My Pet Ants Returned From The Dead


  1. Gobillion 160

    Gobillion 1605 개월 전

    I just started watching your videos at 12:00 tonight and it’s currently 4:00 in the morning what am I doing with my life

  2. the angry australian

    the angry australian3 시간 전

    Ur thread was attacked by fanboys

  3. Jayotic NL

    Jayotic NL2 일 전

    Caleb DeLaGarza r/boneappletea

  4. richard m

    richard m5 일 전

    Hi u don't know how long I've been watching I'm a big fan

  5. Sophie Kitty

    Sophie Kitty개월 전

    Ya same only at a different time and I was scared for my test

  6. Jacob Bau

    Jacob Bau개월 전

    Been watching from just the fire nation, golden empire and titans, back when they didn't have flags. I know what you mean.

  7. Keri Chandler

    Keri Chandler시간 전

    AntsCanada: and I know you me: please be jawbreakers please be jawbreakers AntsCanada:will be happy to know that the ants are the... jawbreakers! me: YES!!!!!

  8. the angry australian

    the angry australian3 시간 전

    I'm gonna start me a human container and all

  9. AugieDog08

    AugieDog084 시간 전

    Whenever you say “self sustaining” i just think “self sustaining hot air mobile home”

  10. mythree castle

    mythree castle14 시간 전

    pretty educational. thanks Mike ^_^...

  11. Liz Murdoch

    Liz Murdoch21 시간 전

    This should be on Netflix

  12. Blobfish Gaming

    Blobfish Gaming일 전

    4:41 fish swims by in the background

  13. Sylkis89

    Sylkis893 일 전

    wait you implanted mites infestation on purpose? I'm confused...

  14. Sylkis89

    Sylkis893 일 전

    So it's not the same jawbreakers somehow survived in your house :( It's NeoJawbreakers!

  15. Brhians play'z Almira

    Brhians play'z Almira3 일 전

    Hahhaha really your container had an stick o that filipino's mostly eat it in my store just one piece of stick o cost like 1 peso

  16. Cipher Galm 1

    Cipher Galm 13 일 전

    Gaia is the godess of life

  17. RoyalBeast845

    RoyalBeast8454 일 전

    I took a guess as too who you actually brought back, and I'm surprised how correct I was.

  18. Rambunctious Ninja

    Rambunctious Ninja4 일 전

    Btw the titans are alive there are only a queen a 1 worker because a snake that eats baby ants got them but not all of them.... danget he said it!

  19. Biddy Theobald

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  20. A Space Production Inc.

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  21. Mark Dickinson

    Mark Dickinson6 일 전

    I want a ant farm now

  22. AJ Labiste

    AJ Labiste7 일 전

    Just found your videos today and dang, you make having ants exciting. Funny thing is I never knew you were somewhere near. Hello from Philippines. Stick-O and Ant love! 💕

  23. SkullyTheCreator

    SkullyTheCreator8 일 전

    Although this video is pretty old. Im still very happy that they were back :)

  24. AdonisplayZ KYT

    AdonisplayZ KYT8 일 전

    You could call the ant room the ANTeroom lol

  25. EpicCrafter54

    EpicCrafter549 일 전

    i wish the marauder ants the titans returned

  26. GamingTiger 005

    GamingTiger 00510 일 전

    Ants can't climb sand

  27. Fortnite is the best

    Fortnite is the best10 일 전

    I keep thinking he calls us air conditioners

  28. Kathryn Wilhoite

    Kathryn Wilhoite10 일 전

    You should do a bid on the dead and colonies! Please!

  29. Noah Longmire

    Noah Longmire10 일 전


  30. Ayy Lmao

    Ayy Lmao10 일 전

    when are they gonna nerf these ants

  31. Karina Michelle

    Karina Michelle10 일 전

    The drama on this channel is wild....

  32. Olivia Lewis élève

    Olivia Lewis élève11 일 전

    I love your vids

  33. Sega Tv

    Sega Tv11 일 전

    Welcome back JawBreakers :)

  34. Will Middle

    Will Middle11 일 전

    welcom to the sallty spaton how tuff are you trap jaw: ant i yous my mouth to jump me: i cant spell

  35. Drs. Egli

    Drs. Egli12 일 전

    Yaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!.They're back!

