My Pet Ants Returned From The Dead


  1. Nathaniel Jones

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  2. Arran mcfarlan

    Arran mcfarlan12 시간 전

    Ones someone made an ant think its ded and goes to the ant graveyard siryulsy

  3. Jhoneil Maestrado

    Jhoneil Maestrado2 일 전

    have you learn your lesson when the mites almost kill your ant

  4. Caiden Reinhart

    Caiden Reinhart2 일 전

    Every like on this comment is a person who wants antscanada to make merch #plzmakemerch

  5. Rouge Shadow woodruff

    Rouge Shadow woodruff4 일 전

    (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) these are in my back yard

  6. Thomas Livingston

    Thomas Livingston8 일 전

    Nooooooo bring back the black dragons I miss them so much

  7. Leonardo demartino

    Leonardo demartino8 일 전

    The force of a trap jaw ant jaw snapping shut on prey has also been known to send shock waves through the bodies of insects and arachnids, stunning them for a second or two if not killing them.

  8. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel Martinez10 일 전

    you're dumb you barely bought them back not going to make them die again

  9. Tiffany Leach

    Tiffany Leach13 일 전

    The drift wood is tuching the class

  10. Joven Deniega

    Joven Deniega14 일 전

    No i want the titans

  11. Rex ian Fuentecilla

    Rex ian Fuentecilla15 일 전

    I saw a ant colony at my school

  12. Rex ian Fuentecilla

    Rex ian Fuentecilla15 일 전

    And I fed then

  13. heather haze

    heather haze15 일 전

    click bait!

  14. Lunala Mations

    Lunala Mations16 일 전

    Soon I will be getting harvester ants and am excited to see them dig.

  15. cool zies

    cool zies17 일 전

    LETS START A BOYCOTT #BRINGBACKTHETITANS jk but they were a great colony

  16. Bastian Gemballa

    Bastian Gemballa19 일 전

    Aww i thought it werde the asian morderer ants

  17. Bastian Gemballa

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  18. Nisha Kumar

    Nisha Kumar19 일 전

    Yeet : Fire Nation Ree : Jawbreakers

  19. Nisha Kumar

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  20. Nisha Kumar

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    Whenever you say “AC family” I hear “Hey,see,family” 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  21. assasin creed

    assasin creed20 일 전

    I'm from Philippines I can't find some queen any so hard

  22. Gee Elgario

    Gee Elgario20 일 전

    What I am your number 1 fan I really want the titans

  23. Sarah Olijnyk-Wong

    Sarah Olijnyk-Wong22 일 전

    I’m just curious.

  24. Sarah Olijnyk-Wong

    Sarah Olijnyk-Wong22 일 전

    Why are they called jaw breakers anyways?

  25. AkumaxTamashii

    AkumaxTamashii25 일 전

    Omg I dont care about ants but this is like a daytime drama and I love it. Great work dude.

  26. TheSouthernAviator

    TheSouthernAviator26 일 전

    What is the birth rate of these ants

  27. HelloGoodbye998

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    "AC family.. I am pleased to introduce to you..." *Ad starts playing*

  28. Flames up

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    Happened to me to why KOreporter I bet who ever runs it made a add there

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  30. Aled StephenS

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  31. Deepdapdap

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    Please Please Please Please Please PleaseBring back the titans

  32. ugandan hacker

    ugandan hacker개월 전

    Shes a godess of all life

  33. elmikeQC

    elmikeQC개월 전

    I love the channel, but this was the worst title possible.

  34. Helen Nguyen

    Helen Nguyen개월 전

    I love the trapjaw the most

  35. kaya cenk

    kaya cenk개월 전

    when i young i bring one colony to my home in a bottle... now after 25 years my home their grand sons home too...

  36. Anamika Prasad

    Anamika Prasad개월 전

    🌹Roses are red🌹 Violets are blue I got clickbaited And so did you! BTW I was expecting the Titans

  37. Ariel 64

    Ariel 64개월 전

    OMG!!! the jaw breakers are my favorite ant colony!

  38. Post_it_Pink

    Post_it_Pink개월 전

    his voice is so enchanting

  39. Pamela Schwartz

    Pamela Schwartz개월 전

    So a giant jawbreaker can break your frontal lobe

  40. ThunderDrummer

    ThunderDrummer개월 전

    So not return from the dead. You just got a second colony and wanted click bait.

  41. ikerbergkamp

    ikerbergkamp개월 전

    Stop with the fake Greek gods

  42. FutureTech

    FutureTech개월 전

    #bringbackthetitans !!!

  43. Lazerfox467

    Lazerfox467개월 전

    I’m SUPER late but I just want to say that the jawbreakers are my fav and I’m so excited to get to watch them 😀

  44. AJ Gowins

    AJ Gowins개월 전

    lets go Jawbreakers!

  45. Mitsuyuki-Hime

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    I'm crying, I can't believe the Jawbreakers are back Welcome back!

  46. Jessica Luciano

    Jessica Luciano개월 전

    Jawbreakers we r back(:

  47. Jessica Luciano

    Jessica Luciano개월 전

    Golden empire queen ant why’s ant7 dead ant6 he played to mush call of duty4 and raged cuz he placed to2 in the game then he died in the game he got so mad he died golden empire queen when did he get an xbox1s

  48. Jessica Luciano

    Jessica Luciano개월 전

    Titan ant1 hmmmmm ima call the fire nation goes to phone calls fire ant fire base here’s booming music titan ant1??????????

