My Dream Ant Farm: Leafcutter Ants


  1. marche 434

    marche 434시간 전

    If you visit ecuador you would feel jealous , here leaf cutter queens are extremely common by this times

  2. Augusto

    Augusto2 일 전

    7:10 Does anyone know the name of this music?

  3. Augusto

    Augusto시간 전

    +Jan thx

  4. Jan

    Jan2 시간 전

    In the hall of the mountain king

  5. Soozonthebeach

    Soozonthebeach3 일 전

    I'm a recent addition to AC. Totally enjoy it. I have decribed you as the Robin Leech of ant colonies. Thanks for your channel.

  6. vic ferg

    vic ferg4 일 전

    You would love my yard

  7. Nathália Madeira

    Nathália Madeira5 일 전

    There's these cutting leaves in my sidewalk, I am always afraid they might bite my toddler, I don't know if they attack humans or not tho

  8. kingdom master21

    kingdom master215 일 전

    NERD 🤓💖📚🏫🤓👟🎒👔 jk lol I like this, I eat them

  9. Murilo Osti

    Murilo Osti6 일 전

    I live in Brazil and here im my neighborhood exists a lot fo leafcutter ants colonies.

  10. Rhys Crowell

    Rhys Crowell6 일 전

    I wish I had an ounce of joy and excitement for life that you have about ants

  11. Blue Marble

    Blue Marble6 일 전

    The Leafcutter Ants at the San Diego Zoo is better than that

  12. Nick Is Cool

    Nick Is Cool7 일 전

    I live in Montreal I wish I could go there that day and I could see him!

  13. goldwynne bulauitan

    goldwynne bulauitan7 일 전

    the voice of the narator resembles to mikey bustos

  14. Mr Oof

    Mr Oof11 일 전

    Theres 4 types of people: 1. Ant Nerds 2. Language Nerds 3. Cubers 4. Car People

  15. Rynn DL

    Rynn DL11 일 전

    Do you have spider ants?

  16. Nickolas Aaron

    Nickolas Aaron11 일 전

    Dude you've made me love ants. I used to breed leopard geckos as a youngin, you're making me want to do hours and hours of research and beginning to think about potentially raising a colony in the future. Also, VERY great channel. You do an amazing job!

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  18. kazpaul75

    kazpaul7512 일 전

    I'm lucky enough to live not far from a zoo here in the UK that has an exhibit of leafcutters for me to enjoy. I love your videos, they have certainly inspired me about how creative I could be in making my first formicarium (I am waiting until spring for the Lasius niger in my garden to start emerging and hope to have my formicarium ready) and I thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge on caring for ants, I now feel more prepared :)

  19. Flemming Opitz

    Flemming Opitz13 일 전

    This is so nice

  20. Supreme GMB

    Supreme GMB13 일 전

    Streaming the feeding and care would be really cool. I would watch.

  21. Kenneth Zhou

    Kenneth Zhou13 일 전

    leaf cutter ants= extremly smart

  22. Den Isaak

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  23. Khiem Le

    Khiem Le15 일 전

    I take back the mean thing I said about you, I am sorry

  24. Cayden War

    Cayden War16 일 전

    The fire nation

  25. Doge FromS3

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  26. Pannu Paramjit singh

    Pannu Paramjit singh17 일 전

    I live in Montreal

  27. Melonking

    Melonking17 일 전

    Go to Haus des Meeres in Vienna there are some rails ant tubes and they lead to a anthome

  28. Rachel Hampson

    Rachel Hampson19 일 전

    Yes to live stream!

  29. Geneviève Daoust

    Geneviève Daoust20 일 전

    Omg! Hi mikey! Im feom Montreal and seing this video took me many years back when i was a kid my father took me to the insectarium and i remember the exact set up. See, this colony might be seven years old but the set up it way older! I think i was 7 years old myself when i forst saw this (and it was like a new installation for the insectarium, witch was thereason of our visit) so if my math is correct, the installation will be 15 years old this summer! It was much smaller back then, there was only 2 or 3 acrilic fongus farms! How facinating to be brought back in time like that!

  30. William McLaughlin

    William McLaughlin20 일 전

    Please please please do a 24 hour live stream of one of your self sufficient ant colonies!!!! Maybe the one with the multiple golden queens and carnivores plants?!

  31. Santino Black

    Santino Black21 일 전

    Nevermind you answered my question lol

  32. Santino Black

    Santino Black21 일 전

    I thought any keepers were only supposed to keep local ants...

  33. Clariza Pante

    Clariza Pante21 일 전

    Shout out from the Philippines here

  34. Lol Z

    Lol Z22 일 전

    I was in Costa Rica and saw these ants, and they traveled from the top of a 60 ft tree down threw a pipe to the other side of a road then into there nest.