  36. Freebird Family

    Freebird Family12 일 전

    I saw some jawbreaker ants trying to eat some mites

  37. Rio Parekh

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  38. DandyArtist

    DandyArtist12 일 전

    Ants Canada is my favorite anime.

  39. FoxySonia

    FoxySonia13 일 전

    Your channel's episodes are good enough to be on TV.

  40. Sick_BamBam

    Sick_BamBam13 일 전

    i love your vids last night i was watching for 3 or 4 hours

  41. Andy Ortiz

    Andy Ortiz13 일 전

    I wanted the black dragand

  42. Briana Alfaro

    Briana Alfaro14 일 전

    I saw a video on the top 5 ways to kill ants and I clicked it... *Ant disliked*

  43. Naruto Shippidon

    Naruto Shippidon14 일 전


  44. Jupiter Host

    Jupiter Host14 일 전

    Never thought I would enjoy watching ants. Especially in how you document their activities.

  45. Poppy Bell

    Poppy Bell15 일 전

    Me: PLEASE BE THE BLACK DRAGONS!!! ants Canada:it's..... The jaw brakers!!! Me: oh... That's ok (is crying inside) Everyone else:yay!!!

  46. Raccoon Boi

    Raccoon Boi10 일 전


  47. FluffPuppyG87

    FluffPuppyG8715 일 전

    The Jawbreakers are now my favorite!

  48. unapologetic truth

    unapologetic truth15 일 전

    She is mother earth...

  49. R Kraus

    R Kraus16 일 전

    Only a bug lover would leave a light on right by an open window to encourage natural predation into water pools below. I can imagine you’re in bed and you find lots of unexpected guests.

  50. heather masco

    heather masco16 일 전

    WHear are the titans

  51. Greyson Jam

    Greyson Jam16 일 전

    This video is sponsored by Stick-O, Chocolate Wafer Stick.

  52. Archidon

    Archidon16 일 전

    Ants Australia make nest from AAC, Ants Canada make nest from real dirt and plants.

  53. Josh Avila

    Josh Avila17 일 전

    How did I just find out about this amazing channel

  54. Tristen Barnett

    Tristen Barnett17 일 전

    great job on the dragon ball z music and dont let the ants die ever again

  55. Mashawn Rolfe

    Mashawn Rolfe18 일 전

    I am scared to go out cus i might kill ants...and i have killed so many....:-( :-( :-( 😨😩😩😰😰😰😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  56. Mashawn Rolfe

    Mashawn Rolfe18 일 전

    I woke up at 8:00am and wached your viddo to 10:57 the next day i was so tiered i counded move so i still wackede

  57. DrewFC 1601

    DrewFC 160118 일 전

    I was a bit concerned about the ants getting out of their home

  58. OrkanDora

    OrkanDora20 일 전

    I'll play the annoying french here but it's "Plateaux" even with plural, no s :) and we don't pronounce it either Anyway, I discovered this channel a few days ago and literally went through all videos from at least a year back ! These are well done, interesting, and so catchy !! Great work :D

  59. Felix Lague

    Felix Lague20 일 전

    gaia is the godis of earth mother of the titans

  60. ATP Zombie Lord YT

    ATP Zombie Lord YT20 일 전


  61. ray_ping _souls 15

    ray_ping _souls 1520 일 전

    omg this is asome

  62. hatebreeders 27

    hatebreeders 2721 일 전

    Do Springtails harm the ants eggs?

  63. Tj Thompson

    Tj Thompson22 일 전

    Now I remember the live cockroach incident 😿 Rest In Peace baby roaches.

  64. iswed

    iswed23 일 전

    I just recently joined the AC Family but i was so excited to see the return of the trap jaw ants...the poor little guys didnt even have a chance

  65. signoguns

    signoguns24 일 전

    call them Army of the Dead

  66. potater mater

    potater mater27 일 전


  67. Jensi Joel Villar

    Jensi Joel Villar28 일 전

    I like the jaw breakers but.....the titans are way much cooler I miss them there big,strong,and have cool facts to learn about them and also I love your vids there so cool please like my comment and can you do give aways like give away any ant coline that someone gave to you that you already have the ant . Can you do bug wars. I subbed to your channel and like every vid 🐜 and to I got a game can you find the mistake 🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐒🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵 I have more. 🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐫🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪I have more 🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐀🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁I have no idea why I'm doing this this is probably the longest comment ever

  68. Hindo Nohj

    Hindo Nohj개월 전

    The Plateaus of Gaia is beautiful! That's a bomb setup for such small size!!! WANT!!!

