My Dream Ant Farm: Leafcutter Ants


  1. DEAD-HEAD -by GaMeRs for GaMeRs-

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    This guy is from Philippines but named channel Canada?

  2. Miaou_cat001 YT

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    If you like ants you might wanna see the film called "minuscule".

  3. Equistta

    Equistta6 일 전

    What keeps the ants from over-populating?

  4. Oscar Zabel

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    Gooldin empire

  5. Oscar Zabel

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    Why can I not stop watching!?!?

  7. Leonardo demartino

    Leonardo demartino8 일 전

    I would love to see a stream of the Jawbreakers if the queen allows us to have a new colony.

  8. Maria Olivo

    Maria Olivo10 일 전

    Crazy Black ants would love a set up like this.

  9. Wisprionix

    Wisprionix14 일 전

    Leaf cutter ants are so cool to watch. Very relaxing.

  10. Joseph McLane

    Joseph McLane15 일 전

    Trying to see what you are talking about but I keep getting seizures from your autistic zooming and panning.

  11. Can Uysal

    Can Uysal16 일 전

    I wonder if those mushrooms are edible. I also wonder if they make you high.

  12. Little Nature Insects

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    My Dream ant !!!

  13. T I R R A B

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    Reminds me of Bugs Life

  14. Blood Bath

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    I would like to see it with the Dracula ants they have to be up to something at night

  15. Mico Mercado

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    24 hours stream of Hacienda Del Dorado please

  16. Dennis Mason

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    Marinate on ideas? How about meditate on ideas? Contemplate?

  17. Dennis Mason

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    @AntsCanada - Love the show hate the music - cliche' city, dude. Have fun.

  18. Anti Petrolhead

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    Yes on live stream. Switch up the different farms.

  19. P. Chretien

    P. Chretien26 일 전

    When I was ten, my brother-in-law showed my sisters and I how he set ant hills on fire and to took his car and spun his wheels on them, destroying their nests. Even as a child, I did not think it was a nice thing to do. Now I really feel bad that he did that.

  20. Noobie2k7

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    It is a shame really that you even saw and met the myrmecologist in charge of this amazing colony and yet you didn't try and get like 5 minutes with him for an interview or talk about it and leafcutter ants in general on video. That would be been far more useful i think. Since clearly he'd know more about the colony than anyone.

  21. Jayden Huang

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  22. Charbel Ghaoui

    Charbel Ghaoui개월 전

    I already went to this museum in 2015 in Montreal , there are a lot of insect species and the huge ant house. OMG

  23. Paul Delsanto

    Paul Delsanto개월 전

    Only question I have is how do they deal with the new queens trying to fly away

  24. Steven Murphy

    Steven Murphy개월 전

    Anabiotic‘s meet ant-a-body-otics

  25. Clemente Mendoza

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  26. bentu2ila

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    Leafcutter ants are my favorite too

  27. Joeykm1972

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    I wonder if Leaf Cutter Ants and Termites are hostile to each other and by how much.

  28. Kelby Rao

    Kelby Rao개월 전

    They are building a leaf bomb

  29. Jonathan Phillips

    Jonathan Phillips개월 전

    All I have is sugar ants at my place

  30. Lucas Fortes

    Lucas Fortes개월 전

    You should see the "roads" those leafcutters open in the woods, truly amazing!

  31. cherie florentino

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    Mikey That's You

  32. Noah from YT

    Noah from YT개월 전

    Fire Ants

  33. Darian Kimberly

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    Id love to watch the defuego fire nation on stream.

  34. 69Phuket

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    Someone put some banana in the hanging birdcage....(No..Not me! ) The Thai red ants (big buggers) Had the bird neutralised (dead) and the banana went awol 90 minutes! Mrs69p's City cat went to her parents in the country... He was usually hiding in the roof timbers. (didn't blame him, i would) Except there was a Gecko up there with him! He was a real character and considered lucky in thailand!!! Yeah right! (F***K 2am F@ck You) Grrrr! (sound it made) But when Cat did venture out he found a snake and got bit...(But Ok) Mrs got a cleaver and chopped it up. (ninja like ;O) 30 minutes later there was a snake shaped cocoon of the Red Mars like stuff they call soil over there... Impressive!

