My Dracula Ant Colony - ants that suck blood


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    AntsCanada9 개월 전

    If you enjoyed this episode, watch the continuation of this colony's story here (Haloween Episode):

  2. StruggleStride22

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    @Luke Baxter HAHAHAHA

  3. Adam Reynolds

    Adam Reynolds2 개월 전

    AntsCanada how did you get the Dracula ants I'm thinking of getting my own colony

  4. TheRimmerDall

    TheRimmerDall2 개월 전

    @BewegteBilderrahmen i belive its some of the theme music of the chimera ants, from hxh

  5. Osman Mohamed

    Osman Mohamed2 개월 전

    me ?

  6. Mark vincent Rabusa

    Mark vincent Rabusa2 개월 전

    You should make a TV show

  7. Galina Ioffe

    Galina Ioffe20 시간 전

    Neither colony has queens and both have a gammergade/a dominant egg laying worker

  8. Rhea Mendoza

    Rhea Mendoza일 전

    Great video! The only channel where I’m stuck for HOURS! Thank you AntsCanada! I just had my daughter and very glad I came across your channel, she seems to be obsessed as much as I am 😅😂 start them young right? Lol


    I AM DANNY EL2 일 전

    Ants: eat one another* Narrator: *"Isn't that incredible"*

  10. Vince D'Agostino

    Vince D'Agostino3 일 전

    aww that poor roach thing seemed so sad idk

  11. Jeanique de Bruin

    Jeanique de Bruin3 일 전

    No larvy can grow

  12. Jeanique de Bruin

    Jeanique de Bruin3 일 전

    But how do the group grow

  13. neil raphael

    neil raphael5 일 전

    I think yes

  14. D3man Reign

    D3man Reign5 일 전

    Why not call them “blood thirst colony”

  15. MidnightPhant0m1

    MidnightPhant0m16 일 전

    ac family mark the date, we saw it first.

  16. Sean Vittek

    Sean Vittek8 일 전

    This question may sound silly, but what happens when the only queen dies?

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    I put this in watch later and then put it off for a whole year lol

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    It's too late for me to mark the date, co'z i did not saw it first. haha

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    The blood ants

  20. Crabber07

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    You should call them the Vampire Army

  21. Lilhedgehog 857

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    I’m going to call them Dracula’s babies

  22. Jason Bazen

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    I am proud we are of the air-conditioning family

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    Wow awesome their like dracula

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    Why dont you use a transparent variant of dirt

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    You Be Dtm Calm Down 💯

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    To much talk

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    video starts at 5:10 "ac family"

  29. Guillermina Rodriguez

    Guillermina Rodriguez18 일 전

    Dead full kill ants

  30. reign mcallister dela cruz

    reign mcallister dela cruz18 일 전

    That's my new fear

  31. Killing them softly Gg

    Killing them softly Gg19 일 전

    This is really cool

  32. David Vieira-Kurz

    David Vieira-Kurz19 일 전

    How Big Are The worker in Site, please? Like 5mm or over 10mm?

  33. E D

    E D20 일 전

    At first I thought the red foil was actually blood to feed the ants Btw I meant in the thumbnail

  34. Melissa Dunn

    Melissa Dunn20 일 전

    I wonder if dracula ants like salt?

  35. Ethan Leem

    Ethan Leem20 일 전

    You might as well be a ant expert. nice video! keep up the great work on the channel! (and also, i subscribed so ur welcome)

  36. Tn Floose

    Tn Floose21 일 전

    Could you please..........make more ants........please..........thanks

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    I hate Fags22 일 전

    Thumbs down cause you’re voice is so damn annoying !

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    RainingDxck22 일 전

    What size is the Antfarm

  39. Mikey James

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  40. TaylorBritzz

    TaylorBritzz23 일 전

    32 seconds in, can’t take any more of this hyperbolic, incredulous, adorable Canadian. Mythological? They’re ants, buddy, you’re doing science, take off your light up sneakers and dictate a real educational video.

  41. Justin Denison

    Justin Denison24 일 전

    I wonder if ants like weed...

  42. tangy tablets

    tangy tablets24 일 전

    As long as its not my blood theyre slurping.

  43. Razer Core

    Razer Core24 일 전

    AC, you should get a colony of Jack Jumpers! That would be awesome!

  44. Razer Core

    Razer Core14 일 전

  45. Melissa Dunn

    Melissa Dunn20 일 전

    Jack jumpers?

