My Experience with Sports


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    Why do you always get on #1

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    2nd trending Australia

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    Hey, I am Mikael Hadchan

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    I love your art and animation improvement!

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    Number one in TRENDING

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    Congrats with #1 on trending

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    I AM HERE *walks away

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    #1 on TRENDING WTF

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    K so sifting threw tumblr clicked on a link and found r34 of jaiden animation not joking

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    1# on trending sooo proud❤️❤️❤️

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    #1 on trending

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    (Pasta with no sauce...)

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    Excuse me wtf

  15. Tiger _doodles

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    Me too Jade me too

  16. hairoftehdog

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    A day in the life of a self-righteous loser.

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    Number 1 trending nice

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    Nice one step side kick

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    #1 trending in Canada!

  20. Boss GG player

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    don't say it like you've gone on a sudden age progression or something? LOL

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  22. Carnage Rules

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    I laughed liked crazy

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    Good job on top one trending #1

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    Yay!!!! I loved this vid! So... Whats next?

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    reeeeeeeeeeee- a vid.

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    JAIDEN u got trending!!

  28. fight_and_die 157

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    I was thinking you’d rant how long you’ve played all the Wii Sports games, and how it magically made you more fitter.

  29. Hannah Irving-Liscano

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  30. a d a s i s k o

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    a d a s i s k o stfu

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    OMG u didn't I subscribed yet...😂😂😂😂😂

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    Nice video!

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    1 on trending?

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    Congrats on #1!

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    #1 trending well done🤩

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    I dont know why but this is Trending in Germany

  38. Finnegan Carson

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    Copied James lol (this is a joke)

  39. Cool4JGirl

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    damn she had good parents enrolling her in all that shit, the only sports i got to do was basketball in middle school bc it was free and all i needed was shorts lmao

  40. Wolf Pack

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  41. Jesse Jurjens

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    Said detemination Chara was in the video Sans jaiden fan art Are u a undertale fan


    MÏŠȚÄ GAMER2 시간 전


  43. Polarian Cyanide

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    Sports were never my thing. I did three months of gymnastics in the first grade and remember none of it, and I tried to play soccer at recess with the cool kids from 5-6th grade and no one ever kicked the ball to me and I was always picked last, so that's when I decided that sports can suck it. My aunt tried to teach me tennis for awhile and I was ok, but I never joined an actual team. Now I'm an art nerd who never leaves the house.

  44. Lilo Playz

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    1 on tredinn

  45. Magical Cat

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    I did cheerleading when I was like 7 and ever since I've hated.....moving........😂

  46. Ceeriob UwU

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    Alexa, is despacito a sport?

  47. PhantomFae

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    #1 trending in *UK!* Great video Jaiden!

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  50. Tony Gallardo

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    TBH being 4 yrs is very embarrassing 2 all of us and no one wants 2 see it

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    #3 trending 🇮🇪🇮🇪

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    I feel guilty for being a lazy potato But I did have...IMAGINATION!

  54. King_Flash

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    #1 on trending great job jaiden!!

  55. AztecPvp

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    when it showed the throwing up part i laughed. but side note: i was drinking soda then it sprayed out of my mouth when i laughed.

  56. mois eusebio

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    plus WOOMY

  57. GamesNStuff

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    5:03 That transition tho.

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    #1 on trending yessss

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    OMGGGG Good job of getting #1 trending!! I luv you so much good job!

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    #1 on trending!!!!

  62. ridizzle189

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    Tennis is the hardest sport to learn and play at a high level | Change my mind :) Also one of the most enjoyable

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    #1 on trending ^•^

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    Congrats on getting trending!

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    She is number one in trending

  66. TYGRYSEK po pracy

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    diD yOU jUsT *CaME oUT??* *SO PROUD OF YOU!!*

  67. Jesse Jurjens

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    7:47 voldemort

  68. William Todd

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    #1 On Trending

  70. Beyblade Brothers

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    6:46 I AM Here!!! (My Hero Academia)

  71. AncientMagic96

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    So wait are you actually Bi or was that a joke? I won't judge, half of my friends are gay, they cool. 😎😁

  72. Jett Newton

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    Ok #1 on trending you don't have to talk about Odd1sout being in that spot on trending

  73. Seanna Monroe

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    Congrats to trending! You deserve it!

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  75. Naterade150

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    Does playing trumpet count as a sport

  76. Naterade150

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    +TheOnlyPerfect 283 darn ill have to start

  77. TheOnlyPerfect 283

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    No, but playing mayonnaise is

  78. Sarah Moran

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    I had to go when you uploaded sorry I’m late

  79. The Fat Cat

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    7:15 actually the best animation job ever

  80. Mlitg Gamer

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    I froze her... what what I did not say that... my sister hacked my account and said thaat...

  81. dragon_ shade

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    Marching band is best sport

  82. Emily Cat

    Emily Cat2 시간 전

    “And then i tried tennis.” Any we all know where that leads to! :D

  83. Emily Cat

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    Jump over nets : /

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    Time to get those feet a tappin lol

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    #1 ON TRENDING!!!

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    Congrats on trending!!! :D 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎉🎊🎉🎉🎊🎁🎊🎊🎉🎁🎉🎉🎁🎁🎁🎊🎊🎉🎉🎊🎊🎁

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    Aww no marching band

  88. This Is Mii

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    #1 Trending and I love it !

  89. Michael Malloy

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    #1 on trending

  90. ridizzle189

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    People are so silly sometimes. Tennis is one of the hardest to learn and most technical sports in existence. Anyone that's actually played tennis even at a beginner level can attest to that. Especially if you try to get any good at it and just play at an average level not to mention high level tennis. Sure you might not need to spend as much time in the gym lifting and bulking up like say football and other sports but you never come in contact with your opponent so that's not as important. It's more about finesse and endurance and getting in actual court and match time. Which I think is a plus more doing the sport and less time lifting weights. Yes being the better athlete and more fit player will give you advantages but if you can't keep up with the pace of the ball, read the spins, position yourself properly, set up points, and do the basics it's not going to help much. Some pushers might disagree haha but even pushers have to learn some basics and can only push at their level although they can rely more on there hand eye coordination and speed to beat better more technical players they still can only get so far pushing.

  91. ridizzle189

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    Haha my intention was to make a short comment too dang it

  92. TheOnlyPerfect 283

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    Ok, i cant read that much

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    Finally something good on trending

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    Congrats on #1 on trending!

  95. Sploon Boi

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    I wonder what happened to the girl you pushed.

  96. TaftZoom

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    I really Like your character animations!

  97. Terrance the Fish

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    Congrats on #1!!!

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    Good job jaiden u have earned a subscription for life

  99. Veronica Young

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    I would be in a dark corner too Jadien, you are not alone

  100. Maukustus

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    #5 on trending

  101. Elysium Ervin

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    I love that the individual with the ace flag was the Deku meme. I'm ace and I almost share my birthday with Deku and I appreciated that.

  102. Mik Vids

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    I love tennis

  103. Hey It's Jo

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  104. Shadowless_Moon

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    Lmao I remember when you were showing that James had a video 1# trending and now you have a 1# trending xD

  105. Jessie Wood

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    **bleh** 15 love?

  106. Alyson Dalrymple

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    wait, was she serious about being pan? Or was that a joke...? I'm bad at humor..... Sorry. 😓😓😓

  107. Raahil Rahman

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    #1 on trending, Woohoo!!!!!!!