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  2. zinᆞ

    zinᆞ개월 전

    팬될거같습니다 ㅜ 배우분들 성함을 알수있을까요?

  3. Wawan Indah

    Wawan Indah3 개월 전

    @Cocosori BlahBlah video

  4. H L

    H L4 개월 전

    this song bangs his vocal quality is exquisite

  5. jade

    jade4 시간 전

    so are we just gonna ignore the fact that

  6. amyiunmai sp

    amyiunmai sp일 전


  7. MELODY 48

    MELODY 48일 전


  8. princesa bia bts vidinhas

    princesa bia bts vidinhas2 일 전

    esse mv merece o respeito de tudo o mundo, porque ele é maravilhoso, e conta sobre uma realidade de alguns países de hoje!!! alguém por favor me fala o nome destas duas lindas atrizes?? estou apaixonada por esse casal!!

  9. Dark Lady

    Dark Lady2 일 전

    I'm in love

  10. strawberry milk

    strawberry milk3 일 전

    i'm so sad i dedicated this song and my girlfriend cheated on me haha. :(

  11. 하성운

    하성운3 일 전

    뭘자꾸 하구싶다는거야

  12. Sughopemin

    Sughopemin4 일 전

    Okay so the mom has the audacity to get mad at her daughter for being lesbian and committing a “sin”. When she’s having an affair which is also a technically a sin WITH A FUCKING PRIEST NO LESS. Wow what fucking double standards.

  13. Aino

    Aino6 일 전

    2:51 At what point did she get her glasses back on

  14. Weirdo MultiStan

    Weirdo MultiStan7 일 전

    They really calling. Chaeyoung out - at least supporting lgbt if not a part and 159 when she finally grew 1 cm taller😂💖🌈

  15. Roy Barrows

    Roy Barrows8 일 전

    It's better with the sound turned off.

  16. Jaime Will

    Jaime Will9 일 전


  17. Blake Johnson

    Blake Johnson9 일 전

    Came for the music, stayed for the gay

  18. Sunterfeal Real

    Sunterfeal Real10 일 전


  19. Mr. meme Enshuo

    Mr. meme Enshuo11 일 전

    Is no one gonna ask how her glasses magically appeared in her face

  20. lalyn128

    lalyn12812 일 전

    I have listened to this for like 10 times, watched this video for couple times. The first time I watched this, I watched it until 5:00 and I was like 'fckkkkkkk nooooooo why tf lesbian are always ended like this fckkk jdsfpsdpfpksd' and cried. Now it 11th time I watch this video, but I watch the entire video and see how it really ends and I realised that god I'M SUCH AN IDIOT fck / *HAPPILY CRYING*

  21. 얼간??

    얼간??13 일 전

    악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈악! 내눈

  22. queen wan

    queen wan15 일 전

    i’m over 159cm, does that mean i’ve passed the gayness of this MV? probably ;) all jokes aside, this music video is actually really beautiful, how the two girls in love run away from reality to be together. and the song is incredible i love it!

  23. TimmyAreYouThere PlsComeHome

    TimmyAreYouThere PlsComeHome15 일 전

    That's pretty gay

  24. thuc anh

    thuc anh17 일 전

    is this from a film or just a mv sb let me knowww

  25. please keep the line

    please keep the line15 일 전

    it's the music video of the song, just that:(

  26. Army Blink

    Army Blink22 일 전

    btch! i thought that when they kissed it was Somi and Tzuyu!

  27. Momo's Hoe

    Momo's Hoe20 일 전

    Haha omg, new idea for fanfics

  28. Juno Hyzen

    Juno Hyzen22 일 전

    It’s so annoying how a “priest.” Can flirt and (almost) kiss a married women but 2 girls can’t ://

  29. AegyoElkie

    AegyoElkie22 일 전

    Roses are red Violets are blue I came for the gay And so did you

  30. 김린네

    김린네22 일 전

    뮤비 보고 불타올랐다가 가사 보고 팍 식음 가사가 왜이래


    THURSDAY24 일 전

    Don't care what they say fighting 👤

  32. ngố uyên

    ngố uyên26 일 전

    27/9/2019 ai còn xem ko?

