[MPD직캠] TXT 직캠 4K 'New Rules' (TXT FanCam) | @TXT Welcome Back Show_2019.10.21


  1. Lia Riego

    Lia Riego12 시간 전


  2. Krizzy

    Krizzy일 전

    And they're singing live??? 😳 OMG Rookies wut

  3. Krizzy

    Krizzy일 전

    There goes our baby Taehyun with his stripes :3

  4. Valeria S

    Valeria S일 전

    My eyes are just glued to Yeonjun, he's something else

  5. daydreamer

    daydreamer일 전

    They are doing great ☺️💕 I really liked this song, reminds me of Shinee, a kind of old school feel. Fun and upbeat 💕

  6. Little girl

    Little girl3 일 전

    how can Yeojun become more and more handsome every comeback?

  7. Mei TV

    Mei TV3 일 전

    Too good for rookies

  8. Monti

    Monti6 일 전

    please let them perform all 3 of promoting songs on some award show

  9. Monti

    Monti6 일 전

    They doesn't LOOK AND SOUNd like a rookies I'm crying

  10. lil troublemaker

    lil troublemaker6 일 전

    no one: *soobin being a whole 24/7 snack* 🤤

  11. LL ZZ

    LL ZZ7 일 전

    후렴에 센터 최연준은 그저 갓갓...진짜 맛깔나게 춤ㅠㅜ누가 티엑티 메댄을 물어본다면 뉴룰즈 후렴 보여주길...

  12. Anne Sousa

    Anne Sousa7 일 전

    KAI killed me T_T OMG

  13. Sa Sha Me, Ah Sha You

    Sa Sha Me, Ah Sha You8 일 전

    The breath at the end tho

  14. Sa Sha Me, Ah Sha You

    Sa Sha Me, Ah Sha You8 일 전


  15. Abby Takeda

    Abby Takeda9 일 전

    I hope Bighit will release a dance practice video for this.

  16. 곽주은

    곽주은10 일 전

    신인 중에 연준이 춤 하나는 탑일 거 같다.... 진짜 한 번 보고 계속 보게 되네..

  17. Crystal SS

    Crystal SS11 일 전

    Hear me out: this Soobin with Jungkook Mic Drop breakdance performance 👀

  18. Asia Anderson

    Asia Anderson11 일 전

    Oh yeah. They’re improving rapidly and I’m afraid for my edges because it took me a *long* time to grow them. 😨

  19. Mel Choi

    Mel Choi11 일 전

    Yeonjun-ah!!! 😍😍😍, I'm in love with the way he dances... It's just so... Perfect 🤩

  20. s s

    s s12 일 전

    후렴 춤 존나 맘에 들어서 직캠 계속보는중 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ특히 연준 ㄹㅇ

  21. lovebot

    lovebot12 일 전

    petition for txt to perform this on MAMA 2019 bc it would be LIT

  22. Moon Child

    Moon Child12 일 전

    *BIGHIT* : So, who's going to be Main Dancer? *TXT* : *YESSS*

  23. Anne Katherine Fike

    Anne Katherine Fike12 일 전

    Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before

  24. 펭슈펭슈

    펭슈펭슈12 일 전

    진짜 잘한다 노래도 좋고 안무도

  25. Lea Film

    Lea Film12 일 전

    why do i imagine BTS covering this song and dance

  26. 신다나

    신다나13 일 전


  27. riA A

    riA A13 일 전

    Moa AaaaaAAaAaAaAaAAa kkk

  28. Beatrice Locana

    Beatrice Locana13 일 전


  29. devi sofianty riva

    devi sofianty riva13 일 전

    seriously new rules issa bop

  30. Jesica Allbert

    Jesica Allbert13 일 전

    Good música

  31. Ayriza Riza

    Ayriza Riza14 일 전


  32. The smeraldo flower in Autumn

    The smeraldo flower in Autumn14 일 전

    I dunno why, but the chorus choreo is soo satisfying... Who's with me✋?

