My Gangsta Relatives


  1. Samhuariah Bailey

    Samhuariah Bailey시간 전

    Imaooo I'm dead she crazy asf bro 😂😍

  2. Blãck Nøodlēs

    Blãck Nøodlēs시간 전

    No one: Tabbes: My Grandmas Walking Speed Is My Running Speed

  3. Jetro Of the filipino

    Jetro Of the filipino시간 전

    The way the grandma walks make me LAUGH!!!😂

  4. XDAstongamer045 AG

    XDAstongamer045 AG2 시간 전

    I am on youtube for 24/7

  5. Sims Kalil

    Sims Kalil3 시간 전

    Hey what's taking so long just to make a video get moving you bozo Yee Yee (T∆T)

  6. XD_Exotic

    XD_Exotic6 시간 전


  7. Master Reaper

    Master Reaper6 시간 전

    6:53 you look like. Luffy

  8. skeleton slasher2 fortnite

    skeleton slasher2 fortnite7 시간 전

    I want to kill the child

  9. Ink Error

    Ink Error8 시간 전

    Ye bts xD it’s paradise!

  10. Joseph Pangilinan

    Joseph Pangilinan9 시간 전

    Ehy, When I saw bts I almost sprained my leg

  11. ZebraPOTATOgachaCookie

    ZebraPOTATOgachaCookie9 시간 전

    Do you have a boyfriend???

  12. dark lord alex

    dark lord alex10 시간 전


  13. Sugarcookie Studios

    Sugarcookie Studios11 시간 전

    0:31 pfft Haha! Canada Is maple syrup

  14. xXJTSXx Gaming

    xXJTSXx Gaming11 시간 전

    I can watch 2 days before passing out square up tabbes

  15. The Difference

    The Difference11 시간 전

    9:56 just realized pin was here !!

  16. Renee Willis

    Renee Willis13 시간 전

    7:23 lmfoaoaoaoa why they do Logan like that 😂😂🤣😂🤣

  17. Ťèďďý & Ćřèppýpáśťá

    Ťèďďý & Ćřèppýpáśťá13 시간 전

    Uh now i Wonder what they put in there coffe dang it south Korea wut the fuck

  18. lil Olive

    lil Olive15 시간 전

    Bts everywhere is my worse nightmare

  19. London 12 yumy

    London 12 yumy16 시간 전

    Tabes: I think it's only a usa think Me: boy I watch KOreporter for 20 hours man

  20. Magic_c a n d i e s .P.

    Magic_c a n d i e s .P.16 시간 전

    Repeat the first 1 seconds of the video 2 times Repeat Vid but this time go to 2 seconds Repeat and you have an epic song

  21. Ava Valenzuela

    Ava Valenzuela16 시간 전

    BTS? Everywhere? Am I in heaven? lol


    GAMER GOAT16 시간 전

    Awww shit you dead again

  23. Rock Krawler

    Rock Krawler17 시간 전

    I once watched KOreporter for a day STRAIGHT

  24. ibrokemytoenail clippers

    ibrokemytoenail clippers17 시간 전

    That what i watch when i watch youtube on the tv 6:05

  25. mikey plays lol

    mikey plays lol17 시간 전


  26. Lulu Sliver

    Lulu Sliver18 시간 전

    Anime is life

  27. Prickle Bear

    Prickle Bear18 시간 전

    Yeah South Korea’s air S U C K S I’m speaking from experience

  28. GregBR

    GregBR20 시간 전

    your grandma sounds like the sloth's grandma from ice age

  29. clara rose

    clara rose22 시간 전

    your Korean wow I didn't know

  30. Spherical God

    Spherical God22 시간 전

    You sound like a 45 year old black woman

  31. Madison Conley

    Madison Conley일 전

    i watch youtube until i past out my record is 37 hours of youtube

  32. [TryS] Noobaf123

    [TryS] Noobaf123일 전

    BTS everywhere Me:*visible terror*

  33. cat studios :D

    cat studios :D일 전

    6:43 me too

  34. Wrel Rel

    Wrel Rel일 전

    13 hours of KOreporter is normal.

  35. Captain America

    Captain America일 전


  36. xavier adams

    xavier adams일 전

    her grandpa is Alexander Hamilton

  37. Hacked Llama

    Hacked Llama일 전

    Same my family the only one the lives in America!

  38. Stupid Jenny

    Stupid Jenny일 전

    Tabbes Gravity left the chat, if you understand 😬😬😋

  39. Kawaii Potato

    Kawaii Potato일 전

    I have an S7 and ur Grandma is indeed a savage. And I watch KOreporter for 15 to 17 hours straight

  40. un perro R U S O

    un perro R U S O일 전


  41. Kirit O

    Kirit O일 전

    I’m sorry... I expected you watch KOreporter longer your telling me you don’t watch KOreporter for at least 20-30 hours

  42. B E P S U K I R B

    B E P S U K I R B일 전

    1:16 She got em

  43. jayden gonzalez

    jayden gonzalez일 전

    tabbes:why was i born god:i dont know

  44. Audrina Gomez 3

    Audrina Gomez 3일 전

    13 hours is great! But I watched a 15 hour video and stayed up all night to a we-

  45. Marisa Eisner

    Marisa Eisner일 전

    They don’t get hung over because of Asian flesh

  46. Default-y -Boi

    Default-y -Boi일 전


  47. The Anticlimatic

    The Anticlimatic일 전

    *“mom I wanna get off!”* then jump off,,, *_please_*



    My grandma is all nice n’ stuff and then after 2 days of hanging with her she starts turning me and my sisters into child slaves

  49. Loveleii Doveleii

    Loveleii Doveleii일 전

    Tabbes usual artstyle : 0:01 Also Tabbes : 0:09

  50. Dina Giron

    Dina Giron일 전

    You should tell a story that’s like a jigsaw thing for next Halloween plz😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  51. 意気消沈した子供あなただけ

    意気消沈した子供あなただけ일 전

    Tabbes: Bts was everywhere, now that can either sound like a paradise to some of yall' or your worst nightmare.. Me: Definitely nightmare.. Everyone hates me for not liking kpop, thanks for the warning to never go to south koreah

  52. galaxia stars OwO

    galaxia stars OwO일 전

    Bruh just 13 hours and then never seen a peeson watching so much youtube? One day i watched youtube for 23 hours

  53. Iga.z

    Iga.z일 전

    Tabbes: BTS IS everywhere and on everything me: I WANNA GO THERE I WANNA LIVE THERER PLZ TAKE ME (XD)

  54. Gustavo Eduardo Polonio Melendez

    Gustavo Eduardo Polonio Melendez일 전

    Nana naaa nana naaa :v

  55. S K

    S K일 전

    I got a trump Ad on this...

  56. Kayl Martinez

    Kayl Martinez일 전

    I watch KOreporter for 24 hours

  57. Gameingwithodds Gamer

    Gameingwithodds Gamer일 전

    Were are you

  58. Gameingwithodds Gamer

    Gameingwithodds Gamer일 전

    Why were you born

  59. ethan arroyo

    ethan arroyo일 전

    Welp... We all learned a lesson... Never mention Fortnite around Tabbes or this will happen. 1:35

  60. Cole Tharp

    Cole Tharp일 전

    Watching KOreporter for 18 hours strait is normal for me something wrong with me :(

  61. Aiden Allwardt

    Aiden Allwardt일 전

    5:39 What?!?!