my battle..


  1. Colton Benkers

    Colton Benkers6 시간 전

    Fake break up with ilsa to make Eliot mad at you.

  2. Rigo Tirado

    Rigo Tirado6 시간 전

    1:08 Me when i get killed by a bot who was camping

  3. Savage GRaf

    Savage GRaf6 시간 전

    It’s ok lazarbeam ur fans r here for u

  4. Dfm Clan

    Dfm Clan6 시간 전

    Lazarbeam: stop meming Elliot Me:you started it

  5. WolfieWorx

    WolfieWorx7 시간 전

    Lazar : Swears KOreporter : Goes to snap fingers- Lazar fans : Ahem *all holding thor’s hammers*

  6. Anime vibes 123

    Anime vibes 1237 시간 전

    rip frotnite

  7. Jacob Alfaro

    Jacob Alfaro7 시간 전

    You should make a fake tattoo that says YEET , so all us people that can’t get tattoos have YEET on them ,or code Lazar (merch idea)

  8. Anshul Singh

    Anshul Singh8 시간 전

    Haters talking trash and when lazerbeam shows middle finger haters be like 🤐🤐

  9. Gloryrush gaming

    Gloryrush gaming8 시간 전

    Just had an anxiety attack over school work. The one time the KOreporter algorithm understands me

  10. Rozendaal Family

    Rozendaal Family8 시간 전

    Code Lazar in the item shop

  11. Supreme CD

    Supreme CD8 시간 전

    Fuçk off

  12. Riley Weeden

    Riley Weeden9 시간 전

    we all got your back you keep making your amazing videos.keep up the good work we all love and support you.

  13. DarkStare TDM

    DarkStare TDM9 시간 전

    Omg yes.....I’d give you all the hugs and we can runaway and do fun stuff if you want too I don’t wanna get you into trouble lmaooo but without Elliot wtf >.> go away muslek leave him alone lmao 😂 love you lannon *hugs and kisses on cheek* cuz why tf not bish lol hehehe byyee cya mate !!

  14. Riley Weeden

    Riley Weeden9 시간 전

    lazarbeam I got your back dude

  15. Riley Weeden

    Riley Weeden9 시간 전

    alex made a really big melon by the creeper farm



    Elizabeth can I go to your house because I like your videos so so much like I like fortnight nails I always wear

  17. Toran NG

    Toran NG9 시간 전

    Click bait!!!

  18. S S North Vines

    S S North Vines9 시간 전

    Bro u r too good😂😂

  19. sicilia carol

    sicilia carol10 시간 전


  20. I love J hope

    I love J hope10 시간 전

    Mein Kampf

  21. heaven Tiangco

    heaven Tiangco11 시간 전

    Do a house tour insted of just Month Reviews

  22. I don't know anymore

    I don't know anymore11 시간 전

    That code lazar on his arm isn’t that good anymore

  23. StarKnight 54

    StarKnight 5411 시간 전

    When you fullscreen you see an ad. Omg he's finally done it

  24. H B

    H B11 시간 전


  25. kiolooi reewe

    kiolooi reewe12 시간 전

    the only thing he steals is ad revenue

  26. Nate native

    Nate native12 시간 전

    make a daimond play botton merch

  27. Brazilian Mapper

    Brazilian Mapper12 시간 전

    When Lazar copies LWIAY Lazar: OH no I am copying Pewdiepie again Jacksfilms: Am I a joke to you?

  28. Birdie 2nd Channel

    Birdie 2nd Channel13 시간 전

    Deadpool 3?????

  29. L French

    L French13 시간 전

    Aww you got anxiety? What a little nerd

  30. Jayden Ritzmann

    Jayden Ritzmann14 시간 전

    I’ve been watching Sam dubz fur a while

  31. XGhostDavid X

    XGhostDavid X14 시간 전

    Christian is my best friend

  32. Jayden Price

    Jayden Price15 시간 전

    The views

  33. ASPT 001

    ASPT 00115 시간 전

    Bruh no ads

  34. waioiywdood Evans

    waioiywdood Evans16 시간 전


  35. Yves Didier

    Yves Didier16 시간 전

    Lannen you are so inspiring and amazing. I have always thought of you as an inspirational person you’re soo nice to do this.

  36. XXxXBLUCreeperXxXX

    XXxXBLUCreeperXxXX17 시간 전

    Like I wanted to use code lAzar but fortnite is dead LITERALLY it got sucked

  37. Connor Is Luck

    Connor Is Luck17 시간 전

    6:15 im sure everybody laughed at this anyone? welp i did.

  38. N0T Clan.

    N0T Clan.17 시간 전

    Petition for LazarBeam to bring back Random Crap Friday | | \/

  39. Cute Foxy Gaming :3

    Cute Foxy Gaming :317 시간 전

    {\_/} (•⩌•) />❤🍉 bunny is giving lazarbeam love + watermelons to cheer him up o(〃^▽^〃)o

  40. Sergio Castro

    Sergio Castro18 시간 전


  41. big bad hiphop king

    big bad hiphop king18 시간 전

    Toxic pigeon from cross city tunel mighy have shit on you lol

  42. big bad hiphop king

    big bad hiphop king18 시간 전

    Tunnel air from the easter. Distributer is yeeting u out

  43. big bad hiphop king

    big bad hiphop king18 시간 전

    My mum lives around the corner from u im just going to say CP woolys pcyc lol we know lazarbeam hahahaha u legend yeet

  44. big bad hiphop king

    big bad hiphop king18 시간 전

    Me 2 it hard bro worst thing eva get them vals into u lol and try to breath in 123 out 123

  45. Mr. XxProxX

    Mr. XxProxX18 시간 전

    6 minutes of a apology video

  46. Patrick Collins

    Patrick Collins18 시간 전

    Did anyone else catch that lannan is going to be in the movie free guy or was that just me

  47. C B

    C B19 시간 전

    Gay af

  48. Vic B

    Vic B19 시간 전

    Where is the queen

  49. David Rides

    David Rides19 시간 전

    Use code lazar!!Oh shii we CANT PLAY THE DAMN GAME

  50. Baggy Boi

    Baggy Boi19 시간 전

    his tatoo is not good anymore fortnite is done

  51. Karen Bray

    Karen Bray19 시간 전


  52. richard A

    richard A19 시간 전


  53. Julian Huerta

    Julian Huerta20 시간 전

    Lazarbeam never heard of him

  54. Maikkai Mii

    Maikkai Mii20 시간 전

    I would 100% listen to a lazerbeam podcast

  55. george young

    george young20 시간 전


  56. Roark Smerklo

    Roark Smerklo20 시간 전

    My hole in tire family except my sister

  57. Talon Knerr

    Talon Knerr20 시간 전

    Save the Queen 👸 we love you 😍 😘

  58. pdst3

    pdst320 시간 전

    I have an anxiety disorder I am currently battling with you’ll get over it lazerbeam👌👍

  59. Kristin Johnson

    Kristin Johnson20 시간 전

    The Code Lazar is in comic sans too



    1 Like Will make Lazar Will Make a MUSIC Video