Millennial Italians Try American Pizza


  1. Robin Lagelius

    Robin Lagelius시간 전

    He's hot, she's pretty hot too, but I'm a bit concerned about how often he's drunk passed out on the sofa lmao

  2. m a d

    m a d9 시간 전

    im glad they didn’t get some wannabe “italian family” that took a dna test online and turns out they’re 2% italian!

  3. FlamingFist

    FlamingFist20 시간 전

    *giorno theme intesnifies*

  4. TheJake7689

    TheJake768920 시간 전

    Buffalo NY style pizza is the best!!!

  5. Demon

    Demon20 시간 전

    1:35 literally just described 75% of america including me

  6. Idk Idk

    Idk Idk일 전

    As a New Yorker when she said she liked the Chicago style better I almost clicked out the video

  7. trinity Kelleher

    trinity Kelleher2 일 전

    Everyone is hating on California pizza but yea the pizza isn't better than New York pizza which i've tried i get that but we got better Mexican food and you can't beat that lol

  8. Wade Moores

    Wade Moores2 일 전

    excuse me why are not told how to find them. I need more from these two

  9. Doreen Sadova

    Doreen Sadova2 일 전

    Who else is Italian here?

  10. word

    word2 일 전

    My partner is a lawyer in a big NYC firm and I’m literally going to have him send out cease&assist letters to every damn place in California selling “”New York style pizza” smfh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. Sara S

    Sara S2 일 전

    Credo di essere l'unica italiana qui...

  12. Patrick J

    Patrick J2 일 전

    I never heard of or even thought of the term Millennial Italians... lmao .. But please do more videos with them.

  13. cece dash

    cece dash3 일 전

    I hate when they do this. I get it Americans overdo everything. But it is so annoying to see videos bashing American culture. Just because you dont understand something, or it isn't how you do it doesn't mean its wrong. Thats what beautiful we can all have a different way of doing things and they can all be good. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  14. Greg Coogan

    Greg Coogan2 일 전

    @cece dash Then I guess that means your opinions don't matter either...

  15. cece dash

    cece dash2 일 전

    @Greg Coogan its all opinions at the end of the day. Good to know they dont matter. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  16. Greg Coogan

    Greg Coogan2 일 전

    When you have the best cuisine in the world, it's kinda hard not to be critical.

  17. BigJSA

    BigJSA3 일 전

    BuzzFeed you forgot to have them try and comment Hawaiian and Jersey styles LOL

  18. Alvyn Shadz

    Alvyn Shadz3 일 전

    They are both good looking but DAMMM THAT GUY COULD GET ITTTT

  19. Nigol Derderian

    Nigol Derderian4 일 전

    Chicago Deep dish pizza is bomb as hell so shut up

  20. Delaney Quinn

    Delaney Quinn4 일 전

    is it too aggressive to say I want to take her out on a thoughtful date

  21. Samantha Swords

    Samantha Swords5 일 전

    Why not send them to NY?

  22. Zhei

    Zhei5 일 전

    Italian thinks their food are the best if its the best there wont be other version of their food cuz its the "best" lol

  23. Zhei

    Zhei일 전

    @Mellon Collie cant argue with that, but they don't need to give mean reaction just because there not used to other or different type of their food

  24. Mellon Collie

    Mellon Collie3 일 전

    Original is always the best.

  25. Etiruza

    Etiruza6 일 전

    Wow, what a waste. Only two types? What about pineapple on pizza?

  26. RolloxRA 2019

    RolloxRA 20196 일 전

    America is a pizza lover

  27. Kylea Michele

    Kylea Michele6 일 전

    Everyone knows that true, good pizza is here in the Northeast. You actually have to come here and experience the difference. 😎

  28. Emma Kushnirsky

    Emma Kushnirsky7 일 전

    But it's LA pizza...

  29. bicanoo_magic

    bicanoo_magic7 일 전

    I wanna know why all the guys in the comments section are commenting on how cute Stefano is.... what is this.. "Gay Pizza hangout?"

