Migos - FEMA


  1. AnotherSpecial1

    AnotherSpecial16 시간 전

    I type in Hurricane Wrist then this song come up 🌪

  2. K Nine

    K Nine23 시간 전

    Is this a joke? lmao

  3. Jhamyl Holden

    Jhamyl Holden4 일 전

    Takeoff was bendin this shit..🛫

  4. sharon jeter

    sharon jeter15 일 전

    I love you quavo offset takeoff

  5. The 10 Production

    The 10 Production개월 전

    Still here 2019

  6. Tariq Wilhite

    Tariq Wilhite개월 전

    Offset sounds so different😲

  7. jaayxxtrill

    jaayxxtrill개월 전


  8. Anu Enlil

    Anu Enlil개월 전


  9. God's Mistake X Rare Willie Willie

    God's Mistake X Rare Willie Willie개월 전

    I remember hearing this shit when I was 12

  10. DatBoiiScxpez-

    DatBoiiScxpez-11 일 전

    I was 11 nd I still remember most of the lyrics

  11. missugarskunk OG

    missugarskunk OG개월 전

    Listening to this well hurricane Barry in the Gulf

  12. Um Dont get me Confused 4 Her

    Um Dont get me Confused 4 Her개월 전

    I love looking back at these old videos of them. They have grown sooo much ...😍😘

  13. ill Xlll

    ill Xlll개월 전


  14. Icygirlkava

    Icygirlkava개월 전

    Cause I can kavosauceyrhn

  15. Andrew Gabriel

    Andrew Gabriel개월 전

    Its 2019 and im still callin FEMA!!!

  16. Mare Ambroise

    Mare Ambroise개월 전


  17. Mare Ambroise

    Mare Ambroise개월 전

    Katrina, Call Fema 👑👑👑🔥🔥🔥👁👁👁

  18. John Blackson

    John Blackson개월 전

    The way that zaytoven beat keep droppin in outta nowhere is 🔥🔥🔥

  19. Tayo

    Tayo개월 전

    Who here in 2019🥺

  20. Gee Raw

    Gee Raw개월 전

    I had good times in tha trap wit this song. 1st to tha 15th was soooo stupid frfr

  21. Born Paidunk

    Born Paidunk2 개월 전

    Who jam'n in 2019🥊🥊🥊

  22. yobani cruz

    yobani cruz2 개월 전

    The hook needs to be in a loud speaker🗣 “hurricane risk” over and over in a loop or in a infomercial about hurricanes

  23. Kimberly Edwards-Hall

    Kimberly Edwards-Hall2 개월 전

    shout out ta Zay shout out ta Zay shout out Zay 🔥

  24. Jahlil Kelty

    Jahlil Kelty2 개월 전

    Offset had the best verse

  25. Jordan On Vlogs

    Jordan On Vlogs3 개월 전

    Fake fans wont find us here😂

  26. weasel loks

    weasel loks3 개월 전


  27. Barry Joins

    Barry Joins3 개월 전

    offset with the short hair though, quavo and takeoff look exactly the same haha

  28. Monkey Dee

    Monkey Dee3 개월 전

    2019 🦍🖤

  29. DIVINESound

    DIVINESound3 개월 전


  30. PeterGriffinisUchiha

    PeterGriffinisUchiha4 개월 전

    Nigga offset fresh out lol

  31. Cheesy Fippa

    Cheesy Fippa4 개월 전

    1.25x and 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  32. X5 ACTION

    X5 ACTION5 개월 전

    Fema 2020, when offset was just starting out.

  33. K. MAK

    K. MAK5 개월 전

    2019?!.... 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  34. Lord Amz

    Lord Amz5 개월 전

    offset in his most savage state a rare form fresh out the feds

  35. Guerilla Publishing, INTL.

    Guerilla Publishing, INTL.6 개월 전

    How this only has 1 million views lol

  36. Diego Santana

    Diego Santana6 개월 전

    2019 ??

  37. Eric White

    Eric White6 개월 전

    Still my favorite song

  38. My Name

    My Name6 개월 전


  39. Galaxy.James

    Galaxy.James6 개월 전


  40. SNO DOG

    SNO DOG6 개월 전



    0VERACHIEVER6 개월 전


  42. Slick Toby

    Slick Toby7 개월 전

    Who remember this song👀👹🔥😈

  43. Manuel Najera

    Manuel Najera7 개월 전

    2019 😆??

