My Dracula Ant Colony - ants that suck blood


  1. AntsCanada

    AntsCanada4 개월 전

    If you enjoyed this episode, watch the continuation of this colony's story here (Haloween Episode):

  2. Darian Kimberly

    Darian Kimberly2 일 전

    These ants *suck*

  3. La hylanla

    La hylanla9 일 전

    AntsCanada I have LOTS of centipede in my plants

  4. Mister Awesome

    Mister Awesome28 일 전

    I have to unsubscribe. I can't support bi weekly uploads that are to long to watch and feel like they should be broken up. To bad. I will check back maybe in 6 months. Sad.

  5. Ricardo Esquivel

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  6. Robert Taylor

    Robert Taylor개월 전

    What is the most interesting or unique type of ant you have ever seen, heard, or read about?

  7. Nemesis Alex

    Nemesis Alex5 시간 전

    I don't even like ants that much but the awesome bios and the other cool pets like the oxalotls and the beetles drag me in. Just and idea, I would place a small hollow skull prop over the hole of their nest. Whatch the draculas crawl out of the eyes and mouth of the skull. Also, I would call this colony twillight deluxe edition

  8. nharisa47

    nharisa4720 시간 전

    Yep thats good

  9. brennan howard

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    they have no queen

  10. nharisa47

    nharisa4720 시간 전

    Wtf? I'm just speechless

  11. nharisa47

    nharisa4720 시간 전

    Wtf? I'm just speechless

  12. Spelunker Hacker

    Spelunker Hacker2 일 전

    One thing i find annoying about this channel is his excessive use of the word "shock"

  13. SoarinCBR

    SoarinCBR3 일 전

    Maybe call them the Blood Colony? That or colony Transylvania. I dunno XD

  14. jmv010469

    jmv0104694 일 전

    The House of Counts

  15. jmv010469

    jmv0104694 일 전

    That in my opinion would be a cool name

  16. Thomas Livingston

    Thomas Livingston5 일 전

    If the attack the fire nation the fire nation will destroy them

  17. Shad0w St4r Gaming

    Shad0w St4r Gaming6 일 전

    The blood suckers

  18. Robert Daniel

    Robert Daniel6 일 전

    name them Blade

  19. Terry kurlak

    Terry kurlak6 일 전

    The Draku Clan

  20. Daniel Tinelli

    Daniel Tinelli6 일 전

    Another great video.

  21. Joschi Step

    Joschi Step7 일 전

    The cocoons look like baby carrots

  22. oofman 69

    oofman 697 일 전

    he aint the first person to discover these things

  23. Nafiul Islam

    Nafiul Islam8 일 전

    I never thought that I would find ants so fascinating.

  24. Ptheodore GT

    Ptheodore GT8 일 전

    Solid-blood eater

  25. Ginevra Putman

    Ginevra Putman8 일 전

    The bloodsucking village

  26. Joshua Kirst

    Joshua Kirst8 일 전

    Call them draculants

  27. Amy Palladino

    Amy Palladino8 일 전

    Those are neat little containers. And fascinating ants. I love this channel

  28. Austin Ling

    Austin Ling9 일 전

    Lol this is adorable

  29. Sleepy Birb

    Sleepy Birb9 일 전

    Will there be an update on these ants soon?

  30. Scott Devilish DJ Spencer

    Scott Devilish DJ Spencer10 일 전

    The narrator sounds like someone has his balls in a vice.

  31. 짱저라

    짱저라10 일 전

    what did i just get myself into..

  32. Mega RyanR

    Mega RyanR11 일 전

    Call it The bloodthirst coloney

  33. Fushicho Kurayami

    Fushicho Kurayami11 일 전

    I love these Ants. These are My Absolute Favorite Ants. I love Vampyric/Vampire Lore. So these ants would definitely be the ones Id keep if I had skills keeping things. So far the only Insects Ive kept have been a Praying Mantis and a Leopard Slug. And there was a cricket that my snake wouldnt eat that I kept for a month then let go when the weather got warm. Actually I let them all go free when they got big so they could find mates and live happily in the wild. Maybe one day Ill take up the challenge of having a colony of these beauties. Till then Ill just watch these videos of them.

  34. shane simpson

    shane simpson12 일 전

    bro i wish you were my brother you are amazing and you are good at designing

  35. Phillip Tatupo

    Phillip Tatupo12 일 전

    Idea for the name: Curse of transylvania 😁👹

  36. Joan Taylor

    Joan Taylor13 일 전

    I looked this up because the ants in our apartment suck MY BLOOD. I only wish I were kidding. Every few days I feel a pain somewhere and am able to see one on me and kill it. But one day I found one on my arm and watched it as it sucked my blood. I killed it and there was my red human blood in it as I tire it's body apart. I don't care a bit whether you believe me or not, but I would like to get rid of these infrequent blood suckers.

  37. Joan Taylor

    Joan Taylor13 일 전

    Not one has ever bit my husband. oh and every mosquito always finds me, but again seldom bite my husband.

  38. T G

    T G14 일 전

    the cocoon looked like dracula bed

  39. T G

    T G14 일 전

    boody team

  40. nicholas neri

    nicholas neri15 일 전

    Ants are the most efficient hard working organisms on the planet there team work astonishes me

  41. Nisha Kumar

    Nisha Kumar15 일 전

    If,they eat their own larvae,how will they reproduce?Like,they *WANT* to go extinct

  42. Nisha Kumar

    Nisha Kumar15 일 전

    *Did you know pandas eat their own babies , too?* *I’ll leave now*

  43. Nisha Kumar

    Nisha Kumar15 일 전

    *Vaat iz zee muzic?* Sorry,I was speaking in vampire...

