My Boyfriend Guides Me Through A Makeup Tutorial


  1. Art and Stuff

    Art and Stuff2 시간 전

    Julen is so sweet he said "ugh, you're so good at makeup" like five times, what a cutie

  2. Name with a K

    Name with a K22 시간 전

    Juliens favourite keyboard trick: random paste: licence

  3. Louisa link

    Louisa link22 시간 전

    Jenna’s hair looks so niceee in this video

  4. Sam Holder

    Sam Holder일 전

    this is the KOreporter i'm here for.

  5. Gan

    Gan일 전

    I love the specific brand of anxiety Jenna gets whenever she's doing something makeup related with julien

  6. Maya Luna

    Maya Luna일 전

    My parents fighting for 18 minutes straight

  7. Caleb Barnes

    Caleb Barnes2 일 전

    outwardly laughed and slapped my knee at the and the yoursara not mascara joke

  8. BloodylocksBathory

    BloodylocksBathory2 일 전

    I had to stop watching because Julien was stressing me out lol

  9. john smith

    john smith3 일 전

    Julian gets really good with describing in detail as the video goes on.

  10. Shannon Weymark

    Shannon Weymark4 일 전

    I can't wait to see what you make glow in the dark next Wednesday 😂 don't even pretend like it ain't happenin

  11. Rachel Steele

    Rachel Steele4 일 전

    Please recreate this but Jenna explains the action and Julien does the makeup on Jenna✌️

  12. Poe Poesie

    Poe Poesie5 일 전

    How much do you want to bet Julien googled "makeup tutorials" and that's how he got nikki tutorials?

  13. Brie Wright

    Brie Wright5 일 전

    As an Aries, Julien represents all Aries when he says: Julien: what are you doing? Jenna: I’m putting it away. I’m done with it Julien: I’m not familiar with that practice


    XYZ LUCINA5 일 전

    please never do nose contoring again. it makes your perfect nose look not perfect

  15. Powerpuff 24601

    Powerpuff 246015 일 전

    This video has to be one of the most stressful videos on Jenna's channel. Both her and Julien are both stressed and bikering back and forth. It feels like listening to your parents arguing. But it's also the funniest thing at the same time. 😂

  16. Ollie Finch

    Ollie Finch6 일 전

    It's not mah-scara it's your scara aJhHHahaha

  17. Fairy tail

    Fairy tail6 일 전

    Jenna looked so good thoo

  18. Ewok 88

    Ewok 887 일 전

    I’m scared, I feel like I just watched my parents argue for like 15 minutes.

  19. Andi Bristow

    Andi Bristow7 일 전

    Omg him saying TOP PART made me so angry lol . That whole argument is me and my bf. “DONT SAY TOP SAY LID CREASE OR BROW” “okay so the TOP part” 😫😣😤🤦🏻‍♀️

  20. Chantal Bellmont

    Chantal Bellmont8 일 전

    "Congrats on your skin"

  21. Grainne O'Cruhuir

    Grainne O'Cruhuir8 일 전

    Oh Jenna there is a typo in the title of this video. It says boyfriend when I think you were supposed to say friend 🙂

  22. Kyla Christensen

    Kyla Christensen8 일 전

    pt 2 please

  23. Zelda Sayaka

    Zelda Sayaka8 일 전

    When the white’s no more had me dying

  24. Sugas Tractor

    Sugas Tractor8 일 전

    so now your gonna do your brows off camera

  25. George Frangoudes

    George Frangoudes9 일 전

    Alt Title: Watch a happy couple break up over makeup for 18 minutes straight

  26. Cristina Guevara Marenco

    Cristina Guevara Marenco10 일 전

    i love how julien keeps saying that she looks beautiful

  27. deffdefying

    deffdefying10 일 전

    Jenna: They had a language barrier, we. do. not. Julien: Well... that's debatable. Jenna: *_INTENSE VIRGOSITY_*

