My "Cheap" Fast & Furious Lambo Is Actually CRAZY EXPENSIVE (HUGE GARAGE UPDATE)


  1. The Rag Company

    The Rag Company26 일 전

    Dane & Anthony here to report that we are STOKED to feature this beast in the TRC booth!! 😁😁

  2. Jared Larson

    Jared Larson15 일 전

    Only if he finishes it on time...

  3. nudgeee80

    nudgeee8022 일 전

    @DailyDrivenExotics This comment is a bit like Houston and his stupid t shirts.

  4. DailyDrivenExotics

    DailyDrivenExotics24 일 전

    Cool channel bro, if I ever see you speeding or do a donut I'm calling the cops because I'm a snitch and and a woman beater

  5. Yousuf Khan

    Yousuf Khan25 일 전

    @Zone B,

  6. sachelle babbar

    sachelle babbar일 전

    Change the channel name to "Tavarish's Growing List of Uninteresting, Unfinishable Projects and Paid Advertisements". I am also going to avoid sponsors like the plague, but I also can't imagine what the person receiving those influencer emails from Tavarish think when they think they are getting strongarmed into "collaboration". Tavarish isn't wrenching. He's sitting in his office all day looking up companies to hit up for free stuff and trying to find people to work on his cars for free, the latter of which there's an endless supply of.

  7. anonymic79

    anonymic79일 전

    Between those 2 Pulsars, you'll probably have 1 working taillight out of 7000.

  8. bob bob

    bob bob3 일 전

    looool another garage update . loool all he does make videos about garage updates and does not finish anything . he is exactly like me . a looser, but still makes more many than I do for a looser .

  9. Fady Jaber

    Fady Jaber7 일 전

    What company did you purchase the Bentley engine from, I couldn't here what you said. I't sounded like Fern Parts. Thank You Tavarish

  10. spitfirebaker

    spitfirebaker8 일 전

    What happened to the Lexus?

  11. Craig Reeve

    Craig Reeve8 일 전

    Travarish; ¨I am not a body guy¨ Cmmon dude, you´re not an anything guy!! You need to man up and learn some skills!!

  12. Tiny Review

    Tiny Review8 일 전

    wait wait wait... 1200$ or 12000$? :D

  13. Guy Galperin

    Guy Galperin10 일 전

    Is that baby oil on your forehead?

  14. Paul Kelley

    Paul Kelley10 일 전

    Leave the sl55 along

  15. Copter Cop

    Copter Cop10 일 전

    13:57 Gold?? Please no! No more gold after the white TT Gallardo engine experiment/fail....

  16. B Brad

    B Brad11 일 전

    Hmmm... Regular carbon fiber will not look good with forged carbon fiber...

  17. Matt VanHorn

    Matt VanHorn12 일 전

    It's 2019, it's not difficult to find a clutch with great driving characteristics for only 600ft-lbs of torque. The McLeod RST and RXT do exactly that, and have a stock like feel. I've used the RXT with 750hp/640tq since 2015. There are probably a handful of other options as well.

  18. Tik tok funny videos

    Tik tok funny videos12 일 전

    OHHH I REMEMBER YOU you build the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder right the one. With red rims I like your Video Life of Poles say your gonna buy the dde car what your gonna do. With pls tell your gonna put a new. Wrap on it

  19. David Barr

    David Barr12 일 전

    Dude, "Pulsar"? Why man? I had a girlfriend in high school with one of those pieces of garbage and I can tell you from experience that they're pure garbage. Dont waste your precious time man

  20. Jose Medina

    Jose Medina13 일 전

    Great job on the Lamborghini😍😍😍😍😍

  21. Jose Medina

    Jose Medina13 일 전

    Same thing with the Corvettes if you buy a Corvette same thing happens to them the top just got stuck

  22. b ed

    b ed13 일 전

    This channel was entertaining. Not so much anymore. DIY Gang is what’s up. Unsubscribing.