  35. Mimi Rube

    Mimi Rube개월 전

    I live in Montreal

  36. Lostgirl hikes

    Lostgirl hikes개월 전

    Interesting channel :) Dunno why it popped up on my feed but I was curious. Now a new subscriber.

  37. Logan F

    Logan F개월 전

    I know this is like 2 years ago but i would definitely watch a live stream that would be so cool, and someone could possibly send you a screen recording of something cool they saw too and you could do a shoutout or something?😁😁

  38. Milcah Joy Ramirez

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    He's from Manila.... Hehehe

  39. Evantgse

    Evantgse개월 전

    Are there any queen sellers in la because I am going to buy one

  40. Christopher Small

    Christopher Small개월 전

    When he said they all depend on each other, that was deep

  41. José M Solís

    José M Solís개월 전

    Here in Costa Rica we call them "Zompopas"!

  42. Tuppoo94

    Tuppoo94개월 전

    Crazy ANTics of the ants

  43. Nzredwolf

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    11:40, ahhhhhh

  44. Nzredwolf

    Nzredwolf개월 전

    how come ya'aven't got a leafcutter ant colony yet?

  45. XRose TheGreat

    XRose TheGreat개월 전

    I would love a stream of the bobble heads... it would be so cool to watch them crawling from island to island. Or maybe the fire nation, since they are very active.

  46. its nyancy

    its nyancy개월 전

    well i started from cat video but why suddenly i come to ants video....oh well its still interesting anyway

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    Plz do a trap jaw ants as the 24 hr stream

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    Shut up kalbo pakain ko sayo mga langgam na yan e

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    ok KOreporter i accidentally clicked the last ant video.. now stop recommending this to me 😂😂😂

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    Your French is so awesome ✨

  51. Luis Alfredo Pontes Ramos

    Luis Alfredo Pontes Ramos개월 전

    Little curiosity here in Brazil, some people actually eat the leafcutter queens. People go on hunts during their nupcial flight, and catch many

  52. RobloxGecko

    RobloxGecko개월 전

    do a fire nation stream

  53. Tammy Nguyen

    Tammy Nguyen2 개월 전

    how do they climb those trees? because like i saw some climbing sideways and upside down caus e that's just plain crazy i mean if i was a ant then i would be deathly afraid of climbing those trees and the queen ant looks kinda like a tarantula .Btw i love ants and i think you should make some fire ant colony videos if u don't have any because i think fire ants are awesome even though i hate it when they bite because it feels like fire . wait is that how they got their name??? well anyway i love your videos

  54. Tammy Nguyen

    Tammy Nguyen2 개월 전

    how do they hold so much???

  55. Tammy Nguyen

    Tammy Nguyen2 개월 전

    how are they so fast?

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    Totally unnecessary strange music 👎 channel deleted 😛

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    It's 12am, why tf am I watching ants?

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  59. christian angelo Buenaflor

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    This is very cool and I want to tell the world to repecr

  60. stella butler

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    Mikey why their bumping to each other is there any study explains why?

  61. BadWebDiver

    BadWebDiver26 일 전

    I think they're "talking" to each other. They use scent to communicate.

  62. Zaidermille Digma

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    where's my filipinos at.?😘

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    If you visit ecuador you would feel jealous , here leaf cutter queens are extremely common by this times

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    7:10 Does anyone know the name of this music?

  65. Augusto

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    +Jan thx

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    In the hall of the mountain king

  67. Soozonthebeach

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    I'm a recent addition to AC. Totally enjoy it. I have decribed you as the Robin Leech of ant colonies. Thanks for your channel.

