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Migos - Work Hard (Audio)


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    wwe2k19 soundtrack

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Dun Deal on the Track

[Chorus: Quavo]
Dropped out of school, I didn't graduate (oh no)
But I still got the M's on my plate (oh, oh yeah)
Mama ain't really have a good job (oh no, mama)
But now she ain't never gotta have no job (no, no)
'Cause I work hard for mine, yeah (work hard, work hard, work)
'Cause I work hard for mine (work hard, work hard, work hard, oh yeah, yeah)

[Verse 1: Quavo]
When I go hard anything goes (hard)
Walk in with the chains, Quavo Django (chains)
I-85 on the Banshee (skrrt skrrt)
Had to park it 4 by 4, Mercedes Jeep
Wide body check (wide), wide body check (yeah)
Answer all the calls (yeah), 'cause it might be the check (brr)
We will never fall (yeah), as long as on the head (yeah)
Called my best dog just to ship out all the meds
I'ma handle all business (yeah), I'ma handle all business (for real)
I'ma take care my mama (mama), and if I ever have children (woo)
Lord knows, Lord willing (God), can't go back to the system (nah)
If I ever get a feelin' (uh), I'ma hide all the millions (woo)
Park the Benz and the Bentley (woo), designer belt game, Fendi (designer)
Put ya bitch in the blender (splash), now she think she work the milly (M&Ms)
Y'all niggas too silly (ha), these niggas too envy (jealous)
Take 'em back to beginnin' (back), gang gang been winnin' (woo, gang)

[Chorus: Quavo]
Dropped out of school, I didn't graduate (you know I didn't graduate)
But I still got the M's on my plate (the M&M way)
Mama ain't really have a good job (let's have a field day)
But now she ain't never gotta have no job (no way, no way, no way)
'Cause I work hard for mine, yeah (work hard, work hard, work)
'Cause I work hard for mine (work hard, work hard, work hard)

[Verse 2: Takeoff]
When I go hard I play hardcore (hard)
And I got that white, ain't talkin' chalk board (white)
Count it
That's the sound of Benjamins, my thumb sore
Pull up and get pressed (pressed), laser on the TEC (TEC)
Diamonds drippin' wet (wet), you just got finessed (finessed)
When I say I'm fresh, don't need no stylist to get dressed (no)
Heard he asked for smoke, don't need the game to get you pressed
I'ma serve 'em with the TEC (brr), and it's the gang fuck the rest (fuck 'em)
I get the bag make it stretch (stretch), and none of my niggas ain't goin' for that
My niggas up now but you say you next, look and then see what's the catch (catch)
All my dogs but we don't do fetch (nah), unless I put some on ya head (Takeoff)

[Chorus: Quavo]
Dropped out of school I didn't graduate (you know I didn't graduate)
But I still got the M's on my plate (the M&M way)
Mama ain't really have a good job (let's have a field day)
But now she ain't never gotta have no job (no way, no way, no way)
'Cause I work hard for mine, yeah (work hard, work hard, work)
'Cause I work hard for mine (work hard, work hard, work hard)

[Verse 3: Offset]
(Woo, woo, woo, Offset)
Worked hard, bought my mom a third car (work, work)
Left my heart in my grandma's graveyard (grandma, hey)
I'm in the Blues Clues, Bentley Avatar (Blues Clues)
Ain't no flaw, board on the jet eatin' caviar (no flaw, phew)
Nascar, drivin' it fast like a Nascar (skrrt skrrt)
This not a Jaguar (argh), I'm with the remix and bath salts (remix)
We see what your stash about (stash), dope in the cabin route (hey)
Feel like I'm passin' out (whew), but they keep the cash en route (racks)
I got my kids to feed, they think that I'm Hercules (think that I'm Superman)
I don't got no time to sleep, I gotta subscribe to be (I cannot sleep)
Open your eyes and see a hunnid mil' lottery (woo, woo, phew)
I put my hood on my back 'cause I know they depend on me (facts)

[Chorus: Quavo]
Dropped out of school, I didn't graduate (you know I didn't graduate)
But I still got the M's on my plate (the M&M way)
Mama ain't really have a good job (let's have a field day)
But now she ain't never gotta have no job (no way, no way, no way)
'Cause I work hard for mine, yeah (work hard, work hard, work)
'Cause I work hard for mine (work hard, work hard, work hard)

[Outro: Quavo]
Work hard, work hard, work hard

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    Ok I'm a dumbass and extremely white. What the fuck is "M's on my plate." It's edited in wwe2k19? Molly?

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    Fuck Samoa Joe

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    Offset killing it

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    I've often heard this song in a recent Karin Housley campaign ad.

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    **Chants** THANK YOU JOE! THANK YOU JOE! (Samoa Joe, to be specific.)

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    TAKEOFF'S part at 2:30 is so dope....( the sound of benjamins)

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    *comments "wwe 2k19?", gets 100+likes*

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    this song lit

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    Even though I'm not a big fan of mumble rap drowned in autotune, this track is actually growing on me mainly because whenever I play WWE 2K19, this comes on all the time.

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    love migos forever.

