My Best Friend Turned On Me


  1. Barry B. Benson

    Barry B. Benson6 시간 전

    Dude sounds like he is still 12

  2. ツRaydraツ

    ツRaydraツ11 시간 전

    Why is 80% of the comments are just people who misread the title

  3. Jude Smith

    Jude Smith20 시간 전

    I read that title wrong

  4. Ngaire Maeve

    Ngaire Maeve일 전

    This title is an entire mood

  5. Fruit Cake

    Fruit Cake일 전

    This ended up in my recommended and I accidentally read the title as ‘My best friend turned me on’.

  6. Violet Molloy

    Violet Molloy일 전

    I have a friend named uhh.. let’s call her vittoria, and from kindergarten to grade one, she was my friend, then she left. When she came back, I was(am) in the grade I am right now (grade 6) and I introduced her to my friends that I made when she was gone; ruhi, sawyer, and Karel. They were my friends since grade 3. Ruhi was my BEST friend be cause we were in our advisory together since ruhi came, so she was my best friend too. I introduced vittoria to all of them, and then I noticed... vittoria was not playing with me anymore... nor was all of my other friends... they were all with vittoria. This makes me devastated and scared that my friends don’t care about me anymore.

  7. TruecallawayX16

    TruecallawayX162 일 전


  8. Lesbian Spider Time

    Lesbian Spider Time2 일 전

    this made me cry wtf-

  9. Denver Jordan

    Denver Jordan2 일 전

    *_Am I the only one who didn't read the way the others are saying it?...-_*

  10. meBIGchill

    meBIGchill2 일 전

    I dont blame his friend I blame the parents

  11. Silent Assassin

    Silent Assassin2 일 전

    I thought it said my best friend turned me on

  12. ATYWER T loquendo

    ATYWER T loquendo2 일 전

    How are't you dead

  13. kebleb

    kebleb2 일 전

    What a baby

  14. Jesus

    Jesus2 일 전

    I read it as “my best friend turned me on”

  15. Elsa Brown

    Elsa Brown일 전

    It’s fine, I just don’t think. I guess your right.

  16. Jesus

    Jesus일 전

    Elsa Brown well I apologize for saying that

  17. Elsa Brown

    Elsa Brown일 전

    Y’Know, whatever. If I was wrong then whatever.

  18. Jesus

    Jesus일 전

    Elsa Brown well now you know people can read the same thing

  19. Jesus

    Jesus일 전

    Elsa Brown take a second, look at what you just said. You realize people can read something the same way? Lots of others read it as the same thing, and I guess I just read it the same why as someone else idiot.

  20. Felipe

    Felipe2 일 전

    Not to be rude anything Why would he still wants to be friends with him? Because Matthew tortured Jean

  21. Felipe

    Felipe2 일 전

    I hate it when people get hurt I start to cry

  22. Lana Chu

    Lana Chu2 일 전

    ngl thought it said "My best friend turned me on" instead of "my best friend turned on me"

  23. Wolfy YT

    Wolfy YT2 일 전

    I got push into a tree and i push the bully into a eletroc thing and i was saying very means thing to him

  24. nikki :p

    nikki :p2 일 전

    this kid is wholesome

  25. yeetus cleitis smell my feetus 12

    yeetus cleitis smell my feetus 123 일 전

    First time?

  26. Clovye

    Clovye3 일 전

    Ah kid This is life

  27. Doggy Animates

    Doggy Animates3 일 전

    When story booth tries to shade at the first time

  28. Alien 51 Cheeks

    Alien 51 Cheeks3 일 전

    Sorry but i read the thumbnail my bestfriend turned me on

  29. Gachaland 123

    Gachaland 1234 일 전

    Why did I read this as “my best friend turned me on”- 😳

  30. Ivan Moonlight

    Ivan Moonlight4 일 전

    Title:My bestfriend turned me on Me:Wheres the switch??

  31. Olivia Doran

    Olivia Doran5 일 전

    Matthew is not your friend sorry dude!

  32. Legendary Noob

    Legendary Noob5 일 전

    Best friend or your crush?

  33. Listen Boi

    Listen Boi6 일 전

    I looked at it and a had I thought it said "My best friend turned me on" I was CoNcErNeD

  34. The Pxtxxn

    The Pxtxxn6 일 전

    I’ve been just watching story booth non stop and I checked the title of this one and when I read it I thought it said “my best friend turned me on” and I was like *”story booth...why...?”*

  35. ʜᴏᴇ _ғᴏʀ_ᴛᴀᴇʜʏᴜɴɢ

    ʜᴏᴇ _ғᴏʀ_ᴛᴀᴇʜʏᴜɴɢ7 일 전

    i read that as ‘my best friend turned me on’ i-

  36. Otakuhannah121

    Otakuhannah1217 일 전

    I wanna know what happened with him and Matthew. Did they become friends again???

