[MV] MAMAMOO(마마무) _ gogobebe(고고베베)


  1. Infires Maaan

    Infires Maaan시간 전

    When hwasa came with twit i couldn’t stop listening to it now mamamoo with this banger. Can’t stop listening to this literally such a bop

  2. Kristy Tran

    Kristy Tran시간 전

    I Seriously LOVE this Girl Group!! they're so unique!

  3. Jackson Triller

    Jackson Triller시간 전

    such a difference to other girl groups there is so much power in their voices

  4. Suzy White

    Suzy White시간 전

    I’m so in love with their vocals... Mamamoo never disappoints

  5. Berenice Rivero

    Berenice Rivero시간 전

    Moonbyul, marry me please

  6. riya upadhyay

    riya upadhyay시간 전

    Queen's 😇😇👑👑👑👸👸😇😇solar 💞💞 moonbyul 😍😍😍Hwasa 🔥🔥🔥🔥wheein 😇😇😇

  7. I am : not ready

    I am : not ready시간 전

    At 0:50 Hwasa is seen with a Iphone X, but in 0:54 shes seen with the older iphones.

  8. raiza silva

    raiza silva시간 전

    Moomoo Brasileira aqui ❤❤❤❤

  9. park tan yeol

    park tan yeol시간 전


  10. Hi, my name is Winwin

    Hi, my name is Winwin시간 전

    Verdaderas diosas y no mamadas.

  11. Fatima K

    Fatima K시간 전

    머 머 무 💓💓😙

  12. Maria

    Maria시간 전


  13. FanOfGamers

    FanOfGamers시간 전

    Mamamoo best girl group. Hands down.

  14. 사 랑

    사 랑시간 전

    Not part of the fandom but let's have reAL tALk STAN *TaLenT* stAn *MAMAMOO*

  15. • SOOBIN

    • SOOBIN시간 전

    Wheein damn

  16. Just Dance Tube

    Just Dance Tube시간 전

    Hwasa killed me in the bathroom scene✨✨

  17. Just Dance Tube

    Just Dance Tube시간 전

    This is going to be such a summer bop

  18. neknarf1973

    neknarf1973시간 전

    So funny !! Love this.

  19. Maddie M.

    Maddie M.시간 전

    oh my god hwasa at the end

  20. Andrea Quiche

    Andrea Quiche시간 전

    Hwasa swag 😍😍😍

  21. Andrea Quiche

    Andrea Quiche시간 전

    Moonbyul my girl slay 😘

  22. Maddie M.

    Maddie M.시간 전

    something about wheein this cb ... i’m so obsessed

  23. Andrea Quiche

    Andrea Quiche시간 전

    I love this song soooo much 😚😍

  24. As If I Care

    As If I Care시간 전

    The power that egotistic and gogobebe has🔥🔥 Just can't understand why people are not liking it like what's not clicking??🧐🧐 Because i think I'm now trapped for life with Mamamoo🤪🤪

  25. alex *_*

    alex *_*시간 전

    Las conocí por Hwasa.

  26. Chloe xx

    Chloe xx시간 전

    Gives me similar vibes to Anne-Maire & Marshmello's FRIENDS

  27. mustafa arslantas

    mustafa arslantas시간 전


  28. Idho Gaming

    Idho Gaming시간 전

    Really like it :)

  29. Lydia Anderson

    Lydia Anderson시간 전

    Solar ,looks like Khaalesi .(Game of thrones drama)

  30. Арайлым Галымжанова

    Арайлым Галымжанова시간 전

    sound similar with Marshmello and Anne's Friends🤔

  31. 지수

    지수시간 전

    Does no one here know Friends by Anne-Marie? Really.