  30. DJ GlennB

    DJ GlennB8 일 전

    Still a 1,000X better than the uptight millennials who tried Panda...

  31. Ramon Gonzalez

    Ramon Gonzalez8 일 전

    "Why are you cutting it like a cake?" xD

  32. 1ce Maki

    1ce Maki8 일 전

    All the pizza given to them look like trash

  33. Potter Girl

    Potter Girl8 일 전

    I wish I was italian

  34. Virginia Plonski

    Virginia Plonski8 일 전

    The thing is, it is Italian-American based on when Italians came here and what they had available to them at the time. And it's been many generations since then. So it's not Italian food it is Italian- American. Just like Chinese American or Mexican American. And their over-the-top snobbish attitudes are really misplaced. I'm sure if I went to Italy and ate some of their take on American food it wouldn't change the same cuz it's through their perspective

  35. Hakuna

    Hakuna8 일 전

    To tell you the truth the worst pizza I had was in Italy... so I don't trust em anymore :D

  36. Paige Kleiner

    Paige Kleiner8 일 전

    Nah you gotta do Italians try New Jersey Italian pizzerias.. no chains in New Jersey only family owned 😍

  37. Darren Gir

    Darren Gir9 일 전

    Cant get Ny style in LA

  38. Kilian Rayleigh

    Kilian Rayleigh9 일 전

    Her comment about pineapple made it inevitable that I make this comment - Hawaiian Pizza is actually a Canadian invention.

  39. Official Southside

    Official Southside9 일 전

    NY pizza that’s actually from NY is better that one didn’t even have oil dripping

  40. Wang_Hyohyun

    Wang_Hyohyun10 일 전


  41. nate murga

    nate murga10 일 전

    Should of had NY pizza like actually from NY

  42. minstorres

    minstorres11 일 전

    They'd have a heart attack if they tried the pizzas we make here in Brazil, cause we put literally everything you can imagine on it... lol

  43. Ian Laver

    Ian Laver11 일 전

    Stefano can just...... He can insult me and ill swoon.

  44. Jillian Elise

    Jillian Elise12 일 전


  45. Dr.piston

    Dr.piston12 일 전

    Jesus, they came to LA to try pizza is the real crime, I'm from India even I know half of the best pizzaria in NY!

  46. FlursFrost

    FlursFrost11 일 전

    They should try an American burger instead

  47. Zacchary David

    Zacchary David12 일 전

    Don’t say any hate or anything but pizza isn’t truly Italian, yes it is still Italian but it was made by american italians

  48. Luis Ricardo Ferraz

    Luis Ricardo Ferraz12 일 전

    I can imagine these guys trying some Brazilian pizza... Like, if you're Brazilian, you know what I mean

  49. Sandy Perez

    Sandy Perez12 일 전

    I love that the background music is runway dolce Gabbana music from summer 2017 collection 🙃😉

  50. iris shalurhad

    iris shalurhad13 일 전

    If you think NY style pizza isn’t good, try Southern California pizza. I’d love to be able to have NY pizza again.

  51. jdb101585

    jdb10158514 일 전


  52. King0fAss0

    King0fAss014 일 전

    1:29 *Mamma mia intesifies*

  53. Zed 4

    Zed 414 일 전

    Stefano is so gorgeous 😍

  54. Greenish KaZoo

    Greenish KaZoo14 일 전

    That accent, I came for the food but stayed for the accent :D

  55. tjpm

    tjpm14 일 전

    I love the hate 🤣

  56. Euleila Wright

    Euleila Wright14 일 전

    y’all are talking about stefano but look at roberta, she’s so cute and has the most amazing voice

