My Dogs Eat Pupsicles


  1. Paige Pugliese

    Paige Pugliese19 분 전

    Jolene is so cute omfgggg

  2. Fiona Mcclaran

    Fiona Mcclaran8 시간 전

    Jenna : should we put a warning on this video The Video: WARNING NASTIES ARE IN THIS VIDEO



    5:27 a pupsicle flew around my room 😅🤣🤣😂

  4. Bailey McGee

    Bailey McGee일 전

    Jenna your sitting restraint with bunny is a little loose but on point!

  5. guns,gigs, and poles

    guns,gigs, and poles일 전

    I'd eat those pupcicles

  6. cheyenne suggs

    cheyenne suggs일 전

    This is premium content right here🥺😭😂

  7. Olive Brown

    Olive Brown일 전

    When I grow up, I wanna be Jenna Marbles.

  8. Brooke Lurv

    Brooke Lurv일 전


  9. * lighten up a bitTM

    * lighten up a bitTM2 일 전

    It dosnt matter what kind of content Jenna makes I will still watch and like it because I just love her for her so whatever makes her happy is fun to watch

  10. Emi Doll

    Emi Doll2 일 전

    I love the video I really do and I know Jenna's a good owner but is it me or do the iggys look a little skinnier than they normally do.

  11. Ashlynn Terrana

    Ashlynn Terrana2 일 전

    Why did I read this as... my dogs eat puppies

  12. Vishwa Vedantika

    Vishwa Vedantika3 일 전

    I had a dream when my dog marshal is talking somehow and apple now only sells dog phones and we got one and a giant box of creamsicles for dogs and at night marshal plays pubg and I complain to my dad that he is playing Pubg cause he is not old enough to play it and he hides the phone when my dad comes

  13. Mahuika Richards

    Mahuika Richards3 일 전

    Joelen is favourite

  14. Amiiee Dots

    Amiiee Dots3 일 전

    Omg your job is awesome you get to just hangout with your pups at home or out and absolutely spoil them! Love your videos!!!

  15. Reese Speares

    Reese Speares3 일 전

    10:22=chaos actually whole video=chaos

  16. Oakley

    Oakley3 일 전

    Who tf is foof

  17. Alyx D.G

    Alyx D.G4 일 전

    The look of shock on Peach’s face at 11:41 is priceless.

  18. Tess Clawson

    Tess Clawson5 일 전

    The way Kermit was eating that pupsicle with his drool everywhere is literally me at 3am getting string cheese

  19. Simone sf

    Simone sf5 일 전

    I love how she lives in a f*** mansion but can be SO relatable at the same time!! ❤️

  20. Lucas Cruz

    Lucas Cruz5 일 전

    Floof or bunny

  21. Lucas Cruz

    Lucas Cruz5 일 전

    Floof or bunny

  22. Buffy Summers

    Buffy Summers5 일 전

    Jolene is every time I had a friend over growing up and they said please or thank you and my parents would respond with something along the lines of “why aren’t you this good” as if I were a barbaric caveman who just rolled into civilized society for the first time and was as bamboozled by manners as marbles by pupsicles or just any remote facet of existence in general

  23. IskkudCJ R

    IskkudCJ R5 일 전

    I can just imagine what kirmit would do if he stubbed his toe... “AWAWAWAWWAWAW” *wines* “awawaAawAwaW”

  24. TaraKaboom

    TaraKaboom5 일 전

    not to be dramatic, but i would Die for jolene

  25. * •Rqiny•Gacha• *

    * •Rqiny•Gacha• *6 일 전

    4:03 Yeah... yellow jackets did that to my house

  26. * •Rqiny•Gacha• *

    * •Rqiny•Gacha• *6 일 전

    I’m getting MAJOR vsco girl vibes rn.

  27. juicebox

    juicebox6 일 전

    they're so cute!!

