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Migos - Too Playa ft. 2 Chainz


  1. Glorious Elting

    Glorious Elting7 시간 전

    Migos. You. Are. My. Fan

  2. Derrick Fannin

    Derrick Fannin10 시간 전

    Everybody like this so my comment can get to the top and tell them to drop a video ASAP 🔥

  3. Anwar Muhammad

    Anwar Muhammad3 일 전

    hip hop ant dead tampa

  4. Anwar Muhammad

    Anwar Muhammad3 일 전

    we too playa lol djA.mon$y the best around igot a decade with mixtapes shout out to mr.crack ct hottest dj making moves dvd coming to 813 trust that

  5. Anwar Muhammad

    Anwar Muhammad3 일 전

    djA.mon$y 100 thousand in blue flame brick city newark big dogs in tampa flordia shout to my uncles big sev and byrd

  6. Anwar Muhammad

    Anwar Muhammad3 일 전

    dj A.mon$y promoting @ brandon mall broadway lounge i see nba youngboy whiskey lounge shout big gucci shout out to its love lets work

  7. KIARA Crawford

    KIARA Crawford6 일 전

    💘 you💖

  8. 1k dv

    1k dv8 일 전

    The wind shaking like some dreads 💨 .... oh that mean we got em scared 🦍...

  9. Rikki Constable

    Rikki Constable8 일 전

    Mumble crap 💩

  10. sergio munita

    sergio munita9 일 전

    Leave my skeleton alone

  11. Carlell Jones

    Carlell Jones9 일 전

    Too playa💲💲💸💸💰💴💵

  12. Jos Official

    Jos Official10 일 전


  13. Cristal Lee

    Cristal Lee10 일 전

    That saxophone part sounds like the one they had on that movie Losing Isaiah 😇😇😇😀😀😀 or is it the same melody ?????? I need answers lol 😅😍😍

  14. Jazz Neshun

    Jazz Neshun12 일 전

    Offset ate that hoe

  15. 5150 Trey

    5150 Trey13 일 전

    This is a mafia / Italian Mob song

  16. James Pritchett

    James Pritchett13 일 전


  17. Demontey Lewis

    Demontey Lewis13 일 전

    54321 my names Takeoff I’m outta here 🚀🚀

  18. Shadaine Douglas

    Shadaine Douglas14 일 전

    Dis mf is filled with so many minerals and potent content.

  19. King Pharaoh

    King Pharaoh15 일 전

    A HIT

  20. Mnguninho Mnguni

    Mnguninho Mnguni15 일 전

    dope ass 1st track of Culture 2

  21. danielle caruthers

    danielle caruthers16 일 전


  22. danielle caruthers

    danielle caruthers16 일 전


  23. Michael Greenwood

    Michael Greenwood16 일 전

    Take off killed this one...

  24. Foe8cheez

    Foe8cheez17 일 전

    Lisa Simpson on here duh

  25. sevenfourtyseven

    sevenfourtyseven17 일 전

    Best verses in order 1offset 2takeoff 3 2 chainz 4.quavo

  26. Ashwin Official

    Ashwin Official17 일 전

    Who tf said all migos songs sound the same

  27. B Jones

    B Jones18 일 전

    She got a lil turkey neck neck neck neck neck yeaaa 🤣

  28. Manman Woods

    Manman Woods19 일 전

    Bro I love to to chain

  29. sierra mcneill

    sierra mcneill19 일 전

    migos i like you guys very you always.

  30. *B Savage

    *B Savage21 일 전

    Ain't no stopping me try an picture thee Apocalypse

  31. Flamest Kabri

    Flamest Kabri21 일 전

    Patek PHILLIPE

  32. n o m

    n o m23 일 전

    The only song I like because of the sax .... alrightttt

  33. hicham abdelali

    hicham abdelali23 일 전

    Burn Burn ...from morocco 🇲🇦

  34. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith23 일 전

    Real playas vibing wit this

  35. Gero655

    Gero65526 일 전

    The fukn blues beat on here 😩

  36. AM

    AM26 일 전

    The saxophone...

  37. 24K MC

    24K MC26 일 전


  38. Jamarien Matthews

    Jamarien Matthews27 일 전

    Tha saxophone🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎼🎵🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷to hard

  39. 24K MC

    24K MC29 일 전


  40. Curly Bella

    Curly Bella29 일 전

    I think this about Nicki

  41. 21YxngO

    21YxngO29 일 전

    If The Money Fold, That Mean The Dope Ain’t Sold💵🔥. That’s a mf bar, Quavo

  42. Shadaine Douglas

    Shadaine Douglas개월 전

    Where the vid ? No i aint playing kid, off in the margin, ₩ater on faucet, Migos for the warning 😬😠😩😤🔥🔥🌧

  43. Kyleon lets do random marin

    Kyleon lets do random marin개월 전

    Lit at 😱🎶🎺🎧

  44. Lakeitsha King

    Lakeitsha King개월 전

    My babies the migos, your music takes me to another world. I feel your music in my soul. Keep being music poets always in my heart love you guys!😘😍

  45. Shadaine Douglas

    Shadaine Douglas개월 전

    Tryna see the apocalypse

  46. FA EVA 1DEEP

    FA EVA 1DEEP개월 전

    Quavo killed it 💥

  47. Kamani Parkes

    Kamani Parkes개월 전

    They should have recognize 2 chainz spoiled the song a bit 🙄🙄🙄

  48. Shala  Thomas

    Shala Thomas개월 전

    fresh song i like the starting

  49. Wm H Carter

    Wm H Carter개월 전

    Some cats call it, some cats floss when it slips n then huncho. Well cash never counts itself once. Twice then hit. Less its 21 then don't bodder its just on the preset bet the ovo/yundrr n sip drip drop hop sounds a lot better than fuckin mumble rap. The fucks all that tho. Hit

