My Video Went Viral. Here's Why


  1. xyzigh

    xyzigh3 시간 전

    I personally scroll through my entire subscriptions tab so rarely do I not know of a video one of the channels made. I rely on the algorithm to suggest videos and channels I haven't seen.

  2. Martyn Stusiak

    Martyn Stusiak4 시간 전

    nice presentation )))

  3. Ryan Felton

    Ryan Felton5 시간 전

    I pay for KOreporter Premium. I don't want to see any ads. The second I do, I'm out.

  4. Saffron Sea

    Saffron Sea6 시간 전

    Sometimes youtube feels like a mousetrap for my attention

  5. syousef

    syousef7 시간 전

    It depends on what you mean by clcikbait. If you make high quality videos and select the most interesting thing in that video as the thumbnail, I wouldn't call that clickbait. If you're going to start intentionally misrepresenting the content of your videos I'm simply going to get to the point as a subscriber where clicking on your video isn't worth the effort.because I know i won't get what I'm clicking on...and at that point I unsubscribe. I'm confused about what you're saying here, because to me it sounds like you're saying "sorry I give up and I'm going to be a sell out" in which case, what a shame.

  6. g4macdad

    g4macdad8 시간 전

    "Working really hard, not paying off." *Welcome to the world of blue collar working class.* *Exactly why we are electing people like AOC and Bernie Sanders.* *Capitalism is doomed if we don't make radical changes to it.*

  7. Misumi in Exile

    Misumi in Exile8 시간 전

    If there's only two solutions, just make them cycle between them, sometimes subscribers are worth more, sometimes they're not

  8. Seth

    Seth8 시간 전

    How to make 2 videos go viral.

  9. Jackie Toong

    Jackie Toong9 시간 전

    super well done video. thanks for sharing.

  10. prigg88

    prigg889 시간 전

    i don't tend to get recommended viral videos because I don't tend to watch them. I think I've maybe seen one of your videos before - I think Reid Nicewonder of Cordial Curiosity showed you asking people about the 248(?) and guessing the rule and talking about the black swan. Otherwise this is the first video of yours that youtube has recommended to me, one of yours.

  11. HackingDutchman

    HackingDutchman10 시간 전

    I always wonder, how could it be that if you have like 10mil subs, why is the average view count most of the time a lot lower than 10mil, because if I sub I watch stuff, if I don't like it I don't sub and don't watch.

  12. Edzter

    Edzter11 시간 전

    I'm only 12 minutes into the vid, gotta sleep, but basically this is why people get recommended random vids from years ago at the same time, also why i get recommended every new vid of certain people without being subbed to them

  13. James Bond

    James Bond11 시간 전

    The sad part is that this just showed up for me and it was a month ago

  14. Jonathan Walters

    Jonathan Walters11 시간 전

    Love that you said unsubscribe to keep it real.

  15. Christopher Sisk

    Christopher Sisk11 시간 전

    I think the viewers are just as important a variable in this as the creators. Perhaps lazy viewers that are relying on content being delivered to them are driving the recommendation-based algorithm. Personally, I don't seem to have much trouble seeing new content from my subscriptions. They surface to the Recommended section when they're released and I regularly click on the "Subscriptions" tab to check for new videos by my favorite creators like Veritasium.

  16. Cynthia Millar

    Cynthia Millar11 시간 전

    People may slowly turn on you for the click bates,,,,it's like begging and insulting to your audience.

  17. Tiago Abe

    Tiago Abe11 시간 전

    I often look at the subscription page rather than the home page so I can see the channels I’ve chosen to follow. Would you say that the audience who likes educational videos would spontaneously access your channel through this session? Regarding the click bait method. Yes, I agree with you. I don’t mind if you do so because it’s part of the game, as long as the content is as great as it is now.

  18. SM

    SM12 시간 전

    Nice explanation why trash videos are always recommended.

  19. Rahmat Baghdadi

    Rahmat Baghdadi12 시간 전

    Related to the subject, I like to share my experience with a channel. There is this channel A which I like that a year ago decided to create another channel, let's say B, which I was a subscriber to. Past few month I did not have an enjoyable time in channel B, so finally I hit the Unsubscribe button, but I really liked the creator and his content so I sat down and thought about why I subscribed to channel B at first and what went wrong for me? I find out that thumbnails and titles of channel B videos was eye candy (this is why I subscribed to it) but the content was not what I was expecting and this feeling kept coming back after every video until I decided that enough is enough. What I'm trying to say is although it seems like that catchy thumbnails and titles do bring more views but at the end of the day, it's the content which will keep the audience. P.S. Your black balls video (😂) is the reason I got introduced to Veritasium, but the content is the reason I'm enjoying this. Keep up the good work.

  20. Dominick Kleinmeyer

    Dominick Kleinmeyer13 시간 전

    I rung the bell

  21. Will Gibbons

    Will Gibbons13 시간 전

    What does ring the bell mean?

  22. Sankararaman Krishnamoorthi

    Sankararaman Krishnamoorthi14 시간 전

    Huge respect for you man :) For your honesty, dedication, quality and clarity of content, Bell clicked! Cheers!

