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  1. Sage Addison

    Sage Addison47 분 전

    Please make another roasting your dogs video!!!!

  2. Adan H

    Adan H9 시간 전

    this was uploaded on my 20th birthday virgo shit

  3. Crystal Widbur

    Crystal Widbur16 시간 전

    What movie was she in??

  4. Birb whisperer

    Birb whisperer16 시간 전

    Bep bep your way to victory

  5. Jessica Jimenez

    Jessica Jimenez일 전

    And here i am back for that Aries BLOP BLOP VLOPPING. I feel you Jemna my virgo sister. Hahaha

  6. lover boy

    lover boy일 전

    I literally keep rewatching this video just to see her reaction to mini child julien banging on the counter

  7. Euphoria Sparks

    Euphoria Sparks일 전

    I've been a stripper for almost 2 years, danced in at least 5 different clubs, and have never once met a Cinnamon lmao

  8. Jessie Matthews

    Jessie Matthews일 전

    Jenna high key looking like a beautiful snacc here.

  9. Morgan Macon

    Morgan Macon일 전

    I’m scared I saw mr bright side in line for a concert and I was too ashamed to talk to them I am not worthy

  10. Mia Moreno

    Mia Moreno2 일 전

    bro you posted this on my sisters b-day

  11. RNG Allo

    RNG Allo2 일 전


  12. Ray Hernandez

    Ray Hernandez2 일 전

    Jenna was on a movie!?

  13. Holly Brawner

    Holly Brawner2 일 전

    When my boyfriend heard you say you play Elder Scrolls but never played Skyrim, he yelled HERESY at 2 in the morning

  14. Nerd Niche

    Nerd Niche3 일 전


  15. Katelyn Spencer

    Katelyn Spencer3 일 전

    What masterpieces omg 😮

  16. Jessica Darden

    Jessica Darden3 일 전

    When you 12 and snacks 'n ball is life

  17. Kermit TheDoge

    Kermit TheDoge4 일 전

    A Virgo and an Aries don't usually make a good relationship, but they do make good content.

  18. Columbia Thicc

    Columbia Thicc4 일 전

    I just love for the EHH BEP BEP BEP BEP BEP

  19. Millie Violet

    Millie Violet5 일 전

    Turn yourself into a bird with fake feathers or cover you wall in Velcrow and stick to the wall

  20. Robbie

    Robbie5 일 전

    "Hey y'all, who wants to eat some glue?" That should've been my Senior quote! XD

  21. Vanessa Marquez

    Vanessa Marquez5 일 전


  22. equnox77

    equnox775 일 전

    "Kermit is nasty, Kermit is the meanest, Nasty Kermit has a stinky weenus💀💀💀"

  23. Aibhlinn Oakhart

    Aibhlinn Oakhart6 일 전

    Sooo at 12:59. Anyone else notice they messed up the astrology signs? Lol. I was looking and I was like “oh look a Gemini!! ........wait”. 🤣

  24. ωεεκ εnd

    ωεεκ εnd6 일 전

    4:28 "she would do anything for food" Me: omg my spirit animal

  25. bee

    bee6 일 전


  26. Vore Lover

    Vore Lover6 일 전


  27. Madison Lippert

    Madison Lippert6 일 전

    Jenna popp'in off

  28. Hannah Sanders

    Hannah Sanders6 일 전

    NGL I'd watch the conjuring if all the scary parts were replaced with Jenna

  29. Commander Bat

    Commander Bat6 일 전

    Holy shit i JUST realized in the Jenna Marbles animated video, the artist used the sign for Gemini instead of the one for Virgo :0

  30. Brooke Woods

    Brooke Woods6 일 전

    What vid is 13:04 from

  31. abbie baker

    abbie baker7 일 전

    At 9:18 if you look in her recommended videos you can see that they watched “5,000 candles in the wind”

  32. Osouf Miller

    Osouf Miller7 일 전

    15:43 me drunk at a party

  33. Stephanie B

    Stephanie B7 일 전

    Jennas EXCEPTIONALLY beautiful in this video

  34. Jessica Oralia Ortiz

    Jessica Oralia Ortiz7 일 전

    I need Jenna doing a video like the possum massage lady w marbles or kermit I neeeeed it

  35. lexi boyette

    lexi boyette7 일 전

    I got ads beetch uhm youtube is broke.

