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Migos - Too Playa ft. 2 Chainz


  1. ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ

    ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ19 시간 전


  2. iiKombatxKingii 44

    iiKombatxKingii 4420 시간 전

    The ending is straight up 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Fiya Red

    Fiya Red21 시간 전

    1 time for 2019

  4. Art HIckson

    Art HIckson일 전

    Hard top coupe no Kennedy 🗣🗣

  5. Cedrick Honeywood

    Cedrick Honeywood일 전

    Beat is sick with no meds

  6. Cedrick Honeywood

    Cedrick Honeywood일 전

    Still giving to this

  7. Todd I

    Todd I2 일 전

    Keep it tight !♤♡◇♧

  8. Asha S

    Asha S3 일 전

    That mfn saxophone HITTING

  9. o w

    o w3 일 전

    his skill is the same size of his skill ya 💴💰💰💰💰

  10. Orlando Washington

    Orlando Washington4 일 전

    They need a 4 migo

  11. Mario Gaming

    Mario Gaming5 일 전

    My bitch is way better then his

  12. Las Vegas Nights

    Las Vegas Nights6 일 전

    *SWAGG* 🔥 *DRIP* 💧💯

  13. Breaunna Goldsby

    Breaunna Goldsby8 일 전

    That fucking saxophone player is killin it!!!!



    One of my favs😍

  15. Johnathon Warford

    Johnathon Warford9 일 전

    Took it from mall to mall dropped it from stall to stall 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. Lamarious Harris

    Lamarious Harris13 일 전

    Just that intro hard by itself

  17. Anthony Askew

    Anthony Askew13 일 전

    Eat 2 chainz🔥🔥🔥

  18. Kerry Rainwater

    Kerry Rainwater13 일 전

    Baby girl got that water park when she get up she left a water mark

  19. Bazooka Joe

    Bazooka Joe16 일 전

    Saxophone goes hard AF!!!!!!

  20. Nikki Six

    Nikki Six16 일 전

    Lisa Simpson allll fkn day... Lol 80'z babies kno bout dat😍😘

  21. Chevi Neal

    Chevi Neal18 일 전

    If u here to say TakeOff is better then Quavo fuck you :)

  22. Sonya Matthews

    Sonya Matthews21 일 전

    Nice Flo!

  23. tray281

    tray28123 일 전

    Lil boosie

  24. Carrington Gordon

    Carrington Gordon25 일 전

    That sax 🙊🙊🔥

  25. Lex Luger

    Lex Luger25 일 전

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥That beat SMH 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. Marsh Brit

    Marsh Brit26 일 전

    Take off so low key but his shit always go offfffffffff🔥🔥🔥👌👌

  27. super fly

    super fly26 일 전

    They knew what they was doin wit dis one

  28. Donald Moore

    Donald Moore27 일 전

    I'm flooded call fema

  29. Todd Campbell

    Todd Campbell27 일 전

    Feel like 3K Andre, but my way!

  30. o w

    o w개월 전


  31. Shawn Johnson

    Shawn Johnson개월 전

    That last line is way 2playa. Ouch!!

  32. Howard the alien #2

    Howard the alien #2개월 전

    Big bank same size as his bank yea

  33. Bleach Chugger

    Bleach Chugger개월 전

    I’m a takeoff person but The saxophone took the song

  34. Reserved For A King

    Reserved For A King개월 전


  35. o w

    o w개월 전

    this beat is like that 💵💵💵

  36. YouKnowMeQuandoTV

    YouKnowMeQuandoTV개월 전

    Slept On Too Hard

  37. Tj Mack

    Tj Mack개월 전

    I smell crack cooking... Oh i just Migos 🔥 🔥

  38. Zyaire Davis

    Zyaire Davis개월 전

    IDK why this song so old and ppl now listening to it🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🖤


    MOTHER OF THR33개월 전

    I am so in love with the saxophone in the background..NICE

  40. No Brakes_88

    No Brakes_88개월 전

    This shyt hit so hard in the car off😱😱😱😎😎😎🔥🔥🔥

  41. Joevante Fields

    Joevante Fields개월 전

    Lil turkey neck 🤗💴

  42. Mariama Wann

    Mariama Wann개월 전

    Mariama Wann

  43. Logan Simpkins

    Logan Simpkins개월 전

    ?ok then

  44. Plain Jane

    Plain Jane개월 전

    Man this beat so fucking hard my favorite song besides narcos 🐐

  45. Papi Chapa

    Papi Chapa개월 전

    5,4,3,2,1 my name TAKEOFF im outa here

  46. Doo Ku

    Doo Ku개월 전

    Who ever would of thought Migos would be a supergroup and all three of them would be superstars. Rocking with them since Bando

  47. Anwar Muhammad

    Anwar Muhammad개월 전

    Dram said be patient young o.g shot out to my paper route gang $$$ A.i dime rell black

  48. Anwar Muhammad

    Anwar Muhammad개월 전

    club skye y bor city shutdown hip hop dvd dj a.mon$y February Orlando Miami Tampa Tallahassee Jacksonville ft Lauderdale Gainesville can add a few more whts up with it we lit Birmingham AL whts up with you

  49. Sarita Carstella Thomas

    Sarita Carstella Thomas개월 전

    Glad to see Migos is staying a Triad 👑👑👑

  50. Juanye Miner

    Juanye Miner개월 전

    Balling but they keep fouling US 👌🏾💫

  51. 1k dv

    1k dv개월 전

    Yo bitch is a throw 🚮away mut 🐶

  52. Abdi Edu

    Abdi Edu개월 전

    Mexico city

  53. James Luye

    James Luye개월 전

    This shit still bangs

  54. Mohammed idris

    Mohammed idris개월 전

    Quavo you are the best rapper

  55. Barbara Burnett

    Barbara Burnett개월 전

    Damm that is so cool

  56. Glorious Elting

    Glorious Elting개월 전

    Migos. You. Are. My. Fan

  57. Derrick Fannin

    Derrick Fannin개월 전

    Everybody like this so my comment can get to the top and tell them to drop a video ASAP 🔥

