My Dracula Ant Colony - ants that suck blood


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    If you enjoyed this episode, watch the continuation of this colony's story here (Haloween Episode):비디오-jy41S-jZcUk.html

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    AntsCanada What's the music that starts playing at around 4:19?

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    AntsCanada yay

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    AntsCanada this was a good episode

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    💏 *I !МАSТURВАТЕ Т0 VIDЕ!0S !0N МY СHАN!NЕL! L0!0K!* 👘👘

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    Aww ye

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    We have these in NZ

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    *whered* *you* *get* *that* *blood*

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    #MADETWODISCOVERIESINAROW!!! oh nvm three not two sorry

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    Dracula ants remind me of the silverwing series

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    I really enjoyed the video. :D

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    The read nation

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    Call it vampire kindome

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    is there a qeen

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    filipino english accent ? i guess

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    The blood territory

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    and call them "the crazy blood sucker"

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    if you are new and subed Welcome too the AC Family

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    Name it Count antula

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    The only thing i could say when they eat their larva was "How did they reproduce?" I already know the answer so please dont spam the reply button

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    wait wait wait those are dracula ants i saw one in our house i captured yesterday it ran away wish luck for me or donate me blood

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    Call them The Blood knights (references from black knights)

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    Wido ants

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    Call them the blood suckers

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    So wait, if they drink the blood of their own young then how do they multiply? Wouldn’t they be killing there young?

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    The blood suckers

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    I meant antscanada

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    wow 😮 you know so much about ants 🐜 very interesting ants ananda

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    A great name for the Dracula ants The Blood Horde

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    Vampirants or THE BLOOD SUCKERS

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    That twig is so awesome (dont care about dracula ants)

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    Blood suckers

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    Vampire kingdom

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    😍😍 I love animals

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    I think ah the blood suckers

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    Do they eat garlic or no

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    Sees a ant do a backfilp:MARK THE DATE WE SAW IT FIRST!!! LOL

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    The blood dragon mersinaries

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    Music 0:04

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    Da blood Suckas

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    no celle them the bood army

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    Call them the Bloodsucking Transylvanians

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    Call them the sacrificers

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    4:19 what is this song?

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    AC question they have gammergades instead of a queen a worker ant that has the role of an egg layer

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    You can call them the Bloody Crew or the Dracula children

  50. nebuchudnessar

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    Caution do not press read more it tells you yore future please don’t press it if you know your future it could be daindrus to you Read more

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    it looks like the workers are babysiting the larva

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    Shoulda saved it until October!

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    The D.A.C or Dracula. Ant. colony

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    Call them night crawlers or night demons

  55. Ashley Allen

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    Call the NBC the night crawlers

  56. Ashley Allen

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    Call the the night crawlers or night demons

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    Arm chair



    The blood baddies

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    It was of the rounds

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    Somebody killed ants

  61. when you find out she has dick bigger than yours

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    DAMN!!! nature you scary

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    i never knew i could be creeped out by ants. that's a first

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    You should call then Alucardians and their house Castle of Vania lmao

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    Ants are so epic

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    That's... Ant-strophic!

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    you should name them The Blood Lords

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    Can you make a video of exterminating ants? Ants are really a pest in our yard.

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    Not the twig

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    Someone please put in with someone please think of the children meme is it a meme

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    Then how is there supposed to be more ants if they eat their own babies

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    You should of called their territory hotel Transylvania

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    Some clips are in negative colors.

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    In the beginning of the video where everything turns blue, turn on "Negative colors" on your Samsung (Apple devices can't do this) and then you will see the ants normally.

  75. KYCrusher1

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    A hard boiled egg yolk is different from an insect. They may have been able to “eat” the yolk since it was so soft

  76. KYCrusher1

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    Are you sure you’re the first one to document this?

  77. KYCrusher1

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    Also, the eating part may not be for certain subspecies of Dracula Ant

  78. KYCrusher1

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    Yeah, you aren’t. The two “discoveries” were made as early as 2014 or even earlier

  79. KYCrusher1

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    No, they are like two long mandibles

  80. KYCrusher1

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    “Awesome ant keeping technology.” Hmmm, not really

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    I’ve seen these ants before

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    call them blah blah blah

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    Hey mark the date

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    I crush ants on a daily

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    Name them the Dracula pants

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    Killer vamps farm

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    No. this makes the outside freakier.

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    Sometimes when you say it I hear you say butt

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    lets call them the blood suckers

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    I like it when he says "mark the date, we saw it first" lol

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    Oml Mikey bustos😂😂💕

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    It looks so cute how cautious they are :3

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    I think you should call the red eaters

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    Hey dont worry! You dont need to go to the jungle to get those centipedes, just take a trip into my basement and catch em

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    name them the vampires

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    i name it The vampire colony of ants

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    Blood army

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    “I plunged a qtip into the earth.” -AntCanada

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    Mark the date we saw it first🤣

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    Do they attack people bc im scared of them bc it name scary

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    I want to have a trantula pet

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    hmmm , blood nation ?

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    I wonder if they ever wonder why their earth is so small...

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    The fang gang

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    Love this channel. Haven't watched in a while though. Last time only had 200k subscribers now 2m. Pretty awesome. But it's changed. To constant AC family! AC family! Everything so dramatic. It was already perfect please don't change.

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    Your videos relax me