My Boyfriend Makes Me Ice Cream For My Birthday


  1. vantas

    vantas21 시간 전

    I’ve been home with a busted knee for a week. Jenna and Julien, you’re the only thing that has gotten me to smile while trapped inside my own house. Thank you ❤️

  2. maori mendoza

    maori mendoza일 전

    come to Italy, we have ALL kinds of icecreams

  3. Molly Maria

    Molly Maria일 전

    black raspberry...? u mean...blackberries? do america not have blackberries??!

  4. Nabil Mohamed

    Nabil Mohamed2 일 전

    you're beautiful with or without makeup 😘 happy birthday ❤💖💕💓💟💞💗💝💜

  5. Šhïvâ

    Šhïvâ2 일 전

    She really does look like a drug dealer

  6. Lily_of_the_Forest

    Lily_of_the_Forest2 일 전

    They have a wine closet? They are such a mix of young silliness and maturity.

  7. Briana Niedling

    Briana Niedling2 일 전


  8. Victoria Rizzo

    Victoria Rizzo2 일 전

    Jenna you're a fucking queen. Always. Slay. 😂💜

  9. Alex Ruuge

    Alex Ruuge4 일 전

    Samonella academy

  10. RavenWritingdesk

    RavenWritingdesk4 일 전

    This is exactly what it's like to cook with my brother. His ADHD turns him into an Aries even though he's an INTJ Capricorn.

  11. Veronica

    Veronica4 일 전

    He’s Spanish is great 😂😂😂 habla más!!!!!

  12. Raven Sherwood

    Raven Sherwood5 일 전

    Julien hermit crab walking at 7:27. How did I miss that the first time I watched this?😂

  13. Laurie Myers

    Laurie Myers6 일 전

    Omg...Ree’s blackberry cobbler recipe is BOMB!!!!

  14. Addyrose👌👌👌👌

    Addyrose👌👌👌👌7 일 전

    Her at the beginning though lol🤣

  15. iwatchedbobsburgerswaytoomanytimes oof

    iwatchedbobsburgerswaytoomanytimes oof7 일 전

    you should make your wine cellar a tiny greenhouse and fill it with plants

  16. mason edwardus

    mason edwardus7 일 전

    "why are you in there?" "bECauSe itS mY fUckInG biRtHDaY bEecH"

  17. Nathalie Marie

    Nathalie Marie7 일 전

    What if j&j used their wine closet as a bobby closet instead

  18. Univexrse._

    Univexrse._8 일 전

    *aggressive hand movements* what are you doing? *JUMPS ONTO COUNTER* *THAATS EeIT*

  19. Reece Golke

    Reece Golke9 일 전

    Your Beautiful

  20. Bird Beauty

    Bird Beauty9 일 전

    Saturday and Sunday are my favorite die

  21. Kiki Jones

    Kiki Jones10 일 전

    all i can imagine is Jenna yelling "JULIEN YOU CAN'T DO THAT, I'M A VIRGO"

  22. Chelsea Kinsella

    Chelsea Kinsella11 일 전

    I'm a libra but I should be an aries

  23. Riley Raker

    Riley Raker11 일 전

    8:26 was the moment I liked this video

  24. Avtomat Kalashnikova

    Avtomat Kalashnikova12 일 전

    I prefer saskatoonberry ice cream if we're talking regional berries

  25. Natalie Butler

    Natalie Butler12 일 전

    When Julien poured both the syrup and coconut milk into the machine without mixing it first, I just got a sinking feeling

  26. Dylan Schmidt

    Dylan Schmidt13 일 전

    i know you'll probably never see this in you 20,000 comments but you should try to find black cherry ice cream!! its really good, i use to pick black raspberries and boysenberries up in Wisconsin during the summer and black cherry gives you that dark purple color and is much sweeter

  27. Nikola Gorgon

    Nikola Gorgon14 일 전


  28. Jacob Hicks

    Jacob Hicks14 일 전

    “Cuz I’m a crisco girl”

  29. gnecrognome

    gnecrognome14 일 전

    Hmmmm my ancestral hatred for pioneer woman is the only thing wrong with this video. My sister used to dance with her niece and I don't remember her super well but according to my mom and sister she is The Fucking Worst

  30. Camilo Rollie

    Camilo Rollie15 일 전

    Julien's face looks like one of those glasses-nose-mustache things

  31. OrangeFluffyCat

    OrangeFluffyCat15 일 전

    Blackberry soft sorbet recipe: - Bag of frozen blackberries - Enough milk of your choice to blend them - About a cup of greek yogurt (optional) Throw them in blender until you get a soft icy creamy sorbet. Also works with frozen bananas.