  23. Mackenzie McIntyre

    Mackenzie McIntyre13 일 전

    Damn half a grand for a pair of funnels

  24. Wil Sullivan

    Wil Sullivan13 일 전

    How does he afford all this stuff 😲

  25. ron baer

    ron baer13 일 전

    he is going to make a c8 before they come out to the public

  26. David Zeno

    David Zeno13 일 전

    I wonder when he will actually upload another video

  27. Mario

    Mario13 일 전

    Huracan Dorian is comin, it could destroy all of his work done for his car in that garage.

  28. Raymie H

    Raymie H14 일 전


  29. Raymie H

    Raymie H14 일 전

    Did you buy an air filter ??? You need a filter assortment

  30. Raymie H

    Raymie H14 일 전

    No longer does anything just smokes pot with rich rebuilds.... you are both stoned!!!

  31. Raymie H

    Raymie H14 일 전

    Tavarish you are a goof

  32. Frankie Prokop

    Frankie Prokop14 일 전

    I’m reading these comments and I totally understand the complaints. People are sick and tired of you kinda “doing nothing” and everything and then making update videos. Look, I know these things are really time consuming and you have a whole buffet of projects on your plate, but just focus and do each project at a time! I think you’re trying to juggle too much at once. I’m not trying to be an asshole and tell you how you should run your channel and everything, but you need to prioritize and organize. I started watching you at the beginning of your Gallardo build and became a faithful viewer due to the fact that consistent updates and videos were being posted! I could follow the progress of the build and kept watching due to ANTICIPATION! After you finished the Gallardo you kinda just got lazy. You bought the Murci and that project is progressing, but pretty slowly. The Gallardo was pretty “fast paced” and that’s (I think) what a lot of people were there for. People are irritated at the monstrously slow pace at which you’re working through your garage. I know you have a LOT of projects, but just prioritize and conquer, man! Wanna see the Murci done and then you totally finishing your projects efficiently! Please, I think I’m speaking for a LOT of people here, just focus on one project at a time and GET THAT SHIT DONE! I genuinely love your channel and thoroughly enjoy the builds. I just want to see some completion. I’m sick of waiting. I wanna see the conclusion to your builds. I know that these things are both very time consuming and financially burdening. I also recognize that you don’t have a huge team working alongside you to boost efficiency. I just think that there’s room for improvement. Sincerely, a frustrated viewer.

  33. gallyun1

    gallyun113 일 전

    I've been saying this for awhile. His channel has no consistency.

  34. XXX wolfie XXX

    XXX wolfie XXX14 일 전

    Are you alive

  35. LamboRN

    LamboRN14 일 전

    Does that Gallardo rear bumper have the inner skeleton attached that you wanna get rid of? 😁

  36. Joseph Laskowski

    Joseph Laskowski14 일 전

    9 minutes of nothing, and counting

  37. VjSmith

    VjSmith15 일 전

    Thirty minutes of an arm pointing to shit..... Next vid....arm hair removal for a clean look on utube

  38. BEING ME

    BEING ME15 일 전

    Seriously why dont you put your money on a single car and complete one car. I remember why i unsubed you, i cant bear this unfinished cars.

  39. Caleb Prewitt

    Caleb Prewitt15 일 전

    Season 3 episode 3 of "the good place" you can see your lambo sitting in the scene at 17:10 😂 thought that was funny to see them use it befor you bought it

  40. Hamza

    Hamza15 일 전

    4:19 Am I crazy or I see a face in the back?

  41. Maurice MC Curtis

    Maurice MC Curtis15 일 전

    Tavarish Love the Channel (Let me say that before these asshole trolls go in on me) However you seem to be all over the place with no real consistent direction when it comes to the many projects. Please don't become a car hoarder with many unfinished projects. You are smart and I'm hopeful you will figure it out and get the Channel back on track with better content and direction. Anyway Good luck... the Lambo is looking SICK!