  32. 지수

    지수시간 전

    +Maria Most are talking about other stuff...so i wondered

  33. Maria

    Maria시간 전

    No, just you and other hundreds of commenters that say the same thing

  34. Rosie Chang

    Rosie Chang시간 전

    3:02 I want a church girl, who go to church aND rEad hEr bIBle I couldn't not do it

  35. Aynur Eliyeva

    Aynur Eliyeva시간 전

    Go go bebe Me:Come come bebe

  36. Himssen Yeoja

    Himssen Yeoja시간 전

    Why can't I see subs? I saw it on reaction videos when the reactors were watching

  37. Mark Tuan

    Mark Tuan시간 전

    Solar's mini heart attack when she saw Byul on TV is a mood tbh

  38. WO LF

    WO LF2 시간 전

    Marshmello & Anne-Marie - FRIENDS

  39. 내이름은ᄌᄉ맞춰봐라

    내이름은ᄌᄉ맞춰봐라2 시간 전

    화사 너무예뻐ㅠ

  40. Rivay Fainir

    Rivay Fainir2 시간 전

    Friends Vibes

  41. Ho La

    Ho La2 시간 전

    Suena bastante parecido a F.R.I.E.N.D.S de Marshmellow

  42. Publi Eventos

    Publi Eventos2 시간 전

    the best song of 2019

  43. LuUnAnGeliK1

    LuUnAnGeliK12 시간 전


  44. lixdae

    lixdae2 시간 전

    es aquí donde se debe dar "me gusta" y hacer stream? o es en su canal de yutuh "Mamamoo"?

  45. min suga

    min suga2 시간 전

    Şarkıları cooooook güzel gogobebe🎉🎉herzamanki gibi 🎉🎉

  46. Corrompedor de Waifus

    Corrompedor de Waifus2 시간 전

    Estas niñas nunca decepcionan

  47. mina estefania

    mina estefania2 시간 전

    2:50 sunny of gg?

  48. Idil Hassan

    Idil Hassan2 시간 전

    They copied marshmallo and anne marie friends. MAMMA can never be original

  49. Caitlin The Pentaholic

    Caitlin The Pentaholic시간 전

    +Idil Hassan No it doesn't. What are you talking about? And yes, they may have done some stuff in the past but I think that was probably more because of ignorance than a genuine attempt to hurt people, and they've apologised.

  50. Idil Hassan

    Idil Hassan시간 전

    Caitlin The Pentaholic literally sounds exactly the same. This group is racist and they steal music

  51. Caitlin The Pentaholic

    Caitlin The Pentaholic2 시간 전

    No they didn't. Sounding a bit similar does not mean they've copied. And it doesn't even sound that similar.

  52. k.

    k.2 시간 전


  53. Mariel Piña

    Mariel Piña2 시간 전

    3:11 the time u are looking 4

  54. Sakura haruno

    Sakura haruno2 시간 전

    I do not know about you but it reminds me of "Friends" by Marshmello & Anne-Marie ...



    I'm sorry but solar looks so gorgeous I'm-

  56. Lizeth Trujillo

    Lizeth Trujillo2 시간 전

    Pura diosa en este grupo 👌👌

  57. Josefina ramirez

    Josefina ramirez2 시간 전


  58. nahla 01

    nahla 012 시간 전

    I really like this song but it kinda reminds me of the song Livin' la vida loca🤔

  59. 18272910 1617

    18272910 16172 시간 전

    Okay the real thing now, hwasa had an iPhone X at 0:50 but at 0:53 we see an iPhone with a home button lmao

  60. Chan Smile

    Chan Smile2 시간 전

    Am I the only one who think Moonbyul and Xiumin have some similarity?

  61. رهف الشملاني

    رهف الشملاني2 시간 전

    اكو عرب ب الطياره

  62. ar_x chen

    ar_x chen2 시간 전

    If everyone crazy for Moonbyul handsomeness , I crazy for Solar spin head ;) (It just my opinion tho)

  63. blackpink in your area

    blackpink in your area2 시간 전

    Solar: come here 3x Me: me did you just said l need come to you Hwasa: come here 3x Me: ok *walking towards mamamoo* Mamamoo: GOGOBEBE!!! Me: AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

  64. amanda butterworth

    amanda butterworth2 시간 전

    Even Army's died

  65. yoongi’s smirk

    yoongi’s smirk2 시간 전

    is that alex christine i see???

  66. Emily Mikula

    Emily Mikula2 시간 전

    Oh snap it’s the same dress that ANDA wore in a recent Comeback stage😳😳

  67. Nusaniwe Starday

    Nusaniwe Starday2 시간 전



    YOONARI2 시간 전

    I love the MV so muuuch! and Wheein bias wrecking me so baad

  69. Faiz Putra

    Faiz Putra2 시간 전

    @3:04 is dat ALEX CHRISTINE FROM PD48 ???!!