  32. Saoirse Campbell

    Saoirse Campbell15 일 전

    they should really get married

  33. Lor Eddie

    Lor Eddie16 일 전

    I love them!

  34. Briisme

    Briisme16 일 전


  35. nasty boi kermit

    nasty boi kermit16 일 전


  36. Bubblegum Teeth

    Bubblegum Teeth16 일 전

    2:54 he sounded so hopeful

  37. Aman Raj

    Aman Raj17 일 전

    Why am I watching this video at 2 am like for the 10th time? And I still dig them!!!!

  38. Dylan V

    Dylan V17 일 전

    Happy birthday

  39. Mayda C.

    Mayda C.17 일 전

    I hope when i live with my boyfriend we have as much fun as you guys haha 😂

  40. laurenlovescookies 25

    laurenlovescookies 2518 일 전

    Link to dairy free black raspberry icecream. I live in upstate NY so I totally get why jenna loves black raspberry icecream and garbage plates.

  41. Mikalah Morgan

    Mikalah Morgan18 일 전

    we have the same birthday

  42. Winter Wolf Queen

    Winter Wolf Queen18 일 전

    I can't remember which aries kitchen video he box jumped on the counter. Do any of you know?

  43. Mason Plank

    Mason Plank18 일 전

    I'm from NY like jenna and I didnt realize that black raspberries were so hard to find either. And I know the icecream she is talking about is THE BEST

  44. Charlotte Fray

    Charlotte Fray19 일 전

    Sometimes I sit and watch your videos and just wish you were my mum or my sister or my friend or just someone in my life, I just really appreciate you and your videos and the influence you’ve had over me in my life. I love you!!!

  45. Well wouldn’t You like to know

    Well wouldn’t You like to know19 일 전

    I think your hott!!! (Your as in you own it, it’s yours)... you are beautiful.... Jenna you’re cute too...... lol.

  46. Reagan D

    Reagan D19 일 전


  47. Burnt Chickennugget

    Burnt Chickennugget20 일 전

    You are a beautiful birthday girl

  48. amber purdie

    amber purdie20 일 전

    “Just drinking water” “And opening your eyes everyday”

  49. calvin cosplay

    calvin cosplay20 일 전

    loving jena in snake skin ^3^ she looks uber comffy

  50. TheSpotty1997

    TheSpotty199720 일 전

    Next time use Blueberries with your blackberries and some raspberries. They'll give you more sweetness and the purple color you're looking for :)

  51. Elise O’Reilly

    Elise O’Reilly21 일 전

    My 4 year old was in the room watching tv while i watched this on my phone. When the ice cream maker starts going off, my son started yelling “MOMMY NEVER PLAY THAT VIDEO AGAIN!!!”

  52. Logan Sheets

    Logan Sheets21 일 전

    Black raspberry icecream 💀, soooo blackberry icecream

  53. Dennis Troha

    Dennis Troha21 일 전

    my family loves the pioneer woman 😂

  54. Mariah L

    Mariah L22 일 전

    Julien: *makes it into a meme to avoid getting in trouble*

  55. Mariah L

    Mariah L22 일 전

    the fucking robe/fit combo killed me

  56. Mariah L

    Mariah L22 일 전

    Watching Jenna’s Virgo stress bLoOm when The Tornado is in the kitchen. The wildest and most stressful cooking show

  57. GreystoneMom

    GreystoneMom23 일 전

    Raspberry chocolate chip Cincinnati. Greater ice-cream , I’ll send it if you really wanna try it,

  58. Jamo

    Jamo25 일 전

    So cool they’re joking about ree Drummond, I work at her restaurant!

  59. Haley grace

    Haley grace25 일 전

    It might just be me but I thought that she was sitting on a toilet in the beginning-

  60. My Name Might Be Connor

    My Name Might Be Connor25 일 전

    3:55 “How much ice cream are you making?” “Enough for you” I need a relationship like this so bad 😂😭