Minecraft Hunger Games w/ James Charles


  1. Sauce ?

    Sauce ?14 분 전

    and they said infinity war was the biggest crossover of the century

  2. tehcpengpanas

    tehcpengpanas14 분 전


  3. Wizard King

    Wizard King14 분 전

    Gay man obliterates children with giant metal rod

  4. momo bobo

    momo bobo14 분 전

    James Charles is a pedophile predator.

  5. Deus Costa

    Deus Costa14 분 전

    zero deaths boys

  6. Lonely boy Quattro bajeena

    Lonely boy Quattro bajeena14 분 전

    What happened to pewds channel full of minecraft.

  7. Jennifer Spivey

    Jennifer Spivey14 분 전

    Does this mean James is gonna give Felix and Ikea inspired makeup look?

  8. Under_ Score

    Under_ Score14 분 전

    low key who's down to play minecraft right now

  9. ahmad raza

    ahmad raza14 분 전

    Why pewds why Just do survival lets plays

  10. AZ GuAmGiRL

    AZ GuAmGiRL14 분 전


  11. TheRealPewBe

    TheRealPewBe14 분 전

    Pewdiepie had disappointed me.

  12. Anime Asean

    Anime Asean14 분 전

    Is he a real boy

  13. Felipe and crew vlogs

    Felipe and crew vlogs14 분 전

    Pewds you might have sven but i have a army👊

  14. Afaq Saeed Khan

    Afaq Saeed Khan15 분 전

    I don't get it .. How do people get so many likes for no reason..

  15. Lemon Scented

    Lemon Scented15 분 전

    So when is the wedding?

  16. Arya Selvaraj

    Arya Selvaraj15 분 전

    Ok he like kinda ruined the Minecraft series by doing this :/

  17. TheLuigiEdu

    TheLuigiEdu15 분 전

    Even me as a gay is confused abouth this collab, but hella love it!

  18. Lion freak

    Lion freak15 분 전

    The most unexpected Collaboration in the history of collaboration😂😂💖

  19. Day Bot

    Day Bot15 분 전

    I'm upgrading windows 7 to 10

  20. H V

    H V15 분 전

    James Charles: that's such a noob mistake Everyone: OOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  21. sergio

    sergio15 분 전

    terrible predator xd

  22. Nelly Reyes

    Nelly Reyes15 분 전


  23. HGamin

    HGamin15 분 전

    Now this is the collab we wanted

  24. Lily Dwyer

    Lily Dwyer15 분 전

    I’m shooooooooook! Is it actually the person who lost 1 mill in a day!🤭🤣👍 *What are those headphones tho! Lol!*

  25. C.J. Thompson

    C.J. Thompson15 분 전

    I actually thought this was just click bait and to be honest I wish it was

  26. Miku ΔAato

    Miku ΔAato15 분 전

    James Charles: that's just a noob mistake Pewdiepie: *it hurts right at my kokoro *

  27. Sirr Scrub lord

    Sirr Scrub lord15 분 전

    I forgive James

  28. MarcAFK

    MarcAFK15 분 전

    Minecraft hunger games, what is this, 2013?

  29. 《ᚨᛚᛖᛁᛞᛟ _ᛊᚹᛁᛏᚲᚺ》

    《ᚨᛚᛖᛁᛞᛟ _ᛊᚹᛁᛏᚲᚺ》15 분 전

    Jesus! I thought this was some sort of joke

  30. MrRobotRadical

    MrRobotRadical15 분 전

    Dopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Videooooooooooooooooooo Pewds

  31. Justine Bepinosa

    Justine Bepinosa15 분 전

    This was fcking old

  32. 100 subs with no Videos

    100 subs with no Videos15 분 전

    This is how many times Pewdiepie said *James* 👇

  33. Peter Abrams

    Peter Abrams15 분 전

    Your subscriber just drop by 2 million ;(

  34. sixbero

    sixbero15 분 전

    I hope you lose 46m subs pewdiepie... unsubbed.

  35. yanil Cosmos

    yanil Cosmos15 분 전

    Unexpected perfect gaming duo

  36. Delilah Lyon

    Delilah Lyon15 분 전

    I’m unsubscribing because of this video

  37. Ryan Cho

    Ryan Cho15 분 전

    Why did I feel some tension between the 2 😂😂 idk just me?

  38. Shahnimroz

    Shahnimroz16 분 전

    James gamer stare 15:38.

  39. Aden Boyer

    Aden Boyer16 분 전

    when the video has less views than pews’s average but it’s #1 on trending... WHAAAAAAAT???

  40. Enrico Padilla

    Enrico Padilla16 분 전

    Felix said “sister fister”



    I wanna anotha one (video)

  42. Predator

    Predator16 분 전

    Play with james on your survival map

  43. Jorge L

    Jorge L16 분 전

    100m here we go

  44. Anime Tiddies

    Anime Tiddies16 분 전

    pewdiepie getting carried by james charles for 22:46 minutes straight

  45. GTavo 165

    GTavo 16516 분 전

    11:08 James Charles Deep voice "No"

  46. Anti_ Vaxxer

    Anti_ Vaxxer16 분 전

    This is 75% gay 25% Minecraft 50% james charles

  47. Humanities_Strongest_Potato Lonely_Potato

    Humanities_Strongest_Potato Lonely_Potato16 분 전

    Me:*want to play survival games* Mom exist*:CLEAN THE HOUSE Me: (;v;)

  48. ShibbyLibby

    ShibbyLibby16 분 전

    Does this remind anyone else of the first time Joey Graceffa did Minecraft hunger games 😂😂😂

  49. Kewia

    Kewia16 분 전

    You and James should play bedwars] And yes i liked my own comment

  50. SeanTen 10

    SeanTen 1016 분 전

    Pewdiepie's 2013 camera angle! The Nostalgia ;)