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    Yep , From WWE 2K19 😂

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    Migos work hard Mama ain't really have agood job let's have a field day 🎃👌

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    Leland mcpeek

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    Really interesting finding out what wrestlers actually listen to

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    2k19 Bitches!

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    Cigarette butts commercial

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    I like the Migos

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    Wwe 2k19

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    After 2K19

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    WWE 2K19😃

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    Wwe 2k19 litt af

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    Wwe 2k19🔥🔥🔥

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    WWE 2K19 brought me here..... Man.... This shit wack as fuck. These niggas can't rap for shit. LMFAO!!!! #SkurtSkurt

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    420th comment 😂🤭🔥

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    This is a very underrated track

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    I first heard this from this year's nba finals and then I'm here

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    WWE 2K19 and Thank Samoa Joe for this song

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    This song got another million from WWE2k19😂

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    this is so fire

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    Quavo BAD

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    Wwe 2k19 and wwe2k20

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    JOE ! JOE ! JOE ! *JOE !*

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    WWE 2K19!!! 🔥🔥🔥

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    Not gonna front, 2K brought me here, as well as anyone else commenting below me #JoeJoeJoe

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    2k19 gone be lit

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    Sucks Dick Samoa Joe This song is so fookin bad Fuckin autotune

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    This is going to be a dope ass soundtrack

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    Migo gang always w the hits dont wait for a video game to find the gems !!

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    Im french i LOOVE wrestling I have just leason the song ( And i love ) Best Soundtrack Since WWE SD VS RAW 2006 and SD VS RAW 2010

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    This is crap! Auto tune shit this days! Listen to rap god!

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    WWE 2K19 - Samoa Joe Thank YOUUUU

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    samoa joe jahahha

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    What a taste Samoa joe #wwe2k19

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    Samoa Joe the goat for choosing work hard the best song to definitely listen to in WWE 2K19

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    WWE 2k19

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    Thanks Samoa Joe.

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    Samoa Joe has blessed us with this song for WWE 2K19

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    Lol wwe 2k19

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    Who came here after finding out Samoa Joe chose this music for the WWE 2k19 soundtrack?

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    For real ?

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    I do not

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    WWE 2K19? and no, not here for likes, here to inform u guys thank samoa joe for this

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    Pegs HHD

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    Wait this is Samoa Joes chosen soundtrack? ?

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    Yes ofc

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    And still you are just one of those stupid people who points that out. Dumb ass sheep

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    Why did Samoa joe pick this


    KJ KOLLIO개월 전

    Bannana Apple Cause it’s a good song Dumbass

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    Here for Migos themselves AND WWE 2K19

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    Offset has two songs on WWE 2k19 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    +Mitchel Previlma this dude lol

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    Offset actually has one song in the game (Ric Flair Drip) Edit: I just realized Offset is in Migos. IM STUPID

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    Oof just noticed

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    Samoa Joe and Migos, who would have known lol

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    no worries man, just wanted to clarify

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    +Fred V That's true man my apologies I honestly just thought that some of them didn't choose songs

  88. Fred V

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    I heard it in a 2k interview. Also, Zayn said he listens to punk and he chose Rancid so it makes sense. Rollins loves slipknot, he chose slipknot. Corbin loves Shinedown (saw that he like alot of their IG pictures) so it makes sense and of course everyone knows HHH LOVES Metallica. You can clearly see they legit picked the songs they liked

  89. Harm

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    +Fred V I never heard AJ say he listens to Eminem but I'll take ya word for it

  90. Fred V

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    Aj said he listens to Eminem. These tracks were really chosen by certain wwe wrestlers

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    Can anyone else see this in a fast n furious movie 😂😂

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    Fire, hey guys how r u doing scrolling in the comments. Also im selling replays 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 1 replay costs 1 like

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    My favorite CULTURE II song, joined to Narcos

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    Reminds me of Fredo Santana

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    Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang

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    Steady be working hard💯

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    M&M way 🔥

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    Wake Up Hustlers, Aint No Days Off, Lets Get This Bread

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    I will work hard after watching this 💪💪💪💪💪

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    Work hard kinda sounds like the beginning of a sound called cashing out

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    work hard

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    Offset is better...Again better

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    takeoff had the best verse!.

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    bruh why everyone ride takeoff dick, hes not even that fye.

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    Dirtbike David bwhahaahahah

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    All of them hit it in some way but as usual Takeoff did his usual thing and is best of all....yeah, yeah he is. Takeoff on Culture II hits all the right spots and continues to shine, shine, shine, which to those who have been at the start of their progress would admit, he has always shined. Too be honest a lot of negative people thought they would be one hit wonders or not last long but Migos have proved all wrong (since 2011) and continue to shine.

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    gabby ;lagrd you tube kids

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    Love it love migos

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    Count it *count* *count* *count* *count* *count* *count* *count* *count* "Thats The Sound Of Benji's make My Thumb Sore"

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    #Quavo snapped on this track #skills damn that kidd #snapped straight money #Migos

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    This is the song my class mate was talking about

  118. that is epic

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    But I still got them M's on my plate

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    3:40 😪

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    2:30 count it 💸💸💸

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    This is the best track dude🔥🔥🔥

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    Is it me or does this sound like something speaker knocker would have did especially the hook