Need for Speed™ Heat Official Gameplay Trailer


  1. Clifford Delgado

    Clifford Delgado4 시간 전

    Im So Excited

  2. Debaucherous Duck

    Debaucherous Duck8 시간 전

    Goofy Graphics

  3. andhika kurnia Rachman

    andhika kurnia Rachman일 전


  4. Androide7461

    Androide7461일 전

    This game looks far worse than Need for Speed

  5. 4K Pony

    4K Pony일 전

    No one: Nfs: 0:03

  6. Ernest Twumasi-Ankrah

    Ernest Twumasi-Ankrah일 전

    why do the cars pass the trees

  7. Johan Soysa

    Johan Soysa2 일 전

    Been playing this for the past 3 days, this is the only thing i can think about.... just like the good old days!! love this game

  8. K S

    K S2 일 전

    Please ghost games and EA make 2 DLC's for this nice game 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. Fellipe Gabriel

    Fellipe Gabriel2 일 전

    What is the name of this theme music bc I need it

  10. Eric C

    Eric C2 일 전

    So basically this is pretty much like all or half of what the other games where about Right just change the location and challenges also thats it tho

  11. K.R.T. de Wit

    K.R.T. de Wit2 일 전

    Check out my online nfs heat Live sessions on mdw88 #MightyDutch88

  12. Swapnil Jadhav

    Swapnil Jadhav2 일 전

    Is it just me or someone else too thinks that the good old NFS Hot Pursuit graphics are way better than this greanie?

  13. PeshrAw Goorun

    PeshrAw Goorun2 일 전


  14. Harshit Gupta

    Harshit Gupta2 일 전

    I seriously want to thank EA & Ghost Games countless number of times for NFS Heat. I'm speechless. Thank You EA & Ghost Games for making this game. There used to be a unique feeling while playing NFS games, and that classic unique NFS feel is back in NFS Heat. Need for Speed Heat is one of the absolute best Need for Speed games yet. This is a triumphant return to form for the series, one that every old school NFS fan will cherish. You guys have proved that Need for Speed is here to stay and it's still the King of Racing Games. The general racing gameplay, the feel of the cars, the handling, the car sounds, the incredible sense of speed, the customization which can change every bit, every corner, every inch of the car, the open world, the city of Miami and the surrounding countryside, the story, the campaign missions, the graphics, the overall gameplay, the super aggressive police, the intense cop chases, the online interaction & the online features. Electronic Arts & Ghost Games has read my mind, and this is the best that Need for Speed has ever been. I don't know how many times should I thank EA and Ghost Games. NEED FOR SPEED is back & it's better than ever, it's here to stay and EA has proved that NFS is still the king of Racing Games. Now this is 25th Anniversary done right!

  15. nami kaze

    nami kaze2 일 전


  16. EmmyAuditore

    EmmyAuditore2 일 전

    This is the game ive been waiting for since Carbon,good stuff EA and Ghost.

  17. Arfindo

    Arfindo2 일 전

    00:04 BANGSAAATTT..

  18. Ferdian Rizky

    Ferdian Rizky3 일 전

    This song RAMENGVRL, Indonesia🤩 #NeedForSpeed

  19. rascal who dreams about bunny girl senpai

    rascal who dreams about bunny girl senpai3 일 전

    This is basically Underground 3?

  20. MechaGamerz31

    MechaGamerz313 일 전

    He protect He attact He driving But most importantly SiApa NiH yG telFoN" BaNGsAt

  21. Aydan Aurick

    Aydan Aurick3 일 전


  22. matiiaz ojeda

    matiiaz ojeda4 일 전

    Song 0:05 ???

  23. Yazid Wafa

    Yazid Wafa2 일 전


  24. ash roller

    ash roller4 일 전

    0:08What is this a car?

  25. Frame

    Frame3 일 전

    1967 Camaro SS

  26. Weslie Global

    Weslie Global4 일 전

    The gameplay looks so arcade but graphics and features look great!

  27. Arno Dorian

    Arno Dorian4 일 전

    Please Renault Megane 4 R.S. best Hothatch

  28. Lionscream

    Lionscream4 일 전

    wait was there a Heat Level on Day Time ???

  29. svsmixer2

    svsmixer24 일 전


  30. Jaap Dudink

    Jaap Dudink4 일 전

    I'm sorry, but sliding through trees at 0:41 is far from realistic.