  35. Jerick Candelaria

    Jerick Candelaria25 일 전

    plz try to raize antman colony.😁😁😁

  36. Stefan Hazellnutss

    Stefan Hazellnutss26 일 전

    They even have there own source of weed

  37. Lazit Mech

    Lazit Mech개월 전

    I like to watch bullet ant

  38. x-tian_17

    x-tian_17개월 전

    Eyyyy philippines😍😊

  39. Aaron David Ison

    Aaron David Ison개월 전

    I live in the Philippines man and I love ants too

  40. Niko Roza

    Niko Roza개월 전

    No se si hablas español pero buen video Ps:estas hormigas requieren mas cuidados que las demas?

  41. sapeni sapetu

    sapeni sapetu개월 전

    Kerengga ni!! Bersepah kat kampung aku haha!!

  42. bell mac tv

    bell mac tv개월 전

    it my dream to breeding a leafcutter ant when i was child

  43. bell mac tv

    bell mac tv개월 전

    we call leafcutter ant hakiri ari in japan

  44. bell mac tv

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  45. jimmy bolasco

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  46. jimmy bolasco

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  47. dabosscole 15

    dabosscole 15개월 전

    Put a 24 hour cam in the fire nations home

  48. Pamela Lucero

    Pamela Lucero개월 전

    Hello. Are we allowed to visit your ant farm in the Philippines?

  49. Miquéias Tehlen

    Miquéias Tehlen개월 전

    Here where I live, this ants are a prague, they are everywhere! I had to "deal" once with a colony in my garden. I can tell, they are INSANELY HUNGRY and can destroy a tree in just a couple days.

  50. Jason Bar

    Jason Bar개월 전

    follow me on Instagram; _luiss24

  51. NiKKi Maban Longeval

    NiKKi Maban Longeval개월 전

    Super cool idea!!!!!!!

  52. Kevin Starkey

    Kevin Starkey개월 전

    Doow Bolet ant

  53. 1 Million Subs With only 11 videos

    1 Million Subs With only 11 videos개월 전

    Wait you don’t live in Canada? REEEEEEEEE

  54. jericho cruz

    jericho cruz21 일 전

    He wouldn't have that many types of ant colony if he lives in canada, different types of ants live in tropical and sub tropical regions. When he started the channel he's still living in canada then moved to the philippines in 2013 or 2011 (not sure).

  55. Clement Koefoed Rasmussen

    Clement Koefoed Rasmussen개월 전

    LOL I love how he puts this dramatic music on, when it starts getting exciting to him😂👌💩

  56. Denise Katsabanis

    Denise Katsabanis개월 전

    I love this! Especially because they r a little slower so they r easier to follow!

  57. Dr Ares

    Dr Ares개월 전

    What happens when a queen ant has been killed???

  58. Clarence Turpin

    Clarence Turpin개월 전

    would love to see a live stream of panda ants. The black and white that looks like cows.

  59. Asoziales Netzwerk - Sektion Sachsen

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    PRINCE TV개월 전

    meron tayo nyan dito tawag jan antik makikita sa puno nang manga

  61. Clawesome Boy

    Clawesome Boy개월 전

    The trapjaw ant

  62. Clawesome Boy

    Clawesome Boy개월 전

    They look nice.

  63. Sabrina t

    Sabrina t개월 전

    I’ve been to the insectarium before. Live not to far from it. Truly a cool place.

  64. Jason Hamelin

    Jason Hamelin2 개월 전

    I dont like ants, why do I keep coming back?

  65. helierez

    helierez2 개월 전

    I was there before I saw this Wow

  66. Zip Chill

    Zip Chill2 개월 전

    If your dream ant farm comes true, the name of the colony is Lumberjacks because they like cut things right?

  67. Aron Nelson

    Aron Nelson2 개월 전

    wait I'm just a lil bit confused, is Mikey bustos antscanada

  68. The Farmacy Seeds Network

    The Farmacy Seeds Network2 개월 전

    Excellent! A lot similarities to Honey Bees!

  69. Mike H

    Mike H2 개월 전

    Gibt es eigetlich einen grund warum der titel auf deutsch ist und du dann der meinung bist den rest in englisch abhalten zu müssen ?

  70. Robin Gamer

    Robin Gamer2 개월 전

    I want to be a ant keeper ;(

  71. NeocortexHYD FOX

    NeocortexHYD FOX2 개월 전

    the first queen that you showed is not of the genus atta is of the genus acromyrmex psd: I love your videos and I'm a Colombian youtuber and I can not wait for it to be May to go through the atta cephalotes hehehe

  72. Carter Ortiz

    Carter Ortiz2 개월 전

    Ants forever!

