1. KitSir Gaming

    KitSir Gaming4 시간 전

    Who else got mad when they missed the dynamite and all bombs

  2. Miriam Nunez

    Miriam Nunez20 시간 전

    There was dynamite

  3. R R

    R R일 전

    i watch all of them destruction 1 to 1m pet sim bubble gum all lucky blocks each one

  4. R R

    R R일 전

    it looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funnn please

  5. R R

    R R일 전

    make a code for us to play please please

  6. Fading Skull

    Fading Skull일 전

    Do Jailbreak

  7. asih Sunarsih

    asih Sunarsih일 전


  8. Patria Sherfield

    Patria Sherfield2 일 전

    Jen,you should start a channel with thea

  9. Bev Brush

    Bev Brush2 일 전

    i am so so so happy pat and jen still play togehter

  10. Nancy Merrill

    Nancy Merrill3 일 전

    i love you vids

  11. liz williams

    liz williams3 일 전


  12. Jethro Laudato

    Jethro Laudato3 일 전

    Pat the water is fake

  13. PokeGio Videos

    PokeGio Videos3 일 전

    🌊💧💦🌊💧💦🌊💧💦🌊🌊🌊 The🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 Sink🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 Is 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 Shipping🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  14. PokeGio Videos

    PokeGio Videos3 일 전

    10:45 1000 GRENADES!!!!! What!

  15. Skyler Moses

    Skyler Moses4 일 전

    You only the best KOreporter some world I really wanna play Minecraft door but I don't I don't I'm not online but where I really really do set when I get online I really wouldn't play which all see you read my comment

  16. Amazon is Still Chill

    Amazon is Still Chill4 일 전

    whats the download link its not on lubcubs website

  17. Nate B1313

    Nate B13134 일 전

    The sink is shipping

  18. brian Rangel

    brian Rangel4 일 전

    I love that lovecubse thinks they where going to freek

  19. BendyXGaming 10

    BendyXGaming 104 일 전

    Lazarbeam killed the EnderDragon on ep. 6

  20. Baylee Ann

    Baylee Ann4 일 전

    I want Jen to be in the control more often

  21. * KK12 *

    * KK12 *4 일 전

    Pat ur lucky 2 is from the snail

  22. Sabariah Kabul

    Sabariah Kabul4 일 전

    Pat and Jen do you si I am making in tik tok

  23. Kostantinos Papadopoulos

    Kostantinos Papadopoulos4 일 전

    True fans look :THE SINK IS SHIPING

  24. Milena Srbova

    Milena Srbova4 일 전


  25. Lorxno

    Lorxno5 일 전

    a roblox simulator in minecraft. "our imaginations are endless! create what you want, however you want!"

  26. This is for a science project

    This is for a science project5 일 전


  27. Death Destroyer

    Death Destroyer5 일 전

    Jen is kinda half karen tbh

  28. Allen Roldan

    Allen Roldan5 일 전

    This is how many people who want to see captain cookie | | | 👎

  29. Allen Roldan

    Allen Roldan3 일 전

    Miricle Studios lmao

  30. Miricle Studios

    Miricle Studios4 일 전

    Well you said 👎 so I did the 👎button

  31. Arshad Mahmood

    Arshad Mahmood5 일 전

    U don't know what you are saying

  32. Arshad Mahmood

    Arshad Mahmood5 일 전

    U never played destruction sim in Roblox nubs when u know the speak it is not so much better then Roblox and does not work like this

  33. Miricle Studios

    Miricle Studios4 일 전

    Haters back off noob

  34. Christine Esh

    Christine Esh5 일 전

    hi pat and jen I am a 7 year old . this is my frst commet I am a fan of your vids by .

  35. Jake The Savage

    Jake The Savage5 일 전

    Who else realized they didn’t use the bombs that didn’t shoot?

  36. Roblox Gamer

    Roblox Gamer5 일 전

    did pat and jen know that there is a bomb shop back of the guns?

  37. Alpha Noobs

    Alpha Noobs5 일 전

    27:38 creeper looks like a robot

  38. BabyBelenie

    BabyBelenie5 일 전


  39. BabyBelenie

    BabyBelenie5 일 전

    I love simulators

  40. Daniel Villalobos

    Daniel Villalobos6 일 전

    Pat and jen never got the bombs

  41. Navaz Navaz

    Navaz Navaz6 일 전

    jen is a killer!

  42. Drawn_Gamer vids

    Drawn_Gamer vids6 일 전

    still making shitty videos? god, when are you going to make your channel better?

  43. Miricle Studios

    Miricle Studios4 일 전

    Unlike your channel, pat has 18 MILLION fans. You think there channels bad? When do you realize you need to stop talking to yourself in the mirror.

