1. Paul Cuffaro

    Paul Cuffaro6 개월 전

    Already demonetized... On the bright side WELCOME HOME our New piglets!!

  2. John Douglas

    John Douglas6 일 전

    There so cute

  3. Suzanne harris

    Suzanne harris개월 전

    I am mystified why videos depicting birth or for that matter, surgical procedures. It’s legitimately interesting and educational and certainly not gory or offensive. You Tube seems a little over sensitive to the facts of life.

  4. Heather Roush

    Heather Roush2 개월 전

    Miss Mantell was a good game but it was so much easier to earn stars and a free game to be played for a little while I tt was a ttyy was a good app for the iPhone it is so easy and it was so addictive and it was so much 🇺🇸

  5. Rana Sayadi

    Rana Sayadi3 개월 전

    killer orca Where are you

  6. The Londster

    The Londster4 개월 전

    Spot and grayson

  7. Oscar Flemmings

    Oscar Flemmings2 시간 전


  8. Oscar Flemmings

    Oscar Flemmings2 시간 전


  9. Wilma Gregory

    Wilma Gregory4 시간 전

    Cutest babies I've seen in a while. Peace

  10. Joan LaRock

    Joan LaRock일 전

    I wish you would have shown he actual births. They are an absolute miracle!

  11. Lisa Albarras

    Lisa Albarras2 일 전

    She wanted to build a nest to have the babies.

  12. Kushagra Tiwari

    Kushagra Tiwari2 일 전


  13. Fermin Pabilona

    Fermin Pabilona5 일 전

    Wow so cute

  14. GGgaming 10

    GGgaming 106 일 전

    Name them Ray and Bubbles

  15. Analiza Ganila,salino

    Analiza Ganila,salino6 일 전

    The pig is cute but I'm cuterrrr☺️

  16. John Douglas

    John Douglas6 일 전

    Aww there so cute

  17. syed kaleem quadri

    syed kaleem quadri7 일 전

    who nice

  18. Leahiali Rosletah

    Leahiali Rosletah7 일 전

    Mama lulu 🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖

  19. u wot m8 ?????

    u wot m8 ?????8 일 전

    They were born on my birthday :D

  20. LETTY sha

    LETTY sha8 일 전

    Pigs is very genius animal

  21. Josh .D

    Josh .D8 일 전

    Keep the black one and call it luna

  22. LIGA 79

    LIGA 799 일 전

    Ma perché c'è un gabbinetto? 😂

  23. Angelo Pineda

    Angelo Pineda11 일 전

    So cute little piglets, i have suggest for the 4 piglets names 1,amihan 2,pirena 3,danaya and 4,imaw For the teleserye of encantadia, From the philippines

  24. Tina yerden

    Tina yerden11 일 전


  25. Tina yerden

    Tina yerden11 일 전


  26. Glenda Starks

    Glenda Starks12 일 전

    4 piglets

  27. Corey wallace

    Corey wallace13 일 전

    Good job lulu

  28. Vero Arce

    Vero Arce13 일 전

    Aww so sweet and happy

  29. Vero Arce

    Vero Arce13 일 전

    So cute and happy 😇

  30. Christina DuBose

    Christina DuBose14 일 전

    Awww how cute.. what kind of pigs are they?

  31. Bevan Fernandes

    Bevan Fernandes14 일 전

    Call one of the piglets Luca or Lucy

  32. Sophia Seward

    Sophia Seward15 일 전

    So tiny and cute!!! My favorite pig!!!! ❤❤❤

  33. Owen Rock

    Owen Rock18 일 전

    Name one pigsly

  34. Kristen Powell

    Kristen Powell18 일 전

    Awe so cute

  35. Genevieve Garbutt

    Genevieve Garbutt22 일 전

    Hello just new here , what did you end up naming the piglets¿

  36. Marc Goodman

    Marc Goodman22 일 전

    Keep all of the work and the best of the pigs

  37. Michelle Weber

    Michelle Weber23 일 전

    the black one name should be jeff

  38. Germain Spence

    Germain Spence23 일 전

    I think you should name the pig Demya

  39. Germain Spence

    Germain Spence23 일 전


  40. Hunter Scoggin

    Hunter Scoggin23 일 전


  41. Ahmad Reza

    Ahmad Reza25 일 전

    Why you are so nasty 🙆‍♂️🐒

  42. Lanz

    Lanz25 일 전

    Paul Cuffaro: u whisper "holy crap" waayyy too loud!! The pig needs help gently moving babies out of the way, but u r making her nervous; maybe depart the room for quarter-of-an-hour at a time she focuses on contractions 🙄>😧>🤨>🥳

