My Pet Ants Returned From The Dead


  1. Gobillion 160

    Gobillion 1604 개월 전

    I just started watching your videos at 12:00 tonight and it’s currently 4:00 in the morning what am I doing with my life

  2. Carter Burgess

    Carter Burgess24 일 전

    I'VE been waching for a week

  3. Leo5191 WR

    Leo5191 WR개월 전

    Watching surprisingly interesting ants

  4. Team Thunder Productions

    Team Thunder Productions개월 전

    Gobillion 160 good things.

  5. *-*

    *-*개월 전

    Gobillion 160 don’t blame you

  6. come at me bro its casey

    come at me bro its casey9 시간 전

    I was hoping titans or trapjaws

  7. Thedbone 0803

    Thedbone 080319 시간 전

    So the jawbreaker clan is back

  8. Christian Gaudet

    Christian Gaudet19 시간 전

    Don't you mean ant love and antbition?😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Aaron Playzor

    Aaron Playzor22 시간 전

    I also watched your video in 28:27

  10. Aaron Playzor

    Aaron Playzor22 시간 전

    I watched your video in 27:59

  11. Angela Reyes

    Angela Reyes일 전

    Yay they’re alive

  12. Jiena Alejar

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  13. XxxDragonGBAxxX gaming

    XxxDragonGBAxxX gaming2 일 전

    find dinosaur ants!!!!!

  14. XxxDragonGBAxxX gaming

    XxxDragonGBAxxX gaming2 일 전

    gaia looks like she's pregnant

  15. XxxDragonGBAxxX gaming

    XxxDragonGBAxxX gaming2 일 전

    those zombies

  16. John Smith

    John Smith2 일 전

    I knew It wouldn't be the Titans, yet I was still sad.

  17. CoolKids19

    CoolKids192 일 전

    Zombie ants are real they grow fungus on them and their eyes are green

  18. Dathvader3333

    Dathvader33332 일 전

    The god of life and the land

  19. ThatTastylookingdishsoap Mmmm

    ThatTastylookingdishsoap Mmmm3 일 전

    I wanted the black knights tho

  20. Elismarie Alcantara

    Elismarie Alcantara3 일 전

    Clever girls?

  21. Chris the gamer

    Chris the gamer3 일 전

    Soundtrack at 18:48?

  22. A very RANDOMSHARK

    A very RANDOMSHARK3 일 전

    Im crying inside

  23. Killercam Nightstep

    Killercam Nightstep3 일 전

    I would love to do what you do it’s just I can’t my mom won’t let me and I just don’t think I could be good at it maybe in the future though maybe

  24. Spencer Jones

    Spencer Jones3 일 전

    Are the elbono 🐉 back

  25. Mikaela Madrangca

    Mikaela Madrangca4 일 전

    If that ant can't see then why don't you get mini glasses for it

  26. Leonila Castro

    Leonila Castro4 일 전

    Can you find a leaf cuter ant

  27. Lizzy Underhay

    Lizzy Underhay4 일 전

    hello jawbreaker

  28. Lizzy Underhay

    Lizzy Underhay4 일 전

    RIP titans

  29. Moon Star Night light

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  30. Mary Bun

    Mary Bun7 일 전

    I gasped so loudly at the Jawbreakers' return :D They have always been my favorites.

  31. Mary Bun

    Mary Bun7 일 전

    "Let's recap really quick" no plez don't i can't take it "First, we sadly-" NONONONONONONOIALREADYKNOWWHOITISSTOPSHATTERINGMYSOUL "Jawbreakers" WHY "Also last year, we were horrified-" AHHHHHHHH "Titans" JUST PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY "We also said goodbye to-" hello darkness my old friend "Finally a few weeks ago,-" wait when was this. i haven't been on the channel in a while but still NOOOOOOOO

  32. farm simulator the one of the only

    farm simulator the one of the only7 일 전

    I miss titans

  33. Brady Smith

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  34. Brady Smith

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  35. Brady Smith

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  36. Brady Smith

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  37. Brady Smith

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  38. Brady Smith

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  39. Brady Smith

    Brady Smith7 일 전

    Bring back the black dragons \(‘@‘)/

  40. brent tupaz

    brent tupaz7 일 전

    The ant went flying

  41. Devlin Scott

    Devlin Scott7 일 전

    plz be black dragons

  42. Bink Heemskerk

    Bink Heemskerk8 일 전

    WoW cool

  43. Muhamed Lisinovic

    Muhamed Lisinovic8 일 전

    kinda wanted the dragons 2 come back but ok.......

