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  1. Molly Baz

    Molly Baz10 일 전

    If molten arancini are the new mozzarella sticks, I can’t think of a better way to bring home our 100th episode. Tune into this celebration station ASAP!!! 😘

  2. Andrew Mullins

    Andrew Mullins일 전

    Molly Baz I made these! they turned out absolutely delicious and it’s all thanks to u and BA thanks xx 🧡

  3. CP Johnson

    CP Johnson4 일 전

    What tips can you give to those of us who are gall bladder(less) and shy away from fried foods? I am thinking we could make the arancini using the oven and a tray with a rack so the bottom gets some heat? Probably do away with the flour when rolling and just use egg and crumbs?

  4. Alexander Xeno

    Alexander Xeno6 일 전

    Less Molly, more Claire please.



    Thank you for making me smile

  6. TrollskieTV

    TrollskieTV3 시간 전

    Are you trying to make us fall in love with someone else so you can take Claire away again?

  7. Jack Linde

    Jack Linde11 시간 전

    Where's the Brad Taste Test? Nothing is official until BRAD tastes it!

  8. chretien91

    chretien9113 시간 전

    Marry me Molly ! :D

  9. Louie le King

    Louie le King19 시간 전

    Molly 🔥🔥🔥

  10. Indie Guy

    Indie Guy20 시간 전

    molly is such a babe

  11. Александар Дмитров

    Александар Дмитров21 시간 전

    best show on youtube. congrats!

  12. Pascal Joris

    Pascal Joris일 전

    Reesowdough... Actually, I rather you massacre the language and not the food, but still... Ree Sow Dough. Now I'm starting to imagine things...

  13. Steve Nguyen

    Steve Nguyen일 전

    She's so insanely beautiful. Like, I didn't even make a pertinent or useful comment. It was just words spilling out of my word hole upon seeing her. And she's in the kitchen cooking. There's like some crazy lucky guy out there.

  14. VaporeonPS Coral

    VaporeonPS Coral일 전

    Watching this while makinf pizza rolls. I feel like a top chef!

  15. theldubis

    theldubis2 일 전

    i try not to watch molly videoes cause i fall with her every time she teaches me how to cook.

  16. K

    K2 일 전

    "lightly smash" *obliterates them* "FATALITY!"

  17. Lemunas62

    Lemunas622 일 전

    But, but Molly, the Allicin........................

  18. john edwards

    john edwards2 일 전

    Hey brad allison

  19. Jacquis Delouya

    Jacquis Delouya2 일 전


  20. Kiley Granat

    Kiley Granat2 일 전

    Are these best served immediately or could I make them the day before and heat them up to take to a family gathering?

  21. banana boi

    banana boi3 일 전

    risotto... Gordon Ramsey anyone?

  22. banana boi

    banana boi3 일 전

    you gotta get that allicin going

  23. Matas Skudra

    Matas Skudra3 일 전

    A L L I C I N

  24. Aiman Ismail

    Aiman Ismail3 일 전

    Yaaaaaaaaay, Molly!

  25. BIGgourami

    BIGgourami4 일 전

    Calabrian chiles? From Sicily? Just like French Champagne from California...

  26. Phil Evans

    Phil Evans5 일 전

    I feel attacked because I started saying allicin and then she just roasted me

  27. ParkyRich

    ParkyRich5 일 전

    I don't know Molly more than these videos, but... I-I love her... :')

  28. principessa101

    principessa1015 일 전

    ...Calabrian Chiles are from Calabria, not Sicily... 👀

  29. Cosmic Penguin

    Cosmic Penguin5 일 전

    "Arancini with Calabrian chilis are the new mozzarella sticks" Whoa, that's a pretty bold statement.

  30. J.Lender333

    J.Lender3335 일 전

    Does the lemon juice not curddle the cream?

  31. TheOther Sam

    TheOther Sam5 일 전

    I don’t know what I thought risotto was but this wasn’t it

  32. ellie

    ellie5 일 전

    is there a replacement i could use instead of egg

  33. Matias Miranda

    Matias Miranda5 일 전


  34. Kevin K

    Kevin K6 일 전

    Straight from Caltanissetta Sicily and proud to be Italian 😊

  35. Rocco Siffredi

    Rocco Siffredi6 일 전

    The Mol banger

  36. GuelphRacing

    GuelphRacing6 일 전

    Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. You have amazing creative potential. Have a wonderful day :)

  37. hertert

    hertert6 일 전

    >calabrian chillies >they're from sicily

  38. Just A Guy

    Just A Guy6 일 전

    you know you did a lot of drugs in your life when you read the title as "pop a Molly and make arancini" -_-

  39. Billy Bob

    Billy Bob6 일 전

    The proper way to do it is to bite it and pull the cheese, that is what makes for a proper cheese pull otherwise it just doesn't count.

