1. Academia de Nefália

    Academia de Nefália5 시간 전

    Tati, I love your mom's hair color!

  2. Abigail Porter

    Abigail Porter일 전

    Still playing catch up and I really need to go to bed as in the UK it's quarter to Midnight!! But I just couldn't resist this video as your Mum is such a sweetheart!! She is gorgeous inside and out and I love seeing her on your channel Tati sweet. Thank you Tati's Mum, really appreciated you being on Tati's channel!! You did great with the look too!! Looking forward to when you are next on! xXx 💜💙💜

  3. Melissa Woodward

    Melissa Woodward3 일 전

    Your family, you, your lovely sisters and gorgeous mom, you all make me want to strive to be a better person. You're all so genuine and loving.

  4. Tipz, Toez, and Nail Bling by_MrzSandy

    Tipz, Toez, and Nail Bling by_MrzSandy5 일 전

    wow you guys are twins....

  5. Cat Blue

    Cat Blue6 일 전

    Awe. Your mom is lovely.

  6. Maggie Kennedy

    Maggie Kennedy6 일 전

    I’m in love with Tati’s mom!!! Omg I love how she loves color and her purple hair

  7. Aleksandra Vlahovic

    Aleksandra Vlahovic7 일 전

    Who are those 5%

  8. Ma'iingankwe H

    Ma'iingankwe H7 일 전

    Oh my gosh! I love your eyeshadow look and lipstick and the blush! You look great! Your Mom did a fabulous job 💕

  9. Helen Gay

    Helen Gay9 일 전

    Your mum is fabulous!!!

  10. Worldwide Warrior's

    Worldwide Warrior's10 일 전

    Mom is beautiful, I love her hair 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  11. Maggie Oxford

    Maggie Oxford13 일 전

    Seriously, those beauty genes come from Mom. And apparently the artistic ones as well.

  12. Rhonda Sullivan

    Rhonda Sullivan14 일 전

    Mom is gorgeous too!!

  13. Aubre Clarett

    Aubre Clarett19 일 전

    Your mom is so adorable and beautiful! Your relationship is so wonderful, living for it! ❤👌

  14. Brittany sue

    Brittany sue20 일 전

    Loved this video!!!

  15. T NS

    T NS20 일 전

    Love your mom’s comment about the lips blending with the face! Priceless! I can not wear nudes myself because my lips natural color comes through.

  16. Warrior Amina

    Warrior Amina20 일 전

    Where did Tati get her shirt from 😩 I love the color!

  17. chiara sanguineti

    chiara sanguineti21 일 전


  18. Loreyn Workman

    Loreyn Workman21 일 전

    She actually did a great job with eyeshadow if you look at the colors up close

  19. Vicky Kimla

    Vicky Kimla21 일 전

    Would love to see you do your mom's makeup and skincare tips for mature skin. You are both absolutely gorgeous!!

  20. Patty Gavin

    Patty Gavin21 일 전

    The nices warmth video I ever see. You got the looks of you mom... I am sure she looks like you when she was your age. She did a good job! And I like her free spirit...look her gorgeous hair!!

  21. Victoria LeMaster

    Victoria LeMaster22 일 전

    Pretty sure your mom is my makeup solemate love black honey from clinique

  22. Sandee Warren

    Sandee Warren22 일 전

    You should have a podcast and your mom should be a guest frequently. I could listen to the both of you talk ALL DAY.

  23. Kristy C

    Kristy C22 일 전

    This is so wholesome and i crave that. It's hard for me to fall asleep, i need to make sure I'm in a good mind frame. So I play Tati's videos before i go to bed, and this one is my favorite to replay. Wholesome comforting vibes for me ❤

  24. Aymun Ahmed

    Aymun Ahmed23 일 전

    "i feel like i have separation anxiety when im away from my makeup" YES YES YES YES

  25. Ariel & Cat

    Ariel & Cat23 일 전

    I literally thought the sponge in the intro was a piece of cheese as a joke 😂😂😭



    I loved watching Bob Ross. I actually painted some of his creations. Right now your face is her little world. What the heck, just have fun my friends.

  27. mistral 111

    mistral 11124 일 전

    You look so much like your mom. She is funny. Was she supposed to swipe the foundation on your face?😀

  28. Lena Solo

    Lena Solo24 일 전

    😀📢Давайте ,теперь тащите маму, папу,брата, брата ёбаря и такую же сестру,😋чтоб заполнить пустоту и поднять падающий интерес к вашим каналам!😄

  29. Elizabeth Krol

    Elizabeth Krol24 일 전

    I love your mom! She's a delightful person!