  58. Anwar Muhammad

    Anwar Muhammad2 개월 전

    hip hop ant dead tampa

  59. Anwar Muhammad

    Anwar Muhammad2 개월 전

    we too playa lol djA.mon$y the best around igot a decade with mixtapes shout out to mr.crack ct hottest dj making moves dvd coming to 813 trust that

  60. Anwar Muhammad

    Anwar Muhammad2 개월 전

    djA.mon$y 100 thousand in blue flame brick city newark big dogs in tampa flordia shout to my uncles big sev and byrd

  61. Anwar Muhammad

    Anwar Muhammad2 개월 전

    dj A.mon$y promoting @ brandon mall broadway lounge i see nba youngboy whiskey lounge shout big gucci shout out to its love lets work

  62. KIARA Crawford

    KIARA Crawford2 개월 전

    💘 you💖

  63. 1k dv

    1k dv2 개월 전

    The wind shaking like some dreads 💨 .... oh that mean we got em scared 🦍...

  64. Rikki Constable

    Rikki Constable2 개월 전

    Mumble crap 💩

  65. Logan Simpkins

    Logan Simpkins개월 전

    Ya like your own comment BITCH

  66. sergio munita

    sergio munita2 개월 전

    Leave my skeleton alone

  67. o w

    o w2 개월 전

    Too playa💲💲💸💸💰💴💵

  68. Jos Official

    Jos Official2 개월 전


  69. Cristal Lee

    Cristal Lee2 개월 전

    That saxophone part sounds like the one they had on that movie Losing Isaiah 😇😇😇😀😀😀 or is it the same melody ?????? I need answers lol 😅😍😍

  70. Jazz Neshun

    Jazz Neshun2 개월 전

    Offset ate that hoe

  71. 5150 Trey

    5150 Trey2 개월 전

    This is a mafia / Italian Mob song

  72. James Pritchett

    James Pritchett2 개월 전


  73. Demontey Lewis

    Demontey Lewis2 개월 전

    54321 my names Takeoff I’m outta here 🚀🚀

  74. Shadaine Douglas

    Shadaine Douglas2 개월 전

    Dis mf is filled with so many minerals and potent content.

  75. King Pharaoh

    King Pharaoh2 개월 전

    A HIT

  76. Mnguninho Mnguni

    Mnguninho Mnguni2 개월 전

    dope ass 1st track of Culture 2

  77. danielle caruthers

    danielle caruthers2 개월 전


  78. danielle caruthers

    danielle caruthers2 개월 전


  79. Michael Greenwood

    Michael Greenwood2 개월 전

    Take off killed this one...

  80. Foe8cheez

    Foe8cheez2 개월 전

    Lisa Simpson on here duh

  81. sevenfourtyseven

    sevenfourtyseven2 개월 전

    Best verses in order 1offset 2takeoff 3 2 chainz 4.quavo

  82. Ashwin Official

    Ashwin Official2 개월 전

    Who tf said all migos songs sound the same

  83. B Jones

    B Jones2 개월 전

    She got a lil turkey neck neck neck neck neck yeaaa 🤣

  84. Manman Woods

    Manman Woods2 개월 전

    Bro I love to to chain

  85. sierra mcneill

    sierra mcneill2 개월 전

    migos i like you guys very you always.

  86. *B Savage

    *B Savage2 개월 전

    Ain't no stopping me try an picture thee Apocalypse

  87. Flamest Kabri

    Flamest Kabri2 개월 전

    Patek PHILLIPE

  88. n o m

    n o m2 개월 전

    The only song I like because of the sax .... alrightttt

  89. hicham abdelali

    hicham abdelali2 개월 전

    Burn Burn ...from morocco 🇲🇦

  90. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith2 개월 전

    Real playas vibing wit this

  91. Gero655

    Gero6552 개월 전

    The fukn blues beat on here 😩

  92. AM

    AM2 개월 전

    The saxophone...

  93. 24K MC

    24K MC2 개월 전


  94. Jamarien Matthews

    Jamarien Matthews2 개월 전

    Tha saxophone🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎼🎵🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷to hard

  95. 24K MC

    24K MC2 개월 전


  96. Curly Bella

    Curly Bella2 개월 전

    I think this about Nicki

  97. Dinho

    Dinho2 개월 전

    If The Money Fold, That Mean The Dope Ain’t Sold💵🔥. That’s a mf bar, Quavo

  98. Shadaine Douglas

    Shadaine Douglas2 개월 전

    Where the vid ? No i aint playing kid, off in the margin, ₩ater on faucet, Migos for the warning 😬😠😩😤🔥🔥🌧

  99. Kyleon lets do random marin

    Kyleon lets do random marin2 개월 전

    Lit at 😱🎶🎺🎧

  100. Lakeitsha King

    Lakeitsha King2 개월 전

    My babies the migos, your music takes me to another world. I feel your music in my soul. Keep being music poets always in my heart love you guys!😘😍

  101. Shadaine Douglas

    Shadaine Douglas2 개월 전

    Tryna see the apocalypse

  102. FA EVA 1DEEP

    FA EVA 1DEEP3 개월 전

    Quavo killed it 💥