  44. Adonis Crum

    Adonis Crum7 개월 전



    zXULTIMAT3 SXVAGEllV8 개월 전

    Remember this, who still bumping for last month in 2018?🔥🔥🔥🔥

  46. Lets Get it Boppin

    Lets Get it Boppin8 개월 전


  47. Deondre C

    Deondre C8 개월 전


  48. Kimberly Edwards-Hall

    Kimberly Edwards-Hall8 개월 전

    i been a Migo fan since "One Time", so I'm good 😃😄

  49. Jefferson Ramz

    Jefferson Ramz9 개월 전

    I don't talk on the phone,i hit the jet i go see Pablo

  50. Sharolyn Davis

    Sharolyn Davis9 개월 전

    On flock

  51. Quentin Meadows

    Quentin Meadows9 개월 전

    Still they hardest mixtape to this day #yrn

  52. Raffaele Ronga

    Raffaele Ronga9 개월 전

    Back when Offset didn’t have dreads.

  53. h g

    h g10 개월 전


  54. John Williams

    John Williams11 개월 전

    this the 1st song i heard from these guys

  55. MIGOS Gang

    MIGOS Gang11 개월 전


  56. Niiadjei Anang

    Niiadjei Anang11 개월 전

    2:52 wow I never seen Takeoff smile before

  57. Daddy WhoreUser

    Daddy WhoreUser9 개월 전

    Niiadjei Anang Lmao 😄

  58. Jake Castillo

    Jake Castillo11 개월 전

    5 year anniversary

  59. Ofolkz Watson

    Ofolkz Watson11 개월 전

    ththis my shit

  60. lPolitically_Fye

    lPolitically_Fye년 전

    Vintage Migos.

  61. Shatika Smith

    Shatika Smith년 전

    Zay Gunna Make any Nigga Rich!! Pay da Man fa Dem beats..its gunna PAY Off!!!!

  62. Shatika Smith

    Shatika Smith년 전

    I love these kids!!

  63. Jay Harris

    Jay Harris년 전

    Narco fans don’t know shit about fema 💯💯

  64. 252 Kwalla

    252 Kwalla년 전


  65. Willis Hayes

    Willis Hayes년 전

    Remember what Pimp C said these n***** be lying about they dope

  66. Just Ant

    Just Ant년 전

    J wit the ashy knuckles knockin at my front door

  67. johny sebastian bach

    johny sebastian bach년 전

    may they be talking about human concetration camps ??? FEMA?????

  68. Amal Raj

    Amal Raj년 전

    migos gem 💓 that narcos fans will never know..

  69. Tapiwa Mubonderi

    Tapiwa Mubonderi6 개월 전

    I like narcos and l came here because I'm gucci




  71. youngmultac

    youngmultac년 전

    Now 2018. Alberto back.

  72. gqsuave15

    gqsuave15년 전

    so im the only 1 notice how Offset borrowed Big Gucci Soulja flow??😯😒

  73. mike yohanna

    mike yohanna년 전

    gqsuave15 offsett and takeoff created the Migo Flow

  74. lol lol tv Poole

    lol lol tv Poole년 전


  75. José Júnior

    José Júnior년 전

    2018 ?

  76. Cranberry_The_XVIII

    Cranberry_The_XVIII년 전

    omg this is buzz word the song im ded

  77. Sidney Smith

    Sidney Smith년 전

    Chik fil a cup

  78. nylonString ninja

    nylonString ninja년 전

    katrina servin gas?

  79. Right Coast

    Right Coast년 전

    When I found out this shit was called FEMA I bout died 😂😂

  80. Saleyah Isme

    Saleyah Isme년 전

    2018 anyone

  81. Kyle K

    Kyle K년 전

    Only the real ones know about this ☝️

  82. jaayxxtrill

    jaayxxtrill개월 전

    faxx, old migos was better .. turned trash when culture 2 released

  83. Nathan Ward

    Nathan Ward개월 전


  84. M FromNYC

    M FromNYC년 전


  85. Big Dave

    Big Dave년 전

    I thought that was Soulja Boy at the beginning 😂😭

  86. Clipzfort

    Clipzfort년 전

    Offset's hair lol

  87. James Chennault

    James Chennault년 전

    Offset was in jail during this time. That 3rd rapper isnt offset

  88. BabyDr4co •

    BabyDr4co •년 전

    Who’s here in 2018