  44. Lai Le

    Lai Le8 일 전

    I wanted the titans

  45. Simon Wanamaker

    Simon Wanamaker8 일 전

    I've been thinking about getting an ant colony, I was thinking that the AC family could help me out.

  46. Simon Wanamaker

    Simon Wanamaker8 일 전

    I'm so glad they came back !!!

  47. Mada Playz

    Mada Playz8 일 전

    1:58 you could say "not only the worker but the queen and baby too I HATE THEM"

  48. Max Nyberg

    Max Nyberg9 일 전

    Welcome back Jawbreakers 😃

  49. Keith Jacob Palma

    Keith Jacob Palma9 일 전

    Guys Like for the golden empire Reply for the fire nation

  50. MrTrendkiller00

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  51. NerdyGeek64

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  52. Mist-heart

    Mist-heart12 일 전

    I was expecting the returners to be the Titans primarily based on the mythological link between Gaia/Gaea and the Titans. This works too, though.

  53. Xonny Pones

    Xonny Pones12 일 전


  54. Evan CLAY Almero

    Evan CLAY Almero13 일 전

    I live at PILIPINAS

  55. Lucky Charms

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    I introduce to you..*An ad gets smacked in my face.*

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  57. My Test Tickles

    My Test Tickles14 일 전

    parang mas ok ung aphids Boss Mike o yung milking cow version mo..

  58. lorddomigon

    lorddomigon14 일 전

    so replaced rather than resurected

  59. Phil Smurthwaite

    Phil Smurthwaite16 일 전

    so 2 colanys of titans they lost!

  60. carlos reyes

    carlos reyes16 일 전

    You should feed them your termites.

  61. nighthawk5986

    nighthawk598616 일 전

    i reely hoped it was the titans but i thoght it was the jaw brakers

  62. Christopher Draheim

    Christopher Draheim17 일 전

    “This colony is going to be self-feeding.” *Has to add watermelon*

  63. Abdussalam Malik

    Abdussalam Malik17 일 전

    He should be called the ant whisperer the real life ant man

  64. Luka Hegarty

    Luka Hegarty18 일 전

    The ant with a broken jaw is sad😯😢😯😦

  65. Anie C

    Anie C21 일 전

    I will kill an ant, but 17:46? that looked cruel

  66. Go Away

    Go Away22 일 전

    Why do you sound like Conner from Detroit : Become Human XD ( No Offense )

  67. Oliver Ongbay

    Oliver Ongbay22 일 전

    Please tell me its trapjaw i love those ants

  68. Elizabeth Del castillo

    Elizabeth Del castillo22 일 전

    On first thought why is there no barrier but then I realized ok you dont need to

  69. SiLeNt 'Z

    SiLeNt 'Z22 일 전

    I love those ants but the jawbreaker bite is so painful

  70. Stink simply stink

    Stink simply stink24 일 전

    I have my worries about the self sustaining nature of the colony, but with a little bit of luck they should develop into a rather nice colony. I'm just not sure if they will be able to catch enough springtails to sustain themselves. I however am not an expert, i could be entirely wrong

  71. Stink simply stink

    Stink simply stink24 일 전

    Clever Girl

  72. Travis Watson

    Travis Watson24 일 전

    a god the the earth

  73. Snehil Kumar

    Snehil Kumar24 일 전

    I am here after seeing the making of ant hill art by destroying the ant kingdoms by molten aluminium....hahaha

  74. Mindy Schippert

    Mindy Schippert27 일 전

    5:53 in the middle of the day

  75. Polly

    Polly28 일 전

    >:( you're gonna kill them!

  76. cubedragon 242

    cubedragon 24228 일 전

    I miss the TITAN'S 😖

  77. Saosin3333

    Saosin333328 일 전

    The Jawbreakers Rise Again!

  78. Thomas Wagner

    Thomas Wagner29 일 전

    14:16 Me at lunch :D

  79. Lord Drast

    Lord Drast개월 전

    Does antscanada play KSP? He frequently uses the game's music tracks! love it.