  40. Adam Donabed

    Adam Donabed6 일 전

    Marry Me

  41. Isabella Ruiz

    Isabella Ruiz6 일 전

    Wow these arancini bites look delicious! I can’t wait to try out this recipe!

  42. Eragon Kvothe

    Eragon Kvothe6 일 전

    Waaaaaaay too much onion, Madonna, ma che state facendo? Mio dio and heavy cream?... che abominazione...

  43. Just A Thought

    Just A Thought6 일 전

    Too bad Brad ain't making this.

  44. Alexander Xeno

    Alexander Xeno6 일 전

    Less Molly, more Claire please.

  45. Christopher Jensen

    Christopher Jensen6 일 전

    man, Chris really loves ball caps

  46. alex juarez

    alex juarez6 일 전

    Weird flex but ok

  47. Kevin Armour

    Kevin Armour6 일 전

    Why does Molly always look so casual in a good way

  48. Brion Lund

    Brion Lund6 일 전

    Damn Molly. Bet you wish you were Brad though. Everyone loves Brad.

  49. Marisa Veilleux

    Marisa Veilleux6 일 전

    I watched this while eating microwaved Trader Joe’s tamales. But they are DELICIOUS

  50. John S

    John S6 일 전

    No peas, no meat, no sauce. What is this my Nonna would be disappointed

  51. Carlos J Cintrón

    Carlos J Cintrón6 일 전

    Now I'm hungry

  52. Carlos J Cintrón

    Carlos J Cintrón6 일 전

    I LOVE her (snobby) "I aint Brad" this is what just gave her a PERSONA in my opinion. Molly is the ba CAT... Brad is that Grand Mastif dog hahahahaha I LOVE YOU BOTH

  53. Leo Joey

    Leo Joey6 일 전

    Molly mad at me for trynna use Brad references 😞 Congrats on 100 subs.

  54. Chef Antonio Giovanni

    Chef Antonio Giovanni7 일 전

    She did well, but I like to make mine a little bigger.

  55. The Free Language Project

    The Free Language Project7 일 전

    7:07 "Calabrian chilies... They're from Sicily.." 😂😂 That's like saying NY cheesecake is from New Jersey.

  56. encore horror

    encore horror7 일 전

    Allison just got offended 😁

  57. Myrkskog

    Myrkskog7 일 전

    *allicin comment*

  58. ohaiguise

    ohaiguise7 일 전

    "Calabrian chilies; they're Sicilian." Hmm.

  59. ohaiguise

    ohaiguise7 일 전

    What is it with Americans and the unnecessary cup of 'heavy cream' in every pasta dish?

  60. My name is Joey

    My name is Joey7 일 전

    These are just Dutch bitterballen.

  61. Rocket Raccoon

    Rocket Raccoon7 일 전

    *Ten Min*

  62. jake black

    jake black7 일 전

    insufferable fucks

  63. William

    William7 일 전

    Baby powder is horrible on a rash

  64. Bassem Boustany

    Bassem Boustany7 일 전

    I just might try this!

  65. Manolo Tusca

    Manolo Tusca7 일 전

    Molly the ball maker.

  66. Megan McGrath

    Megan McGrath7 일 전

    Who in the world is squealing “voila!” after Molly at about 5:45

  67. RGP B

    RGP B7 일 전

    Painfully boring and dry. Like she’s not having any fun and it shows.

  68. Jim Jong Jung

    Jim Jong Jung7 일 전

    I'm going to sheet out this risotto. Lmfao.

  69. Jp Lehoux

    Jp Lehoux7 일 전

    Molly your so hot! But your apron is a HUGE turn off! :o

  70. Halo Marie

    Halo Marie7 일 전

    I want them to recreate the froot loop cereal straws soooo bad

  71. Closet Grasshopper

    Closet Grasshopper7 일 전

    molly i masturbate to you every other night. but i make a point to do so especially on holidays. xmas, thanksgiving and memorial day.

  72. Nathan Evans

    Nathan Evans7 일 전

    Always keepin it a hundred

  73. Colin McCarthy

    Colin McCarthy7 일 전

    "Fingies" count: 0 5-yard penalty!