  57. B Wilz

    B Wilz14 일 전

    “Why is it bigger... exaggerated?” BECAUSE WE’RE HUNGRY

  58. Linda Spalenza

    Linda Spalenza15 일 전

    Stefano did the typical italian gesture at 1.30 and I love it Stefano ti adoro

  59. Edna Santamaria

    Edna Santamaria15 일 전

    They're so upset about liking the pizza😄😄😄

  60. kingmkj 849

    kingmkj 84915 일 전

    Can’t understand what they’re saying don’t speak italics

  61. Elena

    Elena13 일 전

    Then watch it with the subs

  62. Mohammed Zubair

    Mohammed Zubair15 일 전


  63. Paloma Goldberg

    Paloma Goldberg15 일 전

    When she said 'this is like okay' and he made that thing with his hand, I laughed so hard. we do that in Argentina too, meaning like: wtf are u saying?. argentinians and italians have many things in common; I'm argentinian btw

  64. alignwithsource

    alignwithsource15 일 전

    I love how commenters are complaining that it should be nyc pizza and somehow that would make it REAL Italian pizza. Stop making excuses... nyc is still just Murica. (And I love nyc)

  65. cosmic

    cosmic15 일 전

    Stefano fammi tua 😙

  66. cosmic

    cosmic15 일 전

    "Questa è buona però"

  67. beatleplayer1011

    beatleplayer101115 일 전

    you can tell that's not real NY pizza though :'(

  68. lilly arce

    lilly arce15 일 전

    everyone’s saying new york is the place for them to try pizza in america as if new haven didn’t basically invent it

  69. Joao Ruiz

    Joao Ruiz15 일 전

    "New York styled pizza" is usually the one to stay away from. The pizza from actual NY is the best around hands down.

  70. gimmetheteasis

    gimmetheteasis16 일 전

    I absolutely HATE deep dish lmao. I don’t like a lot of sauce on my pizza

  71. yungbruhbruh2001

    yungbruhbruh200116 일 전

    Need her @ tbh

  72. SilverBoys Production

    SilverBoys Production16 일 전

    I'm from Chicago, and i wished they tried Giordano's

  73. K Rivera

    K Rivera16 일 전

    It ain't pizza unless it's from New York. Everything else in the US is trash.

  74. Faris Ilmi Hatta

    Faris Ilmi Hatta16 일 전

    Pizza time

  75. Bluegill and Bass Fishing/Care

    Bluegill and Bass Fishing/Care16 일 전

    Me n Ed's is the best California pizza

  76. ASause B.a.l.l

    ASause B.a.l.l17 일 전

    Shoulda came to New York there’s Italian immigrants that make the pizza really good I don’t mean to offend anyone by saying immigrants

  77. DipoPapo

    DipoPapo17 일 전

    Stefano is lowkey Henry Cavill

  78. Ritvik Kohli

    Ritvik Kohli17 일 전

    1:28 classic italiano

  79. Muy Mirw

    Muy Mirw17 일 전

    The guy is foine

  80. jenny holzer

    jenny holzer17 일 전

    she is so cute

  81. itsnick 3134

    itsnick 313417 일 전

    That dude got the mole and everything

  82. Mia King

    Mia King17 일 전

    Everyone knows you don’t go to LA for good pizza. They literally have terrible pizza and it’s New York style and Chicago style. How dare they! 🥴🤢🤮

  83. Mia King

    Mia King17 일 전

    Also who puts extra cheese on the side to serve with deep dish! We never do that in Chicago. What is going on in LA I am genuinely concerned.

  84. Emma Blanchette

    Emma Blanchette17 일 전

    they really finna call that chicago style pizza when there was cheese on top....

  85. Ivana Chiesa

    Ivana Chiesa17 일 전

    The thing they said about Just Eat was the most relatable thing ever for me. I really feel you

  86. Trash Bag

    Trash Bag17 일 전

    im just gonna say it- california pizza sucks ass NY Pizza/Jersey Pizza ftw

  87. It's yuh girl mikkeai8908

    It's yuh girl mikkeai890818 일 전

    In america, it would be hard to get pizza at 4am. Most pizza places are only open from 10am-11pm. 😂

  88. Ponysalvajeism

    Ponysalvajeism18 일 전

    Stefano is so handsome