My Video Went Viral. Here's Why


  1. Dystopia

    Dystopia11 시간 전

    now you just said , it is not youtopia , Dystopia just saw your vid and made what you said !

  2. Antagonist Gaming

    Antagonist Gaming17 시간 전

    I have personally watched the vast majority of Dr Derek's videos at least twice each! I love both how well the content is planned as well as how engaged I am with the presentation. Keep up the great content Dr. Muller!!!!

  3. What Makes

    What Makes18 시간 전

    New KOreporterr emerging :)

  4. trivalentlogic

    trivalentlogic일 전

    he got a little teary eyed towards the end. hugs man hugs

  5. Yoga Trends

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    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ YOU ARE MY MOST FAVORITE KOreporter CREATOR AND KOreporter PERSON! THANK YOU 🤗 🔔 ✅ 💯 % ❤️ 💯 % Satisfaction 🤩

  6. Jacob Bassett

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    Hank Green: It doesn't matter the size of our audience but the number of people who love what we do.

  7. vallenshield100

    vallenshield100일 전

    youtube needs to stop the click bait race

  8. Shruti chauhan

    Shruti chauhan일 전

    We all love u and we aren't going to unsubscribe it

  9. Michele Lentini

    Michele Lentini일 전

    Would it be better to have videos recommended based on higher like/views ratio? Or something like that.. isn't the like button there to express satisfaction?

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  15. CreativeVickey

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  16. Dalmo Mendonça

    Dalmo Mendonça2 일 전

    "Millions of black balls on a reservoir is the thing that's going to rise to the surface" Eureka!

  17. Keeping it 100 Experiences

    Keeping it 100 Experiences2 일 전

    I feel like I’m at burn out.. I appreciate this video..

  18. Your Book of Memories

    Your Book of Memories2 일 전

    Love this whole video watched it all the way through! Thank you!

  19. Dipankar Kumar Singh

    Dipankar Kumar Singh2 일 전

    I always get satisfied with your videos

  20. Casper Segers

    Casper Segers2 일 전

    My next video on play is the viral video

  21. Dipankar Kumar Singh

    Dipankar Kumar Singh2 일 전

    best explanation guru ji (master) !

  22. Weather and Nature Enthusiast

    Weather and Nature Enthusiast2 일 전

    Getting youtube seriously in 2020! A new start, new goals, new dreams! You are invited in my journey to 500 subscribers! Thank you and i wish you all the best!

  23. Weather and Nature Enthusiast

    Weather and Nature Enthusiast2 일 전

    Getting youtube seriously in 2020! A new start, new goals, new dreams! You are invited in my journey to 500 subscribers! Thank you and i wish you all the best!

  24. brainYogurt

    brainYogurt2 일 전

    God bless ctr

  25. Snoop Catt

    Snoop Catt3 일 전

    Although this video is very insightful and parsed quite a bit of information to us the viewers, I do feel like it was contrived to the extent of what you were doing a lot of extra talking to drive up your watch time. So that was a bit frustrating to the point I had to stop the video entirely

  26. Coach Lucy PhD

    Coach Lucy PhD4 일 전

    Steemit for monetization and building an auditorium 😊🙌

  27. Carsten Andersen

    Carsten Andersen4 일 전

    The only things KOreporter care about is revenue and advertising

  28. Sanket Sawale

    Sanket Sawale4 일 전

    I agree , I have seen that video earlier before being your subscriber !

  29. Captain Irish

    Captain Irish4 일 전

    Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video. It is extremely informative. I have been pushing so hard to get my channel off the ground and this video has given me amazing insight on how to improve A LOT to give me a better chance at growing. I really appreciate you doing this!

  30. vishesh garg

    vishesh garg4 일 전

    i think you made this video also , following algorithm and gaining views

  31. Eléonore Powell

    Eléonore Powell4 일 전

    This was a sensational video.

  32. chef Andrejus

    chef Andrejus4 일 전

    To be completely honest... this is one of the best videos I ve seen in 2020 so far! (Trust ne I watched tons of videos this year already...). 100% agree that social platforms adjust their algorithms for nany reasons (general trends, shareholder demands to earn more money, or many more reasons...). Big thanks for explaining the shifts of youtube algos in plain English! Two thumbs up o/

  33. Caden Humphrey

    Caden Humphrey4 일 전

    and i see it right now

  34. Damien Krap

    Damien Krap5 일 전

    youre ignoring the fact that most of the KOreporter videos I watch are searched, with the request coming from a place that is not youtube

  35. Andrew Dojlido

    Andrew Dojlido5 일 전

    Great explanation! oh - and all hail our AI overlords...

  36. Storm Engineer

    Storm Engineer5 일 전

    This was even more insightful than I expected, and I already knew that your videos are good.

