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Migos - Hannah Montana


  1. melanin monroe

    melanin monroe4 일 전


  2. Instagram Models

    Instagram Models4 일 전

    This the migos I grew up on

  3. Timotej Gartnar

    Timotej Gartnar5 일 전

    2013?!??!?? Long time ago

  4. Betea Alex

    Betea Alex8 일 전

    cine i aici de la highman?

  5. jon kon

    jon kon11 일 전

    Pussys talk in bout a Disney show? Pussssssssies dawg

  6. kha Oug

    kha Oug11 일 전

    I like the part where they say Hannah Montana.

  7. kha Oug

    kha Oug11 일 전


  8. Thuthuka Khumalo

    Thuthuka Khumalo12 일 전

    Who is still watching in 2021

  9. Brooks FL1

    Brooks FL113 일 전

    2019 again ❤️🇺🇸💯

  10. Brooke James

    Brooke James15 일 전

    - i didn’t even realize how old this old was look @ offset hair.

  11. PoliticalGangster

    PoliticalGangster15 일 전

    Shudders at the thought of those 3 beastses in the intro twerking. disgusting

  12. veejay agsunod

    veejay agsunod16 일 전

    They used to shoot music videos at junkyard? Wow

  13. Charlie Beans

    Charlie Beans18 일 전

    Going down memory lane lol! They deserve all they’re success!

  14. youngDpose

    youngDpose19 일 전


  15. Xavier. mqt

    Xavier. mqt19 일 전


  16. Travian Rainey

    Travian Rainey20 일 전

    Humble beginnings!!!

  17. CocaineJayy

    CocaineJayy27 일 전


  18. Nihalx 360

    Nihalx 36029 일 전

    Anyone 2019 February

  19. Jazmine Rosado

    Jazmine Rosado29 일 전

    Im latino my dad use to sing it wrong cuz he tought dame dame manzana dame manzana but it was hannah montana

  20. Kerly Princeton

    Kerly Princeton개월 전

    Who's still listening to that song searching for some real migos production

  21. Doplij

    Doplij개월 전

    It’s ohuenno

  22. ZpyrOThaDragO 1593

    ZpyrOThaDragO 1593개월 전

    Ssssstill one of my favez homie!! After all theze yrz!!

  23. F.O.E Fitness

    F.O.E Fitness개월 전

    What’s the Name of the Asian girl in the ripped fishnet stockings 🤣 😂

  24. L1mão

    L1mão개월 전

    foda dms

  25. stoner gamer

    stoner gamer개월 전

    This won't the original video🤔

  26. айсиксван

    айсиксван개월 전

    2019 here?

  27. No Thaks

    No Thaks개월 전

    Hip hop happened already

  28. Nicole Lark

    Nicole Lark개월 전

    migos that good

  29. XxxGACHALIFE Xxx

    XxxGACHALIFE Xxx개월 전

    Of course There twerking

  30. nomasokana bohope

    nomasokana bohope개월 전


  31. Space Tv

    Space Tv개월 전

    Cu de cachorro cu de cachorro cu de cachorro

  32. 2Fanky

    2Fanky개월 전


  33. C1ickityC1ack

    C1ickityC1ack개월 전

    came here to hear what these jokers actually sound like can’t even get past the first 5 seconds of bullshit. these guys can suck 90’s rap’s nutsack.

  34. Raley Cooper

    Raley Cooper개월 전


  35. Lucas payan

    Lucas payan개월 전

    Who’s watching 2050

  36. Jacqueline Rodriguez

    Jacqueline Rodriguez개월 전


  37. Aris A25

    Aris A25개월 전


  38. H35 wwa

    H35 wwa개월 전

    5 % For Soulja. Ps. Check also Bow-Wow - MARCO POLO, also a song from 2009 😅

  39. Quentin Beatz

    Quentin Beatz2 개월 전


  40. JokaFoXy

    JokaFoXy2 개월 전

    lmfaooooo i didnt know this was migos

  41. Aliyah’s Hussein

    Aliyah’s Hussein2 개월 전

    Y is this song coming back 😂

  42. Dolan Gacha

    Dolan Gacha2 개월 전

    Where are my Bromieomies?

  43. Djoulissa Henri

    Djoulissa Henri2 개월 전


  44. Lazar Antony

    Lazar Antony2 개월 전


  45. DenisTheMenace

    DenisTheMenace2 개월 전

    2019 anyone ?

  46. YourCommonLoser

    YourCommonLoser2 개월 전

    "Eating her up like a cannibal" ...