  28. Shan Young

    Shan Young10 일 전


  29. hannah bono

    hannah bono10 일 전

    Omg before she had mad plants

  30. Em

    Em11 일 전

    They should play overcooked

  31. VHA Markova

    VHA Markova11 일 전

    okay ngl watching this back and we always talk abt how patient jenna is with julien's aries but we need to applaud julien's patience with jenna in this one. that one part where he was trying to explain the lid-crease-brow/top-bottom bit and she kept interrupting him had me literally screaming lol

  32. Frikka3

    Frikka312 일 전

    “You’re wearing the wrong outfit” 😆

  33. Brittney Stokes

    Brittney Stokes12 일 전

    julien: why are you putting everything away? jenna: because i don’t need it anymore julien: i’m not used to that practice jenna: we know

  34. Robin

    Robin12 일 전

    11:33 it just kinda surprised me that julien knows the word "waterline"

  35. beef baby

    beef baby13 일 전

    *it's your scara not mascara*

  36. Zoe Gilkey

    Zoe Gilkey14 일 전


  37. Hannah Sanders

    Hannah Sanders15 일 전

    Nikki has a much rounder and fuller face than Jenna so the amount of eyeshadow is like overtaking Jenna's eyes 😅😅

  38. LaMissFlurry

    LaMissFlurry15 일 전

    "ahw you're so good at makeup" sounded so cute

  39. Andres Valencia

    Andres Valencia16 일 전

    Lol I love that “bitch no it doesn’t”

  40. Melissa Cobb

    Melissa Cobb16 일 전

    You for real have the same exact products that I have!

  41. Come art with me !

    Come art with me !16 일 전

    I love when Julien said “you’re so good at makeup” through his teeth so it was like mumbled and quiet.

  42. Yellow Swearshirt

    Yellow Swearshirt17 일 전

    Why is julien so patient and so cute just encouraging her this whole time 😂

  43. Sofija Kandic

    Sofija Kandic18 일 전

    Jenna actually being a great at makeup

  44. Sofija Kandic

    Sofija Kandic18 일 전

    I ate all my nails watching this

  45. Chris

    Chris19 일 전

    Jenna looks like a flamboyant raccoon with that makeup

  46. Rhianna Campbell

    Rhianna Campbell19 일 전

    Jenna is soo pretty😫

  47. Drew Biddle

    Drew Biddle19 일 전


  48. Eric Wellman

    Eric Wellman22 일 전

    He says a little gay

  49. LuAnn G

    LuAnn G22 일 전

    #JeffreeStar & #ShaneDawson need to hook Jenna up with all their makeup and Jenna n Julien need to remake this lol!

  50. Izabella Shearer

    Izabella Shearer22 일 전

    Julie should just change his name to Aries

  51. Ben Toof

    Ben Toof24 일 전

    Make it even harder, and put a wall in between you two so he can’t see you and you can only talk

  52. Chad Latta

    Chad Latta25 일 전

    this is the most stressed I've seen Julien

  53. Skinny Tea

    Skinny Tea25 일 전

    last video with the intro

  54. Izzy Walters

    Izzy Walters25 일 전

    jenna and julian arguing for 17 minutes and 57 seconds

  55. Run To Stand Still

    Run To Stand Still27 일 전

    I want Julian's hair. lol not in a creepy way I mean I want my hair to be like mine

  56. Izzy makin

    Izzy makin27 일 전

    Julien giving her little compliments when she does it right is so damn cute

  57. Kristy Russell

    Kristy Russell27 일 전

    Let the poor guy explain!

  58. Holly Hoff

    Holly Hoff28 일 전

    I actually really like this look on Jenna

  59. Tiffany Pierce

    Tiffany Pierce개월 전

    "It's your scara not mascara" WAS THAT A DAD JOKE, JULIEN?!?!

  60. cassandra sotos

    cassandra sotos개월 전

    Julie did a great job