  36. Sergio Diez Viñuela

    Sergio Diez Viñuela8 일 전

    Fuck I just rememberd Wicker Man

  37. Loki the smol bean

    Loki the smol bean8 일 전

    15:14 I thought I got an Irish spring ad lmao

  38. Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    Henry Windsor Rurikovich9 일 전

    Super fun how you use the voices and visual effects , regards.

  39. NicolaiAAA

    NicolaiAAA9 일 전

    I frequently return to this video for the Dipit reaction. ...and Kermit doing apeshit on the fly. xD

  40. Dogwolfmaster

    Dogwolfmaster9 일 전

    nice job copying pewdiepie

  41. animefreakazoid01

    animefreakazoid019 일 전

    That animated Julien though 😂 🤣👌🏼

  42. Jessica

    Jessica9 일 전

    Why do always pick Cinnamon as a stripper name? It’s such an interesting choice for a stripper name.

  43. miseryschewtoy

    miseryschewtoy10 일 전

    I come back for 13:05 often because it makes me scream laugh, EVERY time

  44. Brøķën Søůl

    Brøķën Søůl10 일 전

    Gold Hair Sword: King Anduin Wrynn White Wolfy: King Genn Greymane Blonde Elf Woman: Alleria Windrunner Girl with staff: Jaina Proudmoore Emo Beesh: Sylvanas Windrunner And I'm a 2000's kid who plays WoW-

  45. T Nee

    T Nee10 일 전

    Do y'all think Jenna and Julien EVER thought that they would be as widely and legitimately loved as they are by so fucking many people?? Like how does it feel to be THAT loved???

  46. Jack A

    Jack A10 일 전


  47. Janel Culver

    Janel Culver10 일 전

  48. Madi Clarke

    Madi Clarke10 일 전

    Peach as a ninja sitting alone looking like she’s about to murder the entire uchiha clan

  49. Yummie mummiee baaabyxoxo

    Yummie mummiee baaabyxoxo10 일 전

    Ok so jennas lookin like a S N A C C

  50. Mack DK

    Mack DK10 일 전

    I want this video but with _just_ EH BEP BEP BEP videos to react to.

  51. Gio Lopez

    Gio Lopez10 일 전

    Please react to Koreans in their 30s reaction to you

  52. Neko Kuugki

    Neko Kuugki10 일 전

    Sweet baby bunny!

  53. Jasmine Maldonado

    Jasmine Maldonado11 일 전


  54. Michael Dula

    Michael Dula11 일 전


  55. flash lover

    flash lover11 일 전

    Jenna please twin with Marble for a week

  56. Katja Saana

    Katja Saana11 일 전

    Literally discovered Jenna Marbles because of the Karolina Zebrowska video! this is so full circle rn

  57. Artist Revolution

    Artist Revolution12 일 전

    ESO is the shit I miss king wheat thins

  58. David Vest

    David Vest12 일 전

    He makes slapping noises.

  59. ZeroFox75

    ZeroFox7512 일 전

    Yo she’s got Danny and Drew in the recommended videos!! Is Jenna Marbles a Greg?!?!

  60. hjönk hjönk am goose

    hjönk hjönk am goose13 일 전

    wait what video did Adam Levine say “alala!” In because I really wanna hear it. Can someone like tell me the exact video name

  61. KIra Baumann

    KIra Baumann10 일 전

    hjönk hjönk am goose it’s Adam Levine at the 2019 Super Bowl, sometime during the show he just screams “ATLANTA”