  80. mega mushroom

    mega mushroom개월 전

    I really thought you found the run away ants from when you were on vacation...

  81. spino nation

    spino nation개월 전

    Gia is the god of life

  82. Anabs Esguerra

    Anabs Esguerra개월 전

    or you probably just got the same species of your dead ants

  83. Anabs Esguerra

    Anabs Esguerra개월 전

    i believe a phoromone from another insect or bacteria has brought your friends back to life

  84. Pacific rim video

    Pacific rim video개월 전

    I Cried Cuz Romeo... And Juliet... Died

  85. Luzilyo Stormchild

    Luzilyo Stormchild개월 전

    i think it is a very good idea to let the ants go on a real hunt for living prey. it reminds me of a problem in zoos, some decades ago. the zookeepers were just handing food to the animals and the animals never had to do anything. many of them got depressed or ill. then the zookeepers started introducing activities, for example, instead of just throwing a piece of meat into a lion habitat, they would drag it around with some machinery so that the lions actually had to run after it at catch it. this greatly improved the mental health of the zoo animals because they had something to do other than just laying around and feeling useless. the same was true for prisons. first, the prisoners were just laying in their cells and never really had anything to do. many of them got so-called "prison madness" (not sure if that's the correct english term, in german it was called "knastkoller"). then, work and other regular routines got introduced to prisons and this problem vanished because it gave the prisoners something to keep themselves busy with. and now i am thinking if this is similar for zoo animals and prisoners, even though in an ant colony there are also many things to do that don't involve hunting for food, maybe it is also similar for captive ants. especially the soldiers of a colony, whose main purpose is to hunt and fight from time to time could benefit greatly from introducing prey that lives and breeds inside the terrarium.

  86. James Dragneel

    James Dragneel개월 전

    Mikey Gaia is pronounced as "gi-a" and its origin is Gaea the titanness of earth, her name is pronounced as "ji-a".

  87. MichaelRasco

    MichaelRasco개월 전

    1:29 Is that a Stick-O Jar? XD

  88. CallMeKes

    CallMeKes개월 전

    That's a misleading title. Sort of implies it was another situation where you thought they were dead but they weren't. This is why I haven't actually subscribed and won't until you let off on the click-baiting. Your videos stand on their own, you don't need click-bait.

  89. Randomnization

    Randomnization개월 전

    Can u make a vid called ants life it’s we’re u give us a view as a ant in a colony choose a colony

  90. MrShaun42088

    MrShaun42088개월 전

    so you didnt bring them back from the dead? someone just gave you some more.

  91. RadiatonX Production

    RadiatonX Production개월 전

    stick o hwhahaahah

  92. some asian kid

    some asian kid개월 전

    Ant history time line:DYCA=during yellow crazy ants AYCA=AFTER yellow crazy ants rise of the ant kingdoms to the fall of the icebreaker kingdom to the fall of the titans and the rise of the pharoh kingdom to the exile of the pharoh kingdom from the plaque

  93. jia wei

    jia wei개월 전

    I think they should be given food like the other colonies

  94. Eileen Meno

    Eileen Meno개월 전

    h-h how

  95. Kitty Cats

    Kitty Cats개월 전

    YES YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSS IM SO HAPPY ITS THE TRAP JAW!!!!!!!!!!!!! (They were my favourite) I’m literally crying on happiness..

  96. Caribou Desbois

    Caribou Desbois개월 전

    It's alive It's alive

  97. Austin Li

    Austin Li개월 전

    you are skipping 2.5 trillion years of scientific lectures and #Ant love forever.

  98. Mr Bloodie

    Mr Bloodie개월 전

    9:22 is when the action starts

  99. Emma and Leone

    Emma and Leone개월 전

    When i heard him say they had a painful bite and sting i was like "BULLETS ANTS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😂"

  100. sselesU

    sselesU개월 전

    So a Trap Jaw ant's mandibles are like the Lobster's razor claw? Cool!

  101. Rheanon Jasmyne

    Rheanon Jasmyne개월 전

    YEAH , Jawbreakers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Boys Schoffstall

    Boys Schoffstall개월 전

    Can you get some bullet ants?

  103. SHEillaa

    SHEillaa개월 전

    I begin to love ants because of this channel

  104. Dereaa 14

    Dereaa 14개월 전

    They died and live again!!!!!!