My Dracula Ant Colony - ants that suck blood


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    If you enjoyed this episode, watch the continuation of this colony's story here (Haloween Episode):비디오-jy41S-jZcUk.html

  2. pgjcjv pro

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    Try feeding them chicken blood

  3. Allyson Lewis

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    AntsCanada call em “the blood eaters”

  4. Night Owl

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    Dracula ants: *I vant to drink your blood* Victim: *No!* Dracula ants: *(Bites!, and sucks up the blood)* Victim: *(Died)* *The end*

  5. Night Owl

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    +Luke Baxter no he didn't, he said *(blood)* tower turn on the caption on English and you'll see that I was right

  6. Josh Llera

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    Call them darknation

  7. HanyoungAnimates

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    Vam Empire

  8. Ethan Parke

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    As lightning crackles behind the Blood Tower, the other kingdoms look on with worry. They know what lives in that place. Creatures which almost seem like something from another world. They feed upon the blood of their own unborn children; a horror unforgivable in any other kingdom. The other kingdoms shun the monsters which live in the Blood Tower, and pray they never come for their own young to feed.

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    Ants are the real Illuminati. And if you open trump head, you will see ants are controlling him.

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    Quote, "Mark The Date, We Saw It First." 😂

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    Count them all so you “count” Dracula

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    Call them The Blood Hownds

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    Bela Lugosi

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    Bloody marry empire

  16. warrior ant 368

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    The gods

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    The fangs

  18. warrior ant 368

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    The blood dragons

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    Call the ants the blood jaws

  20. Jolly wAlam

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    The blood jaws

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    The Romanians

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    Blood suckers

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    Why don’t you just try adding small cameras inside

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    there are ants in india that bite and drink human blood

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    the blood clot!!!!

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    Count dracuants

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    Anyone watching 2019 like if you are

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    5:12 ligma toe?

  30. Lyndsey Fleming

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    Ants 101 food and food and food and more stuff I maby

  31. Will Rod

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    watching you set that up was mesmerizing.

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    Velvet ants are scarier

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    My idea for name is dracula hotel

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    are you a filipino? are u mikey bustos? trying to do a connor(DBH) impression?

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    He is filipino

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    My skin is getting itchy ahhh

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    How can you get rid of them if u don’t want them anymore?

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    U are my favorite animal Chanel

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    anspids xd that's the name i want

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    6:27 why dont they die out?

  42. bhaumik shah

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    4:23 whats that song

  43. David Andres

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    It's like playing sims

  44. Landyn Massey

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    What would cause this to happen like WHAT event caused them to drink from there kids

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    This channel and person should be in future books as a famous discoverer

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    The Adams Family

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    Some cool ass ants

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    Do you know you use *a lot* of CreepyPastas music? And do you know of Myuu? You should check him out for his music


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    This is the perfect thing to watch high. Bruh I’m so into it. & It’s just ants.

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    Vampires ants

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    The vampire cage

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    yes do it

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    Call it the Antsylvanian Confederacy

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    oh no i am late (like *always*) name them the blants cannibals blind bloody ants that practice cannibalism

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    Why tf is this on my recommended list?

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    *Who Else Think that the red thing was a "Blood"?*

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  59. Ryza Xenchael

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    Where did you find those ants?

  60. ThisIsFrog

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    ironic that the ants are blind to the color of the thing they're known for drinking

  61. Juliette

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    They can still see red just not red light

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    Subscribe to mggys ant

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    Not to be mean but your voice cracked :3

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    Dracula's mansion

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    Remember your fans after you go famous for ants

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    You should call them the blood nights!

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    3:28 he somehow put the lid on twice?

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    I’m your biggest fan and your the best and I just bought queen ants from your website

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    The blood tower? sounds a bit plain. How about Bloodhaven


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    hotel transylvants

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    name it Transylvania

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    He sounds like connor

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    I love how the narrator sounds so passionate.

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    The dark knight

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    Cthulu's aphids

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    Think of it ants are insest

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    What else do they suck?

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    Oh and call the ants the blood suckers

  80. Pokefox502

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    Wait then how are there a lot if they eat there own larva

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    Bloody Kingdom

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    call them the "vampiric menace"

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    I got an idea how about to put smoke inside the ant colony

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    Blood suckers

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    pew pie more like pewdipie

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    Dracula bloodsuckers

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    Wow Connor, I didn't know you gained ant farming as a hobby after gaining freedom.

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    Vampire ant

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    Mikey how in the world can you take care of all of those ants! Wow!

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    mArK tHe dAtE! wE sAw iT fIrSt!

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    Here is my story. These ants become smarter, they begin to plan an escape from the tower and catch Mr. AntCanada. Then they feed him with delicious and heathy food. After week, he grows fat and hundred of ants attack him. Because of his love, he can not defense himself. The ants suck all his blood and go to seek another victim from the studio. What do you think?

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    ι тнσυgн тнє ¢σитαιиer ωαѕ тιиу...

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    Dio's World

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    Never trust a guy with ants in his garage

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    Damn nature! You scary!

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    6:20 well they won’t live long

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    1. Shadow Beasts 2. Blood Suckers 3.killing Machines 4.Blood Rippers I can’t think anymore names :P

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    Sometimes in my class we play ur channel when we talk about the small ant family’s and because it’s educational and it cool and fun!

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    They *suck!* Literally.

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    Can we see more termite videos plz

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    Call them vampires

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    The bloody eaters

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    Name em transylvania

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    Legion of Khorne.... that is what you should name them... Blood for the Blood God! if not, just Legion of Blood.

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    Name them Ravangers

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    No Night Ravangers