  44. michael morris

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    EDWIN OMG16 일 전

    What if Dracula ant vs empire nation


    EDWIN OMG16 일 전

    How do ur face look like

  47. Axxios Grey

    Axxios Grey17 일 전

    I absolutely love this channel and watch all of your new videos! In this video though, I heard some musical backtrack that I want the name of. I know it's by Kevin McLeod, but I cannot remember the name of the track. I referenced the timecode 16:57 to be the time when I recognized the track. Do you have the name?

  48. Space Servos Knowledge

    Space Servos Knowledge17 일 전

    Blood Ant Land

  49. John Feldman

    John Feldman17 일 전

    Y do they drink the larva and the cocoon

  50. Zaza / Velocy

    Zaza / Velocy18 일 전

    that's my favourite ant species :D

  51. Cyborg Boris

    Cyborg Boris18 일 전

    How about head hunters

  52. dolladolla

    dolladolla18 일 전

    can u name them the Bat ants or Blood knights

  53. Joshulyn Pickron

    Joshulyn Pickron19 일 전

    The sign of death blood☠☠☠

  54. Kristin Snyder

    Kristin Snyder19 일 전

    ant name:the Demons

  55. Merry brine brine 705 Christmas

    Merry brine brine 705 Christmas19 일 전

    call them em DARKofSIDE

  56. Shane Chitongo

    Shane Chitongo20 일 전

    Call them Draculant colony

  57. venom child

    venom child20 일 전


  58. Rick Neal

    Rick Neal20 일 전

    Blood pack

  59. Ray -

    Ray -20 일 전

    Instead of antsylvania, why not Trantsylvania?

  60. Jordan Troy

    Jordan Troy21 일 전

    sanguinem formica should be there names!!

  61. hunter Hansen

    hunter Hansen21 일 전

    Do they drink human blud

  62. JJ Corral

    JJ Corral21 일 전

    How do they live??????

  63. Alex Frederick

    Alex Frederick22 일 전

    The coven

  64. Tyrone Jones

    Tyrone Jones22 일 전

    You should totally Get Australian Inch ants, they are massive aswell and very powerful and extremely agressive

  65. CMDR Rakeil

    CMDR Rakeil22 일 전

    They remind me of the bull ants we have in Australia, nasty damn things

  66. Tregrenos

    Tregrenos22 일 전

    Really missed the opportunity to call it Antsilvania.

  67. Abel Tsegaye

    Abel Tsegaye22 일 전

    i have found this colony of dracula ants last week at my school and then my freind jayden started taking some and he has a ant colony but they didnt lay eggs yet but then once my other freind martin once put a cicada inside and guess what only one ant managed to get a bite! wow thats cool

  68. Spruce Moose

    Spruce Moose23 일 전

    Cut the bull and get to the point

  69. My heart is Made out of kookies

    My heart is Made out of kookies23 일 전

    10:50 Why does the music sound like so happy? While meanwhile, they’re feeding and sucking blood on their own species

  70. Johnny Q

    Johnny Q24 일 전

    I want to see an update on then I watched all your recent video this isn’t a late comment

  71. Graham Fox

    Graham Fox24 일 전

    probably my favorite ant species, these things are insane.

  72. P. Chretien

    P. Chretien25 일 전

    Give them raw liver and see what they do!!

  73. DarkDrawingle JAM13

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  74. Lunala Mations

    Lunala Mations25 일 전

    How do those ants not get aids?

  75. Teresa Chueh

    Teresa Chueh25 일 전

    can we call the castle Castlevania ? xP

  76. Comet star The fluffy fox

    Comet star The fluffy fox25 일 전

    The Fangs

  77. April Furcean

    April Furcean26 일 전


  78. Savannah Thaanum

    Savannah Thaanum26 일 전

    There the blood benders

  79. Demonal

    Demonal26 일 전

    Hi mikey bustos hahha i knew that is. you and even the voice and the way you make fun 😂😂😂

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    how about dracants

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    Bloody Nation

  82. Naikê Perdomo

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  83. Rhys BODENHAM

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    Hotel transivania

  84. Scott Summers

    Scott Summers28 일 전

    Enough with the mark the day jeeeezz

  85. Mike Bryden

    Mike Bryden29 일 전

    I don't think they are found "World-Wide" - Noted in many papers, it is said they reside in the Tropics,Africa and Asia. - Did you find yours in Canada or buy them ?

  86. Rachel plays roblox

    Rachel plays roblox29 일 전

    I hate insects but ive berrn watching this channel 4 days straight

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    Ebony Empire!

  88. HunchoPuncho901

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  89. HunchoPuncho901

    HunchoPuncho90129 일 전

    I feel so many ex-wife jokes coming.

  90. Osmar Martinez

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    Blood colony

  91. RubyStarScapes

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    “Draculas” or Bloodsuckers The blindlight?

  92. Rachel Tupang

    Rachel Tupang개월 전

    Wy do you like ants

  93. The_gacha_ Girl

    The_gacha_ Girl개월 전

    Ok I tot the red layer thing was blood or paint


    MARINE_ PUG개월 전

    I love Dracula ants!

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    Now this a spooky ant for halloween

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    Name the colony vampire empire

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    give them your blood

  98. Ryder Neely

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    The blood hunters would be a good name.

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    Whats the song at 4:40?

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    What a great channel!

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    The cocoons explain Why my carrots tasted weird...

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    Is he Canadian and lives in the Philippines or why is it called Ants Canada?

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    Name for new ants : blood hunters

  105. فهد القحطاني

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    The blood drinkers of the colony call them that

  106. Robert Taylor

    Robert Taylor개월 전

    Isnt Antsylvania the place where draculants reside.

  107. kian martin

    kian martin개월 전

    4:03 the thing is that although they can't see red light they still can see that it is light.