  70. Penguin.Potato

    Penguin.Potato2 시간 전

    yet another song no one can ever resist to dance to tucked under their belt

  71. Penguin.Potato

    Penguin.Potato2 시간 전



    KPOP FANDOMS3 시간 전


  73. ÄñáñYá Shârmá

    ÄñáñYá Shârmá3 시간 전

    Ella Ella Ella ...I love this part❤❤❤

  74. Unpocodetodo

    Unpocodetodo3 시간 전


  75. Florence Thompso

    Florence Thompso3 시간 전


  76. Florence Thompso

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  77. Marshly Oreo

    Marshly Oreo3 시간 전


  78. Rhianna Sierra

    Rhianna Sierra3 시간 전

    Have y’all seen my wig it flew somewhere

  79. 겐유

    겐유3 시간 전


  80. M.B.A 1

    M.B.A 13 시간 전

    Puede ser que la chica que tiene el libro y anteojos estuvo en produce 48?

  81. Saloni Srivastava

    Saloni Srivastava3 시간 전

    That's it. I don't have a bias anymore.

  82. otaku Salem

    otaku Salem3 시간 전

    Could anyone give the names of all the idols in here

  83. Maria

    Maria시간 전

    0:22 Wheein, 0:30 Solar, 0:40 Moonbyul, 0:45 Hwasa

  84. Joel David Ortega Rodríguez

    Joel David Ortega Rodríguez3 시간 전

    Sry people, thats is a copy of FRENDS (Marshmelo)

  85. Luxiel TM

    Luxiel TM3 시간 전

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  86. Isa Torres

    Isa Torres3 시간 전

    ¿Por qué son tan perfectas? Las amo ah~ 💜

  87. Daryna Nasir

    Daryna Nasir3 시간 전


  88. Louca De Toddynho

    Louca De Toddynho3 시간 전

    Que rebolado Hwasa Edit: Ui mt linda❤

  89. Nina Romanchuk

    Nina Romanchuk3 시간 전

    Мені одній здається що вона говорить Слиш. Хто з України..?🇺🇦

  90. Suga suga

    Suga suga3 시간 전

    Mamamoo song is dropping faster in chart than my grades what happened moomoo

  91. So-warmy Kp

    So-warmy Kp3 시간 전

    Música top

  92. Kimberly Lee Anastashya Kito

    Kimberly Lee Anastashya Kito3 시간 전

    Moon byul 😍😍😍

  93. Seulgi uwu

    Seulgi uwu3 시간 전

    blonde moonbyul? im gay

  94. Evgeniy Igorevich

    Evgeniy Igorevich3 시간 전

    What is the point of this comment that I wrote?

  95. GG4EVA

    GG4EVA3 시간 전

    9/6/19 Is mamamoo telling their next comeback is on 9 june 2019 Hope it is true !! Let stream gogobebe as it is not okay yall are giving this mv more views

  96. Maria

    Maria시간 전

    It's the date of their debut.

  97. sadshibe

    sadshibe3 시간 전

    Putangina ang pogi ni moonbyul??!?!?!?!??!

  98. Lanemey Jeniffer Sael

    Lanemey Jeniffer Sael4 시간 전

    Cool 😍

  99. Maknaes Hyungs

    Maknaes Hyungs4 시간 전

    3:25 *Simba has left the chat*

  100. Mina The Penguin

    Mina The Penguin4 시간 전

    Dang Hwasa why you gotta kill me for

  101. Giada Pisano

    Giada Pisano4 시간 전

    I’m so in love😍

  102. Vanessa Trebejo

    Vanessa Trebejo4 시간 전



    PHATSIMON4 시간 전

    แม่ผิวแทนชื่ออะไรคะ555 ดูมีสเน่ห์😭

  104. Lu Na

    Lu Na4 시간 전


  105. Шелдон

    Шелдон4 시간 전

    мои зайки

  106. Nightcore Flawless

    Nightcore Flawless4 시간 전

    Ela ela ela

  107. Nightcore Flawless

    Nightcore Flawless4 시간 전

    Adicted song omg