Millennial Italians Try American Pizza


  1. Abcflc

    Abcflc일 전

    Deep dish is an abomination. seriously.

  2. 2 일 전

    as a fellow italian, i felt this on a spiritual level

  3. cool drink

    cool drink3 일 전

    "I kinda hope there is pineapple inside" Me realizing that Italians invented pizza: *you've mama-ed you last a mia*

  4. Aurel High

    Aurel High3 일 전

    make me try american chips. i'm a 100% proud belgian dude

  5. restin' mattress

    restin' mattress3 일 전

    *Giuseppe Mazzini entered the chat* Conservatives intensify

  6. suraj punjabi

    suraj punjabi3 일 전

    Let d flailing of the arms beginnn

  7. donald new jr.

    donald new jr.3 일 전

    I just want them to say to: "Riposi in pace." Which is Italy. But as Assassin's Creed Ezio fans knows it as: "Requiescat in pace." Which is really Latin.

  8. bruhman420

    bruhman4204 일 전

    Pizza time spider man 2 but replaced with a guitar

  9. Ioulum

    Ioulum4 일 전

    the girl is s cutie

  10. ChaoticDoll

    ChaoticDoll5 일 전

    Well what do you know, actual Italians enjoying chicago deep dish over new york pizza. I somehow find this so funny given the number of Chicago deep dish vs New York pizza wars I have witnessed online.

  11. Eugene Lee

    Eugene Lee5 일 전

    This is proof that the NYC slice is better than a Chicago deep dish 🤑

  12. Ignacio Ureta

    Ignacio Ureta5 일 전

    No Hawaiian pizza?

  13. Ektaa Gupta

    Ektaa Gupta5 일 전

    Her shirt said everything 🤓

  14. kmora050

    kmora0505 일 전

    2:43 riiiight? How come you didn’t give them Hawaiian pizza?

  15. Pale KSI

    Pale KSI6 일 전

    Why is this so unsatisfying to watch. Its basically them poking and nibbling the pizza as if it was contagious ❌😫 Edit: it must be the arrogance of these two 🤢

  16. Eric O.

    Eric O.6 일 전

    He’s is so cute. She is f’n gorgeous. I’ve already commented sometime ago on the video. Now I comment on how hot they both are cuz I’m cool like that.

  17. J Rodriguez

    J Rodriguez6 일 전

    Thank you! This video needs to be shown to all New Yorkers to take that big stick out of their a$$es that their pizza is so much superior!

  18. JeuneFille EnFue

    JeuneFille EnFue7 일 전

    Americans think everything with an accent is sexy

  19. Gen Martinez

    Gen Martinez7 일 전

    Deep dish is the best. Don’t at me.

  20. Stuart Dubbs

    Stuart Dubbs7 일 전


  21. Northeast Reaper

    Northeast Reaper7 일 전

    It's amazing to see the difference between american millenials and italian millennials. These people are mature, well spoken in another language, insightful, playful, and respectful. Can't find that here lol.

  22. Northeast Reaper

    Northeast Reaper6 일 전

    @Eric O. thank you lol

  23. Eric O.

    Eric O.6 일 전

    Northeast Reaper most americans**

  24. Northeast Reaper

    Northeast Reaper6 일 전

    @Eric O. hey...I do! But that's because I was raised right

  25. Eric O.

    Eric O.6 일 전

    Northeast Reaper bc Americans have no class.

  26. Jozzy 1211

    Jozzy 12118 일 전

    American pizza> Italian pizza You may have invented it but america perfected the art of making pizza.

  27. Frazs

    Frazs2 일 전

    ...And other hilarious jokes you can tell yourself. Im italian and eaten pizza all over the world, anything that wasnt made with italian ingredients the italian way is just off brand pizza of cheaper quality and unsavory taste to a degree. American way(or any other way) can be enjoyable to eat no cap... but as a fast food, a joke, a bite. Taste a pizza made in Naples, which is the best in all of italy, and then you will look back at yourself and see you tought somethin foolish. thats would be the same experience many other americans had that i had read about so its not a speculation or arrogance...

  28. Eric O.

    Eric O.6 일 전

    Jozzy 1211 suuuuuuuure. Ok. 👌

  29. S W

    S W9 일 전

    Roberta is a man. Buzzfeed is pure garbage.

  30. Cristopheles

    Cristopheles9 일 전

    I feel like they're being held hostage as they present their opinions lol (Also only 2 kinds we have unique to America?)

  31. Blu

    Blu10 일 전

    Americans are not trying to copy other countries, we design foods that will satisfy Americans

  32. 1TonCat

    1TonCat10 일 전

    Stefano's accent 😍😍😍

  33. Cavstic

    Cavstic10 일 전

    I like how Buzzfeed think they're woke and progressive...yet every single Italian video has the stereotypical mandolin music and red/white table cloth.

  34. Cavstic

    Cavstic일 전

    @Joel Claassen Non lo so. Vedi problemi qua, fra?

  35. Joel Claassen

    Joel Claassen일 전

    Che cazzo di problemi fai fra



    Lol he said it smells like Olive Garden which means its pretty disgusting.