  74. tigerisedgy

    tigerisedgy7 일 전

    I remember having this when I was like 5, and never remembered what they were. I'm glad I found out now lol

  75. mk 08

    mk 087 일 전

    I miei poveri occhi

  76. Joey Condellie

    Joey Condellie7 일 전

    Molly please fart

  77. Geo Mondiale

    Geo Mondiale7 일 전

    Good twist but not an authentic recipe. I do love Molly tho

  78. Eric Lewis

    Eric Lewis7 일 전

    Molly Molly Bo-Bolly Banana-Fana-Fo-Folly E I O Olly.... Molly!

  79. 64 Store Employee

    64 Store Employee7 일 전

    Lemon zest? I am aghast.

  80. Nyomi Banks

    Nyomi Banks7 일 전

    *inhales* B O N E. A P P L E. T E E T H.

  81. Some Person

    Some Person7 일 전

    All of the carbs

  82. Adriano B.

    Adriano B.7 일 전

    How can Calabrian chillies be Sicilian, they are two different regions in Italy, it's one or the other!

  83. JudgmentDay78

    JudgmentDay787 일 전

    Molly for life! ❤

  84. Kramer surfer

    Kramer surfer7 일 전

    have to say ,,,she is so gorgeous.

  85. Nen

    Nen7 일 전

    Brad in the background at 1:51

  86. Unicorn Dragon

    Unicorn Dragon7 일 전

    4:23 i want to know why they were hugging

  87. Michael T

    Michael T7 일 전

    Maybe your arancini are dry you’re not making them right. You don’t use risotto for arancini. You may as well have grilled something you’re not supposed to again.

  88. ti ci

    ti ci7 일 전

    Since when are arancini "risotto balls" the rice is not RISOTTO

  89. Puddi Panda

    Puddi Panda7 일 전

    Mmm, those look soooo good! ^_^

  90. OGJeffrey

    OGJeffrey7 일 전

    You're right, you aren't Brad. Who are you again?

  91. Gerald Vargas

    Gerald Vargas7 일 전

    Black pep-per? Don't you mean... Black pep? Molly not abbreviating? What?!

  92. alessandro santacroce

    alessandro santacroce7 일 전

    I will never understand you Americans obsession over putting garlic in Italian recipes that don’t require garlic

  93. Science1800123406

    Science18001234067 일 전

    Arent you supposed to add many doses of broth as one dose gets absorbed you add another. I was under the impression that doing it this way with constant stiring creates a thick creamy risoto that feels like there is heavy cream in it but there isnt. I feel like she just makes bad risotto and covered it up with the cream.

  94. Arnaud Perrot

    Arnaud Perrot7 일 전

    The recipe is okay but there is something really annoying in this video. It's annoying because it's stricly forbidden in any case, I mean in a restaurant or at home, "you do not put a pan on the cutting board" in fact "you do not put anything that's not ready to be cut on the cutting board" and if you want to go further you should use different cutting board for meat and vegetables but that's not as important. I may sound harsh but food poisoning is not pleasant either.

  95. Mittens

    Mittens7 일 전

    The perfect woman doesnt exi--

  96. andrea bertanelli

    andrea bertanelli7 일 전

    you can not call that arancini. Are an american version of the original one

  97. Joseph DeJose

    Joseph DeJose7 일 전

    Can I form the balls and saran wrap them on a baking sheet and store them in the fridge overnight, then dredge and fry the next day?

  98. joe T

    joe T7 일 전

    Oh Molly

  99. Allison

    Allison7 일 전

    Look at this babe trending for like 24 hours. You go Molly!

  100. Tobias Lilja

    Tobias Lilja8 일 전

    Does anyone know what kind of pot Molly uses to cook the risotto?

  101. Sabrina K.

    Sabrina K.8 일 전

    Y'know.. this comment is unrelated to the video, but I was thinking can Claire Saffitz make gourmet Lucky Charms in the next "Pastry chef attempts to.." video? I don't know if cereal is related to pastry but, I thought it would be interesting to see her attempt on remaking Lucky Charms cereal.. with every bit of the marshmallows.

  102. Tasha's Eating Show

    Tasha's Eating Show8 일 전


  103. Jacob DiPietro

    Jacob DiPietro8 일 전

    She is no Claire.

  104. Arkhadi Pustaka

    Arkhadi Pustaka8 일 전

    That allison (allicin) comment calls for Brad and Molly collab. Collab! Collab! Collab!