Missy Elliott - Get Ur Freak On [Official Music Video]


  1. Diguim Doudou

    Diguim Doudou23 분 전


  2. MultiDeano1970

    MultiDeano197011 시간 전

    The dance is hare - 😂

  3. Jean Bolognesi

    Jean Bolognesi20 시간 전

    #7 Billboard Hot 100 🇺🇸

  4. Williams Linient

    Williams Linient21 시간 전


  5. Ulleeedd koyachim

    Ulleeedd koyachim일 전

    My fckn god i remember when i used to be so hooked up on this song

  6. Mary Smith

    Mary Smith일 전

    That funny and awkward moment when like 98 percent of the Famous Celebrities seen in this video are hasbeens in 2019 and haven't been relevant in like 18 years! :D :/

  7. Humbert March

    Humbert March2 일 전

    Saquen las panochas perrooos

  8. otisberlin

    otisberlin2 일 전

    Masterpiece for all eternity

  9. Austin O

    Austin O2 일 전

    Oct 20th, 2019 listening..... yyyyeeeaaaahhhh... Get your freak on....

  10. Rosie Pestel

    Rosie Pestel2 일 전

    I was stuck listening to this song on repeat, in the airplane. Actually, I played it over and over again for about 8 hours to London. I still remember I didn't watch any of the plane movies just listened to this song. I was 15. Wow, 18 years have passed!!

  11. Doodlebugdude

    Doodlebugdude2 일 전

    Still fresh and original. It's not just the catchy hook, it's everything in the production, the beat, the rhyme and the flow.

  12. Gaby Wall

    Gaby Wall3 일 전

    Kore kara minna de mechakucha odotte Sawago sawago.....> what does this mean?

  13. Çocuk Adam

    Çocuk Adam3 일 전

    Like a phone melody

  14. youtubekanal

    youtubekanal3 일 전

    It’s also a great music video

  15. MrNvbeatz

    MrNvbeatz3 일 전

    Timbo THE LEGEND. Still dope.

  16. Jas Deville

    Jas Deville4 일 전

    Missy... Wu thang

  17. Bianca

    Bianca4 일 전

    So Mic Drop was sampled from this song?

  18. TaeTae Ari

    TaeTae Ari4 일 전

    Does it sounds like Mic drop?

  19. memet fırat

    memet fırat4 일 전

    Türk varmı burda

  20. OpTic Breezy

    OpTic Breezy4 일 전

    Wassup everybody 💪



    2:06 *WHAT THE FUCK.*

  22. Gina Puluse

    Gina Puluse6 일 전

    I enjoyed the song, but the ridiculous commercial for womans period's including someone spraying ketchup all over a bed was so ridiculous I had to turn off youtube and listen to the radio

  23. Hafy222 Madiha

    Hafy222 Madiha6 일 전

    You can still hear this song hitting in most ghetto corners in Africa...this song will Never get old 😂

  24. Pollyanna Godinho

    Pollyanna Godinho7 일 전

    Memories 🙄

  25. Gerald Brock

    Gerald Brock7 일 전

    Yo I was rockin this song in our football locker room at practice yesterday

  26. BBLove Gaming

    BBLove Gaming8 일 전

    *Who else is on a old song spree -2019*

  27. *Xiola Blue Staley*

    *Xiola Blue Staley*8 일 전

    ♡ Missy will always be a legend to me! Her videos couldn't compete with other rappers!

  28. Dwight Castillo

    Dwight Castillo9 일 전

    *This instrumental is timeless*

  29. Exploit Space

    Exploit Space10 일 전

    One day I'm going to DJ just using Missy break downs, always the best bit

  30. jmaxg

    jmaxg10 일 전

    It's hard to acknowledge this track. Perfection does not seem like a strong enough word.

  31. Ansh Madaan

    Ansh Madaan10 일 전

    I think m only indian🙄💯

  32. Takla Emulator Pro

    Takla Emulator Pro8 일 전


  33. Keke Aiken

    Keke Aiken10 일 전

    The queen! 👑

  34. Cool Karma

    Cool Karma11 일 전

    who is the singer in 4:04... after years finally asking me this question :D

  35. Julius Guiñabo

    Julius Guiñabo11 일 전

    what if this music video was released today? :)

  36. Rachel Noble

    Rachel Noble11 일 전

    This song is on Dance Central 2 for The Xbox 360.

  37. Lucy Botello

    Lucy Botello11 일 전

    This album and under construction was my absolute favorite of missy. I can listen to her forever

  38. Crystallynn Nicodemus

    Crystallynn Nicodemus11 일 전

    I dount non of you

  39. Crystallynn Nicodemus

    Crystallynn Nicodemus11 일 전

    Fr6maryflynn stored you and your nayd dick in sind of Mary Flynn

  40. Jean Bolognesi

    Jean Bolognesi11 일 전

    Iconic song

  41. Fon

    Fon11 일 전

  42. Miss Kitty Fantastico

    Miss Kitty Fantastico13 일 전

    This was the midi ringtone on my Nokia cell phone.

  43. Fabio Brand

    Fabio Brand13 일 전


  44. Rau Met

    Rau Met13 일 전


  45. gladys bernal

    gladys bernal14 일 전

    Best music ever

  46. Jake 434

    Jake 43414 일 전

    Saca las panochas perro....

  47. Jonathan David

    Jonathan David14 일 전

    I love it, bro

  48. Pâmela Edith

    Pâmela Edith15 일 전

    Alguém sabe o nome desse filme que passa no vídeo clip , por favor

  49. bawili

    bawili15 일 전

    When hip-hop was HIP-HOP.



    Vanguardista! Luv u Miss, maybe one day im gonna be working with u!

  51. neng iis

    neng iis17 일 전

    😍😍😍 suka banget lagu ini keren habis dach

  52. MrCobra83

    MrCobra8317 일 전

    “Ugh that tasted like shellfish”🤢

  53. Lisette Ayala

    Lisette Ayala17 일 전

    BTS TOTALLY "Mic drop" stole this sick beat from Missy! Time to take it to court girl!

  54. Simoné Xo

    Simoné Xo17 일 전


  55. Ankur Rastogi

    Ankur Rastogi17 일 전

    Anybody else think that it sounds like mic drop from bts? 🤔😯

  56. ポムポムプリン

    ポムポムプリン18 일 전


  57. 名前変えたい

    名前変えたい18 일 전

    Mic drop?

  58. Jean Bolognesi

    Jean Bolognesi19 일 전

    #7 in Billboard Hot 100 🇺🇸

  59. ctcole77

    ctcole7719 일 전

    Rock it girl!

  60. Wali Driss KONATE

    Wali Driss KONATE19 일 전

    TIMBO DA #1

  61. Stephen Greer

    Stephen Greer20 일 전

    2:06 ...Ummm. no.