  37. Abu Atiq

    Abu Atiq7 일 전

    just saying,some best friend DO fell in love with each other and...:O IS THIS THE ONE??I'M SO CURIOUS!

  38. The transformers channel With barricade

    The transformers channel With barricade7 일 전

    Hey my name is Matthew

  39. Siya

    Siya8 일 전

    i read the title but i read "me" before "on"

  40. kiahn bunyan

    kiahn bunyan9 일 전

    i thought the title said my best friend turned me on

  41. Kyle Lowry

    Kyle Lowry9 일 전

    Relatable. My best friend from grade 1-4 betrayed Me in mid grade 5. He became more violent towards me when he knew that people were bullying me. That includes my whole class hating on me. So he went along without ever thinking what I was going through. He got told to hit me with ice blocks until I had bruises, and worst part is, he got told to, create soapy water, and put it in my eyes until the burn. I still can't recover from that, I'm in freshman year of high school, and I can't ever forget what he did to me.

  42. RJ'S DAY

    RJ'S DAY9 일 전

    One time my friend did that that to me by talking about my uncle when he died and that bitch got what he deserved he got head punch in the nuts

  43. Naomi Rosario

    Naomi Rosario9 일 전

    I thought the caption said, "my bestfriend turns me on"

  44. Tai O'Leary

    Tai O'Leary10 일 전

    1 like (not begging btw) 10000000000000 bitch slaps for Mathew Mathew More like math ewww

  45. Savagegamer69

    Savagegamer6910 일 전

    I read this as "my best friend turned me on"

  46. Egg Man

    Egg Man11 일 전

    I experienced something like that but it was worse

  47. Treble the dog

    Treble the dog11 일 전

    That's bad and all but I'm a junior high wearing size 13 nikes,MENS size 13 nikes,beat that

  48. I'm pickle rikc O'Leary

    I'm pickle rikc O'Leary14 일 전

    1 like (not begging) 10000000000000000000000000000000 tree beatings for Mathew

  49. empty chair do a solo

    empty chair do a solo14 일 전

    I hate that friend. Poor thing was just trying to help him.

  50. Lewis Jones

    Lewis Jones15 일 전

    Help your friend even if you get punched in the gut thrown out a tree but ummmm

  51. Amariouna Sleeper

    Amariouna Sleeper16 일 전

    I dont care if he apologized or not, if i were you, i wouldn't speak to him again.

  52. Midnight Ace

    Midnight Ace16 일 전

    I somewhat had a friend like this and I was friends with this girl and she would hit me,punch me and use me and threaten me all the time and even tho I cared for her she did this stuff to me but idc anymore cause I can stand up for myself

  53. alantupadre

    alantupadre17 일 전

    Bad advice from the counselor, but she is nicely curvy ❤️

  54. Emily Ng

    Emily Ng17 일 전

    what a kind boy, bless his soul

  55. Baylee Brown

    Baylee Brown17 일 전

    I thought it said my friend turned me on …

  56. Justin Leland

    Justin Leland17 일 전

    I will be friends with you

  57. Laser Bean Animations

    Laser Bean Animations17 일 전

    At first i read it as : "My Best Friend Turned Me On"

  58. King PolarBear 45

    King PolarBear 4518 일 전

    me: breaks my leg nurse: here’s a bandaid

  59. KinLing 12

    KinLing 1217 일 전

    HeRE'S a DrINk 🥤

  60. Aissatou Coly

    Aissatou Coly19 일 전

    I seriously thought it said “my best friend turned me on” 😨

  61. Joe Berger

    Joe Berger20 일 전

    Damn mathue

  62. Rosalie Brunet

    Rosalie Brunet20 일 전

    Nurses be like *Ice ice baby*

  63. First name Last name

    First name Last name21 일 전

    I thought it said my best friend turned me on

  64. hey yall

    hey yall21 일 전

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  65. MexicanBoi 96

    MexicanBoi 9621 일 전

    This also happended to me and his name was also Matthew but we didn't have a fight

  66. CEO of East Asia

    CEO of East Asia21 일 전

    Bruh I read : MY best friend turned me on