  50. Wm H Carter

    Wm H Carter개월 전

    Capperfield that's was it twas

  51. Ange Gaelle

    Ange Gaelle개월 전

    I'm in love with this song

  52. Ani Cvetanova

    Ani Cvetanova개월 전


  53. sidneyyclaire

    sidneyyclaire개월 전

    I got this man on the saxophone 💥💥💥💋

  54. Bududup Tv

    Bududup Tv개월 전

    By far my fav song on the album, think it got slept on but this shit is dope as f**k

  55. Kayla Love

    Kayla Love개월 전

    My Bitch Way Better Than His Bitch 😎😘

  56. Synyster2040

    Synyster2040개월 전

    Still waiting for the video, I know they have to have one, cmon now! ): this shit too fire to go without one DX

  57. Mariama Wann

    Mariama Wann개월 전

    Mariama Wann

  58. Trans Action

    Trans Action개월 전

    Da way dese hoes like to fiiiilm a nigga larenz tate!! 🗣️Quavo Larenz!!

  59. Michal Jarrell

    Michal Jarrell개월 전

    I can't do nothing but move my hand up and down like I'm getting head when he say she gotta lil turkey neck.neck, neck neck, neck...😎

  60. Eli Schlicht

    Eli Schlicht개월 전

    too ReAl FaX

  61. Anthony B

    Anthony B개월 전

    Baby girl got that water problem 💦💦💦💦

  62. Julietta Williams

    Julietta Williams개월 전

    Your bitch is a throw away mut #raw wit it 🔥🔥

  63. Trevor Thompson

    Trevor Thompson개월 전


  64. Blaine Burris

    Blaine Burris개월 전


  65. KE'NEA Erwing

    KE'NEA Erwing개월 전

    THAT sax THO 💪💯💯💯💯😁

  66. Christina Garcia

    Christina Garcia개월 전

    gang gang biiiihhh

  67. dc khalifa

    dc khalifa개월 전

    Quavo Huncho for a reason!!

  68. Jose Ramirez

    Jose Ramirez개월 전


  69. Calvin Mcmillian

    Calvin Mcmillian개월 전

    Them bitches be goin in oml

  70. Blue Monkey92

    Blue Monkey92개월 전

    The beat when the music starts, crazy

  71. 1,087,566 views

    1,087,566 views개월 전

    Quavo team at????????????

  72. Reggie Lovitt

    Reggie Lovitt개월 전

    It official we can get coochie while listening 2 migos😂😂😂



    Turkey neck 😭😅😂😂😂

  74. godomymusic

    godomymusic개월 전


  75. Darnell McCready

    Darnell McCready개월 전

    Two chains and the sax is the song🤷🏾‍♂️💯💯

  76. DaSeanGod

    DaSeanGod개월 전

    I'm a ole head bro and I fuck with these brothas ... They shit great

  77. YettiMusik

    YettiMusik개월 전

    TakeOff Just Took Off 🚀

  78. Kelis Skidmore

    Kelis Skidmore개월 전

    Y’all be sleeping on takeoff bruh Takeoff🔥🔥🔥

  79. Bambii Harding

    Bambii Harding2 개월 전


  80. Rose Valentine

    Rose Valentine2 개월 전

    I am too playa to stress!!

  81. Rose Valentine

    Rose Valentine2 개월 전


  82. MrBanditheart

    MrBanditheart2 개월 전

    I got the urge to throw ones

  83. Quan M

    Quan M2 개월 전

    She got a lil turkey NECK NECK NECK NECK NECK !!!!!

  84. shon poll

    shon poll2 개월 전

    That sax nails it

  85. Michelle Gayle

    Michelle Gayle2 개월 전

    2 chainz did this thing already go listen to his song : pimp

  86. Furious Legend

    Furious Legend2 개월 전

    That sax tho 💦💦

  87. Eduard Alex

    Eduard Alex2 개월 전

    This sounds like a Gta 5 song... but i can't remember what song.

  88. Juanye Miner

    Juanye Miner2 개월 전

    Facts 💯

  89. tbx news

    tbx news2 개월 전


  90. Omilou Minou

    Omilou Minou2 개월 전

    I think it's taehyung that's playin the saxophone in the background 😏🔥( army where u at ? ) #sexypornstar #saxophonestar #army

  91. stafan nephrite

    stafan nephrite2 개월 전

    uau sooper tarre mai mai

  92. Latreece Henderson

    Latreece Henderson2 개월 전

    Highway music❤❤

  93. Gevionie Thomas

    Gevionie Thomas2 개월 전

    Straight playa something to ride to and get money to

  94. Aaron Hassler

    Aaron Hassler2 개월 전

    "Hardtop coupes, no Kennedy"...that's a mf lyric right there, on Lee Harvey Oswald

  95. Liam Cameron

    Liam Cameron2 개월 전

    How am i only listening to this now

  96. Autumn Ware

    Autumn Ware2 개월 전

    Take off!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  97. Roz Perry

    Roz Perry2 개월 전

    Take off got off 54321

  98. Ron Doe

    Ron Doe2 개월 전

    Beat 🔥🔥🔥

  99. young papi champagne

    young papi champagne2 개월 전

    If you don't argue with me saying quavo didn't have the best part then you're mentally ill