  49. Nicholas Nguyen

    Nicholas Nguyen개월 전

    Gaia in greek mythology is the mother of life

  50. Anthoney King

    Anthoney King개월 전

    WOW Awesome that's really Cool

  51. Variety Plays

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  52. Boomboomfractal 09

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    You did the modeling of the kingdom with ANT-bition!

  53. Diamond Hydra

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    I ruined the supprise by pressing the icard

  54. exterminater MK1

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  55. Rachel Roterman

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    The Earthmother titan

  56. Cameron Muniz

    Cameron Muniz개월 전

    I love ant's

  57. Eliseo Barrera

    Eliseo Barrera개월 전

    I knew it i knew it was the jaw breakers

  58. Vienne Animates

    Vienne Animates개월 전

    The one under the ant colony

  59. Vienne Animates

    Vienne Animates개월 전

    What is that animal aquarium at the floor

  60. meynard flores

    meynard flores2 개월 전

    Haha are you in the philippines that STICK-O container

  61. Alexander Hamilton

    Alexander Hamilton2 개월 전

    But do they think they’re dead?

  62. fluffy fluffy diamond

    fluffy fluffy diamond2 개월 전

    This is normal

  63. NeoMicy

    NeoMicy2 개월 전

    T thougth the Titans would be back Titans, Gaia, Greek mythologie :D

  64. Kittygamer X

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    Ac family I am pleased to ADD PLAYS Me:Throws my ipad

  65. Cola Bend

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    Kittygamer X same 😅

  66. spineyrequiem

    spineyrequiem2 개월 전

    I find it fascinating that they've got noticeably different personalities, some roaming about to look for springtails while others ambush near known feeding grounds. Shows they're not the automatons many assume they are.

  67. Unspeachable gaming

    Unspeachable gaming2 개월 전

    Ants canada are you a filipino

  68. King Jesse

    King Jesse2 개월 전

    I thought that the new ants we're the Titans because gaia had kids named Titans

  69. doubleganger 625272

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  70. SHARK787 27

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    Hey they eggs finished now so they comed in life

  71. Cristina Gifford

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    At 4:04 he said i am pleased to introduce and then a ad came up with ways to kill ants in your your house (PS please don't kill ants)

  72. Keri Chandler

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    AntsCanada: and I know you me: please be jawbreakers please be jawbreakers AntsCanada:will be happy to know that the ants are the... jawbreakers! me: YES!!!!!

  73. the angry australian

    the angry australian2 개월 전

    I'm gonna start me a human container and all

  74. AugieDog08

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    Whenever you say “self sustaining” i just think “self sustaining hot air mobile home”

  75. mythree castle

    mythree castle2 개월 전

    pretty educational. thanks Mike ^_^...

  76. Liz Murdoch

    Liz Murdoch2 개월 전

    This should be on Netflix

  77. Blobfish Gaming

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    4:41 fish swims by in the background

  78. Sylkis89

    Sylkis892 개월 전

    wait you implanted mites infestation on purpose? I'm confused...

  79. Sylkis89

    Sylkis892 개월 전

    So it's not the same jawbreakers somehow survived in your house :( It's NeoJawbreakers!

  80. Brhians play'z Almira

    Brhians play'z Almira2 개월 전

    Hahhaha really your container had an stick o that filipino's mostly eat it in my store just one piece of stick o cost like 1 peso

  81. Cipher Galm 1

    Cipher Galm 12 개월 전

    Gaia is the godess of life

  82. RoyalBeast845

    RoyalBeast8452 개월 전

    I took a guess as too who you actually brought back, and I'm surprised how correct I was.

  83. Rambunctious Ninja

    Rambunctious Ninja2 개월 전

    Btw the titans are alive there are only a queen a 1 worker because a snake that eats baby ants got them but not all of them.... danget he said it!

  84. Biddy Theobald

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  85. A Space Production Inc.

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  86. Mark Dickinson

    Mark Dickinson2 개월 전

    I want a ant farm now

  87. AJ Labiste

    AJ Labiste2 개월 전

    Just found your videos today and dang, you make having ants exciting. Funny thing is I never knew you were somewhere near. Hello from Philippines. Stick-O and Ant love! 💕

  88. SkullyTheCreator

    SkullyTheCreator2 개월 전

    Although this video is pretty old. Im still very happy that they were back :)

  89. AdonisplayZ KYT

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    You could call the ant room the ANTeroom lol

  90. EpicCrafter54

    EpicCrafter542 개월 전

    i wish the marauder ants the titans returned

  91. GamingTiger 005

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    Ants can't climb sand

  92. _mems_are _gud

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    I keep thinking he calls us air conditioners

  93. Vick Ramper

    Vick Ramper7 일 전

    Me too

  94. Kathryn Wilhoite

    Kathryn Wilhoite2 개월 전

    You should do a bid on the dead and colonies! Please!

  95. Noah Longmire

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  96. Ayy Lmao

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    when are they gonna nerf these ants

  97. Karina Michelle

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    The drama on this channel is wild....

  98. Olivia Lewis élève

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    I love your vids

  99. Sega Tv

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    Welcome back JawBreakers :)

  100. Will Middle

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    welcom to the sallty spaton how tuff are you trap jaw: ant i yous my mouth to jump me: i cant spell

  101. Drs. Egli

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    Yaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!.They're back!

  102. Freebird Family

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    I saw some jawbreaker ants trying to eat some mites

  103. Rio Parekh

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  104. DandyArtist

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    Ants Canada is my favorite anime.

  105. FoxySonia

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    Your channel's episodes are good enough to be on TV.