  68. vic ferg

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    You would love my yard

  69. Nathália Madeira

    Nathália Madeira2 개월 전

    There's these cutting leaves in my sidewalk, I am always afraid they might bite my toddler, I don't know if they attack humans or not tho

  70. Murilo Osti

    Murilo Osti2 개월 전

    I live in Brazil and here im my neighborhood exists a lot fo leafcutter ants colonies.

  71. Rhys Crowell

    Rhys Crowell2 개월 전

    I wish I had an ounce of joy and excitement for life that you have about ants

  72. Blue Marble

    Blue Marble2 개월 전

    The Leafcutter Ants at the San Diego Zoo is better than that

  73. Robot- Warrior

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    I live in Montreal I wish I could go there that day and I could see him!

  74. azrail tv

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    the voice of the narator resembles to mikey bustos

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    Theres 4 types of people: 1. Ant Nerds 2. Language Nerds 3. Cubers 4. Car People

  76. Rynn DL

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    Do you have spider ants?

  77. Nickolas Aaron

    Nickolas Aaron2 개월 전

    Dude you've made me love ants. I used to breed leopard geckos as a youngin, you're making me want to do hours and hours of research and beginning to think about potentially raising a colony in the future. Also, VERY great channel. You do an amazing job!

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  79. kazpaul75

    kazpaul752 개월 전

    I'm lucky enough to live not far from a zoo here in the UK that has an exhibit of leafcutters for me to enjoy. I love your videos, they have certainly inspired me about how creative I could be in making my first formicarium (I am waiting until spring for the Lasius niger in my garden to start emerging and hope to have my formicarium ready) and I thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge on caring for ants, I now feel more prepared :)

  80. Flemming Opitz

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    This is so nice

  81. Supreme GMB

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    Streaming the feeding and care would be really cool. I would watch.

  82. Kenneth Zhou

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    leaf cutter ants= extremly smart

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    I take back the mean thing I said about you, I am sorry

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    The fire nation

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    I live in Montreal

  88. King Kong

    King Kong2 개월 전

    Go to Haus des Meeres in Vienna there are some rails ant tubes and they lead to a anthome

  89. Rachel Hampson

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    Yes to live stream!

  90. Geneviève Daoust

    Geneviève Daoust2 개월 전

    Omg! Hi mikey! Im feom Montreal and seing this video took me many years back when i was a kid my father took me to the insectarium and i remember the exact set up. See, this colony might be seven years old but the set up it way older! I think i was 7 years old myself when i forst saw this (and it was like a new installation for the insectarium, witch was thereason of our visit) so if my math is correct, the installation will be 15 years old this summer! It was much smaller back then, there was only 2 or 3 acrilic fongus farms! How facinating to be brought back in time like that!

  91. William McLaughlin

    William McLaughlin2 개월 전

    Please please please do a 24 hour live stream of one of your self sufficient ant colonies!!!! Maybe the one with the multiple golden queens and carnivores plants?!

  92. Gold Gauntlet Comix

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    Nevermind you answered my question lol

  93. Gold Gauntlet Comix

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    I thought any keepers were only supposed to keep local ants...

  94. Clariza Pante

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    Shout out from the Philippines here

  95. Lol Z

    Lol Z2 개월 전

    I was in Costa Rica and saw these ants, and they traveled from the top of a 60 ft tree down threw a pipe to the other side of a road then into there nest.

  96. Jerick Candelaria

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    plz try to raize antman colony.😁😁😁

  97. Stefan Hazell

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    They even have there own source of weed

  98. Lazit Mech

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    I like to watch bullet ant

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    Eyyyy philippines😍😊

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    I live in the Philippines man and I love ants too

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    No se si hablas español pero buen video Ps:estas hormigas requieren mas cuidados que las demas?

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    Kerengga ni!! Bersepah kat kampung aku haha!!

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    it my dream to breeding a leafcutter ant when i was child