Minecraft but without context! ~ Almost Deleted Clips


  1. Ahmad Daniel

    Ahmad Daniel24 일 전

    The effort the editor puts in the video is astounishing.Youve been lately my main ytbers that i look forward to posting everyday.Keep up the good work nogla

  2. AKAMugnuts !

    AKAMugnuts !21 일 전

    Daithi De Nogla the editor spelled it ‘mineraft’...👍

  3. Highlord Ynot

    Highlord Ynot22 일 전

    @Lenny Herny yep, butthurt test complete, you are a butthurt idjit.

  4. Lenny Herny

    Lenny Herny22 일 전

    Highlord Ynot nobody care about this guy he just big mouths like potato but no pizza

  5. Highlord Ynot

    Highlord Ynot22 일 전

    @Lenny Herny y' know ya just pissed off an entire nation right? you best hope the whiskey lasts. all irish are family, punching bags, but family.

  6. Ethan Su

    Ethan Su23 일 전

    RIP editor's ears

  7. DESTROYER 983

    DESTROYER 9835 일 전

    Plz music at 00:35

  8. Drianikaben

    Drianikaben5 일 전

    ah yes Mineraft. My favorite block based game @0:39

  9. Jake Humphrey

    Jake Humphrey6 일 전

    are we just not gonna talk about nogla surviving the fall 3:07

  10. AFIIX55

    AFIIX557 일 전

    what is the song please? 0:39

  11. Chris Relken

    Chris Relken7 일 전

    “What’s up dudes”

  12. Ashley Sampson

    Ashley Sampson11 일 전

    Did he say baa baa shop? Because that would be great 😂

  13. Aflay

    Aflay13 일 전

    3:05 aww, come on- Nooo! :

  14. xd_ _Iceyy

    xd_ _Iceyy14 일 전


  15. momo _

    momo _14 일 전

    it’s zoomed in half way through

  16. Uros Mamic

    Uros Mamic16 일 전

    Delerios house is long gone xD

  17. Summer Hull

    Summer Hull17 일 전

    A creeper is a green terrorist

  18. Heikin Dragon

    Heikin Dragon17 일 전

    4:13 panda was in his boat and an enderman appeared in front of him. XD

  19. Ezmir Izammel

    Ezmir Izammel17 일 전

    0:39 MINERAFT, the game we all love

  20. javigodXD

    javigodXD18 일 전

    6:20 how the heck did delirious die to a polar bear lol

  21. Dylan Gamez

    Dylan Gamez18 일 전

    Nogla: at the end this. is how you do a nice prank Me: rememberers the video about the invisibility Potion prank sureeeeee

  22. King Helious

    King Helious19 일 전

    Nogla, I'm not kidding. Make your Potato Song into an mp3 xD I want it for a Ring Tone.

  23. Galliard

    Galliard19 일 전

    BigJiggyPanda's Twitter has been hacked for over a day now, please report it, everyone.

  24. alejandrozam

    alejandrozam19 일 전

    Love the Conker's Bad Fur Day music.

  25. MrFunnyMoments BG

    MrFunnyMoments BG20 일 전

    1:24 I got the golden carrot, your argument is invalid


    KEVIN GAMES20 일 전


  27. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo20 일 전

    Why did you spend your diamonds on a hoe it's useless

  28. mesSgamer

    mesSgamer20 일 전

    You need the Flans Mod (it adds weapons and vehicles)

  29. kriss 25anime

    kriss 25anime20 일 전

    Nogla's Editor is better than PewDiePie's Editor

  30. Mango X.F

    Mango X.F20 일 전

    To Nogla’s editor! We love you 💕💕💖❤️💕

  31. Alyssa Kilburg

    Alyssa Kilburg20 일 전

    Uhhh the editor cut the screen off what an idiot 😤😩😩

  32. Kitty _cookie

    Kitty _cookie21 일 전

    Luv potato =3=

  33. Yamilah Prado

    Yamilah Prado21 일 전

    9:45 HAD ME DYING 💀💀😂😭

  34. Saffron Games Official

    Saffron Games Official21 일 전

    Pause the video... press >>> 00:40 “MINERAFT”?? How did this get past everyone???

