MORBIUS - Teaser Trailer


  1. nur nabilah daud

    nur nabilah daud8 시간 전

    Credence Barebone in Fantastic Beasts look a like?

  2. EnderTeimant

    EnderTeimant9 시간 전

    Batman Stan Lee style and I love it

  3. liberal. resonance

    liberal. resonance9 시간 전

    Suicide Squad's Joker vs Morbius , who will win?

  4. Daniel Peterson

    Daniel Peterson9 시간 전

    Ok but I love how none of these comments are pointing out the fact that the 11th Doctor is in this?

  5. Azinsta 11

    Azinsta 1110 시간 전

    So getting bitten by a bat gives you a six pack? Hmm....anyone know where I can find a bat-filled cave? Asking for a friend :-)

  6. Anne Palisoc

    Anne Palisoc11 시간 전

    The background music though!

  7. MyGodisYahweh

    MyGodisYahweh11 시간 전

    Looks Cheap.

  8. Robert Kilar

    Robert Kilar11 시간 전

    Sony can't make superhero genre movies, leave it to Marvel. Sony is like a ground between DC and Marvel, we don't want it to suck so much, but it always does. Venom.... and all Spider movies before the universe.

  9. Robert Kilar

    Robert Kilar11 시간 전

    It looks more like tv series : /

  10. The Anonymous Introvert

    The Anonymous Introvert12 시간 전

    When your chinese friend coughs on you

  11. The Anonymous Introvert

    The Anonymous Introvert12 시간 전

    What do you get when you have coronavirus? Increased strength and speed

  12. Dhruba Jyoti Saikia

    Dhruba Jyoti Saikia12 시간 전

    The trailer is not well put together!

  13. MR Esotericana

    MR Esotericana12 시간 전

    Peter Parker: Pizza time! Morbius living Vampire: Blood Time!

  14. Μιχαήλ Αγγελόπουλος

    Μιχαήλ Αγγελόπουλος12 시간 전

    Guys we just have a combination of two universes...MCU and Sony's Spider Verse.... Actually it is like one universe but it isnt...

  15. Alien Unicorn

    Alien Unicorn12 시간 전

    Looks cool but looks slow paced. Gonna be a rental for me

  16. Lolaczyk

    Lolaczyk13 시간 전

    I have a feeling the woman will be some sort of twist villan

  17. S DeBurca

    S DeBurca14 시간 전

    Looks like the Sam raimi suit at 2:09. With doctor strange 2 dealing with the multiverse are we gonna see hero crpssovers considering michael keatons vulture is possibly being included?

  18. The Mukeinator

    The Mukeinator14 시간 전

    I just have a simple question, how awesome would it be if Venom and Morbius teamed up as a antihero duo?

  19. Mariella Macapagal

    Mariella Macapagal14 시간 전


  20. CleanSlate

    CleanSlate15 시간 전

    Kinda reminds me of Man-Bat (Dr. Kirk Langstrom) story from DC.

  21. Kretera F.

    Kretera F.15 시간 전

    Sooo is this going to be a part of the X-men story or the Avengers story?

  22. luis daniel lopez villa

    luis daniel lopez villa15 시간 전

    Spidey story

  23. Orwell Jones Laeddis

    Orwell Jones Laeddis16 시간 전

    2:09 Wait, wait, who is that? Is that Peter Parker? Peter Parker? or... *PETER PARKER?* Oh, it's dickwad, okay.

  24. Mrityunjoy Sarkar

    Mrityunjoy Sarkar16 시간 전

    Felt like I was watching a batman trailor During the bat scenes.

  25. Steren Kalalo

    Steren Kalalo17 시간 전

    can i know why messiah can trun into Vampire?

  26. roouit patan

    roouit patan15 시간 전

    Mmmm we'll see how Jared Leto will do in this movie. Since his performance on the joker didn't turn out well.🤔

  27. Sand -

    Sand -17 시간 전

    2:10 do you see spider-man

  28. roouit patan

    roouit patan15 시간 전

    Once he is batman's enemy.. Now he is the bat

  29. erebus66

    erebus6618 시간 전

    Jared: u fail be a joker. Sony: wellcome to sony marvel character verse

  30. Isaiah Miranda

    Isaiah Miranda18 시간 전

    2:12 Oh... They brought in the Doctor to deal with the issue, did they...? Hmmm...


