triste é ver que os projetos da Need for speed, não duram nem 5 anos...... é simplesmente desanimador esse pula pula

  49. Mike B

    Mike B21 시간 전

    We say, “Bring Underground back.” Here we have NFS HeAT.

  50. Mike B

    Mike B21 시간 전

    Hope it’s not too arcade like

  51. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper21 시간 전

    can we get out of our cars and beat people up?

  52. Boswell the pug

    Boswell the pug20 시간 전

    Yea, when you get bored and hop over to gta

  53. A K

    A K22 시간 전

    gameplay need for speed underground 2 graphic need for speed 2015 heat need to upgrade

  54. lj mattis

    lj mattis23 시간 전

    Can we just have Co-Op please

  55. Pragyan BORAH

    Pragyan BORAH23 시간 전

    is there any mannual transmiaaion

  56. selorm mireku

    selorm mireku23 시간 전

    is there offline multiplayer?

  57. Generic Protagonist

    Generic Protagonist일 전

    Inshallah make it Epic Games exclusive 🙏🏻



    REAL need for speed is back!

  59. Niko Bellic

    Niko Bellic일 전

    WHY 00S STYLE?

  60. - WhiteLite -

    - WhiteLite -일 전

    so cockpit?

  61. Normal Human

    Normal Human일 전

    Dont get your hopes too high people. Its made by EA.

  62. Görkem Meşeçıkaran

    Görkem Meşeçıkaran일 전

    I wish the Underground 3 came out.