  31. bob asnee

    bob asnee4 일 전

    "Fining you for speeding" I went 150 past the police and he just sat there (I don’t hate the game I just wanna put that out just for a notice)

  32. Lilmanike

    Lilmanike6 시간 전

    I'm guessing it was a last minute decision.

  33. Yaroslav She

    Yaroslav She4 일 전

    0:40 did he just smashed through palm trees with his car?

  34. Oleksandr Lisovyk

    Oleksandr Lisovyk4 일 전

    I like when they show in trailer how car is going thru trees without any damage 0:41

  35. Igor I

    Igor I5 일 전

    Это рэпчик?

  36. Martin King

    Martin King5 일 전

    PS4 martinking1994 add me

  37. Francisco Retamal

    Francisco Retamal6 일 전

    Supongo que volvió Toyota a Need For Speed?

  38. baret mitilyan

    baret mitilyan6 일 전

    finally something good after most wanted

  39. anon 1642

    anon 16426 일 전

    Guys listen ! i know what you guys thinking ... Its EA guys dont get your hope that high They will found a way to destroy it one way or another...

  40. lilmario0

    lilmario06 일 전

    This game does not look this good and I have a Xbox one X. This trailer makes it look way better than it actually looks. It's still a good looking game but just not this goid

  41. Andrian

    Andrian5 일 전

    The trailer was 100% recorded on pc. Your XboneX doesn't have the same graphics settings as PC on max. This counts for any game in the world...


    TECH WORLD6 일 전

  43. Jakkeston

    Jakkeston6 일 전

    Look this

  44. Jakkeston

    Jakkeston6 일 전

  45. Mika Kusuma

    Mika Kusuma7 일 전

    Why is the base game $80 though? So expensive.

  46. PSN Gamer

    PSN Gamer7 일 전

    Yo people the night mode is nfs carbon and the day mode is nfs most wanted only true nfs veterans will understand what does that mean.

  47. Aeni Bhai Gaming

    Aeni Bhai Gaming7 일 전 ( gaming Channal New Plz Sub )

  48. RAFY•TV

    RAFY•TV7 일 전

    Blink Blink blink

  49. Bulleyesight

    Bulleyesight7 일 전

    Nfs Heat: I am going to be the most hardest heat and chase game ever made! Gamers will loose this time! Nfs Most Wanted: Am I a joke to you?

  50. Кирилл Веко

    Кирилл Веко8 일 전

    0:42 - это что блять?

  51. Hunt&𝒞𝑜

    Hunt&𝒞𝑜8 일 전

    I want need for speed heat press u want it too my Parents said I’m getting it today or tomorrow LOVE YALL! 👇like if agree

  52. 2689 5467

    2689 54678 일 전

    i have miss .sgt cross, mia and razor callahan ..only legends will know

  53. Ethan Soto

    Ethan Soto8 일 전

    so how many cars will there be? nfs: yes

  54. Mr Donkaey

    Mr Donkaey3 일 전

    Bruh there's not even that many cars

  55. grigoris ioanou

    grigoris ioanou8 일 전

    It's just a copy of nfs rivals without having the choice of being a cop and better grafics

  56. boi

    boi8 일 전

    The remake of need for speed rivals. Edit: but you can customize your car

  57. Frame

    Frame8 일 전

    1:47 - 3:14 song name Pedro Bromfman - Brothers

  58. Prajwal Beast

    Prajwal Beast8 일 전


  59. Maestro

    Maestro8 일 전

    Woke Cringe Propoganda

  60. Hamdan alzaabi

    Hamdan alzaabi8 일 전

    Hey Need For Speed! I love the game a lot, but, is there a way to change the language? If there ISN'T please add that feature in an future update.

  61. A DW

    A DW8 일 전

    "Helicopters and rhinos" NFS Vets, after playing NFS 2015 :Oh, they finally added the police

  62. Shine Kealoha

    Shine Kealoha9 일 전

    How do you connect ur account to need for speed

  63. Devoniski

    Devoniski9 일 전

    In nfs 2015 The cops were easy to lose, i’d literally slow down because when I just stepped on the gas they lost me in 2 seconds. Now they’re heating things up. Finally get to have the hot pursuits I love.

  64. Lavenpurr

    Lavenpurr9 일 전

    Streaming this now! Come watch us wreck Miami :p

  65. D C

    D C9 일 전

    Game is unplayable due to frequent crashes