  28. IronicOfficial TV

    IronicOfficial TV6 일 전

    Jolene should’ve gotten a participation trophy

  29. iiAnahit

    iiAnahit6 일 전

    4:28 bottom right corner c:

  30. Amelia

    Amelia6 일 전

    4:26 right corner of the screen 🍑

  31. Rosa Benson

    Rosa Benson6 일 전

    watermelon alone is really good for dogs and for there teeth

  32. Adia Rain

    Adia Rain6 일 전

    they are much more likely to get the runs from the coconut milk than the watermelon lol. raw coconut milk is a natural gentle laxative. if you aren't used to drinking it, it can give you the runs. not everyone, but for a lot of people yea. best to start in on that stuff a little at a time if it's not cooked :)

  33. strawbeb

    strawbeb6 일 전

    it’s so cute how Bunny is the biggest dog but she’s always so gentle with everything lol

  34. Lisa Winchester

    Lisa Winchester7 일 전

    i can relate to peach. i too like to steal food and eat it in my hideout, far away from everyone else, like some gremlin.

  35. Jango fett

    Jango fett7 일 전

    I am scared

  36. Susan A.

    Susan A.7 일 전

    Also, you need to trim their nails more.

  37. Susan A.

    Susan A.7 일 전

    Why is she calling Mr. Marbles "Bobby" ???

  38. Etleva Hoxha

    Etleva Hoxha8 일 전

    Next video stringing one hundred greenies in between two trees

  39. Sydney Cullis

    Sydney Cullis8 일 전

    “ A greenie on a stick”

  40. Kyle Noe

    Kyle Noe9 일 전

    Thought peach was getting huge, which we all saw coming. Haha I kid

  41. Ellie Walton

    Ellie Walton9 일 전

    I’m scared for life

  42. Yung Bruh

    Yung Bruh9 일 전

    Julien’s reaction when Kermit tried to take off with the greenie

  43. Dav

    Dav9 일 전

    I love how jolene is an actual dog among jenna’s crackhead children 💀

  44. Hanna Fuhs

    Hanna Fuhs9 일 전

    jolene is such a lady

  45. Vinter

    Vinter9 일 전

    *Jolyne Cujoh*

  46. Arina Dinu

    Arina Dinu10 일 전

    That wasn’t some CHILL popsicle time sir

  47. BTS purple you

    BTS purple you10 일 전

    This is so funny 😂❤️

  48. jolene macdonald

    jolene macdonald11 일 전

    love that name ;)

  49. Bella Siffel

    Bella Siffel11 일 전

    *What i learned: Greenies are CRACK for marlbes, peachy, and kermet.*

  50. chriscumbag

    chriscumbag11 일 전

    13:59 top ten non-anime betrayals

  51. Savage Girl678

    Savage Girl67811 일 전

    Did you do the watermelon for cermit because he loves watermelon

  52. DieNaddys

    DieNaddys12 일 전


  53. Rat_kinG

    Rat_kinG12 일 전

    you guys have a weird but very cool life 😁

  54. Nyx Erebus

    Nyx Erebus12 일 전

    Kermit, you so nasty 🤣

  55. Bunny Blue

    Bunny Blue12 일 전

    Jenna is living my dream life. SHE IS MY FAVORITE KOreporterR ❤❤

  56. A wild triangle

    A wild triangle13 일 전

    Kerm 👏 is 👏 a 👏 bicycle 👏 seat👏

  57. best friends forever :3

    best friends forever :313 일 전

    Your dreams are coming true?It seems like they all ready did then started burning down in a fire that smelled of Irish spring.

  58. Dumb Stuff

    Dumb Stuff13 일 전

    "Anything that has a mouth likes watermelon Me: ^*thoughts*^ _wait_... Me:MMMMMMMMMGMGMHMHMFJDIDGG Me: ^*thoughts*^ _i guess I don't have a mouth anymore then..._

  59. alex nadeau

    alex nadeau13 일 전

    jenna and julien are so supportive it makes me melt

  60. Silent Dovah

    Silent Dovah13 일 전

    I like how the only dog that played the game wasn't their dog lol