  69. Hindo Nohj

    Hindo Nohj개월 전

    Anyone else here watching from upstate South Carolina? let's meet up and find some annnttss

  70. S Sen

    S Sen개월 전

    Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life on Earth in Greek mythology.

  71. o0fer artist

    o0fer artist개월 전

    Never in my lifetime did I think I would be so into a series of ants. #fromwatchingdexterepisodestoants lol.

  72. The green pro Gamer

    The green pro Gamer개월 전

    What is it

  73. Jacob Bau

    Jacob Bau개월 전

    Black Dragons... Gone but not forgotten...

  74. Brandy Schermann

    Brandy Schermann개월 전

    I love zombies boy😸

  75. hudson ruoss

    hudson ruoss개월 전

    Gaia is the Greek Erthgodess

  76. Joshbe Yap

    Joshbe Yap개월 전

    Your mikey bustos😂 I just saw your tattoo hahaha i always watch your vlogs😊

  77. Mae Bardoles

    Mae Bardoles개월 전

    There is an ant species that is very smart called the blue ants

  78. Ender Crafter

    Ender Crafter개월 전

    What about the to Titans? Why don't you bring them back too?

  79. mrs mozzarella sticks

    mrs mozzarella sticks개월 전

    Ant 1: i found a fly. Ant 2 where did you get it? Ant 1: i dunno it just fell.

  80. Nzredwolf

    Nzredwolf개월 전

    at 12:22 i received an ad about how to get rid of ants, really? right in the middle of an antkeepers video

  81. Mighty Splisshy

    Mighty Splisshy개월 전

    I’m still sad that we found a decapitated head of a titan. #RIPtitans

  82. Michael Nguyen

    Michael Nguyen개월 전

    i was a bit dissapointed that they didn’t really come back, but I am happy that they are bac on the channel

  83. Tiny Nation

    Tiny Nation개월 전

    Name them the Chocolate waffle sticks

  84. Meike Natali

    Meike Natali개월 전

    I silently prayed for Titans to come back actually, but welcome back Jawbreaker!

  85. juStOdDraY

    juStOdDraY개월 전

    I always eat when I watch these kinds of videos

  86. Robobloxian You

    Robobloxian You개월 전

    After this i feel like ants arent that bad i feel like getting one

  87. John Cabico

    John Cabico개월 전

    Don't say A-S-A-P say A-SAP.

  88. Andrew Mauoane

    Andrew Mauoane개월 전

    dam it I want bACK the titans they were the best bra the fought like some kind of thing dm it you flipping pheroh ants

  89. Sheng Fish

    Sheng Fish개월 전

    They would be like zombies ants and they will want you be one of us!

  90. Lea

    Lea개월 전

    I crossed everything for the titans

  91. Fira Jade

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  92. Olives 307

    Olives 307개월 전

    I find spring tails in my books...Is that strange?

  93. Megan Lloyd

    Megan Lloyd개월 전

    It’s gone be a jawbreaker espoeyans

  94. Anthony Bembow, Jr

    Anthony Bembow, Jr개월 전

    YaY Y a y YAY YAY

  95. Bears Spectrum

    Bears Spectrum개월 전

    Wait, how do they get carbohydrates ?

  96. Morgan McNally

    Morgan McNally개월 전

    On holiday an ant stole my crisp and probably ate it

  97. BlueTrix HV

    BlueTrix HV개월 전

    Just when I thought that cliffhangers had finally stopped

  98. SealOfToaster

    SealOfToaster개월 전

    Those jaws just like KV-2 cannon. It hurt a lot.

  99. SealOfToaster

    SealOfToaster개월 전

    "History show us that there are no invisible army in the world" -Joseph Stalin

  100. Rainbow Cat Studio

    Rainbow Cat Studio개월 전

    What is the spieses called because I have those same ants as pets and I got bit by one (it hurt so much)

  101. Zane Eid

    Zane Eid개월 전

    But I love you’re channel and I subscribed on the first day

  102. Zane Eid

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    You just bought a new pack of ants

  103. Ivan I like to bi mam

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    You won’t believe what just happened ali a intro plays

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    at 4:05 i literally got an ad

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    I like the Titan ants