  30. Majest Simplicatiroux

    Majest Simplicatiroux25 일 전

    Tatiiii... I want to see Mom doing a painting!!! please!!!

  31. Christine Carroll

    Christine Carroll25 일 전

    We need to see that little mermaid moment!

  32. iheartfrigga

    iheartfrigga25 일 전

    Awww, your mom is so sweet. I love the videos where is featured.

  33. Emma Camper

    Emma Camper26 일 전

    She is better at makeup than me 😞 pls teach me these things😒

  34. seham aga

    seham aga26 일 전

    pleeeeeeease do that everyday pulled back routine i travel a lot and i don’t have time for all your gorgeous long routines 😭😭

  35. Iylia Abd. Aziz

    Iylia Abd. Aziz26 일 전

    Tati, please do the everyday makeup look where you use less brushes and such. Really need that type of video.

  36. jazzybaby

    jazzybaby27 일 전

    Omg your mom is so cute!! I see where you get your beautiful looks from!

  37. Bethany Sloan

    Bethany Sloan27 일 전

    Your moms voice is so calming! Loved this video!

  38. mollyjane01

    mollyjane0127 일 전

    Your mom is amazing, Tati-now we know where you get it from!! 💜

  39. Kelly-rae Vogl

    Kelly-rae Vogl27 일 전


  40. Anakaren Banda

    Anakaren Banda27 일 전

    Your mom said she has used something to make her lashes grow! Can you ask her what it is???

  41. kavunicibalik0

    kavunicibalik028 일 전

    you both are so sweet :)

  42. Reagan Pearson

    Reagan Pearson29 일 전

    y’all have the same smiles like fr. when she smiled i saw you in the future

  43. Tammy Kronenberg

    Tammy Kronenberg개월 전

    Love love love your mom’s hair!

  44. Cooper Davis

    Cooper Davis개월 전

    9:19 peep tati's mom not dipping in the eyshadow

  45. Hannah clary

    Hannah clary개월 전

    your mom is so beautiful tati!

  46. Tameka Green

    Tameka Green개월 전

    Yes!!! I love the less brush and less makeup look. Mommy looks very vibrant and I love the way you two interact, family is everything

  47. ZQ Bai

    ZQ Bai개월 전

    tati rally looks like hers mom!

  48. Sarah Roberts

    Sarah Roberts개월 전

    I am guilty for using hair spray as a setting spray when I was younger. 🙈

  49. Tommi-anna Smith

    Tommi-anna Smith개월 전

    I love watching your mom putting your makeup on. You can tell she’s a painter 👩‍🎨

  50. Mortgage Chic

    Mortgage Chic개월 전

    Your mom is absolutely gorgeous!

  51. Liz Miller

    Liz Miller개월 전

    She did a great job! And thank you Tati, for being so very kind to her no matter what she wanted to do. Some are not as kind to their mom in the videos. Your mom is just beautiful too!

  52. Diana Woodard

    Diana Woodard개월 전

    I kept waiting for a Whoops, Happy Accident. LOL but no, it never came...... I do the eyeliner trick you mom was taking about, I have to stretch out my lids for the primer also otherwise it looks like my shadow skips. I need a Tati class....

  53. Angela Hetrick

    Angela Hetrick개월 전

    I need to know what kind of body highlight Tati’s wearing because her skin is looking fantastic

  54. Mary Purpura

    Mary Purpura개월 전

    I love when you have your family on your channel. It is so fun to watch/hear the banter. Your Mom is adorable!!!!

  55. yikesmj

    yikesmj개월 전

    lol finally! someone who also experiences make up separation anxiety 😅💄

  56. Penny G. Gray

    Penny G. Gray개월 전

    Your mom is so precious enjoy her as much as you can. Love the subtle look.

  57. Katie Benander

    Katie Benander개월 전

    Please do a best inexpensive make up brush guide! It’d change my life 😂

  58. Tamara Styer

    Tamara Styer개월 전

    Yes, we would LOVE to see your go-to everyday routine!

  59. Ella Angel

    Ella Angel개월 전

    When your mom was applying your primer I thought: Isn't that any mom in the world applying sunscreen on their children? ♡♡♡♡ So cute, I love your mom's artistry!

  60. Jennifer H.K.

    Jennifer H.K.개월 전

    Tati you look so stunning. The tan, the glowy skin... wow