Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack - Official Roster Reveal Trailer


  1. Rose

    Rose일 전

    When you meet her family

  2. Cage Johnny

    Cage Johnny일 전


  3. Yours Truly

    Yours Truly일 전

    This kombat pack this game has been a disappointment garbage trash ass game

  4. Random Guy

    Random Guy3 일 전

    announce Goku & Mr X.

  5. stuck on the puzzle

    stuck on the puzzle3 일 전

    smoke:Ah Yes Ah Yes went I the fuck

  6. Jake Bryant

    Jake Bryant3 일 전

    For Kombat Pack 2 please I would love to see either Thragg from Invincible or Homelander from The Boys in the game.

  7. Adam Lisiewicz

    Adam Lisiewicz5 일 전

    I'm waiting for kombat pack 2: -Fujin -Sheeva -Havik And three more guests

  8. Braa Alizz

    Braa Alizz5 일 전

    Bote charakter of marvel like Deadpool or hulk or logen or thanos

  9. Ghool Goth

    Ghool Goth5 일 전

    Who’s here because we’re 2 weeks away from Spawn’s gameplay, Finally?

  10. Angel Rose

    Angel Rose5 일 전

    I love that everybody now loves the jokers Design the irony of it all like NRS would leave joker looking like this funny but not at all plus each dlc has been amazing!

  11. Mikka Kang

    Mikka Kang6 일 전


  12. NERD-OP XxX

    NERD-OP XxX6 일 전

    Vc precisa pagar pra poder usar esses personagens ??

  13. Edward Báez.

    Edward Báez.6 일 전

    I'mma be honest.... I no have any idea what the hell spawn does.

  14. Hyper S P E E D

    Hyper S P E E D7 일 전

    So glad that they fixed Joker

  15. purpuz

    purpuz8 일 전

    I want the dr strange character to be there:

  16. jordan85530

    jordan855308 일 전

    Out of all the people they bring back shang tsung I mean what about smoke,ermac,takeda,I know he was found dead but Kenshi

  17. Avalanche TV

    Avalanche TV7 일 전

    They don’t repeat DLC and Kenshi was DLC in MK9, so yeah. They might bring back Takeda, you never know. And Shang Tsung has abilities where he turns into Smoke and Ermac.

  18. BANG Nu

    BANG Nu9 일 전

    I wana recomended you all make a character silat from indonesian this is cool can u look a search name a silat indonesian i waiting for this character,

  19. Big Dog

    Big Dog11 일 전

    Put ghost rider on mk11 everyone will love that.

  20. Marcus Connet

    Marcus Connet11 일 전

    Joker You’re About To Get You’re Butt Wooped By Spawn

  21. Daemon_99_Pl

    Daemon_99_Pl12 일 전

    I want that outfit for the Terminator please in the game 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  22. Daemon_99_Pl

    Daemon_99_Pl7 일 전

    @Avalanche TV that outfit is not in the game if you look Closer at the Terminator in this Trailer that outfit is not in the game look at his face

  23. Avalanche TV

    Avalanche TV7 일 전

    It is. It’s called Nichrome.

  24. Jezreel Ta-ala

    Jezreel Ta-ala12 일 전

    Mortal kombat x: Kenshi: and we will hunt down the red dragon, together. In the krypt: "kenshi dead" Me:wait, so where is takeda

  25. Arr Ziz

    Arr Ziz12 일 전

    Is there a ‘name’ to the music used?.

  26. Decanio Agustinus

    Decanio Agustinus12 일 전

    Try to imagine: What if Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10 franchise was to be DLC character on next MK11 of Kombat Pack?

  27. Fernandez Randy

    Fernandez Randy12 일 전

    What a nasty ass team...

  28. Toxic-_Bøy Yt

    Toxic-_Bøy Yt13 일 전

    For why mortal kombat doesn't have 3 kombat Packs like injustice 2

  29. Lee Kelvin

    Lee Kelvin13 일 전

    Exause me i want marvel

  30. Adam Lisiewicz

    Adam Lisiewicz5 일 전

    Not possible netherrealm/DC are from Warner Bros and Marvel is owned by Disney

  31. DRG GAMES 7

    DRG GAMES 713 일 전 folow me - liu kang

  32. Xmattzomboss414X !

    Xmattzomboss414X !14 일 전

    Bro where is williams

  33. Johnny Rayo

    Johnny Rayo15 일 전

    So that's it for mk11?

  34. Tylet Rose

    Tylet Rose15 일 전

    0:50. Me and the gang coming soon

  35. Heim Edwards

    Heim Edwards15 일 전

    I'm really here for fujin

  36. Heim Edwards

    Heim Edwards15 일 전

    Who you think well make it to kombat pack 2 1 Ash Williams 2 Melina 3 fujin 4 Rico 5 reptile 6 Goro and who ever in this pack

  37. Heim Edwards

    Heim Edwards15 일 전

    everybody laughing at the Joker but when he get released everybody like wow he really changed

  38. Arkham Entertainment

    Arkham Entertainment15 일 전

    I feel like I was the only one who realised that having Joker in this game would feel like Joker unleashed