  46. loufromdabx

    loufromdabx25 일 전

    Hey thanks for the fantastic videos, I just wanted to tell u that u inspired me to start a colony of my own.

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  48. Nguyễn Minh

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    The intro is extremely perfect

  49. DilonYT

    DilonYT26 일 전

    I can only imagine what would have happened to them if the pharaoh ants haven’t massacre them

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  51. Shimmie Shimmie Like a Diamond

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    Me, watching the whole video while eating: There's a problem with me /:

  52. Kahn Thorpe

    Kahn Thorpe27 일 전

    Recently I witnessed the external feeding behaviour in my Rhytidoponera colony when a large roach foolishly entered thier domain. Only saw three workers but one male came out to feed while 20 or more queens carried out hundreds of brood. Males can climb glass though. Very little info about New Zealand and Tasmanian ants

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    Ewwwww but i like the video

  54. Domino Dares

    Domino Dares28 일 전

    0:21 the container looks like a scary duck

  55. Galaxy wolf galaxy wolf

    Galaxy wolf galaxy wolf29 일 전

    Name it Darkside

  56. Galaxy wolf galaxy wolf

    Galaxy wolf galaxy wolf29 일 전

    It's like a tiny terrarium

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    You should call it TrANTSylvania

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    I like how you keep calling them beasts 😎👍

  59. BrightEyes

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    Got an ad for pest control before the video lol

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  61. Nick Bellomo

    Nick Bellomo개월 전

    It seems like off of the towers you could add on of the flat caverns with red film over glass so you can see more indept information about there underground movement.

  62. Mike Shurgs

    Mike Shurgs개월 전

    "And a stick" has never sounded so exciting! I love your Channel :)

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    But in the wild they cannot cut open a roaches..

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    Hunted vamp clan🧛‍♂️🧛‍♀️🧛‍♂️

  65. The Flytrap Garden

    The Flytrap Garden개월 전

    Wow.. makes me feel like ants rather use each other for the benefit of the colony and not for the benefit of the ant.

  66. Erik Adams

    Erik Adams개월 전

    Upon death, I wonder if his casket will be buried in ant hill...Or the casket will just be filled with ants...

  67. depressed man

    depressed man개월 전

    AntsCanada: *makes a discovery* scientists: Write that down, write that down!

  68. Bonnie thekillerbunnie

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    8th of September 2018

  69. Bonnie thekillerbunnie

    Bonnie thekillerbunnie개월 전

    8th of September 2018

  70. Bonnie thekillerbunnie

    Bonnie thekillerbunnie개월 전

    8th of September 2018

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    Congrats on three million 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

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    Die monster! You don't belong in this world!

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    1 way to kill your siblings non lethally... *This video*

  74. frankenfishdom

    frankenfishdom개월 전

    Hi! I just wanted to ask if you knew what material the red film was made out of because I was interested in keeping my red wiggler worms in a terrarium so that I'd be able to watch them like you do with your ants. They are also not sensitive to red light so the red film sounds like a good idea! Thanks! Love your videos!

  75. Dailyrandy

    Dailyrandy개월 전

    My new queen pavement ant is laying eggs I will be buying one of these how long after order does it ship in Canada 🇨🇦

  76. MR.DOOPY

    MR.DOOPY개월 전

    I highly doubt that those things were undiscovered and that they were either a coincidence or already known

  77. Trash King

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    Call them the Count's or Nosferatu's


    MOMLIFE개월 전

    pops is a rock so much fun click the bell to commet down below to say yay

  79. you know i had to do it to em

    you know i had to do it to em개월 전

    when you switch your phone to inverted colors so you can see the ants in real colors: my strategical mind beats you in every way

  80. TheRjjrjjr

    TheRjjrjjr개월 전

    No, in fact, they ARE monsters!

  81. Tokyo

    Tokyo개월 전

    I would enjoy this channel soooo much more if it wasn't for the dramatic narrating.

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    the blood dragon

  83. Uni Draw

    Uni Draw개월 전

    Someone: so how many ants do you have ? Ant Canada: yes

  84. Uni Draw

    Uni Draw개월 전

    I think that its good that they eat some of their larvas because the colony (idk how to write that im a French Canadian) can grow at a lower rate

  85. howdy _

    howdy _개월 전

    The kingdom of blood is what you should name it

  86. Mystic Dragon

    Mystic Dragon개월 전

    When he tried to feed them a super worm, i felt chills at my spine, idk why, ive seen superworms before 😐

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    Oh nose