My Gangsta Relatives


  1. Ɓ!ᱜ ςhשׁ᳆᠖טּ꯱࿐

    Ɓ!ᱜ ςhשׁ᳆᠖טּ꯱࿐7 시간 전

    Samsung for the win

  2. Phyko

    Phyko8 시간 전

    2:26 YoUrE sO sQuIsHeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Maggie Bilski

    Maggie Bilski9 시간 전

    I have a Galxey s7 too

  4. yeet man

    yeet man10 시간 전

    I laughed so hard we she said"That ain't here right,please say nah"

  5. Fenixopel

    Fenixopel12 시간 전

    6:49 *Screams in spring day*

  6. LilDogegirl

    LilDogegirl17 시간 전

    Worst nightmare

  7. Tatiana Lopez

    Tatiana Lopez19 시간 전

    I did it before

  8. LamaChick Lama

    LamaChick Lama일 전

    Plot Twist: *she accidentally went to North Vietnam*

  9. shadows plays

    shadows plays일 전

    I played fortnite for 13 hours straight

  10. Family Fun

    Family Fun일 전

    Ah yes my favorite country *mapel syrup*

  11. Neterg Sullivahn

    Neterg Sullivahn일 전

    One piece? Can that grandma use haki?

  12. Carina Hernandez

    Carina Hernandez일 전

    Hola C:

  13. Isaiah Raymond

    Isaiah Raymond2 일 전

    I like the art style

  14. Foxiana 123

    Foxiana 1232 일 전

    Oh WORD i got limbs now

  15. Flakey

    Flakey2 일 전

    Pretty sure they drink black coffee with energy stuff lol

  16. Samir Smith

    Samir Smith2 일 전

    That is so true people be like you’re so precious you look so squishy everything I agree with you it’s every single day in my life with my family😑😑😑😑😑😑👦🏿

  17. YuriFan #1

    YuriFan #12 일 전

    Me: Hey. Mom: 0:02

  18. rainbow plays

    rainbow plays2 일 전


  19. rainbow plays

    rainbow plays2 일 전

    subscribe to me if yes

  20. Patrick Miranda

    Patrick Miranda2 일 전

    sorry im way worse i watch 18 hours a day

  21. kay parsons

    kay parsons3 일 전

    No sleep squad me and my rwin yes identikle used to stay up past 6: 00 am

  22. Alfredo Meza Pastor

    Alfredo Meza Pastor3 일 전

    BTS "Bellos Taquilleros Sin privilegios Spanish traslation.

  23. Aqua Nova

    Aqua Nova3 일 전


  24. Heart Moss

    Heart Moss3 일 전

    I mean you did give visible abs and there is no sight of a shirt

  25. Heart Moss

    Heart Moss3 일 전

    So is everyone in your videos naked

  26. XxBts Army

    XxBts Army3 일 전

    I love bts

  27. AshBurn66

    AshBurn663 일 전

    I'm watching this video on an s7

  28. Kitty Fontaine

    Kitty Fontaine3 일 전

    Uh i watch KOreporter for 16 hours straight

  29. gachagirl gacha_99

    gachagirl gacha_993 일 전

    I love blackpink!😍🤩🖤💖

  30. I’m a rAt

    I’m a rAt3 일 전


  31. Snek Snek

    Snek Snek3 일 전

    Hi Hello Ola *demon noises*

  32. Conor Prochaska

    Conor Prochaska4 일 전

    arthur reference i hope in woogle

  33. Matthew Speca

    Matthew Speca4 일 전

    Yo I swear that your gm is the gym teachers gm

  34. •AiriannaPlays•

    •AiriannaPlays•4 일 전

    2:11 NIGHTMARE But wonderful video!

  35. Caro Lane

    Caro Lane4 일 전

    1:13 my answer is paradise

  36. Loltastic _Gacha

    Loltastic _Gacha4 일 전

    4:41 was FUNNYYYYYYY(>ω

  37. ωαlєѕ αят

    ωαlєѕ αят4 일 전

    Are you sure you didn't accidentally go to *North Korea?* JK-

  38. Shadow Phantom

    Shadow Phantom4 일 전

    It’s normal

  39. Gil Go

    Gil Go4 일 전

    well i watched youtube for 15 hours straight whit only going to the toilet once

  40. PuccaFunnyGirl

    PuccaFunnyGirl4 일 전

    My grandma smashes spiders with her bare hands. One time I was in the restroom with her and I screamed "SPIDER!", and she smashed It with her bare hands.

  41. Kelli Green

    Kelli Green5 일 전

    4:55 looks like 2D from gorillaz

  42. Jeiden Casillas

    Jeiden Casillas5 일 전

    I have watched youtube for a day until the next morning.

  43. packedgoku

    packedgoku6 일 전

    i mostly watch youtube for 24 hours

  44. Xavier Irizarry

    Xavier Irizarry6 일 전

    7:24 Logan Paul Edit 7:21

  45. Brandon Maxi

    Brandon Maxi6 일 전

    I watched KOreporter 24 hours strait

  46. daddistalin

    daddistalin6 일 전

    Bts just pains me physically, I truly have to clue how people enjoy them

  47. FJ

    FJ7 일 전

    North or south Korea

  48. Gacha wolf girl

    Gacha wolf girl7 일 전

    Your grandma reminds me of Katski Bakugo from BNHA so much...

  49. red dragon

    red dragon7 일 전

    Tabbes truly calls her sia because you can SIA the attitude in her eyes

  50. Ace Heistest

    Ace Heistest7 일 전

    Tabbes = venom

  51. SlickmrkiddoZz Dylan Kaled

    SlickmrkiddoZz Dylan Kaled7 일 전


  52. That boy David

    That boy David7 일 전

    E P I C

  53. anthony briceno

    anthony briceno7 일 전

    why sia look like dora

  54. Danielle Unger

    Danielle Unger7 일 전


  55. Kronick_WIDFTC

    Kronick_WIDFTC7 일 전

    13 hour ehhhh that the norm

  56. Wubbox Breaker

    Wubbox Breaker7 일 전


  57. Tiny Gaming Eclipse

    Tiny Gaming Eclipse7 일 전

    Get on my level I’ve been watching 16 hours bet no one can keep up with me

  58. Erika Oliveira

    Erika Oliveira6 일 전

    Do you wear glasses?

  59. PinkyBelle YT

    PinkyBelle YT8 일 전

    If anybody and I mean ANYBODY. tried to squish my cheeks..... I would slap their hands RIGHT THEN AND THERE. And probably their face too.

  60. KimyaWithLove

    KimyaWithLove8 일 전

    That picture at 6:49 is where bts had a photoshoot for their album!! How can we forget this legendary bus stand

  61. Sushi Llama

    Sushi Llama8 일 전

    hahahaha. my s6 liegit just died like its toast i want a phone santa/grandma

  62. gizmo 52

    gizmo 528 일 전

    9:28 95 percent of my and boys and girls rooms