  47. FreeAgents Big2XMusic

    FreeAgents Big2XMusic2 개월 전

  48. coolk87 FTW

    coolk87 FTW2 개월 전

    5 years passed like nothing

  49. One Shot

    One Shot2 개월 전

    1:15 1:15 1:15 1:15 1:15 1:15

  50. xDotComx

    xDotComx2 개월 전

    Thumbs up if you’re still listening in 2019

  51. Kid Axelaroid

    Kid Axelaroid2 개월 전

    2019 anyone? About 2 hours to 2019

  52. Leonardo Ramos

    Leonardo Ramos2 개월 전

    Collab with Miley lol

  53. TyJia Stephens

    TyJia Stephens2 개월 전

    I like quavo

  54. Nicholas Paul

    Nicholas Paul2 개월 전

    Who watching this in 2022 ? 👀

  55. Elljoda

    Elljoda2 개월 전

    Shit almost forgot this

  56. Tebtu

    Tebtu2 개월 전


  57. Tebtu

    Tebtu2 개월 전

    Rip hugh hefner

  58. Sylviaa

    Sylviaa2 개월 전

    me: searches for hannah montana songs me 5 minutes later: listening to migos songs

  59. Miss Diva

    Miss Diva3 개월 전

    Why the girl with pink hair look like beauty from the omg girlz

  60. Mercedes X

    Mercedes X3 개월 전


  61. Mercedes X

    Mercedes X3 개월 전

    I’m confused 0:20

  62. Mykel Thomas

    Mykel Thomas3 개월 전

    Just like all of their songs eventually to be forgotten shortly over time

  63. Trinity Adgistis

    Trinity Adgistis2 개월 전

    His Beat boy still scratching?

  64. Ryne Ledbetter

    Ryne Ledbetter3 개월 전

    3:20 Take Off eyes are huge

  65. Jacob Iverson

    Jacob Iverson3 개월 전

    Bob Miley

  66. DolanTwins Imagine Channel

    DolanTwins Imagine Channel3 개월 전

    am I the only one that came from the Dolan Twins Vine-Hannah Montana :/

  67. Smacktalker YouTube

    Smacktalker YouTube3 개월 전

    Worst Migos song I’ve heard

  68. Malik Tv

    Malik Tv3 개월 전


  69. Deamon 8k

    Deamon 8k3 개월 전

    2k19 🔥🔥

  70. Lil Gangshit

    Lil Gangshit3 개월 전


  71. Royals have join YouTube Royal

    Royals have join YouTube Royal3 개월 전

    Song starts at 1:15

  72. letre mason and nevaeh mason

    letre mason and nevaeh mason3 개월 전

    Is that song that old? I didnt kno that came out when i was 5😂

  73. JaimeTheCow

    JaimeTheCow3 개월 전

    I clicked for Hanna Montana

  74. four d KB

    four d KB3 개월 전


  75. Robin Maseko

    Robin Maseko3 개월 전


  76. Trill Mixin

    Trill Mixin3 개월 전

    when migos was good

  77. Natalie Clark

    Natalie Clark3 개월 전

    I wonder if they knew the whole time what would happen at the vmas 😂

  78. blususpect

    blususpect3 개월 전

    Migos best track lowkey ☝🏽💯

  79. Krystal Anderson

    Krystal Anderson3 개월 전

    The women singing at the beginning was dope

  80. Samy Heath

    Samy Heath2 개월 전


  81. Latasha Caldwell

    Latasha Caldwell4 개월 전


  82. thekidbull

    thekidbull4 개월 전

    They look like babies and Offset always was the best migo

  83. Haiii Y’all

    Haiii Y’all4 개월 전

    I’m Confused there is not one white girl in this video but I remember singing this song in like 5th or 6th grade this used be the stuff

  84. Tiriwashoma Ngondonga

    Tiriwashoma Ngondonga4 개월 전


  85. Faraz Rahman

    Faraz Rahman4 개월 전

    proof that quavo can actually rap if he turned that damn autotune off

  86. S Alaka

    S Alaka4 개월 전

    Who's Katie?

  87. Candyce Saturday

    Candyce Saturday4 개월 전

    When i first got hip to da

  88. rhaino cel

    rhaino cel4 개월 전

    Real trash ....I think it was lil Wayne that ruined hip-hop I didn't know that the worst is out too....these guys only use beats and pronouncing words they do not even know what music is

  89. Dripplordd

    Dripplordd4 개월 전

    this song is how i found the migos....they went from unheard of to famous as fuck

  90. Melany Bayview Guzman

    Melany Bayview Guzman4 개월 전

    I miss this migos

  91. Jamaican Cashew

    Jamaican Cashew4 개월 전

    Introducing Offset

  92. T’s Chanel

    T’s Chanel4 개월 전


  93. john thang

    john thang4 개월 전

    Damn. Migos is annoying now. This song was their peak.

  94. Rose♥️🥀

    Rose♥️🥀4 개월 전

    I can’t believe they actually made this song😂😂😂

  95. Hannah Stevenson

    Hannah Stevenson4 개월 전

    This is literally my anthem shit slaps 😍😍😍

  96. MY QUEEN ima give my dumass opinion cause

    MY QUEEN ima give my dumass opinion cause4 개월 전

    This shyt wack af 👎👎👎👎👎

  97. Fais Azly

    Fais Azly4 개월 전

    the reason this video got low view is because when people search Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus pop out.

  98. Axel Rivera

    Axel Rivera4 개월 전

    Mumble rap 🙄

  99. Mohamed Hussain

    Mohamed Hussain4 개월 전

    2018 anyone?

  100. SuinSlow

    SuinSlow4 개월 전

    El puto inicio del Trap

  101. K KRITZ

    K KRITZ4 개월 전

    throwback to imvu days lol

  102. Crazy prod

    Crazy prod4 개월 전

    Offset and takeoff snach song