  37. corysmithmobile

    corysmithmobile5 일 전

    This video caught my attention because it is a specific kind of educational content... it is education on the underlying infrastructure of KOreporter itself. This kind of content may only be traditionally interesting to content creators, but as a system evolves and grows, so do all the participants in it... designers, creators and users. I am not a subscriber of Veritasium because when I look over the videos on it, not enough of them are of interest to me to justify subscription... but it's not clear to me how I, as a user, can "program" KOreporter's recommendation algorithm to effectively serve my needs. I am exploring how to do this, and a video like this helps me work towards answering this question. What I'm saying here may help a creator better understand what kind of content is predictably desired by users. Content that helps users solve their problems is the answer... and this is not a new idea, because it's the same basic advice given to any business. The purpose of any good business is to help customers solve problems. Now, just because I don't find all videos on Veritasium interesting doesn't mean they are lesser quality content. It only means they aren't appropriate content for me right now. Because my life changes over time, the content that isn't appropriate for me now may be appropriate for me in the future. The job of a content creator is to learn how to last long enough for my life to change and for things they have created to become appropriate for me. One way to do this is diversification... don't be too dependent on KOreporter for survival. If you truly want to create content that interests you, it may require more if an artist mentality... do it because you love it, not because it pays the bills. Paying the bills usually requires sacrifice. I watched a video recently that, in my mind, is talking about the exact same topic as this video is, though it may not appear to be easily comparable because it is about a "trashy/exploitative" content creator. The nature of the content is irrelevant... the important thing is about how systems work and how to effectively use them to solve problems. ( Reference: Josie Cunningham, ).

  38. Lewis McElroy

    Lewis McElroy6 일 전

    A comment just needs to be noticed, for example my smiling comment gone viral on FB. Said can't stop smiling when she around. Smile club tui discover your smile and Costa we go the extra mile to make you smile. On the news and radio.

  39. Lewis McElroy

    Lewis McElroy6 일 전

    It doesn't have to have so many likes or shares

  40. Vincent Chouinard

    Vincent Chouinard6 일 전

    That made me reconsider the way I entertain myself. I should have complete control over what I watch, yet I keep watching things I don't really care about.

  41. Zombe

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  42. Top Gun

    Top Gun6 일 전

    seems hundred of hours to prepare things for this video, really love it

  43. Zombe

    Zombe6 일 전

    Yay im viral. My vid nothing wrong is vire

  44. H. A. Tinoco

    H. A. Tinoco6 일 전

  45. Ryan McKee

    Ryan McKee7 일 전

    When does the clickbait climax/apex end? It's inevitable. Even the Viewers are going to get burnout at all the content (especially if clickbait gradually desensitizes us to what is clickable). There's a bell curve in there somewhere. The algorithm still seems to be chased. I think KOreporterrs due to sheer numbers should ONLY do it for the enjoyment and be true to themselves, otherwise it's inevitable they'll get burn out.... (Run the hamster wheel at your own speed, if you run faster and faster in competition you're going to get burned and give out. New people are being born every day and it's natural everyone competes but at some point you have to accept your contentment or you'll never find it.)

  46. Ahkor Luna

    Ahkor Luna7 일 전

    6:25 but isn't that already the problem? creators trying to chase what is popular rather than creating what becomes popular? stop trying to please the algorithm and you won't be betrayed by it. it reminds me of those people who are always liking their boss's boots. I would go as far as to say that it borders the unethical to even consider chasing after the algorithm rather than trying to create content that is truly meaningful. any artist who takes real pride in their work would rather go down unacknowledged than be a slave to expectations. creating an algorithm that is forgiving to such behaviour would be the death of original content.

  47. Billy Pilgrim

    Billy Pilgrim7 일 전

    I didn't even know this bell exists...

  48. Xiao Chang

    Xiao Chang7 일 전

    Only now I got this pop up in my recommendations and after watching realised why i see a lot less videos from my subscribed channels and why everyone is asking to viewers to click the bell...

  49. Mr. King Man

    Mr. King Man7 일 전

    we're makin rounds again boys

  50. Nat J

    Nat J7 일 전

    "When there are fewer views taking place, that means the video is lower quality" *CaptainDisillusion wants to know your location*

  51. Coy Raig

    Coy Raig4 일 전

    Also Nitrorad

  52. Mushthaq Azeez

    Mushthaq Azeez8 일 전

    i have ringed>>please do make more quality videos like bayesian trap

  53. Mushthaq Azeez

    Mushthaq Azeez8 일 전

    quality first!!!!

  54. Timothy Johnson

    Timothy Johnson8 일 전

    Great video!

  55. Ashwin Manur

    Ashwin Manur8 일 전

    insert gru sits on toilet meme here

  56. E thedrummer

    E thedrummer8 일 전

    Harsh Dose of Reality.. Harsh...

  57. Bertold Szekeres

    Bertold Szekeres8 일 전

    Another thing is, online things happen much faster and we have data and analytics on pretty much everything, and we compare ourselves to other people who have tens of millions of views, right from the beginning. However, I think the real problem is, lot of people want to make tons of money and views primarily rather than to create a value. And if they rely on money and fame, it will make the whole thing shallow and empty, and as they start to drop, their quickly gained feeling of success and importance will do as well. In opposition to this, creating value and knowing we made the world even a tiny bit better place is a reward in itself. Well, this is probably true for the whole economy, not just youtube.

  58. maldo72

    maldo728 일 전

    Funny I was not searching for you but your channel still popped up does not make sense

  59. Ahmet Sarıtaş

    Ahmet Sarıtaş8 일 전

    its feb 2020 and I just saw that.

  60. Juanpe Araque

    Juanpe Araque8 일 전

    Would be great to see a review of how the plan went in the next months/year

  61. Alessio Arbustini

    Alessio Arbustini8 일 전

    As someone already suggested in the comments, something like a Serendipity Spot on the recommendations (a completely random selected video) could shake the environment a bit. Have you ever done a video on serendipity? That's a interesting topic

  62. DaiC Loyalty

    DaiC Loyalty9 일 전

    This video definitely got my subscription & a bell !! Good Job Man, this presentation was on point & heart felt!