  43. Katie Musheyev

    Katie Musheyev27 일 전

    Zazoo,Saber, lulu, Charlotte

  44. Fred Wintz

    Fred Wintz28 일 전

    Paul this is so cute I cried

  45. Lorena Mendez

    Lorena Mendez개월 전

    the boy bob for the girl rose

  46. Eileen Joy Star

    Eileen Joy Star개월 전

    Star Piggot 😎😘

  47. Emmy Nguyen

    Emmy Nguyen개월 전

    A pig

  48. Emmy Nguyen

    Emmy Nguyen개월 전

    A pig ,!

  49. Lia Avila

    Lia Avila개월 전

    “I never new I owned a pet monkey”🐒 omg lol 😂 🤣🤣

  50. Maï Gacha YT

    Maï Gacha YT개월 전

    Moooh your pig and too cute babies too! 😍👍

  51. Pastel Clouds

    Pastel Clouds개월 전


  52. IDK With me

    IDK With me개월 전

    Luna + piglet

  53. Klara Bilan

    Klara Bilan개월 전

    10:29 that's how i sound laughing

  54. Hong Truong

    Hong Truong개월 전

    Blue and Rex

  55. Harvy Yubal

    Harvy Yubal개월 전

    Cute little one😍

  56. brajabidhu aheibam

    brajabidhu aheibam개월 전

    Holy moly dude !!🤔👌👌

  57. Pettty MOMS TALK

    Pettty MOMS TALK개월 전

    Hi Paul we have a big back yard my mom loves pig there her favorite animal if you want to give it to me just call 2533816523 ask for serihia

  58. Jackie Lazi

    Jackie Lazi개월 전

    There so cute❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😍😍😍😍😍💙💙💙💙💙💙😍😍😊😊😊😊🥰🥰🥰

  59. Danielle Woolfenden

    Danielle Woolfenden개월 전


  60. Danielle Woolfenden

    Danielle Woolfenden개월 전


  61. DeeAnne Attridge-Putnam

    DeeAnne Attridge-Putnam개월 전

    Ziggy the piggy - Chewbacon - Priscilla & Elvis Pigsley - Petunia - HAMilton - Sooey - AbraHAM - and just cuz I'm a Southern gal...Dixie Anywho...congrats, Grandpa! I'm brand new to the fam & couldn't be happier joining! I know I'm way late on the piglet naming but it was fun so I did it for my own amusement😁 Now on to seeing what else is going on with you! I've loved each video I've watched so far. I've seen the piggies get born, I've heard about your "wonderful" neighbors, I saw Thump come home. I DO like the barn you were considering! For once, I'm happy I have insomnia so I can keep watching. Oh...congrats on your 1mil plaque👍🏻I came across one of your vids by accident yesterday and I'm a subscriber and apparently a family member today!! I love animals unconditionally. It's literally the ONLY way to love them because it's the love they give us. I'd rather hang in a barn full of 4 legged animals than be a some swanky party with 2 legged ones. The love you have for your fur babies radiates from you Paul. Your kids are truly blessed. Sorry this was so long...but I had a LOT to say I guess.

  62. Chloe Sibbald

    Chloe Sibbald개월 전

    Lola Chloe Kai

  63. Immortal Memes

    Immortal Memes개월 전

    It,s like she is a dog xd

  64. Laura Hill

    Laura Hill개월 전

    you should be vegan!!!!!!!

  65. Connie Baker

    Connie Baker개월 전

    Stinky and peanut