Mini Pig Tricks


  1. Grace Rodriguez

    Grace Rodriguez16 일 전

    Can you post training tips or send some info our way :) thats the cutest thing ever!!

  2. Janivi v

    Janivi v3 개월 전

    Awww love you

  3. Janivi v

    Janivi v3 개월 전

    How do u do that to sit

  4. Janivi v

    Janivi v3 개월 전

    Three months and he’s so big. Mine is three months and so small. But you know what raisin is beautiful. And I’m just now training my piggy. ❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕 hope she learns like raisin. Bye raisin bye bye


    MEU MUNDO5 개월 전

    Eu sou a única brasileira assistindo?

  6. Anurag Malpani

    Anurag Malpani7 개월 전

    Lovely baby 🤗 #veganism

  7. Blanca Reyna

    Blanca Reyna7 개월 전

    How precious

  8. Moonlight Carnival

    Moonlight Carnival7 개월 전

    aww when you told him to “stay” he went COMPLETELY still! cuute ^^

  9. Bihass Dandal

    Bihass Dandal9 개월 전

    Amazing amazing thanks a lot for your soft heart

  10. Dutch Bull

    Dutch Bull9 개월 전

    Pigs r the Best! 🐖 to dogs🐕 check out our mini pig Mini-Mo🐷 he makes us smile every again🤣 Grtz from Holland👍

  11. Piglady 16

    Piglady 1611 개월 전

    Where did you get him?

  12. mrsticky005

    mrsticky00511 개월 전

    Casey Jones? Do you have four turtles and a rat?

  13. M Benson

    M Benson년 전

    That'll do, pig....that'll do.

  14. Sherri Jones

    Sherri Jones년 전

    raisin is so cute and smart. How big will he get in terms of pounds?

  15. Barbara Lynch

    Barbara Lynch년 전

    Just like a dog! 🐖🐕

  16. c32amgftw

    c32amgftw년 전

    I want to see more of your face

  17. Rusty Lindsay

    Rusty Lindsay년 전

    They need to give you your own show instead of Lucky Dog you can call it lucky pig or you train pigs

  18. Cindy P

    Cindy P년 전

    I feel guilty that I love pork.

  19. Alyx theMeh

    Alyx theMeh6 개월 전

    Still makes me want bacon lol

  20. Noel Vrpi

    Noel Vrpi년 전

    I don' know why pig are so cute and adorable in my eyes😍😍😍

  21. Шерхе́бель

    Шерхе́бель3 개월 전

    they're pink, soft and warm. And that hru-hru thing, you know.

  22. Melanie Schulze Miller

    Melanie Schulze Miller년 전


  23. Mr. W

    Mr. W년 전

    That's a strange dog.

  24. Joe Caner

    Joe Caner년 전

    Cute pig. No lipstick necessary :-D

  25. Animals 4 ever

    Animals 4 ever년 전

    He's SOO cute

  26. Bobby Paluga

    Bobby Paluga2 년 전

    Wow that’s great, I know squealers are smart, I hope they are smart enough to do their nasty stuff outside. I was working construction summers during college. We were building a yard to support a new development of 500 houses. The lot had been a pig farm at some time in the 60’s-70’s and when it would get horribly hot (this was Arizona) as well as when it was humid and hot the smells would come out of the dirt, it was so bad, that the older guys were having symptoms of an asthma attack. The smell was unique strong ammonia smell with a sickening sweet smell like a dead animal. I have a feeling that if a pet pig were like a dog and found a perfect place to pee on the carpet, the resulting smell would be awful

  27. Phisher Smith

    Phisher Smith년 전

    Bobby Paluga I can tell from first-hand experience owning a pet pig that their pee has little to no smell. And they can use a litter box or go outside if you train them to do so. If you use treats and positive reinforcement, they can learn pretty quickly.

  28. Mystic Mac

    Mystic Mac2 년 전

    LOL so cute.

  29. P S

    P S2 년 전

    Please break out a vacuum. 🕸

  30. Saberfang Skarlete

    Saberfang Skarlete2 년 전

    How did you train him so well? Im planning on possibly getting a pig too

  31. Glen T

    Glen T년 전

    Pigs are about as smart as a 3 year old kid. Amazing how smart they are

  32. Saberfang Skarlete

    Saberfang Skarlete년 전

    Mel no, silly!

  33. M

    M년 전

    Skarlete And Tekzine to eat?

  34. Loba Étoile

    Loba Étoile2 년 전


  35. Henry The Big Mini Pig

    Henry The Big Mini Pig2 년 전

    Pretty impressive, my Henry has mastered the eating Cheerios trick but not the other ones yet.

  36. Maygan Phynix

    Maygan Phynix2 년 전

    the kisses omg! XD too cute to eat!

  37. CrabOFuckO

    CrabOFuckO16 일 전

    Lmao you keep commetinh every pig video to not eat them fuck off

  38. Ronnon

    Ronnon2 년 전

    Aww so cute

  39. Brad Wade

    Brad Wade2 년 전

    how much did he cost you? $? $

  40. crack HeAd

    crack HeAd년 전

    Brad Wade I have a mini big and he cost 250$ not including medical bills

  41. Brad Wade

    Brad Wade2 년 전

    that shit is adorable