  37. PirateTube TV

    PirateTube TV11 일 전

    Imagine having that chick as a wife.

  38. DravenGal

    DravenGal12 일 전

    Next time I order pizza over the phone, I am going to say "I am in the dark places of my soul! I need pizza!" Yeah, sounds about right...

  39. Kazuki Sakato

    Kazuki Sakato13 일 전

    Giorno must hate pepperoni pizza 🗿🗿

  40. BDiaz

    BDiaz13 일 전

    The main problem is they’re in Los Angeles.

  41. Cristian Dario

    Cristian Dario14 일 전

    I’ve been to Italy and the US, sorry but italians may have created pizza, but their pizza is baaaaad. And american pizza was great.

  42. Sofia

    Sofia14 일 전

    New York pizza is the BESTT!!! Anyone who hasn’t had any is missing out.

  43. Brenda Richards

    Brenda Richards14 일 전

    ok, he’s really hot

  44. NizzyZam

    NizzyZam14 일 전

    Italians wishing there's pineapple on the pizza? Yes. It's finally validated.

  45. Frazs

    Frazs2 일 전

    It was a mock

  46. Heidi Marchant

    Heidi Marchant14 일 전

    I like Chicago deep dish way better too, especially when they cook peppers and onions into the crust. My fondest and one and only memory of Chicago. I do remember the crazy traffic tho.

  47. Leonie Greß

    Leonie Greß14 일 전

    1:29 is how you know that this guy is italian

  48. MMN

    MMN15 일 전

    I grew up in Chicago and HATE deep dish pizza. It's so gross. Like eating straight melted cheese. 🤮

  49. Mr. Cola

    Mr. Cola16 일 전

    0:40 is that a jojo reference

  50. Jason Juarez

    Jason Juarez16 일 전

    Dude shes so fuckpn cute

  51. TeemoFatHamster

    TeemoFatHamster16 일 전

    Why are they eating pizza with a knife and a fork?

  52. JohnnyV83

    JohnnyV8317 일 전

    No St Louis pizza? No California or New Jersey pizza? No Hawaiian? 👏There are more regional varieties of pizza out there other than overrated and casserole 👏

  53. Arthur F.

    Arthur F.18 일 전

    Most of the people here are offended by how good looking these two are.

  54. Evanovich11

    Evanovich1112 일 전

    Ngl, moles are pretty gross.

  55. bag ofhammers

    bag ofhammers18 일 전

    Guy on left MARRY ME

  56. Bobby Brady

    Bobby Brady19 일 전

    That Chicago crap is pizza only to people in Chicago.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  57. Gabriele Porru

    Gabriele Porru19 일 전

    Non ho ancora visto il video e "Robertaa" mi sta già sul cazzo pesantemente Edit: anzi, entrambi, sicuramente

  58. Jazmin  Locklear

    Jazmin Locklear20 일 전

    He’s HAWT

  59. Eric Lopez

    Eric Lopez20 일 전

    I guess we can finally settle "which city haves the best pizza" obviously Chicago🍕 also their both hot 🥵

  60. Genjigo -

    Genjigo -20 일 전

    The background song reminds me of that pizza game u kno? The one that we all play as a child i mean im still 16 but still🤗

  61. Maximus Freeman

    Maximus Freeman20 일 전

    You know what ? New York pizza is much better than Italian pizza itself ( except Napoli) .

  62. Frazs

    Frazs2 일 전

    Italian pizza is Neapolitan pizza, don't buy pizza in Milan or Sicily if you want the italian pizza that the italian brag about. Many dont understand this

  63. Rodolfo Barbieri

    Rodolfo Barbieri21 일 전

    Those guys are strafatti

  64. bonsai treehouse

    bonsai treehouse22 일 전

    Don't tell the Italians, but like most of their stuff, it originated from China and was changed to their tastes including pizza as well as pasta. lol

  65. Bernhard Neunteufel

    Bernhard Neunteufel22 일 전

    I swear they‘re my spirit animal for 2k20. So relatable for the online delivery comment hahahahha

  66. The Weird Club

    The Weird Club22 일 전

    Why the hell is the spider man pizza theme playing?

  67. stunt x rain

    stunt x rain22 일 전

    i wish Italians can leave dough alone and all the other countries my place did it first lmao

  68. stunt x rain

    stunt x rain22 일 전

    italian pizza issa trasha

  69. Michael Ortiz

    Michael Ortiz23 일 전

    If that's American pizza then what in the hell have I been eating all my life? Is Papa Johns, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Little Ceasars not American enough because I seriously can't relate to those anomaly their consuming.

  70. Mohammed Amayri

    Mohammed Amayri23 일 전

    You know they are real italians when: 1-they just say what's on their mind without filtering 2-so chatty 3-they keep talking over each other but with some harmony

  71. Sponge ❶⓿ ꪜ

    Sponge ❶⓿ ꪜ23 일 전

    I went to Italy 2 years ago and didn’t like their pizza !! Turkey and France have better pizza .