  39. JOCA 260

    JOCA 26016 일 전

    Please "RORSCHACH" from Watchmen !!!! 🔥

  40. Angel aparicio

    Angel aparicio16 일 전

    Ni todas estas leyendas juntas podrán superar al dios Kratos

  41. mikeparez

    mikeparez18 일 전

    I miss hot Joker

  42. Jesús Omar

    Jesús Omar18 일 전

    Kombat Pack 2: 1.- Fujin 2.- Sheeva 3.- Mileena 4.- Rain 5.- Pennywise 6.- Michael Miyers Kombat Pack 3: 1.- Stryker 2.- Cyrax 3.- Sector 4.- Smoke 5.- Ash Williams 6.- Kintaro Kombat Pack 4 will coming soon: 1.- Sareena 2.- Goro 3.- Ermack 4.- Reptile 5.- Taven 6.- Daegon Kombat Pack 5: 1.- Kung Jin 2.- Takeda 3.- Kenshi 4.- Onaga 5.- Blaze 6.- Motaro Kombat Pack 6 Unlimated Edition: 1.- Shinnok 2.- Quan Chi 3.- Kronika 4.- Harley Quinn 5.- Dead Stroke (Slade) 6.- Deadshot

  43. Games Olinik

    Games Olinik19 일 전 da uma força lá!

  44. Mankind

    Mankind19 일 전

    0:42 is anyone gonna notice that the terminator doesn’t have the same default skin in mk11 that he has in the trailer

  45. FuckingNormieCunt I wanna die

    FuckingNormieCunt I wanna die20 일 전

    So are they going to fucking release the kombat pack or are they gonna release a single character every 5 months???

  46. Varsha Kaul

    Varsha Kaul20 일 전

    better trailer than most movies...;o

  47. su tart get noob

    su tart get noob20 일 전

    The Joker looks so strange wth

  48. Dead Pool

    Dead Pool20 일 전

    Spawn Looks Best Hands Down

  49. Deluxe KCGHOST

    Deluxe KCGHOST20 일 전

    I wish it was the joker from the dark knight. But instead we got. That thing.

  50. Blood Wolf

    Blood Wolf21 일 전

    he probably wouldn't fit but I would have loved to see Darth Vader in mk11

  51. Никита Фамилией

    Никита Фамилией21 일 전

    Add Jacket from Hotline Miami .

  52. DarkSpino306

    DarkSpino30621 일 전

    I bet Spawn's trailer will be him against Scorpion.

  53. The Epic Gamer Show

    The Epic Gamer Show17 일 전

    Have the Trailer with The Joker

  54. WillGamer

    WillGamer21 일 전

    Yeah, him or Noob Saibot

  55. MNEAntonio

    MNEAntonio21 일 전

    I would love to see Mr. Freeze like an additional character to the combat pack. It would ve so cool.

  56. Your DAD

    Your DAD21 일 전

    I dream to see DOOMSLAYER in New Combat pack mk11.. Or.. Mk12. Please..

  57. Energizer Convoy

    Energizer Convoy21 일 전

    Imagine this for Kombat Pack 2's trailer. Sheeva Stryker Fujin Ash Williams Michael Myers Lobo

  58. Алексей Рогоза

    Алексей Рогоза22 일 전

    Kenshi, please😫🙏🙏💓

  59. Alan_ 14

    Alan_ 1422 일 전

    I like how this specific look for Terminator didn’t even end up in the game and I really wanted a Judgement Day skin so bad but didn’t get it 😪

  60. D4DD13 P00L

    D4DD13 P00L22 일 전

    Damn, if only they could add Carnage. He's literally perfect for this kind of game. A physcopathic criminal who murders people in the most gruesome ways bonded to a symbiotic murder machine who murders people equally as brutal? Who wouldn't want that in MK?!


    WKA DESIGNS22 일 전

    I'm just here from the future to tell everyone they fixed The Joker's face, and Terminator is a waste of money.

  62. Jacob Ulbikas

    Jacob Ulbikas15 일 전

    And I'm here to say both are worth it.

  63. HoldTheReggae

    HoldTheReggae22 일 전

    Don't you guys find these Kombat Packs over-priced at all tho?...I mean Feel free to correct if I'm wrong but... -Game on launch was 60 bucks right!? -Kombat Pack is 40 bucks okay!? -Game roster on launch = 25 characters -with Kombat Pack = +6 characters so why is that... ...Kombat Pack is MORE than HALF the price of the WHOLE game... ...but you barely get 1/4 of the amount of characters the game roster has!? ...while the roster doesn't even equate to the whole game!?

  64. HoldTheReggae

    HoldTheReggae22 일 전

    PS: Not even mentioning the 7 new skins + 7 new equipments you get from the combat because the same math applies...7 definitely does not equate to half the amount of skins in the game, same with equipments you're basically paying 2/3 of the game for less than 2/3 of content the game has, aren't you!?

  65. Alper Oz

    Alper Oz23 일 전

    Where is the smoke?

  66. Kasym Kakabayew

    Kasym Kakabayew23 일 전

    Wow terminator

  67. Bottle Of Bleach

    Bottle Of Bleach23 일 전

    Mom: Go outside and play with the neighbors kids. The neighbors kids: 0:49

  68. BOG

    BOG23 일 전

    in my opinion should john wick be in the mortal kombat 11