  42. Shehan Perera

    Shehan Perera16 일 전

    Hey asshole post more videos please

  43. Peter Lehmkuhl

    Peter Lehmkuhl16 일 전

    Just register the Lamborghini in Montana

  44. Gary Guiste

    Gary Guiste16 일 전


  45. Matt Fast

    Matt Fast16 일 전

    Use stock c6 z06 tranny and zr1 clutch ..just need to make adapter

  46. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones17 일 전

    Content going down hill, unsubbing

  47. Nathan

    Nathan17 일 전

    Wow there’s a KOreporter channel that’s all about starting new projects and not finishing them. Amazing!!!!!

  48. Smita

    Smita17 일 전

    but if the engine of the Murcy is fine, needs only small parts/repairs, and with the exaust and whole car disemble/assemble, dash, everything, iyt will be perfectly put together, perfect paint, perfect exaust, perfect looks and all for maybe 150K. He got it for 80K, so 150 give or take is a great price for a great condition Lambo. Yes some people and maniacs will say I don't want someone to have opened and unmounted and mounted back every part, but I would be glad to know everything was done perfectly and car is like new for 60% of the price of another good example.

  49. Andre Carvalho

    Andre Carvalho17 일 전

    More of the same. Updates about parts and no progress at all

  50. knightrider1545

    knightrider154516 일 전

    Wgat about hurricane

  51. rugu6869

    rugu686917 일 전

    Please tell me you're getting rid of those crappy INVO tires! Nice build so far.

  52. TurbulanceMusic

    TurbulanceMusic17 일 전

    Tavarish, if you were to buy a vaydor body kit and build from a g35 what kind of spec would you do exterior and interior

  53. Jarad Blake

    Jarad Blake17 일 전

    Im sure i heard in this that we where going back to daily videos??? Tavarish do you need staff??? miss ya dude...

  54. Haye

    Haye17 일 전

    This dude never uploads

  55. Tired Oworking

    Tired Oworking17 일 전

    Good to see that you're still there. Looking forward to seeing those projects on the channel.

  56. Khalid Iqbal

    Khalid Iqbal18 일 전


  57. Khalid Iqbal

    Khalid Iqbal18 일 전

    Range rover hurried is a limit, please show further progress.

  58. Golden Meastreo

    Golden Meastreo18 일 전

    U know what u should’ve just bought a lambo in a good condition i mean the price would be very close after fixing it and i know a lambo for 80k is very cheap but fixing costs alot and do u think its worth spending all that much in fixing i mean do u make enough money from youtube... i know u have someother jobs too but still....

  59. muchomogo

    muchomogo18 일 전

    I'm not suggesting they're the same person, but has anyone ever seen Juan Rodriguez and Gabriel "fluffy" iglesias in the same room 🤔🤔

  60. andoletube

    andoletube18 일 전

    Posts video stating videos are coming, then disappears again for another week.... :/ I think this is a mistake. People will start to drop off if there aren't regular updates. I love your videos man, but the gaps are too large. Come back to us!

  61. chri5mc

    chri5mc18 일 전

    Have you ever thought about finishing something? Like choosing the car that needs the least amount of attention and just finishing it?

  62. Alejandro

    Alejandro18 일 전

    all those cars in the garage dont make one decent one, sell them or junkyard and build something nice

  63. Lord Nougat

    Lord Nougat18 일 전

    Holy shit, 30 grand seems like a pretty damned fantastic deal for that monstrosity... hypothetically!

  64. Muni Man

    Muni Man18 일 전

    Freddie check this guy out

  65. Tom Ingebrigtsen

    Tom Ingebrigtsen18 일 전

    Heat can be your only savior on bolts that have galvanic corrosion. Might want to get sponsored for one of those electromagnetic torches.


    GOLDENDUCK18 일 전

    People crying about your unfinished projects.. However I'm just loving the subs building up really fast. I mean really really fast.. I believe the secret sause here is your Murceilago .. A True manual Beast.. I cant wait to hear her scream