  33. Romy

    Romy14 일 전

    0:18 my fav part

  34. Jeon Keizy 최전

    Jeon Keizy 최전14 일 전


  35. anakarolina freitas

    anakarolina freitas14 일 전

    My looooveeees 😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖 Soobin 😍😍💖💖

  36. Bethany Giles

    Bethany Giles14 일 전

    0:26 Taehyun gives me Jonghyun vibes here

  37. Bts Army

    Bts Army14 일 전

    Keep going we always support u and bts forever😍.There is no doubt I that .U are rocking guys😍😘

  38. Area kush

    Area kush14 일 전

    Moa please stre3am Run Away MV Crown MV

  39. anni martinez

    anni martinez14 일 전

    Esto va con todo.. Genial..

  40. Anne Zamora

    Anne Zamora15 일 전

    Idk why but beomgyu's pants skirt kinda reminds me of twice nayeon's skirt in yoy era. And also the plaid skirt of jeongyeon

  41. L

    L15 일 전

    yeonjun kills me I- 0:16

  42. Bri Luna

    Bri Luna16 일 전

    umm... why is it that everytime it's hyuka's parts, it's just so silent compared to other members' parts??

  43. AnD SpRiTe

    AnD SpRiTe15 일 전

    It's not?

  44. NiJk My

    NiJk My16 일 전

    Jin said please support their hoobae..txt deserve for their talent too💜

  45. salwa salsabila

    salwa salsabila16 일 전

    1:56 SOOBIN-AH!

  46. 헤헤

    헤헤16 일 전

    연준아 왜캐 춤을 잘추냐 진심ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ감탄밖에안나온다고...ㅠㅠㅠ

  47. blum ma

    blum ma16 일 전

    so cooooool

  48. janae wiggins

    janae wiggins16 일 전

    Baby boy jun was looking like your typical blue haired eboy

  49. Isma Putri

    Isma Putri16 일 전

    Soobin looks like the son of a rich corporate director that just joined the company wtf,,

  50. Sugar spice And everything nice

    Sugar spice And everything nice16 일 전

    Ot5 here 😣 gotta get a job to have all of them on my wall 😣

  51. Lovely Lavender

    Lovely Lavender16 일 전

    Taehyun won’t let me watch any other member😩🙈🥰

  52. Lovely Lavender

    Lovely Lavender14 일 전

    Lmao I watched this again but I had my eyes crossed and it look like there was 7 or 8 or them😂🤣



    Me: **Hears song** CHA CHA REAL SMOOTH!!!!!!

  54. Lora Christodoulidou

    Lora Christodoulidou16 일 전

    Call me crazy...but txt reminds me of shinee a lot....i don't even know why exactly...but I just get a vibe..idk.

  55. Kanae P

    Kanae P16 일 전

    1:51 omg HYUKA BE CAREFUL! He almost kicked the lamp on the ceiling with these long legs of his .o.

  56. Simran Vim

    Simran Vim16 일 전

    Im sorry but the way they keep throwing Taehyun around is so funny XD also the way they sync up afterward when he gets down is amazing!

  57. karla Perea

    karla Perea16 일 전

    Cada vez me están gustando más :o

  58. Creaton Girl

    Creaton Girl16 일 전

    Taehyun looks so smol :< ❤️❤️❤️

  59. Mariel

    Mariel16 일 전

    *sudden adlibs are killing me*

  60. Karolayne Oliveira

    Karolayne Oliveira16 일 전

    perfeição pura😍😍😍😍😍

  61. Zahra Shahid

    Zahra Shahid16 일 전


  62. Bangtan•Yeochin Fam x Navi

    Bangtan•Yeochin Fam x Navi16 일 전

    I CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF TAEHYUN. His voice, performance, visual are just amazing! And the fact that he's only 1 YEAR OLDER THAN ME, DRIVES ME INSANE!😭😍💙💙💙