  35. cXn John

    cXn John19 일 전

    It goes by very fast, i was also trying not to spit my coffee all over my screen while watching up to that point.

  36. CaptainCommandoYT

    CaptainCommandoYT21 일 전

    editor why would you ever even think about deleting these clips

  37. Pedro Villafane

    Pedro Villafane21 일 전

    I feel offended that you used my first name like that Daithi......lol just kidding.

  38. dylan knight

    dylan knight22 일 전

    Nogla send a minecart of TNT into the vanoss tree house

  39. Hunter Hex

    Hunter Hex22 일 전

    Oh my god I thought it said owes me a new pair of headphones at 4:16

  40. Doom Slayer

    Doom Slayer22 일 전

    What know what else is a wholesome prank blowing up wildcats house

  41. Herbert Mcsherb

    Herbert Mcsherb22 일 전

    An anyone tell me what that voice effect in the intro was?

  42. Stephen O'Hara

    Stephen O'Hara22 일 전

    Uhh the editor cut the screen off what an idiot

  43. Anton Salvador

    Anton Salvador22 일 전

    Oh sry its not an episode

  44. Anton Salvador

    Anton Salvador22 일 전

    That clip with vanoss was so 2-3 weeks ago why just now?

  45. Justin Rios

    Justin Rios22 일 전

    Why is everyone playing Minecraft all of a sudden ???

  46. Justin Kydd

    Justin Kydd22 일 전

    Isn’t this a normal video. So thaaats how you make them so good, you don’t know what context is:)

  47. Alex Braley

    Alex Braley22 일 전

    Isnt the Nintendo thing copyrighted?

  48. Gryffin Hites

    Gryffin Hites22 일 전

    Anyone else notice the typo at the beginning? Lol

  49. Blubber Boy

    Blubber Boy22 일 전

    Dathi Vanoss is not a true bird if he was he would have corrected you when you said pack because for birds it’s not a pack it’s a flock

  50. SteezyLab

    SteezyLab22 일 전


  51. Carlos Gomez

    Carlos Gomez22 일 전

    You yes you, you want to know how to get views? Just add vanoss in the title and you’re their

  52. David Ortiz

    David Ortiz22 일 전

    0:45 man I’ve never laughed so hard in my life!!!!!😂😂

  53. Daja Girl

    Daja Girl22 일 전

    Nogla and moo are like the sweetest ones but if get them mad oh holy mother of Jesus your gone

  54. captain_awesome 21

    captain_awesome 2122 일 전

    Golden carrots are better tho


    XTENKEINEIN Lofi22 일 전

    XYZ is minecraft cordinates

  56. BEST OP

    BEST OP22 일 전

    Hey I got an idea for a video everyone on the server can go really far away then do their own like survival then you fight

  57. Francisco Rojas

    Francisco Rojas22 일 전

    Is weird to hear pedrophile because my name is Pedro

  58. furiousblade _x

    furiousblade _x22 일 전


  59. furiousblade _x

    furiousblade _x22 일 전

    thats y brocks shitty channel gets no views

  60. jim yang

    jim yang23 일 전

    RIP delirious sheep barber shop..:(

  61. Brayden Rightmyer

    Brayden Rightmyer23 일 전

    1:41 I nearly choked😂 thought we were gonna have a Pewdiepie part 2 for a second

  62. Andres Henríquez

    Andres Henríquez23 일 전


  63. Miguel Garcia

    Miguel Garcia23 일 전

    Ugh the editor cut off the screen again (-_-)

  64. Toxic Denlosity

    Toxic Denlosity23 일 전

    This is old stuff

  65. sutt sutt

    sutt sutt23 일 전

    i miss the old outro

  66. æ. roplæne

    æ. roplæne23 일 전

    he sounds like Morgan freeman