    JACKOSTROPHE typ18 시간 전

    He is actually the marvel Batman❤😂

  32. Isaiah Miranda

    Isaiah Miranda18 시간 전

    So you're telling me... He becomes... A... *Batman?*

  33. espresso alpaca

    espresso alpaca18 시간 전

    first i see jared leto and jared harris which made me so excited and then matt smith comes walking by the screen and now i'm hyped edit: fucking hell i didn't notice tyrese gibson

  34. sir fixalot

    sir fixalot19 시간 전

    Trailer in 3 2 1

  35. Brandon Figueroa

    Brandon Figueroa19 시간 전

    Spiderman sucks. Its so childish.

  36. Brandon Figueroa

    Brandon Figueroa19 시간 전

    @Dave Lynx morbius looks awesome. I just think spiderman is lame

  37. Dave Lynx

    Dave Lynx19 시간 전

    Brandon Figueroa you’re always commenting on every spidey vid lol move on

  38. Hirfow S

    Hirfow S19 시간 전

    Jared Leto:hey batman Micheal keaton:hey joker

  39. Canine

    Canine19 시간 전

    I just hope Matt Smith keeps is English accent in this movie.

  40. Ivenson Boss

    Ivenson Boss20 시간 전

    Feels like Dracula untold in modern age

  41. Luis Cervantes

    Luis Cervantes20 시간 전

    One of the most under rated villains . if nobody knows about him. Watch spider-man the animated series. It's a 3 or 4 part story. It involves blade,the punisher,x-men, and of course spider- man

  42. Harry Schroder

    Harry Schroder20 시간 전

    I'm so stoked for Morbius! You could even say I'm *Bram Stoked!*

  43. M.Q.S.

    M.Q.S.20 시간 전

    Ya'll made Bats that are totally innocent look bad.

  44. Rahmat Rusly

    Rahmat Rusly20 시간 전

    Once he is batman's enemy.. Now he is the bat

  45. Monster

    Monster20 시간 전

    Mmmm we'll see how Jared Leto will do in this movie. Since his performance on the joker didn't turn out well.🤔

  46. Pokin Ryan

    Pokin Ryan20 시간 전

    Finally, vampire's are cool again.

  47. Peter Sans

    Peter Sans20 시간 전

    *Bat* Man

  48. perpendurcular 720

    perpendurcular 72020 시간 전

    ah yes morpheus

  49. soph

    soph20 시간 전

    is this a vampire movie

  50. Star Orion

    Star Orion21 시간 전

    Has some nightcrawler vibes, hope this is good I’m gonna watch it

  51. corn house Studios

    corn house Studios21 시간 전

    I would like to see a venom vs morbius movie

  52. Zahra aja

    Zahra aja21 시간 전

    i like its

  53. AniMa XiMuM

    AniMa XiMuM22 시간 전

    I think venom would be scared of Morbius because he got power of echolocation

  54. Penguin Emperor

    Penguin Emperor23 시간 전

    Vulture : Whatsup Doc??

  55. Fong Yang

    Fong Yang일 전

    Oh he's just a vampire

  56. KitchenOven 360

    KitchenOven 360일 전

    Did nobody realize there is a literal Spider Man on the wall at 2:10

  57. Kyle H

    Kyle H일 전

    Are we just gonna ignore Sam Raimi Spider-Man at 2:10?

  58. john mayk

    john mayk일 전

    i can't wait to see blade vs morbius

  59. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeei23 시간 전

    Music plus point for this movie

  60. Andrew Nakagome

    Andrew Nakagome일 전

    Watched this trailer on my 21:9😏

  61. khush Dev

    khush Dev일 전

    Background music is lit

  62. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeei23 시간 전

    This in different universe from avengers? i see spider man (Tobey).

  63. SHEkHAR D.

    SHEkHAR D.일 전

    Can any one tell me the name of tht background music which we here in trailer plzz let me know

  64. vivek95

    vivek95일 전

    Fur Elise

  65. Jaden Carlsen

    Jaden Carlsen일 전

    I, I don’t know what to say, other than this looks very dark.

  66. LittleGreenFriend

    LittleGreenFriend일 전

    The creepy spin on Fur Elise seems to be under appreciated.

  67. Jvre Rae

    Jvre Rae일 전

    Me: mom can we watch Batman? Mom: we got batman at home Batman at home:

  68. Blu

    Blu일 전

    Ironic that Jared Leto plays as a vampire, seeing how he never ages.

  69. actisup

    actisup일 전

    Am i stupid or did anyone saw morbius his ear when the man says ego location