Motorola Razr hands-on: the foldable phone we’ve wanted


  1. The Verge

    The Verge개월 전

    What was your first cell phone?

  2. laisssz.a

    laisssz.a9 시간 전

    Bulky Nokia

  3. Triangle1

    Triangle122 일 전

    razr v3. Was the coolest ever.


    JACOB HECHT29 일 전

    Motorola g4 play

  5. SiKaye

    SiKaye29 일 전

    Nokia 5160

  6. Joe Jia

    Joe Jia일 전


  7. chris low

    chris low3 일 전

    Motorola phone are just rubbish only Moto phone I had that was good was Moto g4 after that g6 plus and wow that was full of faults just carp and Never bought a Motorola since

  8. Sheri bajwa

    Sheri bajwa3 일 전

    You are right there are better phones out there in terms of specs but they do not foldddddd!!!!! 😉

  9. Jose Castro

    Jose Castro4 일 전

    The phone the class of 2010 has been waiting for 😂😂😂

  10. Jac ReviewsStuff

    Jac ReviewsStuff8 일 전

    Ois on the back camera?

  11. Jac ReviewsStuff

    Jac ReviewsStuff8 일 전

    6.2 inch? I hope they make a 7 or 8 inch version 👍👍

  12. Dat boi 225 Idk

    Dat boi 225 Idk9 일 전

    There are gears in the hinge

  13. William T.

    William T.12 일 전

    Him in the first 6 minutes: "Wow!! That's super cool!" Him in the last 5 seconds: "I don't think it's there yet"

  14. Spinia

    Spinia13 일 전

    Thank you for the review Mr. Zuckerberg

  15. kwan bupmu

    kwan bupmu14 일 전

    If Motorola is an American brand, I would consider buying.

  16. Roommatewille

    Roommatewille14 일 전


  17. WildlandsTV

    WildlandsTV15 일 전

    You seem disappointed that the screen is plastic; did you expect a foldable GLASS screen?

  18. WildlandsTV

    WildlandsTV15 일 전

    0:31 wtf is that on your head

  19. Sreeku

    Sreeku15 일 전

    I was a big fan of moto razer V3 but I didn't get a chance to buy this , hope I could buy the new gen 2020 Moto razer

  20. Kash BM

    Kash BM16 일 전

    I'll buy when they *Fold* the price in Half.

  21. Info Time

    Info Time17 일 전

    Flipping phone was my favorite

  22. Elaine Joy Silveron

    Elaine Joy Silveron17 일 전

    Nokia 3210

  23. Maria Lourdes Lasco

    Maria Lourdes Lasco17 일 전

    Okey keyow

  24. Ali GAME TUBE

    Ali GAME TUBE17 일 전

    هاي أقدم شركه للجوالات 😂😂🙏❤️🇮🇶

  25. Ian Ian

    Ian Ian17 일 전

    За Новороссию! За Моторолу!

  26. Fairly fire

    Fairly fire18 일 전

    One phone that's worth selling kidney for 🤣🤣😂😂

  27. Eddie Starr

    Eddie Starr18 일 전

    SNAPDRAGON 710?!?! that’s so last century, and then it comes out next year? WHAT A JOKE !! Oh wait it’s 1500$ that’s the joke.

  28. ivo bar oldkidsjonge

    ivo bar oldkidsjonge18 일 전

    they bottom bezel thing does not work. that flex is just gone

  29. Truth Told

    Truth Told18 일 전

    Good video and your absolutely right, it’s not worth $1,500.

  30. Mahdi Rostami

    Mahdi Rostami18 일 전

    the only problem with razr is the thick bottom bar.

  31. Karan Agarwal

    Karan Agarwal19 일 전

    These are the things that make me wanna have money...

  32. Marivel Gozo

    Marivel Gozo19 일 전

    Gonna sell my kidney for this lol

  33. Lowrider703 E

    Lowrider703 E17 일 전

    Good idea with no regrets 😄

  34. That Guy Jer

    That Guy Jer19 일 전

    Kinda a joke for over 1000 dollars

  35. Jack Sparrow

    Jack Sparrow20 일 전

    The retro skin made me smile too.