  23. Professor Simon Holland

    Professor Simon Holland14 시간 전

    I remember when video rental stores stopped having interesting art films...I stopped shopping there and found specialist stores....that is what will happen to’s boring

  24. Carparelli

    Carparelli14 시간 전

    that was amazing im gonna rewatch that a couple of times and im going to make new thumbnails for older videos

  25. zabnat

    zabnat14 시간 전

    How to ring a bell and not get notifications? Looks like it is time to find another way to watch KOreporter. I watch over 90% of videos in full that are in my subscription feed. And apparently now I need to go through all the channels one by one to see if I missed any? I already ditched Facebook because it didn't show me what I wanted to see and KOreporter seems to be next?

  26. Sebastián Pissano

    Sebastián Pissano15 시간 전

    Clicking bell intensifies!

  27. Debajyoti Das

    Debajyoti Das16 시간 전

    I am already seeing a panel called "From your subscriptions " on top. Isn't that a good step by KOreporter?

  28. SleeplessDev

    SleeplessDev16 시간 전

    A calm, rational appeal. Bell clicked.

  29. Ark Fen

    Ark Fen17 시간 전

    and you right - no need to ask people about anything and give them freedom to hit the bell or not )) but it is also absolutely fine and even cool to honestly explain the situation and mentioned that hitting some things at this time could be beneficial for both sides ))) take care

  30. Ark Fen

    Ark Fen17 시간 전

    if you do it as you planned - with higher priority on the 1st point - making high quality videos, then I think it is totally fine to go with 2nd and 3rd points as well... good luck!

  31. Jeron Hedia

    Jeron Hedia18 시간 전

    you know why they get losing views? blame that 5sec ads. "SKIP Ads" lol who's with me uh? :D

  32. Compact

    Compact19 시간 전

    So useful!

  33. Agri- nihan

    Agri- nihan19 시간 전

    Thank you for sharing. This really explains the whole thing..

  34. The Unlucky Bot

    The Unlucky Bot19 시간 전

    This video only covers the part of youtube where , KOreporter suggests you what to watch , but the part Where YOU pick and search some specific videos seems to be left out

  35. Allen Dunn

    Allen Dunn19 시간 전

    Unfortunately humans are not unlike crows...Oooh look sparkly...

  36. Manish Sharma

    Manish Sharma20 시간 전

    I did ring the bell - SOLD


    JIAYI SONG21 시간 전

    another thing is i will go and check my fav youtubers to see if they put up new content。。。the only loophole in the analyze is that you assume all the video watcher is clicking the videos that in the recommending session。。i find myself using youtube almost like google。。if there is a new concept out there,i prefer there is a person telling me what's their thoughts。

  38. 19Marc79

    19Marc7921 시간 전

    Just today while watching the latest episode of ´sailing la vagabonde´ a thought came up in my mind: "My God, I can´t hear this command (=> "Like and subscribe and ring the bell !!!") anymore....". Now my mind thinks, that it knows the reason for that phenomenon...

  39. kangourouuu1

    kangourouuu121 시간 전

    So the solution to gage people's engagment would mean, in part, adding a five stars system instead of thumbs up and down? That's genius! It's almost like it should've been there from the start. Almost like KOreporter never cared about it because of the success of the thumb up on other sites and only now realized that it still could be useful. *hint hint, nudge nudge* OGs

  40. Jairo Ramirez

    Jairo Ramirez21 시간 전

    You made such a great argument that i subscribed and click the bell. Great content... keep up the amazing work!

  41. RedBull78hero

    RedBull78hero22 시간 전

    @Veritasium There is no trust in you.

  42. joel383

    joel38323 시간 전

    Reminds me of a Yogi-ism: "the baseball games are so full, no one comes anymore."

  43. Coalition of Rob

    Coalition of Rob일 전

    KOreporter is in its death throws....... great video by the way

  44. G Perez

    G Perez일 전

    A KOreporterr existential crisis video

  45. 94sHippie

    94sHippie일 전

    this shows why subscriptions are still useful. I always check the subscription tab to see if my favorite creators have uploaded anything new, I have to because I don't always see them in the recommended videos. I don't like this system at all because click bait is very misleading and it is what allows content farms to rise. I have resorted to telling KOreporter to not show me the content farms but everyone would have to do that for it to make a difference. I wish KOreporter would go back to the tag system, and at least while you are watching a video have the suggested videos be other videos by that creator or directly related to the topic. Currently my recommended for me in the watch next bar is all stuff I've seen before and it drives me crazy, especially if I'm watching something where it is broken up into multiple videos and the next part in the series is not anywhere in the watch next bar.

  46. Enigma

    Enigma일 전

    300 Hrs uploaded per minute.

  47. Hansang Bae

    Hansang Bae일 전

    That's the most cogent description of what's been happening on YT. I've noticed that people I watch regularly are overtly asking "don't forget to ring the bell" And I can't help but think it's the pigeon effect you talked about. And is it irony that the "ball" video got me here to this video? Or is it because the algorithm is chasing me and it's working as designed - for now. I've subscribed, and will be watching this channel as much as I watch Steve Ramsey, This Old Tony, Alex French Guy Cooking. And the common denominator of you guys is that the material is educational, well produced, voice quality is good, there's humor, and above all, the passion comes through the screen. I wish you the best of luck!

  48. Arlen Kundert

    Arlen Kundert일 전

    I didn't know any of this. It explains why I haven't seen as many of yours and other of my favorite KOreporterrs videos. That's a problem.

  49. Diego Prods

    Diego Prods일 전

    7:50 oh my god, that looks like the DOUBLE SLIT EXPERIMENT. Veritasium finally you made me solve the enygma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EUREKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  50. Helena Seryma

    Helena Seryma일 전

    thanks for making your videos, now I know why the bell exist