  73. halvdan9

    halvdan92 개월 전

    Hi! Im recently interested in ant keeping due to antcanada. I don't have any yet. Im interested to know if you can own any species in europe or if there are rules? I would love to have ants that do not require feeding of insects, what are my options? Im also wondering if it's possible to have leafcutter ants in europe or if you must keep native species. Can you buy queens easily or what are your experiences in this? Thank you.

  74. xXRaMsiisXx

    xXRaMsiisXx2 개월 전

    Why is the title and description german but you talk english xD

  75. Hannah Larrison

    Hannah Larrison2 개월 전

    I love your ant

  76. Sean-Michael Strachan

    Sean-Michael Strachan2 개월 전

    I just wanted to say I knew about this channel for AWHILE. zero interest in ant keeping.. but here I am...subscribing...these videos are great.

  77. Don Barzini

    Don Barzini2 개월 전

    Ant nerds have a God Complex

  78. Ashwin G

    Ashwin G2 개월 전

    A suggestion for you guys, if you reference a video in the video, especially after recommending us to watch it you should probably put a link in the description.

  79. Jessica Hoffman

    Jessica Hoffman2 개월 전

    Queen ants needed

  80. Envy Alakye

    Envy Alakye2 개월 전

    Honestly.... Id love to see you have these

  81. Matthew Cook

    Matthew Cook2 개월 전

    But...why? Thus makes no sense at all. People make no sense.

  82. carlos reyes

    carlos reyes2 개월 전

    Can you keep a colony of leaf cutting ants.

  83. Ivanchus Salvus :v

    Ivanchus Salvus :v2 개월 전

    Porque el título está en español? :v

  84. Johnter Clint Fernandez

    Johnter Clint Fernandez2 개월 전

    San po kayo sa manila?

  85. Teresita Ramirez

    Teresita Ramirez2 개월 전

    Pet a leaf cutter ant

  86. Elizabeth Thibault

    Elizabeth Thibault2 개월 전

    I've personally seen this leaf cutter ants colony and it was awesome on so many levels!

  87. Savage Hunter Legendary Mobile

    Savage Hunter Legendary Mobile2 개월 전

    Title Of the Music?

  88. Amber Cook

    Amber Cook2 개월 전

    You should livestream the fire anys

  89. Kenneth Young

    Kenneth Young2 개월 전

    Vampire ants are my favourite

  90. number six

    number six2 개월 전

    Tht fuckin queen looks like a damn monster imajine if it was huge fuks no

  91. nathan alldrine bentain

    nathan alldrine bentain2 개월 전

    Are you Filipino

  92. Tyler Sljukic

    Tyler Sljukic2 개월 전

    These ants would decimate all of our armies ;-;

  93. Sheepy.

    Sheepy.2 개월 전

    Why is it called Ants Canada if you live in Manila!! I'm losing sleep over this

  94. Turtle Lovely

    Turtle Lovely2 개월 전

    I spent my entire sixth grade year learning about bees because my teacher was obsessed with her movie and we watched the movie like six times

  95. Seamus Dowsett

    Seamus Dowsett2 개월 전

    yay ant colonys

  96. amir Hussein

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    thomas the dank engine

  97. Profit Trump protégé

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    Team exotic ants

  98. RayF

    RayF2 개월 전

    I Hope Kylo Ren enjoys his e-book. Personally I'm a bit surprised that Supreme Leader Snoke let's him free up time from his Sith training, but perhaps he's heard about the "Dark Knight" ant colony and thinks the Dark Side is also involved in the Antiverse... LOL XD

  99. Kim Laurence

    Kim Laurence2 개월 전

    Hello mikey, i just want to start a normal ant colony and i'm from philippines. Is gamo gamo an ant queen? Thanks in advance please answer :)

  100. Matthew Monfort

    Matthew Monfort2 개월 전

    my mom and dad won,t let get ants

  101. Vale Stone

    Vale Stone2 개월 전

    I don't have an answer as much as a question. In that stunning set up, how do they control the nuptual flights and elates, if any? You've had roughly the same problem with the Fire Nation escaping their rubber maid bin and getting into the Golden Empire.


    LEONIDAS2 개월 전

    Stream the Fire Nation!!!

  103. Sokol

    Sokol2 개월 전

    It's so weird that from the moment they're conceived they know exactly what to do and how to do it. It seems impossible for something so meticulous to be instinctual. It seems like they'd have to gain knowledge to fulfill such a duty.