Moon Walker Isolation - Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures


  1. SeroGrave

    SeroGrave13 일 전

    This needs to be a mod in the actual game, and hopefully have someone speedrun it. Change all the alien sounds. xD

  2. KAY B 14

    KAY B 1414 일 전

    I'm a gamedev and I would totally make it happen even make it a minigame but any good 3d model of michael costs over 60$ :(

  3. Cartoon Critique

    Cartoon Critique22 일 전

    So was this audio recorded before or after "Escape The Ayuwoki"? XD

  4. Shadow Hawke

    Shadow Hawke22 일 전

    Michael Jackson alien coming at you Shamona and then he eats you

  5. DjinnCrimsora

    DjinnCrimsora23 일 전

    The lil MJ on the end of the tongue should actually be from when he was a kid during the Jackson 5 days.

  6. Miguel Flores

    Miguel Flores24 일 전

    Just like Pavlov's dogs, everytime someone hears thriller they start moonwalking with a gun and get really confused

  7. Paragon of Honor

    Paragon of Honor26 일 전

    Guys c’mon it’s Corey Haim

  8. Greysider

    Greysider26 일 전

    This game kinda exists

  9. Alucard

    Alucard26 일 전

    You’ve hee’d your last hee

  10. Slaughtertale official

    Slaughtertale official26 일 전

    There is a horror game with Michal Jackson as the demon of the house (forgot the name of it)

  11. Chi Biko

    Chi Biko26 일 전

    Know what’s funny that’s an actual game

  12. Drunky Smurf

    Drunky Smurf26 일 전

    play moonwalker and don't use codes then talk to me

  13. MynxMorose

    MynxMorose26 일 전

    thanks for this i love creepy videos. btw plz check out my vids & sub to my channel. thanks.

  14. DLZeon

    DLZeon26 일 전

    Anyone know were the original video is? I can’t find it

  15. Whatthehec

    Whatthehec26 일 전

    0:41 A reference I'm sad to say most people here won't get, probably.

  16. Friendly Black Person

    Friendly Black Person25 일 전

    Whatthehec I’m pretty sure there isn’t a reference there

  17. Chris McGee

    Chris McGee26 일 전

    Scraping the barrels for RTAAs again..

  18. ColossalSqvid

    ColossalSqvid26 일 전

    Animated michael jackson looks like jon risinger

  19. Gabe Puratekuta

    Gabe Puratekuta25 일 전

    But Jon's hair is pink

  20. Baylee8D

    Baylee8D27 일 전

    Theres a LFD2 mod where you can make one of the infected Michael jackson! You can hear the "heehee" from the distance

  21. Pan Biznesmen

    Pan Biznesmen27 일 전

    i feel like i'm the only Polish person here lmao

  22. Gabe Puratekuta

    Gabe Puratekuta25 일 전

    Need to find a Brush person then a Shoes person?

  23. Mike D'Agostino

    Mike D'Agostino27 일 전


  24. blue galaxy cat

    blue galaxy cat27 일 전

    There is a Michael jackson horror game

  25. nathan scalese

    nathan scalese27 일 전

    can you plz bring back rwby?

  26. Wogle

    Wogle27 일 전

    Well, the last mod I worked on was a TC for GTA3. But....

  27. Arturo Garza

    Arturo Garza27 일 전

    Now he's a monster in a more literal way.

  28. FateStayN1ght

    FateStayN1ght27 일 전

    Someone had alot of fun creating this.

  29. SovietOnion

    SovietOnion28 일 전

    When the alien gets closer, the bass line from Billie Jean gets louder and louder.

  30. Leah Warrington

    Leah Warrington28 일 전

    Michael Jackson is the real life Orochimaru

  31. Charles Mayes

    Charles Mayes28 일 전

    The smaller Michael Jackson is from his Jackson 5 days.

  32. Кевил [TheKevil]

    Кевил [TheKevil]28 일 전

    Русские вы где?

  33. Lauren W.

    Lauren W.28 일 전

    *this was great* 😂👏🏽

  34. Devon Gee

    Devon Gee28 일 전


  35. Jake K

    Jake K28 일 전

    Whats the video/source that this is taken from?

  36. JAMCastillo1

    JAMCastillo128 일 전

    Only the adults are safe

  37. TheRumpletiltskin

    TheRumpletiltskin28 일 전

    what episode is this from?!

  38. Skyler Kuryliw

    Skyler Kuryliw28 일 전

    Gave me vivid memories of the Ayuwoki playthroughs by Coryxkenshin

  39. Raphael deLaghetto

    Raphael deLaghetto28 일 전

    Moonwalker Isolation rated, Teen and under.

  40. Ninja Turtles

    Ninja Turtles28 일 전

    Make the model better than the actual xenomorph

  41. Mamba2t Mamba2t

    Mamba2t Mamba2t28 일 전

    Worst one yet y’all are capable of way better

  42. Meg Field

    Meg Field28 일 전

    theres a game where michael jackson is some sorta demon and you have to escape his house, its really creepy. i think its called ayuwoki or something like that, you guys should play it

  43. Celeste Yi

    Celeste Yi28 일 전

    The thing is... there actually is a Michael Jackson horror game. It's called Escape the Ayuwoki.

  44. PerkythePro

    PerkythePro28 일 전

    Wtf...I think that Thomas the tank engine mod for skyrim is creepy enough for me.

  45. Zombastrophe

    Zombastrophe28 일 전

    This wasn't one of your better ones

  46. Tanner Q

    Tanner Q28 일 전

    As epic gamers would say. "He he"

  47. Alyssa Heart

    Alyssa Heart28 일 전


  48. everadept

    everadept28 일 전

    This is a great RTAA

  49. Reece Jerrett

    Reece Jerrett28 일 전

    Wait but I thought they where playing alien not predator

  50. Davidiculous

    Davidiculous28 일 전

    There is a Michael Jackson horror game that is pretty much this

  51. Phillip Frye

    Phillip Frye28 일 전

    if someone does make the Michael Jackson mod i hope they make ever other person in the game a child just to give it some realism

  52. Nicok

    Nicok28 일 전

    Where can I find the video this is from? Do they not put links to things anymore?

  53. Jack Madden

    Jack Madden27 일 전

    Its from backwards compatible, a first only show on the rt website

  54. ellierokz

    ellierokz28 일 전

    There actually is a Michael Jackson horror indi game, where he will run at you on all fours

  55. Ing Elia

    Ing Elia28 일 전

    This was both incredible and terrifying.

  56. 10GaugeManiac

    10GaugeManiac28 일 전

    The derelict ship could be the USCSS Neverland

  57. WhisperAngl3

    WhisperAngl328 일 전

    They went back for the Michael Jackson bit but not the scoops and ice cream?

  58. Alman556

    Alman55628 일 전

    You gotta keep in practice in order for you to do a 360 and walk away.

  59. Shadow Hawke

    Shadow Hawke28 일 전

    That’s kind of terrifying

  60. Phil Swift

    Phil Swift28 일 전

    Came back to see the withered husk that was once rooster teeth

  61. The Red Deer

    The Red Deer28 일 전

    Please, make this a thing

  62. Qu33n KyKy

    Qu33n KyKy28 일 전

    I mean they have "Escape the Ayuwoki" which is a Michael Jackson horror game 😂 you guys should definitely play it!


    DJLEOBOOM28 일 전

    Some please make this mod, be our hero

  64. Wthishapping Teen

    Wthishapping Teen28 일 전