1. Lucas and Marcus

    Lucas and Marcus6 개월 전


  2. Xochilt Vazquez

    Xochilt Vazquez29 일 전

    I love you guys💓💓💓

  3. Kiara Usrey

    Kiara Usrey개월 전

    Ok Marcus’s or Lucas’s girlfriend because they are twins and I have no clue which ones which so it’s very confusing so I just said both of the twins names ummm and they don’t have the same color hair and when they are twins maybe they have the same color hair and the girl that has different color hair sounds like Marcus’s and Lucas’s mom she sounds like Marcus‘s and Lucas‘s mom🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  4. V Asotic

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    I watched all your videos

  5. V Asotic

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    I an a huge fan

  6. Lana Rogić

    Lana Rogić16 분 전

    When she started to talk I knew it was your mom

  7. Marisette Lafuente

    Marisette Lafuente9 시간 전

    It was Lucas and Marcus mom

  8. Bladimira Hola adexeGonzalez

    Bladimira Hola adexeGonzalez10 시간 전

    Ivanita sister is your mom i see hes face

  9. Jesus Thompson

    Jesus Thompson10 시간 전

    Her sister is the dobre Brothers mom

  10. maggie vela

    maggie vela11 시간 전

    U guys notice that ivanita keeps on telling Lucas and Marcus not 2 get close 2 her twin sister that's a clue


    KAYLA CORBETT17 시간 전

    It’s your mom you edd🤔

  12. SandhYa PAudel

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  13. Dorzada Starks

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    That Literally your mom

  14. Shyla LaRoche

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    I downloaded dorb dunk its so fun 💘💘

  15. Amanda Biddle

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    That is their mom

  16. Amber Lane

    Amber Lane일 전

    As soon as I heard her voice, I knew it was Lucas and Marcus's mom

  17. tyler Billy

    tyler Billy일 전

    Lol he was flirting with his mom

  18. Bennie Sumo

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    You cpan tell from her voice

  19. Danielle Flores

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    I can see the face on 2minutes

  21. Merwin Gorubat

    Merwin Gorubat2 일 전

    I'm your FUNS from Philippines my idols DOBRE brothers😁

  22. Julianna Rosario

    Julianna Rosario2 일 전

    It’s the mom

  23. Nylah Dennis

    Nylah Dennis2 일 전

    Is Lucas and Marcus's Mom you can hear it in her voice

  24. Planet_nuggetz :3

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    Marcus can date the twin 😂

  25. Lou a

    Lou a2 일 전

    It’s a prank

  26. Anthony Gordon

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    That is lucas and marcus mom

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    That’s just the MOM

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    I want a iPhone 11 plz

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    i noticed by the hair

  30. Ramkhelawon Bobby

    Ramkhelawon Bobby5 일 전

    Please I want Marcus to marry this girl

  31. Stephen Chow

    Stephen Chow6 일 전

    It’s a prank that is your mom

  32. I love ur channels Garay

    I love ur channels Garay6 일 전

    Dude I defelily know that's Lucas and marcus mom cuz she sounds like her Love yall

  33. Ramyn Martinez

    Ramyn Martinez7 일 전

    I watched the video and at the beginning it sounds like Lucas and maracas mom

  34. Fatima Fatima

    Fatima Fatima7 일 전

    I love how Marcus got more excited than Lucas

  35. Lissan Aklilu

    Lissan Aklilu8 일 전

    It‘s your mom

  36. Yaritza Soto

    Yaritza Soto8 일 전

    People knew it was marcus and lucas mom because of her voice.

  37. Yaritza Soto

    Yaritza Soto8 일 전

    I feel bad for marcus

  38. kimberlyqueen23 kim

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    You can tell it's Lucas&Marcus mom because if her voice.

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  40. maribel aguayo

    maribel aguayo10 일 전

    Hi Marcus and Lucas the video that you guys did of this one or your girlfriend did it it's actually your mommy

  41. Bodea Alex

    Bodea Alex10 일 전

    I know cause is your mom

  42. Destiny Jaquez

    Destiny Jaquez10 일 전

    Ay yo that thier mom bro😂😂

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    Webyybjunihyhkomkoiuiykomumokjmoihmou kijjno

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    I think this is your mum

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    That's their mom

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    Who is falling for that prank that is lucas and marcas mom

  47. maryanne kodsi

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    I Anna

  48. maryanne kodsi

    maryanne kodsi12 일 전

    Likethis comment if you new that Ivan’s is just Lucas and Marcus mom

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    I like all your videos

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    Nice one

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    that's your mom

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    At 4:25 in the video i notice it was their mom

  53. Briana Laune

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    Where is Verona from

  54. Jessica Otero

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    This is a prank lucas and marcus don't think we are stupid

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    It's Marcus and Lucas mom

  56. 750 hussain

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    10000000dollars will be yours if she’s isint your mom isnot your mom

  57. mutwaf youtobe channel

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    Twins fake

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    Twins mom 😂😂😂😂

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    That is y'all mom

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    Your twin bro has a girlfriend

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    That is you guys’s mom

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    it is lucas and murcas mom

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    I love your all vids

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    That sounds like Lucas and marcus mom