  44. Portal Playz

    Portal Playz6 일 전

    I'm big fan!!!!

  45. Portal Playz

    Portal Playz6 일 전

    T.H.E. S.I.N.K. I.S. S.H.I.P.P.I.N.G.!

  46. Mars

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  47. Planet3arth 8

    Planet3arth 86 일 전


  48. Planet3arth 8

    Planet3arth 86 일 전

    pls check my roblox montage i spent alot of time trying to do it m.koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-3TG5bn77ODY.html

  49. Dragon Squad

    Dragon Squad6 일 전

    2:15 when they start

  50. Dragon Squad

    Dragon Squad6 일 전


  51. Kathryn Hutchinson

    Kathryn Hutchinson7 일 전

    Pat Jen can you make more simulators maybe magnet simulator

  52. Abdul Qadir Abrahams

    Abdul Qadir Abrahams7 일 전

    Can you give the link to the map

  53. Ryley Strain

    Ryley Strain7 일 전


  54. Hunter Handal

    Hunter Handal7 일 전

    Sooooo muuuch DESTRUCTION

  55. Kimrosedale De la Paz

    Kimrosedale De la Paz7 일 전

    I wish next simulator you guys do is Vacuum Simulator and love your vids Pat and Jen and like if you agree | | | V

  56. Navaz Navaz

    Navaz Navaz6 일 전


  57. Kathryn Hutchinson

    Kathryn Hutchinson7 일 전

    i hope that happens also

  58. Miriam Morales

    Miriam Morales7 일 전

    Just bit

  59. Miriam Morales

    Miriam Morales7 일 전

    Jen is a bit selfish

  60. Froggzilla Teitztli

    Froggzilla Teitztli7 일 전

    It's not fair the map creator should have made it so Pat buys it and he can onley use it both of you and Jen should of bought it

  61. violet morrison

    violet morrison7 일 전

    i love your vids you and the fans will neaver change

  62. AuthentikMommy85

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  63. Karen Romero

    Karen Romero8 일 전

    Roblox is better than Minecraft

  64. Tree Hunter

    Tree Hunter8 일 전

    #Skydoesminecraft is better

  65. Daniel Caballero

    Daniel Caballero8 일 전


  66. Arifdaniel Nordin

    Arifdaniel Nordin8 일 전

    Only true fans can remember this: *THE SINK IS SHIPPING*

  67. Arifdaniel Nordin

    Arifdaniel Nordin8 일 전

    Copy more simulation in roblox

  68. William Coleman

    William Coleman8 일 전

    I thought falling in holes was Jens thing xddddddddddno afence

  69. The AntiComb

    The AntiComb8 일 전

    "Im just like a people person." - Pat 2019

  70. Name_ Easter

    Name_ Easter8 일 전

    Did nobody notice the grenade launcher looks like the grenade launcher from fortnite?

  71. Lovely Ann Valderama

    Lovely Ann Valderama8 일 전

    It's looks like Roblox

  72. Vlaicuvoda

    Vlaicuvoda8 일 전

    They never realized that there are throw able bombs on the other side of the shop...lol

  73. wolf man

    wolf man8 일 전

    Jen is the person who don't wanna to pay in resteraunt when having a date hahaha yeah 😂😢✨💎🔥😛

  74. Benjamin Rassler

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  75. cn core

    cn core8 일 전

    Love!!!!!!!!!!! Popularly aka :D

  76. cn core

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  77. Michael Cunanan

    Michael Cunanan8 일 전

    I wanna play this

  78. Roan Brooks

    Roan Brooks9 일 전

    Do another one and just say no do not tell jen

  79. tom maher

    tom maher9 일 전

    i think it looks better on pat winners crown

  80. quyen nguyen

    quyen nguyen9 일 전

    Go pat!

  81. Verrys Aidan

    Verrys Aidan9 일 전

    Did you just say pewdiepie suck?

  82. Smart Key Enterprise

    Smart Key Enterprise9 일 전

    Pat do u even English

  83. Jaden smith

    Jaden smith9 일 전

    Mob simulator

  84. -Kitty Chan-

    -Kitty Chan-9 일 전

    The last number of your like is who you are ( I did not steal this from you Lilac's Karma ) 1. CLOUD 2. GamingWithJen 3. Pewdiepie 4. Jacksepiceye 5. PinkSheep 6. MrCrayfish 7. Lubcubs 8. Markiplyer 9. PopularMMos 0. Collins Key

  85. -Kitty Chan-

    -Kitty Chan-9 일 전

    I probably misspelled stuff 😅

  86. Danneon Cadette

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  87. Smasher Asher

    Smasher Asher9 일 전

    Jen is dummy thicc

  88. Jami Anderson

    Jami Anderson10 일 전

    The boat part would be if pat and Jen where on the titanic with explosives