  33. Ana Carolina

    Ana Carolina27 일 전


  34. Ana Dubova

    Ana Dubova개월 전

    love love love

  35. Mika Kate

    Mika Kate개월 전

    Sometimes the one looks like Irene and the other Seulgi. Or is it just me?

  36. Natalie

    Natalie개월 전

    This is damn serious topic

  37. Ai Xin

    Ai Xin개월 전

    Everytime I feel lonely I watch this but I just end up feeling lonelier afterwards 😪

  38. 김서현

    김서현개월 전

    배우분들성함 궁금합니다 제발요

  39. Dyeise Aniskievicz

    Dyeise Aniskievicz개월 전

    The video and music are both perfect Tenny, you are doing amazing sweetie ♥♥♥

  40. 许浣钰

    许浣钰개월 전

    When the mother came in I've never been more scared in my life :((

  41. Lazybeans

    Lazybeans개월 전

    I found this earlier today but I wanna listen to it all day such I good song! Such a good video

  42. Wonpil’s Piano

    Wonpil’s Piano개월 전

    You mean he had a gun on his holster but went for scissors anyway?

  43. dark_moonv

    dark_moonv개월 전

    He's probably feelin real dumb right about now🤣

  44. dark_moonv

    dark_moonv개월 전

    When your about to go to sleep but then you watch this as a bedtime song and all of a sudden its 3am

  45. Ángeles Martínez Godoy

    Ángeles Martínez Godoy개월 전

    Btw what's that snake liquid

  46. harmony lucas

    harmony lucas개월 전

    bruh they are so FUCKING purddy

  47. 뚱인데오

    뚱인데오개월 전


  48. htpp. haru

    htpp. haru개월 전


  49. Nyan

    Nyan개월 전

    it's actually really good!

  50. k-love e entretenimento

    k-love e entretenimento개월 전

    Tão fofo,algum BR?

  51. sleepyghost x

    sleepyghost x개월 전

    2:53 how did her glasses get back on?

  52. Babe 454

    Babe 454개월 전

    I love this song sooo much 💕

  53. wierd flex but okay

    wierd flex but okay개월 전

    there relationship is so cute uwu

  54. Jonalyn Martizano

    Jonalyn Martizano개월 전

    the girl with glasses looks like mina a little😅

  55. 룡이

    룡이개월 전

    배우 두분 이름이 ?

  56. დJeon Soo Ji დ

    დJeon Soo Ji დ개월 전

    I love this, a concept totally diferent !!!

  57. freddie

    freddie개월 전

    yo does anyone know a drama like this *preferably on netflix*

  58. Bhroy

    Bhroy2 개월 전

    Moy boeno 😔✊✊✊

  59. Elgie Cleofas

    Elgie Cleofas2 개월 전


  60. Nationalist Lives Matter

    Nationalist Lives Matter2 개월 전

    I have no idea why I watched this till the end, but honestly I prefer witnessing 2 girls kissing instead of witnessing man and woman kissing even though I always stand to fight against LGBT. But at least the girls in this video nothing look a like motherfuckin miley cyrus.

  61. Angelou O.

    Angelou O.2 개월 전

    this is a movie? p;ease tell me where can i watch this

  62. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon Jungkook2 개월 전

    Chaeyoung got something to say

  63. Mây Lớn V.A

    Mây Lớn V.A2 개월 전

    Misthy bay qua giơ tay 😂😂😂

  64. Kris turns 21

    Kris turns 212 개월 전

    i played this one day in my house, and since most of my family knows korean, they were like :0 and my gay ass was like :l.

  65. Jade Banda

    Jade Banda2 개월 전

    Wait so who is Top and who is Bot

  66. Camila J

    Camila J2 개월 전

    Is imposible not to cry everytime